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  1. How can I get a pair of AR3a speakers repaired?, they have some dents in the corners and grills plastic frames are broken, if you cab please contact me thru daniferfer@hotmail.com thanks Daniel F
  2. Who could do a restoration work on some cornets of AR's cabinets? congratulations on this wonderful page and the incredible work done in the restoration document.
  3. Is someone interested in purchasing a pair of AR3a and a pair of AR LST,? conditions are perfect, purchaser must be willing to pay overseas shipping from south america, I reside in Florida and I am trying to find home to a big lot of hi-fi toys that belonged to my uncle who passed away months ago over there.
  4. Is some one interested in purchase a pair of AR3 cabinets ?, they have/not been used in years, they are kept in a dry environment (indoors).