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  1. AR3a cabinet restoring

    How can I get a pair of AR3a speakers repaired?, they have some dents in the corners and grills plastic frames are broken, if you cab please contact me thru daniferfer@hotmail.com thanks Daniel F
  2. Cabinet restoration

    Who could do a restoration work on some cornets of AR's cabinets? congratulations on this wonderful page and the incredible work done in the restoration document.
  3. AR for sale

    Is someone interested in purchasing a pair of AR3a and a pair of AR LST,? conditions are perfect, purchaser must be willing to pay overseas shipping from south america, I reside in Florida and I am trying to find home to a big lot of hi-fi toys that belonged to my uncle who passed away months ago over there.
  4. AR3 for sale

    Is some one interested in purchase a pair of AR3 cabinets ?, they have/not been used in years, they are kept in a dry environment (indoors).