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  1. Martin

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    AustinJoeC: Yes, that "protective mesh" was not very protective. I have never succeeded in adequately repairing the damage done once it's been pushed in. All tweeters I've heard in that condition distort, sometimes badly, even after attempts to repair. You seem on the right track, but your biggest problem will not be with the speakers themselves, but will be with insufficient amplifier power, assuming that you will want to play them loud. Remember that you often can cause more damage with too little power rather than with too much and the resulting distortion can be hard on your tweeters. You might consider using appropriate fuse protection. The stacked Advent idea was a response to the already-popular practice of stacking Dynaco A-series loudspeakers. Dynaco included a detailed stacking instruction sheet with every pair. A very important difference was that the impedance of two Dynas in parallel never dipped low enough to cause trouble. Not so with Advents! FWIW, I've been using stacked Dynas since 1970 and have never had any problems except for complaints from neighbors.
  2. Martin

    The more things change...the more

    Great film! Not sure we've progressed much in 60 years. Loved the Garrard 301 & Quad pramps.
  3. Martin

    A25 caps

    It seems like Dynaco used good quality caps that last a long time.
  4. Martin

    Vintage KLH speaker info reqd.

    Interesting, tricky nomenclature as they are neither Fives nor Twelves.
  5. Anyone know if Walter Berry is still around? I'm sure he'd have some good stories to tell. He was always very kind to, & tolerant of, a certain teenager I know who regularly visited the NY showroom with an armfull of LPs.
  6. Martin

    Xa crossover problem?

    Yes. Check the pot to see if it's actually working. Rectilinear pots were notoriously flimsy compared to AR, et. al. The caps are likely bad as well. I had to replace both a burned-out pot & dried-out cap to get my Xs going. Check or replace the caps first-it's easier & cheaper.
  7. Martin

    Rectilinear XI

    I love the fact that you're using Rectilinear XIs instead of your Vienna Haydns which probably cost 10x as much & probably don't sound 1x as good! I had a pair of very good Vienna Mozart Grands sitting next to my Rectilinear IIIs. I sold the Mozarts & kept the IIIs.
  8. Martin

    Dynaco A40XL Crossover

    This is what an A40XL crossover looks like. I've owned these for 40 years & have never opened them up. Figured somebody, somewhere may be curious, although these are rarely seen. Sounds like an A25 with extended high end and with greater efficiency & power handling capacity. Just replaced the cap & like what I hear very much.
  9. No apology needed--just trying to help out
  10. Great sleuthing indeed! I wonder if they also sold KLHSs & EPISs & Adventz & Dynacoz, etc.
  11. Those woofers are younger than your 4axs and are probably cheap, Taiwanese replacement woofers--not necessarily bad, just not AR and definitely not what should be in there. I have never seen an AR woofer with a whizzer cone. If you think anyone at whatever is left of AR will have any idea of what you're talking about, think again. AR as we knew it ceased to exist a long time ago.
  12. Those appear to be non-original, non-AR woofers.
  13. Martin

    ANOTHER KLH Model Five rebuild

    Very nice work! FYI, I clean my KLH & AR grill cloth with a smelly, ammonia-based carpet-cleaner foam in a spray can which works very well and doesn't damage the cloth.
  14. Martin

    ANOTHER KLH Model Five rebuild

    The sort-of clearcoat KLH used can be sanded off to reveal really nice-grained veneer underneath, but beware, the KLH veneers seem thinner & cheaper than the ones used by AR so it's very easy to go too deep, especially with 100-grit.
  15. Martin

    Dynaco A-50 cabinet salvage

    Thanks for the carpet suggestion, Vern; great idea. I have plenty of small carpet samples that will now be put to good use.