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  1. AR2ax mid versus AR 4x tweeter

    FWIW, one of my pairs of 2aXs is early & completely original (except for new xover capacitors) and has the exact same midrange mounting panel. All my later pairs have the more common midrange mounting.
  2. Dynaco A-25's & Subwoofer

    Here's the promised quote from Gordon Holt in Stereophile, Vol.9, Number 2. I think it was released in early 1970 although it is dated December, 1969. This quote comes from Dynaco's original literature packet and appears to be an exact copy of the original Stereophile review. Careful readers will note that there is a big discrepency in the much more recently re-published Stereophile online article that has changed 35 Hz to 55 Hz and 30 Hz to 50 Hz in regard to the A25's limits. The online review also incorrectly mentions the AR5 as well as the non-existent AR5a, lending further support that the review was retyped by a non-Classic Speaker Pages reader who made a few too many typos. ..... the A-25s tend to put out too much bottom in most rooms when placed on the floor or in the room corners. Best results were obtained in most instances with the speakers a couple of feet above floor level, which is convenient in view of the fact that these are, after all, supposed to be bookshelf systems. Both the AR-4x and the Seventeen have a noticeable amount of the midbass heaviness that seems almost to be an innate characteristic of ultra-compact systems, so whatever output they may have in the extreme low-bass range is rather effectively masked by the upper-range weight. By contrast, the A-25 seemed at first to be deficient through the entire low end, at least until some really deep stuff came along. When it did, what came out of the A-25 simply defied belief, for they went even deeper than two of our "standard" systems, the Z-600 and the KLH Nines. We knew that a single pair of Nines, with the panels separated, start to roll off below about 50 Hz, and that the Z-600s in most rooms start to dwindle below 40 Hz. But we were certainly not prepared to find these piddling little Dyna systems going flat down to 35 Hz and rattling windows at a hair below 30 Hz! And this with a degree of detail and tightness that rivaled the Nines and ran circles around the Z-60O. The AR3a, of course, is practically in a class by itself when it comes to low-end range. With virtually flat bottom down to around 25 Hz., nothing short of some monster systems can equal it in this respect. Certainly, the A-25 couldn't. But in the matter of transient response, particularly through the woofer's range, the AR-3a has left something to be desired, and it is here where the A-25 offer the AR-3a some real competition. ln test after test, the A-25s revealed more bass detail than the AR-3a and, in most cases, produced a more natural bass/treble balance than the larger ARs. Some listeners have complained about a certain "heavy" or "thick" quality about the AR-3a's sound, The A-25's had virtually none of this, and neither did they have any of the mildly distressing "crinkling-paper" sound that is so common in small acoustic-suspension-type systems. In other words, as ridiculous as this may sound in view of the price difference, we would opt for a pair of the A-25's over a pair of AR-3a's.
  3. I appreciate your informed comments on this oddly engaging topic.

    1. tysontom


      Thanks!  I think I wore out my welcome by so many posts, but I appreciate your comments!

  4. Should the AR-5 have been a 12" Speaker?

    AR did offer an answer to the Advent Loudspeaker: the AR 8. It disappeared pretty quickly however.
  5. Advent or AR?

    The choice is easy: AR 5. You will benefit from a bigger amplifier in either case.
  6. If memory serves me correctly, the AR5 was not yet available at the time of the Holt article and I believe that the references to AR5/AR5a, etc., are transcription errors that did not appear in the original report. I think he was actually referring to the AR2 & AR2a. I have the original Stereophile article somewhere (as well as the CR loudspeaker article mentioned by Tom) which I will try to find to help sort this out.
  7. Dynaco A-25's & Subwoofer

    Thanks, Jerry. I would have sworn the original article said it would rattle windows at 29 Hz, however optimistic that may actually be. Also note all the typo's in this article, probably transcription errors, such as referring to AR5 when AR3 is intended and to AR5a when AR2a was most likely intended. I will go & look for the original article which is in a box somewhere in my closet.
  8. My Highboy Story

    One of the great speakers of all time, IMO.
  9. Dynaco A-25's & Subwoofer

    Listen to both Vern & ra.ra's sensible comments and also consider Gordon Holt's comment about the A-25s rattling his windows at 29 Hz. before you add a subwoofer.
  10. Unusual Dynacos

    FWIW, I'm told that these were made for Dynaco by USS in the USA and that they are not so uncommon.
  11. Unusual Dynacos

    As the original owner of several pairs of A25, A25XL, A35, & A40XL, I'm pretty familiar with Dynaco's 1970s speaker line and with the common variations of the original A25. This pair of A25s is unusual and is different from anything I've ever seen before: it has different drivers and a different vent screen, but has the same crossovers, tweeter level controls, cabinets & linen grills. The drivers are made in USA and nowhere on the cabinets does it say "Made in Denmark" like all the others do. They have never been opened up before now and have never been modified in any way. They remind me of the A25-VW, but in a walnut-veneered cabinet. When played side-by-side with a pair of Seas A25s, the only difference I detect is a slightly extended high-end range. The pictures show one next to an A40XL and the tweeters are pictured next to a common Seas unit. Has anyone ever seen an A25 like this before?
  12. Wanted: KLH 5 or KLH 23 woofer

    Got one. Thanks, everybody.
  13. One woofer from my pair of KLH 23 buzzes below 60Hz and I'd like to replace it. If anyone has a spare, please let me know. Thanks.
  14. Was the 3 better than the 3a?

    To add insult to injury, in their 1970 loudspeaker test report, CR said, to paraphrase from memory, that the 2aX was a better overall speaker than the 3a. I still have that issue somewhere and will try to find it.
  15. Sold for $500.