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  1. AR's reason for being

    According to the Bio in Wikipedia, Edgar Villchur was an Art Historian who developed a deep interest in low distortion sound reproduction. His earliest efforts, arising from altruistic motives to develop truer sound reproduction for the blind, focused on the two weakest links of sound systems in the early 1950s: 1. Turntable distortion 2. Bass frequency distortion The “AR Reason for Being” is a result of his association with Henry Kloss. There exists, on the internet, enough published material by and about Edgar Villchur, to support TTyson's assertion that as long as Villchur was in charge and had no pressure from creditors or outside investors, AR would run along the track he prescribed, which had altruistic origins. I agree with Steve F. that once AR was exposed to the stock market its path began to veer,from Villchur’s vision of finding ways to improve sound reproduction while making a profit, toward the narrow investor’s view of improving profits by selling sound reproduction equipment. I can’t find anything about EV’s musical preferences except his sarcastic commentary on the music of crooners and moaners but he did care about how a Beethoven Piano Sonata sounded to a blind person. The Piano is still the only, non-electronic, non-air pump, musical instrument that can span the entire musical range of human hearing. When Beethoven wrote his first sonata, pianos could reach down to 84 hz. When he wrote his last Sonata, pianos could reach 42hz and Beethoven made full, dynamic use of the instrument. By 1900 Debussy was writing music for grand pianos, that could reach 27hz. Villchur, with the AR-1, made it possible for the first time ever for a blind person to hear a full range, low distortion, performance of Beethoven’s Piano works without attending a live performance. The fact, that AR developed a range of all in one boxes for sound enthusiasts is more about survival and making payroll than altruism and led to Villchur’s struggle to cleanly detach from the enterprise that was built on his identity.
  2. Blown New Advent driver

    If "large advent" is mentioned it could be either. The real OLA woofer is very obviously not like yours. ADAMS
  3. Blown New Advent driver

    They are talking about a long line of speakers that are very similar. Your woofer is the same one used in several models of Advent speakers of which maybe a million pairs were sold. If you see a woofer that looks like yours it will probably work in your 5012. You cannot use the woofer from the original large Advent (OLA) the real name of which was The Advent Loudspeaker. Later Advent products like the Legacy series did not employ your woofer but in general if it looks yours and is dimensionally the same it will work. Again I am not the Advent expert here. Adams
  4. Blown New Advent driver

    When I had Advents it seemed like these drivers were everywhere. When I look now all that are for sale are in the cabinet. My "hundreds for sale" statement was incorrect,at least for today.
  5. Blown New Advent driver

    Here is the one for sale. There are at least hundreds of these for sale new and used. This one is for sale in Sacremento.
  6. Blown New Advent driver

    Edzll Give us a picture of the woofer and Measure the woofer diameter across the frame outside to outside. There are plenty of advent spare parts in the world. And all of the Advent 5012s I see appear to use what is called the 10" woofer. I think the 5002 used the same woofer. The following is a quote from ad copy: " The nominally 10-inch-diameter paper cone (which has an actual radiating diameter of just under 8 inches) is driven by a 1-1/2-inch voice coil whose nominal impedance is 8 ohms. The woofer operates in a sealed cabinet made of walnut-grain vinyl-clad particle board; the smoothly rounded front edges give it the appearance of a wood-veneered cabinet. The speaker can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, against a wall or on the floor. Advent encourages experimentation to find the sonically best location." If you can hang on till Tuesday the real Advent experts will probably be back. Adams
  7. Blown New Advent driver

    Edzll Check your Private Messages.
  8. Blown New Advent driver

    If you were here, that woofer would be available rebuilt and used. You could get yours repaired but you would probably spend more than for a used replacement(s) which do frequently appear on the most popular auction site (The site that dare not speak its name). There is one currently for sale @$29.00 in Sacremento. Here is a picture Edzll just noticed you were on Vancouver Island. Adams
  9. Blown New Advent driver

    Remove the grill to see if the foam surround is cracked or broken. This might be your only problem which can be easily repaired by you or someone competent. Worst case is voice coil is gone and you need replacement woofer. An Advent expert will be along eventually when the holiday weekend is over. Posting a picture of the woofers would be of help. Adams
  10. AR's reason for being

    Pretty clever. This sight has no transaction queue so, any two posters above your post could be said to be agreeing with you unless they explicitly stated otherwise. You ARE a marketing guy
  11. You are a member, feel free to start a thread in whichever forum your topic fits. The AR forum is always humming, the others go in fits and starts. The site is almost entirely about restoring and using vintage acoustic suspension speakers. What are you expecting? Adams
  12. AR's reason for being

    The investors don't care how any product performs, just how it contributes to profits. RE: AR Speakers. They are one means to an end. Don't get too attached. They will never love you back.
  13. Are you referring to this "Pictures" forum or to the entire CSP site? The root/admin power holders have us throttled for good reason. It may look like we are all on Benzos but If you want a taste of how it once was, look in the Kitchen forum, which also BTW contains some good info. Pictures of speakers and electronics have never been popular in MY time here except in the course of discussion threads. The only reason this thread, which originated in the AR forum, is in this "Pictures" forum location is because it appeared to be heating up while spiraling off topic and was moved to this spot , preliminary to Kitchen banishment. Adams
  14. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Assuming all of your drivers are in working order, the guide has everything you need to know except the latest advice on 10" surrounds. I think the current preference is for a 10" Boston Acoustics Roll with plan b being JBL 10". The Aleenes Tacky glue is popular and easy to work with when gluing foam surrounds but there is a strong argument for using a solvent based glue. You probably have a waxed block capacitor set which is notorious for being out of spec and so easy to replace you might as will get new capacitors. And, finally but importantly the pots: They will be a judgement call but, being a 2ax, if it were a decision I had to make these days, I would be looking for excuses to replace with Lpads. The pots would have to be pretty darn clean and pit-free for me to keep them. Pictures and threads discussing all these issues specific to the 2ax are abundant on this forum. I am not familiar will all the current sources but someone here will jump in when you get to your first decision point and have a question or maybe even before. Adams
  15. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Very nice specimens to start with. They can be restored to an original look based what we can see and there of is a lot of classic AR knowledge here but while you wait for answers you might download the AR3a restoration guide from the library, which covers much of what you will need in restoring most classic ARs, of which the 2ax is an example. Adams