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  1. Ported vs. sealed (here we go again)

    It looks like the big change is ported systems can be very good these days but other than that things are still the same. If one wants to merely hear the symphonic bass drum a small ported box works but if one wants that visceral hit then you get a big box, or a use a powered subwoofer. 12" AR classics are looking better all the time for certain types of music.
  2. Ported vs. sealed (here we go again)

    This is good info. Thanks for the insight. I took a quick peek at some current ported models to check for low end response. It looks like there is some kind of logarithmic rule in effect. To get the last 20 cycles below 40 the ported enclosures turn into towers that are comparable to AR9s but down to 40 cycles or so ported designs can be quite accommodating and convenient. This changes my outlook on what I might use in certain applications. Thanks Steve.
  3. Ported vs. sealed (here we go again)

    Interesting. How small is a ported design that is 3db down at 35hz? They used to be at least as large as a washing machine and sometimes 2 washing machines.
  4. AR-3a / AR-91 Listening Comparison

    My 3a pair sit next my 9s. I frequently listen to both together and separately. It is difficult to beat a 3a if one is a lover of massed acoustic ensembles whether voice or instrument. IMO as long as the 12” classic ARs continue to function close to spec there will always be some lover of classical music seeking them out. That being said, I have no hard preference for one over the other and am glad to have a choice.
  5. Is this 3a woofer toast?

    Timmy The perspective of the photo gives an off-center look to the edge where the previous surround was glued, so assuming it is just a perspective issue you are better off shimming IMO. I have used both the 30hz signal method and shimming to install surrounds and I prefer the freedom and flexibility afforded by shimming . Shimming, to my knowledge, is the only way to set the height of the cone and insure its concentricity in relation to the voice coil when installing a new surround. The dust cover can be opened without removing it by leaving a small section of its base uncut to allow the cover to be turned up as though on a hinge. It can be glued back in place after the surrounds are installed. You just have to get over the anxiety of making the cut. Adams
  6. Stands for optimum sound from AR-3

    Mine are on repro AR stands now but first they were on industrial milk cases, which are practically identical in height, far less expensive, way more durable but not traditionally decorative.
  7. I agree with you Sonnar. It doesn't matter why, because the listening experience for each of us is unique, but when I was young I liked horn loaded JBLs and remember how dull ARs sounded in comparison Now I too prefer what some call the dark and dull sound.
  8. I have 3as and 9s and 58s. At my house the 58s needs an equalizer to bring it into line with what I expect to hear. They are unbearable to me with the equalizer bypassed. If one had a pair of 58s in a heavily furnished and carpeted room or maybe an anechoic chamber they would probably be ok out of the box. They are a fine loudspeaker but will need equalizer help in most situations IMO . Adams
  9. I remember reading this thread with interest last year. I am now assembling the all request playlist for a 50th year reunion and I concur: the above statement is so true. Some of these recordings are awful and from my normal listening position make me think something is wrong with my system. It is much better to turn up the volume and listen in the next room.
  10. How do you compare speakers?

    I agree with Steve F. The instantaneous method is about as conclusive as you can get in a home listening space, especially if the speakers are dissimilar in woofer size and crossover points. Thorough comparison of a Large Advent or a full range EPI to a 3a, for instance, or an AR58, which has no level controls, is pretty difficult without a multi band equalizer on at least one set of speakers. This assumes you have a reference sound which you prefer and you know when you hear it. I squirted away a lot of money and time in my younger days ABing speakers in showrooms because I had not yet learned this lesson for myself. Just my opinion. Adams
  11. Opinion Requested re: DAC

    Happy New Year Dru You have two well known DACs. Have you noticed in obvious sonic differences between the two? Adams
  12. Using AR3as as part of a surround system seems like an unnecessary risk of an a not very replaceable component. Movie soundtracks are just dialogue with sound effects. Even when you shut your eyes and imagine you are listening to music the mix is usually bad. There are a huge number of sufficiently good easily replaceable speakers for the job. Just my opinion. Adams
  13. Opinion Requested re: DAC

    Jeff Thanks. The good news is my notebook connection will be USB to the prospective DAC. All other DACs will remain wireless and in place. I too am still satisfied with the sound quality of tmy current set up but in the one room where I do any “critical” listening using lossless files I want to avoid the occasional dropout from wireless transmission vagaries. My concern is that I could purchase a DAC that would be a step down in sound. I don’t need the “best” I just don’t want a sound downgrade. I am looking for an answer in the CSP because of my perception that many of us are more driven by the music than the gear and none of us make a living touting or comparing equipment.
  14. Opinion Requested re: DAC

    I have been following the “how to properly listen to AR speaker thread” but it has drifted onto TT/Cartridge set up and I am completely focused on digital now. I am using a dedicated notebook computer for all playback and still satisfactorily using all of the same wireless DACS as before but I am once again looking to acquire an outboard DAC with optical, USB and Coax input. It is now 4 months since the last post in this thread. Does anyone here have any recent experience or updates regarding outboard DAC recommendations.
  15. The vinyl vs digital argument/discussion has been going on for decades now and no minds will be changed here but it appears to be a civil thread so far and I want to add my opinion before this thing goes to the "kitchen". IMO at least one aspect of lossless digital playback is always superior to vinyl. If you have ever listened to "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" or the end of " Night on Bare Mountain" you have experienced examples of moments where the music absolutely depends on background silence to be effective. There are many moments in Classical music where the transition to or from "silence" is crucial for impact. I have never heard a vinyl recording that did not begin or end with groove noise. Lossless digital OTOH is silent for all practical purposes. Popular music almost never uses silence for effect and for this reason the difference between good quality vinyl playback and digital is not of much concern to me. Digital is way more convenient. Adams