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  1. Aadams

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    More like a "Magic Eight Ball" capacitor fantasy hotline.
  2. Aadams

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    I recently worried over the same issue. If you want original performance use NPEs. Ken Kantor advocates replacing like with like. Poly will last your remaining life, which is the only verifiable difference, otherwise NPEs will get you 20 years minimum. You will probably have to re-open them for new woofer foam in that time anyway. Use 3 parallel 50mf for the 150 even though you can get a 150mf NPE. Accumulated wisdom says you will get smaller deviation from spec with the lower value caps. Adams
  3. Aadams

    DSP Crossovers

    One thing that I have noticed about all these DSP products is zero provision for convenient L/R balance control in stereo applications. IMO this means you must have preamp. It is not problem, just another box that cannot be absent if you are playing 2 channels out.
  4. I was sitting at the keyboard when you posted this. Have been wondering if you had done this before and rejected it. Did you acquire additional Infinity boxes for this or reconfigure some satellite speakers. Are they 6" or 5" mids?
  5. Aadams

    Heathkit AS-103a Restoration questions

    Your tweeter with the missing dome can be rebuilt. A HiVi pair is a well established alternative with differences that many listeners will neither notice nor care about. The "purist" preference for tweeters is rebuilt and there is a difference especially if you are a critical listener of music recorded in live venues or large spaces. Use this search , AS 103 Lakecat site:classicspeakerpages.net Lakecat is here frequently and has multiple restored pairs of 103s. Download the AR3 3a restoration if you haven't already done so. Adams
  6. Aadams


    Giorgio If all you want to do is blend this pair of speakers you can remove the 2 series jumper, choose a capacitor for the 1ms and use a graphic equalizer to reduce the output in around the 1kz range and get very close to what you want. IMO. Adams
  7. Aadams

    Heathkit AS-103a Restoration questions

    Sounds like your file sizes are way too large. Save your images as a smaller size or use the windows snipping tool to make a large copy of the area you want to focus on and then cut and paste. You can also do a screen capture if using Apple. Proven tweeter choices are rebuilt from a couple of sources or HiVi. There are no un-refurbished original 3a tweeters that operate correctly no matter what the seller tells you. You should post pictures and no doubt you will get help. Adams
  8. Aadams


    In the 48B and58B the woofer crossed over @ 400hz. The AR5 crosses at just over 600hz and has a jumper like your 2. You are updating the 2 to the performance of a a 48B if you crossover in that range.
  9. Aadams


    Giorgio The AR1W has a capacitor that limits the woofer to around 600hz and below. I believe an AR5 schematic may have the info you need. Just a guess.
  10. Aadams


    I like this. Is the AR1ms the mid and tweeter for a 58b and 48b?
  11. Aadams

    DSP Crossovers

    I was thinking digital until the speaker amps. For example, the 2x8 miniDSP product can allow for SPDIF, Toslink, USB, balanced and unbalanced stereo analog in to the DSP. Apparently any AD conversion and all channel equalization , crossover filtering and final DA conversion is done inside the DSP before output to the power amps. You use a computer software application to set the run profile of the DSP. It allows the user to describe the DAC, preamp, crossover and equalization that is desired for 2 channels in and up to 8 channels out to power speakers. Once your "preamp" is profiled you don't touch the software in normal use. You could then turn on your pc or digital music player of choice and go completely digital until just before the power amps, with nothing except wiring between the power amps and speaker drivers.
  12. Aadams

    Another AR3 Story for you

    Ligs The snipping tool allows you to perform a copy and paste directly into CSP without saving as a file unless of course that is what you want to do. This was copied and pasted from a snip and is 79KB