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  1. Tom, Found this pic on the AVS forums. It's supposedly the latest 901 driver. Looks interesting.
  2. The yellow dust caps are original for the side woofers. Here are the ones I refoamed using Aleene's tacky glue.I must say I was able to do a near perfect job thanks to Aleene's. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=422404
  3. I found mine rather easy to refoam with no shimming or 30hz signal needed.
  4. If I was in your position I would recap them first. That may fix the problem.
  5. Considering how old the drivers are I'd say no.
  6. No sun fading doesn't effect the sound ,it's just purely cosmetic.
  7. Did you get yours from Vintage AR? If so,how is the quality?
  8. What do you guys use?
  9. Just curiousity more than anything Tom. It is indication of how tough the driver is by the lack of post here seeking an aftermarket replacement.
  10. I was just curious as I read a lot about tweeter replacements for the Ar3a however there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about the mids.
  11. Here is another viable option that might drop right in with no cabinet modification. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=264-857
  12. I guess there would some crossover modification needed. What's the dcr of the original?
  13. http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=285-020 It's FR seems suitable and it "looks the part".Price ain't bad either Any input?
  14. Nice write up there,the man definetly was an original. It must have been a proud moment for him to see his creation in the Smithsonian.