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  1. Sorry about that Jeff, I sometimes forget that people don't know what I'm thinking. It's also very easy for me to think way faster then I type. Not that I'm a fast thinker, just a really slow typer. LOL
  2. Kimmo, I thought it could be something like that too but after finding the voice coil was no longer attached to the spider, I knew I was going to have to fix that first. And thanks for bringing this thread back up, I had put the driver on a shelf and basically forgot about it until seeing your post. It's seriously hot where I live today so I think I'll stay in the AC and see if I can fix this. Thanks again, Harry
  3. I'm like you Jeff or worse. When I got the 9's home I hooked them up, listened to them, said wow they sound like crap. I had the first one all tore apart before I went to bed that night. I went out first thing the next morning, picked up the caps for them, installed the caps in the first one, reinstalled the correct drivers, plugged up the holes from the previous owners mods, hooked it back up and said that's better and then did the second one. I got them home 9pm on Saturday and was listening to the pair by Sunday evening or so, comparing them to the 90's. I thought they sounded the same at lower volumes but at higher volumes the bass from the 9's would rattle the house. I thought, wow I did a good job, they sound awesome. I started working on them after driving for 1000 km to get them and bring them home. I wish I was much more patient but I get way to excited to listen to them. I do go into withdrawals after though. LOL Harry
  4. Your cabs don't look near as bad as the ones that I refinished. My 9 and 90 cabs were pretty good, they were dirty but no major scratches. I just used BLO on them. Put the BLO on a cloth and give them a good rub with the grain. Let them dry for a couple of hours and then apply a second coat, this time a bit heavier but just wipe it on and leave it for 20 minutes or so and then rub them again to even out the BLO. Let them dry and you're done.They may clean up good. If you don't think it's good enough then you can still do it the other way after. Harry
  5. I've refinished all of my cabs by cleaning sanding, a minimum of 2 coats of BLO, let dry completely between coats and then a coat of wax. I did do one pair with Howard's restore a finish and really wasn't impressed. I used a general purpose cleaner called Spray 9, I don't know if you can get it where you are. You want a cleaner that is good at breaking down the oil and dirt. I applied the spray 9 and then gave it a good scrub with a soft scouring pad, like for cleaning pots and pans, then reapplied spray 9 . The oil and dirt will be running off the cab so make sure you have something covering anything underneath that you don't want stained when you are done. I also had the drivers facing up with a towel over them. Right after the second coat of Spray 9 wipe down with a damp cloth until the cab is clean. Do not let the cleaner dry on the cab. This whole process takes less then 10 minute per cab. After it is completely wiped down let them dry. I usually left them over night. Then you can sand them if you want or not. I've done it both ways. Then apply the BLO with a cloth and let dry between coats. A couple of hours at least, longer is better. A quick scuff with 400 grit sand paper and apply the next coat. DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL IF YOU ARE DOING THIS WITH THE DRIVERS STILL IN THE CABS. Hope this helps. Harry
  6. Hi Ben, if you're talking about Toronto Ontario Canada, I'm 20 minutes north of you just off the 400 at king rd and would be very interested in the AR-1. I couldn't guess what it would be worth but we can let the very knowledgeable people here tell us if that works for you. You can call me at four 1 six 254 five 447. Thanks, Harry.
  7. Thanks Roy, He mentions them in his Ebay news letter but no pricing yet. As far as remaking the AR 12" woofers, I have been meaning to ask my brother in law about making a die to make the basket for them. The cone, spider and magnet I can't help with.
  8. I sure wouldn't mind having a couple of those AR9 tweeters. I guess they will be showing up on his web site.
  9. I think the voice coil is ok. I had given the speakers to my brother and he told me it only made a slight popping sound on one bass note at high volume and a soon as he heard he turned it down. I had a listen to it when I got it home and even at high volumes it sounds fine unless it hits that one bass note. I could just cut the surround and pull it apart but I really want to keep the cloth surround. Maybe I'll cut the dust cap off and shim the coil and then see if I can get the spider to go back to where it belongs.
  10. Well at least I'm not the only one that doesn't know how to fix it.LOL
  11. I needs some help from the woofer repair guru's. On one of my 4x woofers the voice coil has become separated from the spider. My plan was to push the vc back down to where it should be and then use some urethane to glue it back onto the spider but I can't get the vc to go back down. I'd rather not damage it to fix it if I don't have to. It's in good shape with original cloth surround. Does anybody have any tricks to keep the spider up while pushing the vc down? Thanks, Harry.
  12. Having both 9's and 90's I think at lower volumes the 90's sound better than the 9's. The 9's need a good amount of power put to them to start sounding right. Don't shoot me, it's just what I've noticed. Harry.
  13. The 1986 price list has the 1x 2x and 4x using a 200006-0 which would seem to confirm this as a 1x.
  14. Hopefully the haflers get here tomorrow and then I can get down to some serious listening. It will be warmer tomorrow so the dog can stay out for more then a couple of minutes. She doesn't like the cold or my music. LOL If you are into rock music, I find older Rush ( Canadian rock band ) is amazing on AR9's or 90's. I will most likely play them first when all the amps and speakers are hooked up. I can't wait, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. Harry
  15. I would say it comes down to what you paid and what you think they are worth when finished. I paid $350 for my 3a's with good cabs and grills but wrong tweeters. I paid around $200 for a second pair with wrong woofers and poor cabs and no grills. I swapped the tweeters from the one pair into the other and refinished the cabs and recapped them and now have a mint pair for around $600 which is a very good price in my area. I don't see anything horribly wrong with yours. Refinish the cabs and find a matching woofer, recap and they are good to go. The older looking woofer looks like it may not have the correct surround. It looks like it has a 1/2" roll and not the 5/8" roll it should have. The replacement woofer most likely will not go as low as the original. I think they are very usable and well worth repairing. At least if you do the work you know it's done right. Don't ask me why my lettering looks strange, it's a brand new computer and I don't know how to change it. Harry
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