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  1. I'm pretty sure I've been to Kevin's site. When I recapped the ST416, I upgraded a couple of resistors. Is that the mod you are referring to? -Joel
  2. I have a couple of Dynaco 416 amps that I drive my AR9's with. I recapped them myself and they sound wonderful. I'm not likely to try and mod them, but I am always interested in any information I can find on them. -Joel
  3. I would agree with this statement. -Joel
  4. I own both AR9's and AR3's. My daughter has the pair of AR90's I bought when they first came out. I also have pairs of AR-4x, Advent NLA and KLH-20. They are all fully restored. The AR-3 mids were restored by Roy. The AR3's are vastly superior over my other desktop speakers. In a smaller room, at low to medium volume, they are so smooth they just draw you in. There is something that is so real about their presentation that my other speakers just don't have. The AR9's are in a completely different league from the others. It's not even close. I listen to my other speakers, but I experience the AR9's. They are in a bigger room, and they are so enveloping. The sound stage and depth is enormous. They so effortlessly at any volume you want to listen. I often have to turn my head at the sound coming from behind, only to realize it is coming from the speakers. As much as I love my AR3's, when I listen to them, it just makes me want to go in the other room and listen to my 9's. -Joel
  5. I don't post here very often any more, but I still read the forums every day. Carl was one of those people that make this forum special. I am grateful for all the information I've learned from him. May he rest in peace. -Joel
  6. Barter town is a special section of AudioKarma for members only. It cost $25 a year to become a member, but I've always found it was worth the money. -Joel
  7. By far, the ugliest thing about the AR9's are the ear flaps. If someone could come up with a nicer looking alternative, I would certainly be interested. -Joel
  8. Joel

    AR-9 In CT

    I think those are AR-90's. Switches are on the back. -Joel
  9. Joel

    Advent BSC switch?

    Pete, Thanks for the link- I think I'm up to speed now. -Joel
  10. Joel

    Advent BSC switch?

    Ok, I give up. I've looked all over and followed this thread. What is a BSC switch? -Joel
  11. Joel

    AR9 woofers

    I went back and resealed the woofers with duct seal compound. The lower mid on one speaker also needed to be resealed. The difference in the bass response is pretty noticeable. I've always thought that my AR9's bass didn't live up to some of the descriptions I hear, and now I know why. My daughter has a pair of AR90's, and when I get a change I am going to check the seal on her speakers. I remember that the 90's have an unusual screw head on the woofers. Can anyone tell me what screw driver I will need? -Joel
  12. My AR3's grilles were glued and stapled at the ends. I don't think the sides were ever glued. The sides are supposed to just tuck in behind the front edge of the speaker. -Joel
  13. I just finished putting my AR3's together. The AR3 woofer's have a nice syrupy movement when I push on them, so I know the cabinets are well sealed. I decided to take a look at my AR9s, but I'm having trouble telling if the seal is good enough. I would assume the woofers will move differently because the two are working against each other. If I push on one side, the other moves out with it, but also pops back immediately. Is that normal, or should the opposite side stay pushed out until I release? Thanks. -Joel
  14. I've glued the new grille fabric to the frames. How much overlap should I leave on the long edges? -Joel
  15. I've got all the drivers installed and working. Roy did a great job fixing the midranges. He did more than fix them, he also cleaned them up so they look as great as they sound. He put regular wire leads on the new mids so I didn't have any problem soldering them. I was worried about the aluminum wires on the one tweeter, but again, Roy saved the day by sending me some aluminum solder. It made soldering them a breeze. I did find out that the pots aren't as good as they looked, and they have some dead spots. I am going to go with L-pads instead. My new grille fabric and badges (thanks Kent!) should arrive tomorrow. The speakers sound really good. I still have to put the stuffing back in the cabinets and make sure everything is sealed tight. I should have everything finished by this weekend. I'll give them a serious listen then. -Joel
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