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  1. Ok, I've recapped the pair and refoamed the woofers. Now 1 speaker has loose speaker binding posts. The sound comes only when I adjusted the posts so as to establish connection. Another speaker has no tweeter output. The posts seem solid enough. If I crank it I can hear little sound from the tweeter. Any suggestion/advice as to what next? Cheers
  2. Ok here are some details I got for me: For replacing foams - this eBay stuff that's the cheapest I can get (incl postage to Australia). (x2) 8.2 uf (400 vdc) Jantzen audio crosscaps (metallised polypropylene) - couldn't find 8 uf...is this big deal? (x2) 15 + 1 uf (400 vdc) Jantzen audio crosscaps (metallised polypropylene). DeOxit the switch inside the cabinet? Wonder what to do what to do about the grilles though. The replacements are like $100 shipped to Australia. Any suggestions/advices? Am I better off replacing the inductors or something? Don't even know what they are! Cheers
  3. G'day all I'm getting a pair of Original Large Advent Speakers. I haven't got them yet. But they look like this: The description said: Now what do I need to know? I have restored a pair of AR-3a before thanks to you people. Pretty much the same? What caps do I need to get? I've done a little search here and it's kinda confusing with all that crossover revisions and inductors etc. Advices sought with gratitude!
  4. I'm passionate about large orchestral music and therefore agree with your impressions. Another aspect of the 3a you might want to consider is its ability to create good distance between the stage and the listener which is beneficial in reproducing large orchestral music.
  5. G'day all My friend who lives in the States is wanting a set-up. She's decided on a new Marantz amp and a matching CD player. Now she needs a pair of speakers. She's a complete noob and I'd not recommend a pair of AR speakers unless it is fully-restored with no issues for a long while. Her budget is $500 max. Obviously lower the better. She's in Chicago. What can be had? Cheers
  6. G'day A friend is asking if these AR-3a speakers are original before purchasing them. What concerns us most is that the woofers aren't black as they are in the Guide sample photos. Then I realised mine aren't either! I also note the tweeters look like the 2006 AB Tech ones? Are they not original if they're not black? Please also comment on the originality of these speakers in general. Much appreciated!
  7. Oh I forgot to acknowledge my gratitude to the authors of the Guide. I've been able to fix my 3a and love them so much. The first speakers that I'm really happy with. Special thanks to Roy who's confirmed the physically un-matching drivers would sonically be matching, which proved to be true to my ears!
  8. Thanks Kent. There's certainly no distortion at the 'neighbour-complains' volume and I live in a smallish flat anyway. I'm thinking of sticking with my Marantz until such time I can afford one that is aesthetically pleasing, trouble-free, remote-controlled and capable of driving at low-impedance on high watts. My only concern was that perhaps I'm not making most of the 3a which I really like.
  9. JKent, my Marantz is a modern one and I bought it new a few years ago. PM5003. I've read the spec again and it says 55wpc @ 4 ohm. It's rather pretty (especially with its matching CD player), trouble-free and remote-controlled. The only downside really is that it's not supposed to be 'powerful' enough by apparent general opinions. I don't quite understand the concept of an amp being 'powerful' as opposed to 'loud'. If the two concepts are the same thing I don't really need another amp. What does it mean really? Stronger bass? Will that be different from turning up the bass control? But I prefer having it source-direct most of the time... I know the usual answer is go try one for yourself but unless I actually pull the trigger and buy one there's no way for me to experiment.
  10. G'day I hear I need a very powerful amp to drive my AR-3a well. I'm not sure what improvement can be really had but there's a Yamaha M-70 with 250W @ 4 ohm 'clipping power'. Will that be an improvement over my Marantz with 50W @ 4 ohm? If so, how so? I don't feel as if I'm having some lack of volume problem. Cheers.
  11. Love it. Play with positioning the speakers if you can, too. Wish I could hear how those speakers sound.
  12. I've only recently experienced AR gears but I already feel indebted to Mr Villchur. Rest in peace sir.
  13. Thanks for tips guys! I know I'm worried
  14. G'day I'm watching an ebay item 260869944233. Is AR-6 comparable to my AR-3a? Does this item look like it has original drivers? Is restoration any more difficult than the one for AR-3a? They're 8 ohm speakers so I guess I can easily run them with my NAD 3120. Any advices? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
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