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    Advent Legacy II Crossover Modifications

    Thank you so much for the replys! I wasn't expecting such accurate and exact details to my questions. I will modify my crossovers and let you know if they actually improve the sound.
  2. I have a pair of Advent Legacy II speakers that I recently reconed. I have read that there is a crossover upgrade that should be done as well. Evidently when these speakers were produced they "Advent" used cheap components in their crossovers. We can now upgrade these components to newer highter quality items. My question is what modifications need to be done an how? Schematic and parts list would be helpful. I am new to this forum any advice would be helpful. I see someone is selling a upgrade "kit" on ebay. They want like $40 for the kit, I feel this is a little steep for $5 worth of capacitors and stuff, and an instruction manual. Any Help? THANKS in advance, and have a great day.