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  1. Researching these AR 1's

    It's been a while guys, but checking in again. I thought I would post on here first, as it has come time to sell these. We are making a long distance move in the near future, need to pare down, and we are not taking these with. I thought, given all the great advice and interest on this site, it'd only be fair to start here before ebay. If you know of anyone one here that would like these, have them contact me. Obviously, serious inquiries only. Thanks...
  2. Researching these AR 1's

    Good advice re: no steel wool! Hadn't thought of that and the magnet. Think ahead and a little common sense! I've got it bad now! Just bought some 2A's yesterday and the wife's into it now too. She sent me an email this a.m. re: some 4x's for sale. It's just gonna get worse, isn't it?!
  3. Researching these AR 1's

    Thanks Genek and Dan! This has been very informative and interesting. Everyone's been great! Now comes the part where we all drop our jaws. When I split from my ex-wife, I didn't get all the components that I originally had. It's taken me days of web-surfing to locate what I ended up missing out on, because I didn't have a name. So I had to surf for pictures. Along with the AR 1's were a pair of DuKane Ionovac 'Tweeters'. They could still be floating around Denver, or in storage somewhere, or God forbid, the dump. But, hopefully not stealing someones copyrighted photo or anything,...they looked just like this! I remember them being a major pain to hook up (I was young), but they would pierce your ears! Damn! Wish I still had 'em! Not quite worth any kind of reconciliation, but maybe a phone call or email! No idea what those would have been worth. Just hearing them again would be incredible. Alas...
  4. Researching these AR 1's

    Don't think I want to 'sand' these per se. Maybe some steel wool (0000)? There are some dings/dents that I may tackle, but in great shape for their age and how many times they've been moved. My Van Halen guitar came factory with an unfinished maple neck. The manufacturer recommended lemon oil, which is all I've ever put on it. It's silky smooth. Anyone ever use it for something of this nature? Thanks, Mike
  5. Researching these AR 1's

    Best I can tell, it has no finish whatsoever. Unless it was just a light oil coat, it's raw. Smells of pine(very nice actually) and is definetly ply. No gloss to it. I think that's just the reflection of the flash.
  6. Researching these AR 1's

    Here's a side (top?) shot...
  7. Researching these AR 1's

    Hi Dan(Vern?)! Fortunately, not moving very far. The only person handling these will be me, along with my Ernie Ball Eddie Van Halen and Gibson Les Paul 25/50 guitars. Found the articles re: finishes and re-finishing, which there really isn't any need for, since there is none. Found a couple posts re: methods to remove small dings/dents using water or washcloth. Found these interesting as that was a method I had used to remove dings in my pool cues when they needed repair. Not sure if that is the right method for these, but will await opinions. In the meantime, here's a couple pics of what I'll call speaker "A". Open to all advice! Thanks, Mike
  8. Researching these AR 1's

    Getting ready to move, so I finally hooked these up today. I had forgotten how absolutely phenomenal these sound! Brought 'em up nice and slow to warm up, after a thorough inspection, with a flashlight through the grilles. They've never been opened up or the grilles off in any way. I could never see a way in without damaging, so I've left them intact. I'm no expert by any means, but judging from other photos, the cones look very good!! When I started to turn these up, if the amp goes to 100, I stopped at about 20 because my wife said it was plenty loud and the floor started to shake. Plenty left in these old things! Again, phenomenal!! Haven't been this excited in a while! Will post more photos later. In good shape for a +/- 50 year old set. Would like to find more info on finishes that these came in, as these are unfinished pine? with 'feet' (also pine) on the bottom. I've not seen any like 'em. Thanks Dan! Any info would be appreciated. Mike
  9. Researching these AR 1's

    Researching these AR-1's that I "inherited" back around '81-'82 from a family friend who had been a wealthy car dealer around the San Diego area. These have been in my crawlspace for about 6 years now. Have more pics, but thought I'd just post these for now...Mike