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  1. DQ-20 woofer refoam

    Just talked to someone at Regnar/Dahlquist who told me that my refoam result is consistent with the DQ-20 original. Instead of the usual flat spider at rest these post Advent drivers are aligned to be as mine turned out. Seems wrong to have the spider and surround to be in tension but what do I know? FM
  2. DQ-20 woofer refoam

    Decided to re-do the original, since I have a spare pair of foams and the ability to add a masonite shim to the factory bit. Annoying to say the least but these things have to go away, nice as they are. Would be different if I had money to throw at them, but all I have is time and it is running out. Regarding the NA style replacement: 30 oz sounds like a bit too much for a sealed 10". Just guessing.
  3. DQ-20 woofer refoam

    Thanks for the response. Regnar offers no details but I would gladly replace the defective (I think) originals with something that fits well with the mid and high frequency pieces of the DQ-20, which are not discount bin bits like the woofer. Great above 60 hz is not what we want with an otherwise high end speaker system.
  4. DQ-20 woofer refoam

    OK then does anyone have a recommended woofer replacement? Regnar seems to think their offering is not as good as the original, but it's 2017 and sealed box drivers have been revived by manufacturers, like SEAS.
  5. DQ-20 woofer refoam

    I just refoamed a pair of woofers using correct surrounds from MSound, which fit perfectly on OLA drivers but these latter-day 1987 (Jensen?) masonite ring bits seem misaligned by at least 3/16". Were they badly assembled in the first place? By misaligned I mean relative to a flat spider at rest.
  6. I've gone back to my starting point, AR4x, as the standard for essential listenability. They were 5 bucks, and they're still good. The screech of most two ways, like the Polk 10s, is mostly absent, and I will now upgrade the x-o to make them one of my reference tools for the tweaking I'm unable to resist. THANKS DAVE.