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  1. Nice find! I have a pair of them myself. Best of luck finding the OEM drivers-they are out there. Best regards, Jeff
  2. Many thanks guys. The wife put mayonnaise on the stains (maybe old redneck wives' tale?) and that was a waste of mayonnaise. I'll try the AR guy on ebay and see what he has for connectors. I also need the flat circular foam that lays directly outside the surrounds as that has started to fall off. Is there a good product that will remove it entirely? The woofers and lower midrange drivers have had the surrounds replaced at some point. I suspect it was done in the not too distant past as they still look brand new. Whoever undertook the job did an AA++ job. I have the brochures and some other literature from my original speakers in a box somewhere. Is anyone interested in a copy of the material once I find it? No problem on my end to mail it out. Thanks again, Jeff
  3. Hi everyone, Maybe some background info is in order: I purchased a pair of AR-9s while stationed in West Berlin in 1979-1980. I carried them with me everywhere I was assigned for the next 20 years. I kept very good care of them and, as happens, the surrounds dry rotted on me. I put the speakers in the basement until I could find the time and energy to research, find and order everything I needed to repair them. Enter the sister-in-law.... Unbeknownst to me she and the wife manhandled my speakers into my truck and took them to the local land fill (about 3 years ago). A week later I inquired as to the whereabouts of my speakers as I wanted to start my restoration project. When the wife begrudgingly told me where my speakers were a small nuclear cloud enveloped the house. I think I am am over it since, after searching for 3 years, I found another pair in Atlanta, Ga. I drove down several weeks ago and brought them back. While they are not "MY" speakers, they are in remarkable condition with the exception of coffee or beer receptacle stains on the tops of the speakers. I spent 3 days cleaning them as they were filthy and, I am guessing, nicotine stained. My apologies for the rambling-here are my 2 questions. 1-Does anyone know of a method to remove the stains? 2-The subwoofer posts are connected to the speaker posts with bent paperclips. Does anyone know where I can purchase the real connectors, or an after market substitute? That is really all that is wrong with these beauties. I listened to them at the point of sale and they sound just as good now as they did 30 years ago. I may have to dig out my JVC power amp and JVC pre-amp (1979-1980) if my Harmon Kardon does not do them justice. Speaking of amps, I have not seen them in some time. I hope they are still there..... Thanks in advance for any and all help. Best regards, Jeff I have 2 questions
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