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  1. How much are AR11's worth?

    Sold, Thank you.
  2. How much are AR11's worth?

    And the sides, perfect as well.
  3. How much are AR11's worth?

    Well, here they are. I found a great replacement for the original foam around the tweeter and the frame of the woofer. Looks as good if not better than new!
  4. How much are AR11's worth?

    Are you interested?
  5. How much are AR11's worth?

    I'm in Spokane, Wa. 99037. I was also considering trying to find suitable material to replace the foam that was around the outside of the woofer covering the mounting bolts and metal basket frame before trying to list them anywhere, I was told it is no longer available, and is totally cosmetic.
  6. How much are AR11's worth?

    I'm considering selling them, shipping is the real hurdle. I might see if anyone local is interested first, Thank you.
  7. How much are AR11's worth?

    Compared to what I have seen listed on Ebay lately as "mint" or "pristine" I have mint and pristine AR11's. Purchased by my Uncle new in 78, they truely are in extremely good condition. He lived alone, was never married, had no kids, and did not smoke, they sat in the same place in his home, rarely used, for 33 years! I refoamed them, otherwise original, and in perfect working order. Logo's, grills, its all there. What are they worth?