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  1. Thanks , for your reply . Yes , The Lases dvd seem to be the only material available. The speaker's review is very careful. I'd hope to get something from France where Those speakers should be much regarded but I Haven't found anything . I've got five loudspeaker at home which included the Ohm walsh the Paradigm Atom , Polk monitor 10 and the Ess Ps 9 A. The "Vecteur " is an overlooked gem . Those speakers are as good as the Ohm walsh in giving an oustanding ambience imagine . The Vecteur "disappear" in your room even if are not omnidirational as the Ohm walsh . Contary to the Paradigm Atom when higher volume are required those not colapse and provide a dinamic contrast to the music, that seem lively . A dinamic contrast factor to me is very important you can call it "swing factor" but without the" swing factor " music began detached and ascetic ( and that is the reason why I haven't got rid of my LP 12 and VOYD") I'm not a loudspeker technician but the drivers are very common ( Focal and audax ) so I think the crossover is well designed. If the Spica have something in common with the Vecteur is easy to understand why Spica sold so much. To me would be interesting to know whether exist other loudspeker that followed the SPICA/Vecteur school .
  2. Hi all, I've got a pair of Vecteure premiere loudspeakers . Those speakers were introduced in early 80.and were designed by Yves Bernard Andrè . I still enjoy those speaker that look like some little Spica . Those loudspeaker even if are not the latest word in details provide outstanding image and palpable bass. What really like in those speaker is the "effortless driving factor ". I mean that the amplifier feels always at home with them . A friend has told me that Yves Bernard Andrè simply revised the "the spica design" but I'm not sure . I've always wanted to know something more about them but I've never found any literature . Can someone let me know something about those speakers ? Could be what I've called "the effortless driving factor " nothing less than a good " Crossover" design ? If so could someone indicate other examples of worthy "crossover design" .