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    Used to Work at Cizek

    I worked at Cizek because my father founded Ultrawood, a speaker cabinet mfg. which eventually brought on Roy Cizek. We owned Ultrawood on Canal St.in Lawrence Mass. Unfortunately the company ran into financial difficulties and was liquidated but Cizek lived on (Andover). I remember working with Roy as he built his first prototypes. I spent my summers and afternoons there while going to college. building cabinets for AR, Advent, Bose EPI etc... When Ultrawood collapsed, I ended up keeping all the lab equipment but of course I do not have it any more (Maranz pre amp, phase linear amp, AR LST's advents bose's etc... and lots of Cizek prototypes. I just found a pair of Model 1 on craigslist and will be refurbishing them for memory sake...Liklihood is that I may have built the cabinets. I look forward to any support the group can offer as I build nmy Vintage Audio System ariound the model 1's. I wish my IPAD had a vintage interface...