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  1. Capacitors

    Link to the 1980 Audio Magazine is no longer good. Here's a current one. PICKING CAPACITORS Walter G. Jung and Richard Marsh Reprinted from Audio Magazine, February and March, 1980 http://www.reliablecapacitors.com/pickcap.htm
  2. My curbside Ar-5's

    Found a pair on the curb last summer. Starting to work on 1. Here's some pics of it. Seems to be all original. Appreciate any help, comments, Telling me to stick to gardening, etc.Hopefully I can fully restore them.
  3. Aetna Pollak Pots

    2 sets available on ebay. Sorry if I should have posted else where. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aetna-Pollak-ceramic-frame-16-Ohms-potentiometer-pair-AR-3a-AR-4x-AR2ax-/250970436648?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item3a6f00f428#ht_500wt_1138
  4. AR 5s Some redoing

    Thanks for the advice Kent. If I go with the 50-22 combo, do I daisy-chain them or saddle-back them? Daisy chain is end to end, sharing just one wire. Saddle back is, both wires of one are connected to both of the other's wires. I'm ordering the foam kits from MSound. I read in posts here, and audiokarma that I need a 25 ohm resister placed across the driver terminals. I presume that is terminals 1 & 3 on the AB Tech L-pads. These correspond to 1 & 2 on the pots. 2 = B on the originals.
  5. Dark Water Stain Remedy

    Use wood workers bleach, oxalic acid. to get rid of the dark stains. Use latex gloves if you use it, as it crystalizes in the kidneys, and is toxic to humans. Otherwise, wash with mineral spirits, wipe, let dry, sand lightly with 250-320 grit sandpaper, stain, then oil.
  6. AR 5s Some redoing

    Absolutely. 50-year old KLH radios (what I work on most) tend to have light, golden-tone walnut veneer. I bought some new walnut veneer and by comparison it's almost purple-ish. Grain's different too. May be new growth vs old growth but it's impossible to get a match. Actually the walnut is from different species. The dark brownish/purplish is usually Black walnut. The lighter could be English, butternut, or some other species. Black walnut was popular in the teens to the 50's. Mahogany has the same problems. Some is very reddish, others is a light yellow. Different species from different parts of the world. The next problem is the old wood has developed a patina that the newer lacks. So staining may be needed to match stuff up. Good luck. I found a pair of AR-5 at the curb that I'm going to see if I can restore/fix. Need new midrange pots as these had stems that got hot and melted. don't know from what. The woofers need re-foaming, and don't know what else. I got pots from AB Tech, didn't know where else to get them. I think I'll get the foam rebuild kits from Simply Speakers. Unless somebody has a better source. Also are there any specs on the AR-5's. I found the pdf on the 3a"s. But have no idea what's the same or different. Thanks much for all the info I've gotten from here so far. It's a great site.