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  1. I just wanted to see if there would be any interest in some reproduction stands I may build. I am going to put some together for my AR3a's that will be as close to original as I can scale from internet pics. Anyway, since I'm already doing one pair, might as well do a few more. Keep in mind, I do high quality work - these will be made of walnut and use mortise and tenon joinery. I could either leave them unfinished for you to complete or finish them with oil myself (for a little higher price of course). What would a good pricepoint be? By the way, here's a couple examples of stuff I have done in the past: Thorens base speakers and stands with outboard crossovers
  2. AR logo dimensions

    That would actually be very helpful. I'll gladly post the CAD tracings and pdf prints when I'm done should anyone else want them.
  3. AR logo dimensions

    I should specify, I only need outer dimensions. Width and length. Thanks
  4. AR logo dimensions

    I'm going to get some logos cut out on a laser cutter and need to know dimensions. I'll just import jpegs into cad and scale then trace. If anyone that has either of these could take a quick measurement for me it would be much apprecited. I think I'm going to make them out of walnut, with the engraved bits painted red - something a little different. I'll probably get a few extras made as well. Thanks everyone!