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  1. Scott, Would you be interested in taking 2 KLH-17 speakers. One has the original tweeter and another tweeter looks like after market. Cabinets are walnut and look decent. All 4 drivers are working. THey would be a nice restoration project. All you need to do is paying Fedex shipping cost to your address. I have been working with Stupidhead on getting 2 AR3 cabinets to him with just shipping cost. I just kind feel good reducing the clutter in my basement. Again both KLH17's are free except for the shipping cost. edited on 3/20/17 KLH17 speakers are no longer available. George
  2. I lightened the picture then I saw the woofer had ridged cone in stead of the smooth cone of AR9. So someone reconed the original woofer?
  3. You are welcome. Many karma points for you too for making this happen. BTW, Fedex still has your parts in Ohio but will start moving this evening, snow storm or not:)
  4. Geoff, I am happy to accept the upper end of your offer, because they do work and look beautiful. I prefer to ship them in a 30-pound package with Fedex ground. You can use Fedex calculator for cost. My zip is 44139. You can e-mail me the details on my yahoo mail. You can also have the two AR3 midranges( don't know if they can be restored?) free of charge if you add 10 more pounds to the total weight(40 lbs). Thanks again, George
  5. Hi Geoff, I received your message in my email. I don't have any badges. Thanks, George
  6. I have a pair of AR3 with the original cloth surround woofers. What do you think is a fair price for them? Serial numbers: 05809 and 05811.
  7. I just could not resist pulling out my AR 58 1.5” dome midrange/Ribbon tweeter combination from the basement and gave another audition. The bass is a pro version of JBL 14” Neo woofer (similar to that used JBL Synthesis 1400 Array), crossovered around 700 hz to AR midrange. Next to it I have JBL 104H-2 4” mid and 1” 035Tia Titanium tweeter used in JBL L100 T3. I have to say the AR combo has no lacking of mid or high and it has the same sparkling high as JBL when program calls for it. I admit AR is winning me over again.
  8. Had AR4x, 2ax, 3a,11, 9, ,18, 1MS and HiRes AR15. Used AR 8', 12", 1.5"dome, and 4" in many DIY projects.
  9. Thanks Tom. You have insights that can not be found elsewhere! Nowadays Harman is probably the only company that has the resources to do in-depth speaker testing. It is interesting they emphasize both listening and lab testing. I don't think neither Revel, Infinity nor JBL uses dome midrange in their current speaker lineups.
  10. Thanks for the analysis. Here is an additional graph of a speaker with a 4 inch midrange. Indeed it is is now closer to AR3-a in terms of midrange performance. Now if we can somehow combine the mid/high performance of this speaker with the 12" AR woofer. bass from AR!
  11. AR3a on-axis vs off axis responses are in the attachment.
  12. Just for comparison, here are some frequency response curves for a modern 2-way speaker system using 5" woofer and 1" dome tweeter. The thing caught my eye was the even dispersion of the 1" wave guided tweeter, How would AR dome compare to a cone in the midrange?
  13. Dear Frank, I could have stayed with only AR if AR was the first brand I ever purchased thus got imprinted for life. But I started building my speakers from parts(most from Norelco) as a hobby when I was a teenager. The first pair of commercial speakers I purchased were Goodmans Maxim 1's, I did not purchase my first AR4x's until 1970 in my graduate school days. Therefore, as far as only speakers are concerned , I was born under a wandering star like this song.
  14. “* The LST's have taken over my life entirely as I don't see any need to listen to any other speaker.” I understand that totally. I used to be the same, staying with one pair of speakers for a long time. Then I started to visit thrift stores and was fortunate enough to acquire, at a relative low cost, some well known models from KEF(101 and 102), Celestion(6L), Spendor SP-1 as well as those from AR, Advent, EPI, Infinity, Revox, B&O, and MB Quart. Usually I kept them for a while and then let them go to other people. By doing so I don’t feel any strong attachment to any particular speakers. More recently, I acquired a pair of used Infinity Reference R162 speakers. Assisted by a pair of 12” NHT subwoofers(used in NHT 3.3), this combination provide sufficient low bass and clean mid and high that really come alive with vocals and string music. “the top end with particular delicacy, finesse, and yes, attention to detail. No, there was no phony edge enhancement; these speakers were candid rather than ruthless. They also benefited from sharp transients across the frequency spectrum. All of this contributed to superb imaging.”
  15. I have not seen any real technical reasons for doing what the seller has done, except for more striking appearance. Going bass reflex normally requires larger volume and/ore lower Q drivers but it is not happening here.