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  1. I'm afraid it has happened?

    I am sure some of you are well versed at crossover designs or computer modelling. In theory, you can tailor the level, slope and crossover frequency from any drivers if you have measurement capability.
  2. I'm afraid it has happened?

    I don't think the burst power test with a single frequency is realistic. In my simple mind a tweeter simultaneously produces a wide range of frequencies, covering perhaps thousands of different frequencies. Each frequency contributes a little bit of heat in the voice coil.
  3. Why No Big-Boy 8" Three-Ways?

    Generally speaking, both the sensitivity and bass extension increase with larger cone area. For the same spl, the smaller cone has to work harder than the bigger cone, so distortion tends to be higher. Therefore there are three strikes against a small cone for sounding big. The big-boy AR9 uses a 8" for midbass and is high-passed at around 200 hz. so it can absorb a tremendous amount of power.
  4. Unbelievable find, NOS

    Shipping is only $17.49 for something weighing about 150lb each. That is a bargain:)
  5. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    You can double the wattage by either connecting two resistors in series or in parallel. Just remember use two resistors and each is 1/2 of the target value in series. In parallel, you need two resistors and each is 2x the value of the target.
  6. AR1 Rear panel jumpering?

    Good luck to you!
  7. AR1 Rear panel jumpering?

    Mine works with the rear panel like this. The amp goes to 3 and 4 . There is a red jumper wire goes between 1 and 2. See the picture attached. George
  8. Acoustic Research AR3a Woofers Correct?

    The woofer has plastic screen and round magnet similar to the AR 3a woofer I just came across. The dust covers are not original. Personally during refoaming, I like to keep the original dust covers in place without touching them. I have not had any problem even with the tiny Bose 901 drivers.
  9. AR 1 Find

    Jeffs, you are right, mine has a pleated surround. Interestingly, some of today's pro woofers still use pleated surround. My JBL 1400 Pro woofer has a pleated fabric surround and is supposed to have + or - 7.6 mm linear travel for the vc. My first order of action is to refoam the woofer in AR3a using looneytune2001's kit. It has a round magnet with a top plate, to my eye, thicker than the later square magnet AR 12" woofer. The midrange of AR3a also seems to work once I took it out of the cabinet. After years of on-and-off relationships with AR, I am back again. Over the years, I had AR3a,3, 2ax,4x, 9, 18s, 1MS, and High Res 17.
  10. AR 1 Find

    Wow! for my AR collection, one nice AR1 would be quite enough. But again, another AR1 in mahogany cabinet may be waiting for me somewhere if I keep working on my Karma:)
  11. AR 1 Find

    You are probably right about Karma. I went into ReStore and did not see anything interesting first. Then I asked one of the technicians if there were more speakers in the back. He led me to the repair shop and showed me about half dozen speakers sitting on the floor and told me that they have not been tested yet. I noticed there were two AR3 size speakers among them and said I would take them even without testing and named a price and he agreed right on the spot. It was not until I got into my car I found they were AR1 and AR3a.
  12. AR 1 Find

    I want to share with you the thrill of finding a classic AR 1 by accident in a local ReStore. When connecting up a receiver broadcasting NBR program, I just could not help but feel I was listening to the most sought after table radio anyone audiophile could wish to have:) Using flash light I could see there are two drivers, the smaller one is roughly 8 inches with a dome shaped dustcap the larger one has a flat dustcap. The sound is clean and crisp. Now where can I get another one to match this? At the same place I also bought a single AR3a. The midrange does not work and the woofer requires a refoaming if I could clean out the scotch tapes used to patch the cone to the metal frame.
  13. I'm afraid it has happened?

    I can suggest a partial solution to clone the original AR3a tweeter. You probably can use a 3-d printer to duplicate the shape and property of the 3a dome. The winding of the coil should not be too difficult. While you are at it, throw in some new features such as shortening ring and symmetric magnetic drive to lower the distortion floor further.
  14. AR-18s speakers

    Some of you may already have read about the attached citations. Yet there are a lot of good things to be said about AR7/18 speakers, considering the simplicity of its crossovers(reminding me of Dynaco A25). Some people believe a simple crossover leads to better sound, provided that woofer and tweeter are carefully matched. " I got interested in AR 18 because the favorable comparison of it to Yamaha NS10 as a studio monitor speaker. The obvious thing to do is to refoam the woofers. I had some success in refoam 2 AR 3a woofers and 2 Advent woofers without cutting away the dustcaps. But I also ruined the voice coil alignment with one AR 3a woofer. Therefore before I start on refoaming AR 18 woofers could someone recommend a fail-safe method for doing the job? Any help is greatly appreciated. I would rather not cutting open the dustcap because AR 18 B woofer has a natural rolloff around the crossover at 2000 Hz. This I believe is what gives its unique sonic signature. The following is an interesting read for anyone who is into the history of AR. .http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=4332 The AR18s was consistently rated as a "best buy" by the UK Hi-Fi press and formed the basis of many a classic system. These deceptively simple and compact speakers give a big, fast and detailed sound that belies their diminutive stature and modest cost. The exceptional performance of the AR18 and its relative insensitivity to room acoustics and placement made it a natural choice for sound engineers who couldn't live with the overly brash sound of the then industry standard Yamaha NS-10. The AR18 was famously used and recommended by such respected engineers as Hugh Padgham (Phil Collins, Police, David Bowie etc.) and can still be found today in facilities such as George Martin's Air Studios. Compared to the NS10 or later NS10m, the AR18s scores in pretty much all respects. It is smoother, yet more detailed. It's bass is fuller and better extended. It's overall response is far flatter. Stereo imaging is better. Dynamics are excellent and at least the equal of the NS10. Compared to most modern budget studio monitors (think Tannoy Reveal, Spirit Absolute 2 etc.) the AR18s are faster, more natural and tighter in the bass. This is due to the use of good old-fashioned paper cones, extremely simple crossover and AR's Acoustic Suspension (or sealed box) design. Modern reflex (ported) designs may have more bass at first listen, but the bass rolls off steeply when it reaches its limit. I would never use a small ported speaker for critical monitoring as you just can't tell what's going on in the bass below a certain point. As a Hi-Fi speaker the AR18 is best described as seriously funky. They're just one of those speakers that always gets your feet tapping. They may not match the very best in terms of detail or resolution, but they always sound big, fast and full-bodied yet well-balanced. Plus I've never found a room that they don't work in. Over the years I've had 4 pairs of AR18s and always loved them, either as Hi-Fi speakers or monitors in my studio setup. They are relatively unfussy about the amplifier driving them, but that said it's definitely a case of rubbish in, rubbish out." Ken Kantor (previously with AR, NHT) also mentioned that AR sold a lot of AR 18 to studios ( along with NHT model One). "
  15. AR9 Teledyn Big LF Caps where?

    In theory, you can use 2 regular 5000uf electrolytic capacitors in series to make one 2500 uf non-polarized capacitor and doubling the voltage rating.