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  1. AR-18s speakers

    Some of you may already have read about the attached citations. Yet there are a lot of good things to be said about AR7/18 speakers, considering the simplicity of its crossovers(reminding me of Dynaco A25). Some people believe a simple crossover leads to better sound, provided that woofer and tweeter are carefully matched. " I got interested in AR 18 because the favorable comparison of it to Yamaha NS10 as a studio monitor speaker. The obvious thing to do is to refoam the woofers. I had some success in refoam 2 AR 3a woofers and 2 Advent woofers without cutting away the dustcaps. But I also ruined the voice coil alignment with one AR 3a woofer. Therefore before I start on refoaming AR 18 woofers could someone recommend a fail-safe method for doing the job? Any help is greatly appreciated. I would rather not cutting open the dustcap because AR 18 B woofer has a natural rolloff around the crossover at 2000 Hz. This I believe is what gives its unique sonic signature. The following is an interesting read for anyone who is into the history of AR. .http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=4332 The AR18s was consistently rated as a "best buy" by the UK Hi-Fi press and formed the basis of many a classic system. These deceptively simple and compact speakers give a big, fast and detailed sound that belies their diminutive stature and modest cost. The exceptional performance of the AR18 and its relative insensitivity to room acoustics and placement made it a natural choice for sound engineers who couldn't live with the overly brash sound of the then industry standard Yamaha NS-10. The AR18 was famously used and recommended by such respected engineers as Hugh Padgham (Phil Collins, Police, David Bowie etc.) and can still be found today in facilities such as George Martin's Air Studios. Compared to the NS10 or later NS10m, the AR18s scores in pretty much all respects. It is smoother, yet more detailed. It's bass is fuller and better extended. It's overall response is far flatter. Stereo imaging is better. Dynamics are excellent and at least the equal of the NS10. Compared to most modern budget studio monitors (think Tannoy Reveal, Spirit Absolute 2 etc.) the AR18s are faster, more natural and tighter in the bass. This is due to the use of good old-fashioned paper cones, extremely simple crossover and AR's Acoustic Suspension (or sealed box) design. Modern reflex (ported) designs may have more bass at first listen, but the bass rolls off steeply when it reaches its limit. I would never use a small ported speaker for critical monitoring as you just can't tell what's going on in the bass below a certain point. As a Hi-Fi speaker the AR18 is best described as seriously funky. They're just one of those speakers that always gets your feet tapping. They may not match the very best in terms of detail or resolution, but they always sound big, fast and full-bodied yet well-balanced. Plus I've never found a room that they don't work in. Over the years I've had 4 pairs of AR18s and always loved them, either as Hi-Fi speakers or monitors in my studio setup. They are relatively unfussy about the amplifier driving them, but that said it's definitely a case of rubbish in, rubbish out." Ken Kantor (previously with AR, NHT) also mentioned that AR sold a lot of AR 18 to studios ( along with NHT model One). "
  2. AR9 Teledyn Big LF Caps where?

    In theory, you can use 2 regular 5000uf electrolytic capacitors in series to make one 2500 uf non-polarized capacitor and doubling the voltage rating.
  3. Here it is. Thanks for your interest. I have another pair if someone is interested. George
  4. You can make an offer on this pair AR 1MS speakers since I prefer selling to the classic speaker forum members They are also listed on eBay: item number 302360543351. So you can go there for more details. I can consider offers until there is actual bidding on them. Thanks George
  5. The AR92 (xxx-033) seems to have a longer excursion version of AR 2/5 10" woofer. Therefore, AR 92 could be considered as an update of AR5. I just wonder how does it sound(especially the bass) compared to AR 5 and AR 91?
  6. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    Geoff, This is beautiful indeed. Have you tried walnut wood patch for the bare areas? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Elmer-s-6-oz-Probond-Wood-Filler-Walnut/50015684 Perhaps others with more wood refinishing experience can chime in? George
  7. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    Hey Geoff, I am so glad to see those ancient AR3s are getting the well deserved love and attention from you. Long ago I got a pair of dealer's AR11s which had one side replaced with clear Acrylic to show the famed AR 12" woofers fluttering to the music signal. I later replaced the Acrylic panels with MDF and then veneered with 1/16" walnut. By combing the mids and tweeters of AR11's and the woofers from my old AR3as I got myself one of kind pair of AR11's or Franken-11 as you would have named them. I just have to share the story with you. George
  8. Scott, Would you be interested in taking 2 KLH-17 speakers. One has the original tweeter and another tweeter looks like after market. Cabinets are walnut and look decent. All 4 drivers are working. THey would be a nice restoration project. All you need to do is paying Fedex shipping cost to your address. I have been working with Stupidhead on getting 2 AR3 cabinets to him with just shipping cost. I just kind feel good reducing the clutter in my basement. Again both KLH17's are free except for the shipping cost. edited on 3/20/17 KLH17 speakers are no longer available. George
  9. AR9 woofer or not?

    I lightened the picture then I saw the woofer had ridged cone in stead of the smooth cone of AR9. So someone reconed the original woofer?
  10. You are welcome. Many karma points for you too for making this happen. BTW, Fedex still has your parts in Ohio but will start moving this evening, snow storm or not:)
  11. Geoff, I am happy to accept the upper end of your offer, because they do work and look beautiful. I prefer to ship them in a 30-pound package with Fedex ground. You can use Fedex calculator for cost. My zip is 44139. You can e-mail me the details on my yahoo mail. You can also have the two AR3 midranges( don't know if they can be restored?) free of charge if you add 10 more pounds to the total weight(40 lbs). Thanks again, George
  12. Hi Geoff, I received your message in my email. I don't have any badges. Thanks, George
  13. I have a pair of AR3 with the original cloth surround woofers. What do you think is a fair price for them? Serial numbers: 05809 and 05811.
  14. I just could not resist pulling out my AR 58 1.5” dome midrange/Ribbon tweeter combination from the basement and gave another audition. The bass is a pro version of JBL 14” Neo woofer (similar to that used JBL Synthesis 1400 Array), crossovered around 700 hz to AR midrange. Next to it I have JBL 104H-2 4” mid and 1” 035Tia Titanium tweeter used in JBL L100 T3. I have to say the AR combo has no lacking of mid or high and it has the same sparkling high as JBL when program calls for it. I admit AR is winning me over again.