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  1. thechatterboxman

    Did Classic Dynaco speakers Use Ferro-fluid?

    A friend asked me if the classic Dynaco speakers used ferro-fluid tweeters. I said, "No," but I then began to wonder. I know people in here know more about this question than I do, so I am asking for an "expert ruling." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. thechatterboxman

    Dynaco Tweeter Replacement

    I have a question that may bear indirectly on this issue. A friend asked me if the classic Dynaco speakers used ferro-fluid tweeters. I said, "No," but I began to wonder. I know people in here know more about this question than I do, so I am asking for an "expert ruling."
  3. thechatterboxman

    Video of Old Speakers

    Wow! There are some very interesting pieces in this video. I've seen pictures of many of the items shown before, but many I have never seen at all, mostly the older Altec and JBL-looking gear. One note. The best thing the owner of those Marantz Model 9's could do for his system is ditch that Chinese autotransformer shown in the background. I don't care how big it is. They all look the same and they sound awful. A real General Radio Variac or an equivilent American-made unit would be a huge improvement, especially if the Model 9's are being powered by the Chinese unit. Don't ask me why autotransformers sound different. I just know they do. Been there and done that! Great video. Thank you for posting it.
  4. thechatterboxman

    Dynaco A-50 cabinet salvage

    Hello, Vern-- I see here that you were working on your rescued A-50's, but you apparently never got pictures to load. How are the A-50's working out? Randy
  5. Parasound PHP-850's are almost impossible to beat in this price range, especially if you want a phono stage and defeatable tone controls. I copied some of their features from the Parasound website. 100% pure Class A • J-FET input stage • Best Analog Devices parts • CMOS solid-state switching • Buffered outputs • IEC removable AC cord • Function LEDs • Gold-plated jacks • FR 4 glass circuit boards • 19,000 mF filter bank • Film bypass caps • Gold series capacitors • Precision volume control • Headphone output • Direct coupled output • Defeatable tone controls • Turn on/off mute circuit • Accurate RlAA for phono • Silver clad copper wiring • Low distortion design
  6. thechatterboxman

    Dynaco A-50's on ebay

    There is a pair of Dynaco A-50's on ebay now. The speakers are reasonably clean, with some stains on the back. The price is high--$500 with no shipping. A-50's are nice speakers, but there are a lot of good speakers out there in that price range. I am in no way related to the seller. These are not my A-50's. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dynaco-A-50-Speaker-Pair-/251041913444?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item3a73439a64 Randy
  7. thechatterboxman

    An experiment gone awry - Learn from my mistakes

    I am no expert, but I agree that the foam surround should not have crumbled so easily if it was still good. I had a pair of Infinity RSIII-B's for a number of years. We lived in an old VA house with no AC. The humid summers there accelerated the deterioration of the foam surrounds on the four 10-inch woofers in those speakers. Some years after I bought the speakers, I played a particularly bass-heavy passage at a high volume level. One of the surrounds tore. I was amazed at how the surround crumbled when I touched it. I ran my finger around the other three surrounds, and they simply fell away from the plastic cones which were supposed to be "good for a lifetime," (Salesman.) I believe the speakers were about 7 years old when this happened. I paid $200 to have all four woofers refoamed and sold the speakers...for $300. I have never bought speakers with foam surrounds since. It is just a personal prejudice I have. Randy
  8. thechatterboxman

    Rosewood Dynaco A-25s on eBay?

    Those A-25's look very nice. I used to restore large Edison disk phonographs that had "piano" style finishes when they were new. Those old finishes were a PAIN to get off, and very nasty chemicals were required to do so. "Oiled-Walnut" finishes on pairs of rather small speakers cannot compare to those jobs. Grille cloths require experience. Is shrinkage a problem with the original material? It doesn't seem to be so, from looking at my dynaco speakers. Randy
  9. thechatterboxman

    Allison One woofer replacement

    Hello Kent-- I may do so, but I expect the Scan Speak woofers/subwoofers, (below 100 hz. in this design,) will probably last me until I am deaf, dead, or both. I would like to have the Peerless drivers fixed, but...then, I would have to find something to do with them. I am not sure that they would still fit into the openings in my subwoofer cabinets. I had to enlarge the openings a surprising amount to get the Scan Speak baskets to fit in the holes that were orginially cut, much more nicely, for the Peerless drivers. I wish I had stumbled onto this forum sooner. I have cut and pasted your last post with the gentleman's email address. Thank you very much. Randy
  10. thechatterboxman

    Allison One woofer replacement

    Yes, I do. They are sitting on the floor behind me as I write this. The folks I contacted all wanted to put foam surrounds on the Peerless drivers, which would alter their characteristics to an unacceptable degree. The original surrounds are Butyl rubber. The product I used is called "CaiKleen RBR," which is marketed by Caig. The product worked great on everything from RTR tape rollers to automotive wiper blades. It didn't damage the Focal Kevlar upper-bass/midrange drivers in my main speakers, the woofers in my A-50's, or the Scan Speak drivers I bought to replace the Peerless units. However, the surrounds on the Peerless drivers shriveled up before my eyes, one more than the other. My speakers do not use grilles of any kind, which means the drivers have been exposed to a fair amount of sunlight over the years. The Focal drivers were replaced some years ago, but the Peerless drivers were the original ones. I don't know if exposure to UV light had anything to do with the surrounds' demise or not. I just know that I was bummed when it happened! Randy
  11. thechatterboxman

    Rosewood Dynaco A-25s on eBay?

    Refinishing a pair of A-25's shouldn't be a big chore...nasty, but not hard. The average ebay person probably thinks that the price is too steep for a pair of A-25's that look rough, regardless of the wood finish. I guess the rosewood factor is lost on them. Can grille cloth which is that stained be restored? I thought trying to clean the grille material would be a lost cause, especially the one grille cloth that is the dirtier of the two. Randy
  12. thechatterboxman

    Allison One woofer replacement

    I have apparently done what I do best...confuse myself. I thought I was at the end of the thread when I posted the above comments. I am glad the drivers worked out for you. It was not a bad idea to have a carpenter do the woodworking part of the job on a pair of classic speakers like those. They look really nice, and I bet they sound nice too. The Scan Speak woofers have a very nice, controlled sound. I agree that you might be able to use more power. Keep us informed. Randy
  13. thechatterboxman

    Allison One woofer replacement

    Okay gentlemen. First, let me say that you have totally left me in the dust with all of this techno-talk. However, I recently had a rubber preservative product from a very well respected company cause the rubber surrounds on the woofers of my primary speakers to crinkle up like the Wicked Witch of the West. Tim Stinson of Luminous Audio Technology and Albert Von Schweikert collaborated on the speaker design. The speakers are prototypes that originally came with Peerless 831759 woofers, but those drivers are NLA. Albert Von Schweikert suggested the Scan Speak 26W/4534G woofers as the closest replacement available for the ruined Peerless drivers. I ordered a pair of the Scan Speak drivers. Getting them to fit was a real bear, because it is hard to cut through inch-thick MDF with a cheap jig saw. However, the deed was done, and the woofers sound quite nice, especially after the surrounds had some time to loosen up. I would say that to my very untrained eye, the Scan Speak drivers looked reasonably well-made. I am no expert on this topic, but the Scan Speaks got my main speakers going again and the bass sounds quite nice. I cannot say that the drivers are perfect for your application, but I would not hesitate to use the Scan Speaks, IF they are close to what you need, specification-wise. I am lucky that I had my Dyna A-50's to fall back on while the melodrama of the ruined woofer surrounds played out. Randy
  14. thechatterboxman

    Rosewood Dynaco A-25s on eBay?

    The Rosewood A-25's have been listed for the third time on ebuy. The seller now has them listed with an opening bid of $400. Line up, Rosewood lovers. Randy
  15. thechatterboxman

    Rosewood Dynaco A-25s on eBay?

    I have been watching those speakers. I thought A-25's came in other finishes, like Teak, but I don't know a bunch about A-25's other than that. I do know that A-25's with the ports above the tweeters are supposed to be early versions. I've owned every piece of Dynaco tube gear except an ST-35, (I never wanted one,) and a pair of Mark VI's. (They use 8417's...a useless and expensive chase.) At one time, I was running 4 rebuilt/upgraded Mark III's at once. They heated up the room on cold nights! I never messed with their speakers though. I wish I had. I missed out. Randy