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  1. New Member with (what else) a question

    I'm going to try the crossover cap replacement. I have to order five of them and only need two. Does anybody else need the others?
  2. New Member with (what else) a question

    PM me your mailing addy Pete.
  3. New Member with (what else) a question

    I'm sure that somewhere, perhaps even linked to in this thread, is a detailed explanation of how to replace the crossover caps in NLAs. Anybody know where it is ^ offhand? I'd like to familiarize myself with the process before deciding whether or not to proceed. Thanks.
  4. New Member with (what else) a question

    Yes sir he did, thanks. I'm short on $ right now but will buy it from him as a spare if he still has it in a few weeks. I put the "new" tweeters in the boxes and I'm back in business. Thanks to all for your help. Couple follow ups. Are the nonfunctioning tweeters repairable or of any use to anyone? Should I still replace the crossover capacitors? I'm reluctant to fix what's not broken, not to mention taking on a task I'm not sure I'm capable of performing. Mick
  5. All Advent questions answered

    That's interesting. As I stated in the original post, I am no audiophile. I have often used four speakers, sometimes with a set in surround sound/live mode; sometimes just four speakers putting out the same music. I always just connected the receiver's right channel A speaker output positive to positive (or 8) on the right A speaker, and the receiver's right negative A to the speaker's negative on the right A speaker. Then I did the same with the left A speaker. I did the same thing with the second, B set of speakers. It seemed to work? Sometimes I listened only to the A set, sometimes only B, sometimes all four.
  6. New Member with (what else) a question

    Kent I did not see your email about the member selling the tweeter until today. Might still buy it as a spare. I thought the tweeters might be here today but not yet. I held off from buying the crossover caps "PulseX: http://www.erseaudio.../MPX25-03-13-00" you recommended, only because I had to buy 5 to meet the minimum order, but I think I'm going ahead with the purchase anyway.
  7. All Advent questions answered

    What does wiring two sets of speakers in parallel mean? Also, another poster asked a question that I did not see answered. Maybe I missed it, but I'm interested in the answer myself so I'll repost the question: "Hello and thank you for reading. I have a pair of large advents, I believe they are from around 1975 - 1977 the tweeter is orange with a mesh grill and a square metal mounting plate, the woofer is mounted near center of the encloser, surrounds look good no holes or tears, i noticed if i wire them with the positive on the 0 connector and the negative on the 8 ohm connector they seem warmer and a little more bass, but the highs roll off a little too soon, but if i wire them the other way they seem a bit harsh and lose quite a bit of the warmth and bass. can you tell me which is the proper way to wire them?? when flipping the switch on back, out of the normal position i seem to lose a lot of the tweeter like its almost completely off and then switching to extended makes it even harsher. also there is a fuse mounted on the outside of the back of the speaker, but i havent seen that on other advent pics that i have looked at online. any advice on making them sound better? they dont crackle or buzz or anything and they can go pretty loud. thank you in advance."
  8. New Member with (what else) a question

    OK I ordered those tweeters. "Most people here get "fim" caps from Parts Express, Madisound or Erse. We can discuss that once you know what you need." I guess that's next.
  9. New Member with (what else) a question

    Yup that's them.
  10. New Member with (what else) a question

    I could not view the photos in that link, apparently because I am not registered there. I tried to register but failed so far. I would like to view that thread so I will again attempt to register. Meanwhile, the back of my speakers says The Advent Loudspeaker, one says U362601 and the other says U362565, Advent Corp, Cambridge, MA. Also I expanded your photo and gave it a second look, and my tweeters are not the same. Thanks for all your help by the way. Mick
  11. New Member with (what else) a question

    Kent the stuff in that thread you recommended was way over my head. My tweeters kinda look like that but they are mounted in the speaker box straight up and down/straight across, not pointed up and down and left and right like those in the pic.
  12. New Member with (what else) a question

    I took both tweeters out of the boxes and listened to each one up at my ears. Nothing from either one. I disconnected one of them and hooked the speaker wires directly. Nothing. The woofers seem to be working ok.
  13. New Member with (what else) a question

    I did the tp roll deal again. This time I adjusted the bass on my receiver to -10 and increased the treble to +10. I don't think I heard anything out of either tweeter. And Jon Anderson was singing . When I find time I'll test each speaker individually. What's a crossover cap, how do I replace them, and where do I get them???
  14. New Member with (what else) a question

    Yes tweeters, sorry.
  15. New Member with (what else) a question

    Thanks. I tried the toilet paper deal and did not hear much from the woofers. They looked ok, though, not real dark, but I don't examine them often. Crossover caps?