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  1. I already have a pair of W35’s which I absolutely love. The W25, W35, and W45 were assembled here in the States. The cases were made Stateside with the speakers, and assembled crossovers coming from the UK. All three use the same Tweeter, the E35, and 45 the same mid-range, the W25, and 35 the same 8” woofer, the W45 a 10” woofer. Purchasing them from the original owner who purchased them new in 1970. For recapping the crossovers on these Wharfedales I really like the Mundorf E-Cap great non-polarized electrolytic’s. Cheap, and you are not trying to fit a 16 oz beer can sized cap’ in a space designed for a breath mint.
  2. Transmaster

    Please help! Need to identify, replace speaker cable.

    You should be able to repair that cable. The covering should pop off with gentle prying with the cover off will give you access to the solder tabs on the inside. Four conductor audio cable is easy to come up with.
  3. Just refurbished my W-35’s with Mundorf E-Cap Plains. Wonderful sound. I decided to do an A/B comparison between the W-35’s, and a pair of modern Polk Audio RTi A3’s. The A3 are one of the best speaker deals on the market right now at $239.95 a pair. The W35’s are powered by a Lepai LP-2020 TI class “D” amp 20 Watts x2. The A3’s were on my Yamaha RX-A770 in a 2.1 configuration 95 Watts X 2, and a Klipsch subwoofer with about 500 watts. The W35’s completely blew the A3’s out of the water. I could not believe a 48 year old set of speakers could beat out a modern book shelf speaker of about the same size even with the subwoofer’s help. The W35 have scintillating sound, crystal clear. Smooth lows. I was impressed with these speakers when I purchased them in 1972, I am even more impressed now. A lot of this improvement must be credited to the E-Caps for just $23 Dollars It made a giant killer out of these W35’s.
  4. Transmaster

    Repair abvice BIC 8950 8” Woofer

    Simply Speakers has repair kit for this.
  5. Transmaster

    Wharfdale W35 crossover rebuild

    I went perhaps a little overboard on a set of Polk Monitor 10B’s crossovers . I purchased a set of Unmodified 10B crossovers to rebuild and swap out the set I had modified a number of years ago with Sonic Cap Gen 1’s and Axon True Caps. There are issues one speaker is out of phase I had to reverse the leads, and the other does not seen to play as loud as the other. My equipment and experience are much better now. These replacements have been rebuilt as the Monitor 10A. The difference is the “A” model did not have the notorious Polyphaser resistance fuse. I used Mundorf M-Cap Aluminum flim cap’s. This time I mounted these capacitors on a daughter board made out of Lexan the M-Caps and fastened with hotglue. It was interesting cutting out the daughter boards with a coping saw. I used brass stand offs. Vishay Miller 12 Watt non inductived were instalI also changed out the binding posts. One thing that has really helped is the Cardus paste solder flux. The Kester 44 eutectic I use does not have enough flux to work properly with most of the soldering I do. The Hakko 888D has made all the difference in the world. Here is a picture of one of the 10B crossovers with the Mundorf M-Caps.
  6. A number of years ago I rebuilt the crossovers on a pair of Wharfdale W35 speakers. Then I used Dayton flim cap’s. In the meantime one of these W35’s got Dc’ed by a failing Onkyo Amp. It took me 5 years to collect the parts to fix it. I landed a pair of crossovers that had the originsl circa 1970 Minerva NPE’s from Hong Kong. I tested them on my capacitor tester and except for being out of spec μF wise they were not in bad shape. Their ESR’s, and Vloss were OK. Knowing vastly more about this sort of thing I replaced them with Mundorf E-Cap plain NPE’s. Everything I liked about the sound of these W35’s is there and so much better. These caps burnt in in just a few hours. The total cost of these German made Mundorf E-Cap’s was $23 Dollars. It was so nice not having to figure out how to fit capacitors that were the size of a Red Bull pop can. I had to parallel the capacitor on the Woofer side I needed a 12 μF the E-cap had a 10μf, than jumped to 15μF. So I paralleled a 1.5μF E-Cap which resulted in a total value of 12.78μF close enough. These Mundorf E-Caps are the best quality electrolyics I have ever seen. Here is one of the rebuilt crossovers with the Mundorf E-Cap’s plains. Yellow common negative, Red Woofer, Blue tweeter, Black Midrange.
  7. One of the BIC 8950’s in my Wharfdale W35 parts stash has has a problem I have never seen before. Before I attempt a repair I want touch bases here to see if anyone has run into a similar situation. Note the photos. One of the wires going from the connection taps on the spider has broken away from it’s connection on the cone. The repair would be straight forward except for the doping on the front side of the cone. Is there a solvent that can remove it without damaging the cone? The wire its self is really crappy it is a thread covered mess that would be damn hard to solder. Can anyone point me in the direction of wire that could be used as a replacement. The wire on the other connection is in very poor condition replacing both is in order. My regular hookup wire is too stiff for this use. These BIC 8950’s are fairly rare so a repair is completely justified.
  8. Yes you can here the difference with modern speakers. But first you have to listen to examples of such instruments. The difference is very subtle and impossiable to describe. A good example would be James Galway. Galway really pioneered the use of the Golden Flute. He plays both silver and gold flutes so you can listen to him playing both instruments. . Generally the Gold flute has a more rounded sound then a silver flute. Sliver flute have a subtly sharper sound. The small number of Platnium flutes in the world have an even more rounded sound then the Golden one. Another area to compare is Saxophones. with a traditional Lacquer finish, or without. An unfinished Saxophone has a brighter sound then a finished one.
  9. Was the BIC 8983 tweeter used on a W25 Wharfdale the a same as the tweeter on the W35?
  10. Transmaster

    Single Wharfedale W45

    There are several places you can get replacement surrounds. Parts Express is one such place. This is a good thing to ask on this Classic Speaker forum there are a lot of people there in who have more experience doing this then I do. If you don't feel up to it you can send the speakers to outfits that can do the job for you. Simply Speakers is one such outfit which has good reviews over at Audiokarma. http://www.simplyspeakers.com/
  11. Transmaster

    Single Wharfedale W45

    That is great!!!! The W series Wharfdales are really good. You will need to recap the crossovers the cap's they originally used were not good from the get go. You don't have to get fancy with the replacements. My favorite is the Axon True Cap's they are not expensive and once burnt in really improve the sound. http://www.partsconnexion.com/capacitor_film_axon.html the only trouble you will have is these Axon's are somewhat larger than the originals. You can also get good replacements from Parts Express. The "W's" are wonderful with tube type amp's.
  12. Transmaster

    Single Wharfedale W45

    The W series Warfdales where a very nice 3 way acoustic suspended system. The W45 where the larger version of the W35. The W series was Gilbert Briggs foray into accoutic suspension. I very much like their sound. My W35's are very good with Barque music. They sound wonderful with tube type amp's. Recapping the crossover is in order. Be careful with the speakers replacements are virtually impossible to find. For more info please visit the Warfdale forum at Audiokarma.
  13. How do you decide on a replacement for driver that is no longer made? My Warfedale W-35 need both mid-range and replacement tweeters. These BIC drivers have not been available for several decades. The NHT woofers have worked out very well, thanks JKent, But the rest?
  14. Transmaster

    Cramolin Red

    Cramolin Redis still made it is called Contaclean it doesn't seem to be sold in the US. You might try ordering it through Amazon UK, If you have a stateside Amazon account you have an account with all Amazons.world wide,.
  15. There is one thing I want to know. If I ask this question over on Audio Karma a flame war will ensue, the level of snarkyness there is almost as bad as an Apple forum. Is there a break in period for Audio film capacitors. As you know I installed Sonicap Gen 1's for the tweeter side of the XO's and Axon True Caps for the "woofer" side. of my Monitor 10B;s after about 350 hours of use I do notice a big difference in the sound. This was a very subtle thing It took awhile to notice it. I suppose it took this long for the improvement to be enough for me to hear it. On the Polk forum I was told the Sonicap break in was somewhere around 400 hours. The Axon's seem to be coming on right now. This is a not subjective thing I have been listening to the same music on these speakers for over 20 years. At first they where powered by a Sansui integrated stereo amp, then a really nice JVC integrated amp, a crappy Sony AV receiver which blasted the right channel 10B when the right hand set of PA's failed, and now with the Onkyo TX-NR709. When I first fired up the refurbished 10B's on the Onkyo they sounded great, the bass was a bit snappish,and I didn't notice any improvement in the upper reaches, but the 10B's worked. Listening to those same bench mark albums after all the hours of play time on the refurbished XO's the 10B's sound fantastically better then they ever have. By the way should this ever come up in you speaker repair business the new replacement Polk MW-6503 driver sounds the same as the original pair I have in the other 10B. The only difference you can see is the wires for the voice coil no longer are attached to the speaker cone but go directly to the spade connectors. I sure wish I could get replacement midrange and tweeters for the Warfedale W-35's compared to the 10B's they don't fair well.