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  1. Bill @ http://www.millersound.net/ repaired the voice coils in a set of 4 1030 woofers for me years ago. I listen to them every day & they are perfect His cost was very reasonable (less than buying replacements, if I remember correctly). In the “family” photo, he did my 1030, A70, A60, & HD5 sets. You can call or email for a quote. Tell him Dan in Chester Springs recommended you. Best of luck!
  2. joerand, I was just revisiting this string and noticed your post. I have owned 830 (Series II) 930 (original) and 1030 sets. I found a significant difference in bass response between 830 & 930. Difference in bass response between 930 and 1030 less noticeable. All are wonderful speakers. My listening spaces for these speakers are very large and L-shaped (LR open DR upstairs, Home Theater open to Billiard Rm downstairs). I have to agree w/ Gerry. My favorite of all combinations over the years, is 830 Series II paired w/ a competent sub (M&K are my favorites). Honestly, if I ever find a nice local 830 II set, I'd probably swap them in for my upstairs 1030 set. I'll stick w/ 1030 set for home theater.
  3. I highly recommend reaching out to Bill @ http://www.millersound.net/ to see if he can rebuild it for you. He has been able to replace spiders on the 4 BA made woofers out of a 1030 set, rebuilt voice coils and custom-cut aluminum dust caps for a friend's Totem (proprietary Peerless) woofers, and done countless re-foams for me. The guy is a master craftsman. If you can't get OEM replacements from Boston, give Bill a shot. Tell him Dan & Ashlin in Chester Springs sent you.
  4. I've found BA customer support extremely helpful. Give them a call. I bet they can supply answers to all your questions.
  5. I fell in love w/ the A60 Series II in high school (mid-80's). Although I've owned T-830, T-930, T-1030 (currently two pairs), I still love my A-60 set. They are now paired w/ an M&K 12" sub and are glorious. They provide wonderful imaging and are pleasant to listen to up through moderately loud volume levels. A pair can be easily found for $25-$50, they have a relatively small footprint, and parts are easy to find. You can't go wrong!
  6. I have used Simply Speakers kits for A60 sets and a small Infinity set. They are very good. If you are in Eastern PA and considering professional woofer work, Bill is fantastic: http://www.millersound.net/index.html
  7. Great info! Thanks for such a thorough explaination of the difference in designs. I see that the 930 has terminals on the bottom, & 930 II has them on the back. So I imagine you are correct that the older 830 has them on bottom and newer on the back. A neighbor loved the 830 set that I sold a few years ago to a friend. I'm helping him shop for a pair. I have two systems w/ 1030's now, and do miss the 830 set sometimes. Maybe I'll get another set some day when my wife is out of town:)
  8. Gerry, I see T830 pairs with binding post on the bottom, and others w/ binding posts in the back panel. I'm wondering if this is an easy way to distinguish between your generation x-overs and the older version. If so, which is yours? Thanks.
  9. I've been using these speakers for about a year now in our formal living room. We could not be happier with their fidelity. Bill found that the spiders were shot in all four woofers. It appears that the previous owner continued to drive the speakers after the surrounds were deteriorated. Amazingly, the voice coils were still good. Bill replaced the spiders, surrounds and dust caps. He is an artist. Lots of cleaning and deodorizing, a replacement tweeter, four rebuilt woofers, and a little running around... it all worked out for under $200 and they play "like new".
  10. I played my first pair of Boston Acoustics T1030 rebuilds next to a B&W 802 Diamond pair. We used 500 watt McIntosh monoblocks in a beautiful "box within a box" custom home theater. Both sets have 6" midranges, 1" tweeters, dual 8" woofers, and identical sensitivity of 90dB SPL The Bostons held their own w/ what I would call "character differences" in the upper midrange. Others in the room called them "a little brighter" and "more forward". All agreed that they sounded really, really good. We listened to vinyl, cd's and blurays of various genres for about 4 hours. We started w/ the host's B&W set, then BA, than back to the B&W. Original pricing on the B&W's was $15k, Boston's $1,200. I picked up this T1030 pair for $140, paid Millersound $75 for woofer surrounds & Bill's special tweeks, and about $25 in gas and tolls for a grand total of $240. I could not be happier w/ these speakers. Gerry S., you do great work! Sorry for the terrible cell-phone pic.
  11. Does anyone have a scan of the January 1991 issue of Audio? It is reported to have a review of the T1030. I'd love to read it. Audio 1991 Volume 75 Issue 1 Thanks. Dan
  12. I found a used set of tweeters out of an A 70 II pair. They are a perfect fit for the T1030. The project is coming along nicely. I hope to get the woofers to Bill at Millersound by mid-February for new surrounds and his upgrades/mods (mass loading the cone and basket, damping coating on the cone, stiffening the cone at it's throat to the voice coil.)
  13. Just to cover all of the bases I spoke w/ the East Coast BA authorized repair center. They used to be able to repair the dome tweeters (swap our diaphragms), but are not longer able to get the replacement parts to the tweeter assemblies. It appears that finding a used single (or pair) is my only option. After reading other posts regarding this tweeter, I did take apart the assembly to inspect the leads as they exit the terminals. Both leads are in tact until they enter the diaphragm. Where ever the break is, I can't get to it to put in a jumper. EAST COAST: Boston Acoustics Regional Service by:United Radio 5717 Enterprise Parkway East Syracuse, NY 13057 1-800-634-8606- See more at: http://www.bostonacoustics.com/US/Support/pages/ServiceCenters.aspx#sthash.xO9be6n7.4uPyfHRW.dpuf
  14. I spoke w/ the Tech Support and Parts departments at BA today. Here's what I found: The following models all use the same tweeter (according to the Parts Dept) A70 Series II A100 Series III A150 Series III T930 Series I T930 Series II T1030 They no longer have any in stock. But this a pretty healthy list to go off of while searching for a donor.
  15. I recently acquired a T1030 set that has one blown tweeter. Does anyone know what other tweeters from the BA line will fit the T1030? Needs same: mounting holes, plate size and impedance. Maybe A70 Series II?? From pix on-line it seems to be the closest size and shape of mounting plate.
  16. I did extensive testing w/ movies today to see if bridging or bi-amping is warranted. A resounding NO! The Brystons drive the T1030 set and the modified T830 center channel w/ ease and grace. During extended scenes w/ very demanding passages at high SPL there were no audible distoritions, no distortion warning lights, and no thermal issues. During one especially demanding sequence all five of the 8" woofers appeared to approach max excursion (really cool to have an 8" woofer in a center channel do this). I increased the LFE x-over from 80Hz to 100Hz. This resulted in what I feel is a more exceptable margin for error. The MX-200 did not seem to mind the increase in duties. I am extemely happy w/ the wide range of material that the T1030 excells at reproducing. Concerts sound like like I'm seated in front of the mixing board; Studio recordings, like I'm in front of the mixing console; and movies like I'm dead-center in a theater. I do find that sitting in my wife's seat is sub-optimal. They really do have a sweet spot (my seat). But this is really only an issue for material that does not utilize the center channel. The 'more forward' sound of the T830 pulls dialog straight to the screen. I was a little concerned about not matching drivers across the entire front stage. But the two designs compliment each other very well in this application.
  17. Thanks Gerry! This is very helpful. To simplify follow-up posts I'll just concentrate on the L/C/R amplifier testing. Keep in mind that the MX-200 will always be 'in play'. Here's what I tested last night: Single 2-channel Bryston driving T1030 pair as L/R 60 wpc. Bridged channels 3/4 of Adcom driving C 200 wpc. Findings: The Bryston outperformed the Adcom in all aspects of musicality. It was hard to believe that I was listening to the same speakers (T1030) in the same room. Next steps: Tonight I'll use a second Bryston to drive the center. Question: Is is "better" to drive the center w/ one channel of the Bryston and leave the other channel not hooked up? When used w/ the other Bryston this provides 60 wpc to L/C/R. Or bridge the second Bryston to 200 wpc for the center which would result in 60/200/60 to L/C/R?
  18. Thanks Gerry! I was on the phone w/ BA customer support when I noticed your reply. They were searching for an answer, but ended up forwarding my question to a guy in NJ. I'm curious to see his reply when he returns from lunch:) If I can pick your brain one more time I'll ask "what would you do?" This is for Home Theater. The listening position is 12ft from the TV, and my seat about 4 inches right-of-center. I watch a lot of concerts and musical performances. We also watch action/adventure movies. I do some critical listening, but not much anymore. The HT receiver is config'd so that the towers and center channel are crossed-over at 80Hz. The center is a modified T830. It is a custom cabinet that was made using a CNC router to perfectly match the face of a T830, but have the woofer enclosure fit into my TV stand. The main L/R are now T1030 and the surrounds are basic small Velodyne bookshelf speakers. The sub is an M&K MX-200 (dual push-pull 12" drivers). The HT receiver is config'd w/ gain settings to compensate for the differences in amplifier pwr. Here are my amplifier options. Option one: I can continue to drive the two towers w/ two channels of an Adcom GFA-2535 (no bi-amped). That gives me a very clean 60 wpc into 8 ohms. Channels three and four of the amp are bridged to provide 200 wpc to the center channel. The surrounds are driven by the HT receiver. Option two: I can add a second GFA-2535 into the mix. Using the four channels to provide 60 wpc to each of the four inputs of the T1030 towers in bi-amp config. That's 60 wpc to each mid/tweet, and 60 wpc to each woofer set. Then use the other GFA-2535 with channels one and two driving the surrounds, and channels three and four bridged to provide 200 wpc to the center channel. Option three: I also have a pair of Bryston 2B LP Pro amps that I can utilize. They are bridgeable to 200 wpc. If I do not bi-amp the T1030 set, I can put a bridged Bryston on each T1030 and use a GFA-2535 to drive the center (200 wpc) and surrounds (60 wpc). Any input would be most helpful... I'm having a great time trying different options. Thanks.
  19. I picked up a used T-1030 pair. I'd like to bi-amp them to make use of a 4-channel amp that I have availible. There is a sticker above the terminal cup that explains which terminals are for the mids/tweets, and which terminals are for the woofers. The sticker recommends that the operator's manual be referenced for bi-amping. I cannot find said manual online. I am currently running them w/ the shorting bars and all drivers function as they should. The factory tag indicates that these are 8 ohm speakers. I checked the impedence of the system w/ shorting bars in place. My multimeter reads 4 ohms. When I remove the shorting bars, the mid/tweet terminals read 'open', and the woofer terminals continue to read '4 ohms'. Can anyone expain why I have these readings? I'm hesitant to attempt bi-amping when the mid-tweeter terminals read as 'open'. Any advice out there? Thanks.
  20. Can anyone explaing the differences between T1000 and T1000 Series II? I don't see the Series II come up for sale very often. A set just appeared locally that is missing one woofer. I'm wondering if it they use the same woofer as the T1000 and/or T1030. Also wondering if they sound more like the T1000 or the T1030. I have owned A60, T830, T930, T1030. And I've heard T1000 Series II, but only in a very poor listening space while driven w/ a low-end home theater reciever (not the pair listed for sale mentioned above). Thanks for any info.
  21. Two distinct designs, both from T830 pairs. Can anyone identify which is the older and newer designs? What are the sonic characteristics of each? I have A60 Series II, T830, T930, and T1030 pairs in various systems thru the house. And have built a custom C830 center channel from a donor T830 to fill out the home theater properly. It's a 20+ year love affair w/ this tweeter and acoustic suspension, and I learn something new about them every couple of years. Thanks.
  22. Gerry, Very interesting to read about the change in x-over design on the T830. Please see attached link: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/210503-building-c830-center-channel-match-boston-acoustics-t830-t930-t1030.html I noticed a big difference in the sound of the 'donor' pair vs. the pair that I've had since the early 90's. Is there a change in serial number or a date code that someone can look at to determine which version a pair fall under? Was there any change in drivers? Or could someone simply swap out the crossovers to achieve the improvements? Thanks. Dan
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