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  1. Well I refoamed all 4 NLA's with surrounds from Rick Cobb, very happy with the result. Replaced the 12uF cap in one pair with 2 6uF Axon caps and 1 Ohm 10W precision resistors. The new resistors are much longer than the original, so had to use a short pigtail to reach the switch. The other pair remained original and I have been comparing the the sound from each pair. I have the caps. and resistors ready to do the second set. Will give them a couple of weeks to settle down before making a final descision. As of yet I can find no discernable difference. As to the foam issue, I was wrong, each speaker had 5 pieces of foam. I did not remove 1 piece of foam behind the tweeter. The other piece of foam was folded over in the top of ther speaker. Found out how to attach pictures! Robin
  2. All the pieces are identical in size. Once i pulled the woofers I pulled the foam and placed it on the woofer, It was only later I noticed that 2 of the stacks were shorter. I looked around but found no more foam. Why would anyone remove 1 piece of foam from two of the speakers and leave the others alone? These 4 speakers had to be bought at the same time, Robin
  3. I assumed the A3 was the model number because these are in a much bolder and darker type the the following numbers. The thing that confuses me is the difference in foam batting. Did they listen to each speaker and decide that this one needs extra batting? Robin
  4. Hi, new member and first post. Recently I found 4 NLA's at a thrift for $5 each. Of course they need to be refoamed! So I pulled the woofers and checked the capacitors before ordering new. To my surprise they were 12uF capacitors and not the 13uF caps in the Audiokarma Advent thread. On further investigation both resistors are 1 Ohm 10% 5W. There was also a difference in the foam stuffing. The serial # are:- A3 00104 4 pieces of foam. A3 00195 5 pieces of foam. A3 00237 5 pieces of foam. A3 00244 4 pieces of foam. So the question do I leave them as is, or do I rebuild with the later crossover settings? Sorry for the poor quality picture.
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