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    Ok, just contacted moonlistener through ebay, lets see what happens. Will keep you informed on the progress...
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    well thank you all for such a great response, I will endeavor to try and restore them to the best state that I can, if my system does not want to get along so well with them I will pass them on. I like to try and restore/re-use as much as I can, I personally cannot stand this disposable society. It is so nice to be amongst people that prefer the old to the new... Thanks guys..
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    Just realised that the search form on this site is case sensitive, i had previously been searching ar7,ar-7 ar-7's. ar7s.... I found this previous post http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=6483&st=0&p=88284&hl=ar7s&fromsearch=1entry88284 so the questions that I would like to be answered still are: are they original tweeters? are they worth restoring how would they match up with the naim gear? thank you for your time in advance David
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    Dear All, Its my first post here, actually the reason why I signed up. I just came into the possession of a pair of AR-7s, they seem to be in reasonable condition, the cases only have a couple of scratches and the grilles are clean, they only have one tarnished brass? logo.. I have a couple of questions, I would like to know: Are these the original tweeters? Is it expensive for both bass units need to be refoamed? Are there any differences in the kits that you see online? Which ones are the better ones? etc Are they worth refurbishing? I would like to have some bookshelf speakers for the library (small box room) powered by some old naim gear (nac42.5/nap110/snaps), until I build something better.. Would these be worth the work? Sorry for all the questions.. Thanks David