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  1. Small Advent Rebuild by Pete Basel

    Sorry, but I don't have any spares. My smaller Advents are sitting in the same location where I had OLA's. However the electronics have changed so i can't do an exact apples/apples comparison. I very much liked the OLA's, but in this space I prefer the smaller Advents, they don't call any attention to themselves, they seem smoother. They play nice at low and high volumes. In some ways they bring to mind my mid-90's NHT super ones; they don't do anything wrong. I'm sure there are better speakers, but for me, they work as very pleasant companions. Good luck with replacement drivers and bringing the speakers back to life, I think you'll find it worth it.
  2. Kutztown?

    Irresistible!!! Thanks for the vicarious pleasure of almost being there.
  3. Small Advent Rebuild by Pete Basel

    My speakers also have the green tweeters, did they come in different magnet sizes? Date stamp on one is 1972, not sure what the other is dated, as one of them was a replacement. Now that I re-read your post, I think you are asking that you want a replacement tweeter?
  4. Small Advent Rebuild by Pete Basel

    Pete, something doesn't seem right here. I have a pair of recapped, refoamed smaller Advents that get a lot of use, and they are pretty good speakers. Nothing at all as you describe.
  5. inverted dome

    Hu sells (or at least he used to) a replacement crossover board with new caps, terminals etc., if you want to go that route. You can also buy replacement woofers from him if yours are truly cooked.
  6. inverted dome

    What is the issue with your drivers? If they need refoaming, you can buy new foams, or send them out for re-foaming.
  7. Picked up some more AR speakers

    First of all, congratulations DavidR, I am envious! Good luck with your restoration, I'm sure they will be marvellous. Glenn's tip just caught my eye, I had never thought of a cast-off cabinet as a source for veneer. Someone was showing me a pair of derelict Optimus speakers which have a beautiful veneer. Maybe there is a way to repurpose them, they are large speakers, lots of nice veneer (looked like walnut).
  8. ADS L520

    Congratulations, you did well! I also lucked out once, when buying some equipment a few years ago, I ended up with a nice record collection which I have enjoyed ever since. Probably the best part of what I brought home, since I don't remember what the primary object was anymore! Like Glitch, I hope as well that you'll post your further impressions about the speakers when you have a chance.
  9. ADS L520

    I had a pair of L520's that I really loved. However, they didn't look like these ones. They must have been a later model, they had wood veneer and metal grilles. The ones in your photo do not evoke the warm memories I have! It's possible the earlier models used foam surrounds, so make sure to check them out, and of course make sure the tweeters work also. These may be good speakers, or not, I hope you find them to your liking.
  10. AR Restoration Meeting--1

    I thought I'd stumbled across the cast reunion from the Red Green show! But seriously, I hope you had your meter and checked the ESR on those oil caps before hitting the bar.
  11. A lurker steps out!

    Welcome sir, good to have you on board. That's an impressive array of equipment you have listed. This question strays from the AR path, but I'm curious to know what Accuphase gear you are using, I have been very impressed by their build and sound quality.
  12. Venturing into new Territory

    I can't help thinking these look like highboys on steroids! It is an impressive array of drivers. Good luck, I bet they will sound better with new caps. I hope the batting refurb works out to your satisfaction. Looking forward to your next progress report.
  13. Venturing into new Territory

    Impressive, where do they go in your house? How do those old caps measure? Based on their size, I can't help but think you need an amp you can turn up to "11", but they are probably fairly efficient?
  14. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    I see metalmark is in Oz, not likely to be a lot of AR9LS drivers down under. Hope you get it sorted, the CSP members are on the case. I was not 100% sure though, did you mean the previous owner played the speakers after the foam was gone and now they don't work, or is it more simply that the foam is gone?
  15. Model 5 woofers keep blowing

    Depending on the reading, It could tell you if something is obviously seriously wrong. And if it is seriously off, chances are a simple adjustment won't fix it. All in all, I think your best bet is to bring it into a shop and have them check it out for you. It will save you time and effort just to head directly to a the repair shop. And maybe money too, because if you try to do any work on it and don't know what you are doing, it's likely to make it worse. I'm going to bet that's what you are thinking anyway. Let us know how things turn out. The 9090 is one of the classic receivers of its era, putting some money into will not be wasted.