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  1. Ar 3a woofer

    I finally got around to resealing my AR-3a. Got what I assume is mortite from the AR guy on ebay. Well, the woofer is still leaking. I held my face really close to the cone while pushing in and could feel the slightest amount of air movement on my cheek. I think it's coming from the foam surround - got the foam from the AR guy too. I don't think it's from the dust cap. I checked the seal on both sides of the foam and it looks very tight. I thought I'd do the permatex treatment to the foams at a really diluted rate but wanted to check with you guys first. Here's a pic of the woofer:
  2. Repro Metal labels: KLH, Advent, AR

    Hi Kent, Will you have any number '3' for the AR3 grill? Very interested in a pair.
  3. AR3 Emblem

    Kent, please put me down for one. The perfect finishing touch to my 3s with their new grill cloth - when I get around to doing them!
  4. AR3a's...Tubes or S.S.

    Love my AR-3a with a Fisher 400 (7868 tubes) packs plenty of punch for a mid-size room. Seems like a perfect match.
  5. Ar 3a woofer

    Many thanks Roy & Dynaco Dan. Parts Express shipping to the UK is a bit dear. Do you think this 3M electrical putty will work? http://www.3mselect.co.uk/p-1553-electrical-putty-scotchfil-insulation-putty-38mm-x-15m-1-roll.aspx?gclid=CKyZo_ac9LECFQ0htAodj3IAJQ
  6. Ar 3a woofer

    I just refoamed my AR-3a woofers and after pushing the cone in they come back fast too. They have the foam gasket and was thinking the leak may be there and was going to refit using plumbers putty. I may try to seal the dust caps first as I got my refoaming kit from Vintage AR. I have the Permatex High Tack Gasket Sealer - wonder if I should use full strength or dilute?
  7. Hi Kent, Yes, restored a pair of 3a-s. I think they're a European version as the cabinets are a bit different from the ones I see on your side. I'll do a thread in the AR forum with some pics. I've been listening to them and my AR3s trying to decide which I like best. Still undecided. Regards, Bruce
  8. Hi Kent, Thanks for the welcome and offer. Found the nuts - really appreciate the help everyone. Kind regards, Bruce
  9. Many thanks everyone for your comments and help! I think I can find 8-32 nuts over here but appreciate the nomenclature - knurled finger nuts, dynaco_dan - that's great. Just missing the outer nuts and washers like you would imagine some kid screwing them off and tossing them in a potted plant. There's still a few hardware stores left here that cater to 'one of those, three of that'... but they're starting to disappear just as they are everywhere. Armed with the excellent information provided here I shouldn't have any trouble finding them. All the best, guys!
  10. Anyone have a spare set to sale? Or, know the thread size or where to purchase facsimiles? Many thanks!
  11. Anyone want to buy AR3 grille material?

    Many thanks for taking this on Kent! It's greatly appreciated, there's nothing on this side of the world that comes close to the original.
  12. My AR-3 restoration

    Thanks, that's exactly what I had in mind. I'm sure I'll vary them to the particular setting but just wanted to approximate the factory 'starting point'.
  13. My AR-3 restoration

    Got another question... the AR-3a restoration guide sets the 'white dot' mid & high pots respectively at 3-1/4R & 1-3/4R. OK for the AR-3, too?
  14. My AR-3 restoration

    That makes it easy. Many thanks, chaps!
  15. My AR-3 restoration

    I'm restoring a pair of AR-3s (SNs 26387 & 26865). Replacing the old 24uF & 6uF box cap with ERSE pulseX caps. Curious to know if it's recommended to add a small resistor in series to simulate the old esr level? Thanks for any help.