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  1. Newly acquired AR-LST

    Perfect!....looking good....
  2. Newly acquired AR-LST

    I would turn those 2x4's ninty degrees and attach them as far outside as possible on the top. Then connect tops of legs with 1x2 stringers for strength. Those speakers are heavy so legs need some bracing so they don't wobble. Good luck!
  3. ar3 grills

    I found the grill material here in the US. It is also the Mellotone DF7022. Been around since 1947 in S. Carolina..... http://wendellfabrics.com/mellotonefabricsamples.html

    The one year wonder...the 12...and what AR tried to do was offer a "rocknroll" speaker for which it was advertised as. All I know is when I got my mids done and had them in my great room on the carpeted floor. ...they blew me away with their sound. I just wasn't expecting it. So, I threw on Dark Side of the Moon on since I saw them advertising it for such a band and cranked it up. It sounded phenomenal. Even my son came from the other side of house to the landing and asked what speakers I was using!...lol. He loved it...and said it was coming in clear in his bedroom. I told him 75 watts baby... That mid on that thing was clear and forward....and bass was deeper than on any if the other 10" AR's I had listened too. They got it right for a rocknroll speaker. .

    Larry....just looked at my 12 and it is solid...not mesh.
  6. How Long Have You Owned AR Speakers?

    About ten years here. Started with a pair of Heathkit versions of the 3a. I fell in love with the bass and dove head first into the AR speaker cult...:)....with head shaman Roy as my guide. The kindness and generosity he shared is above measure.
  7. Repatriated AR collection

    Welcome back...:) Will the east coast sound....now, sound better on the east coast?.....:)
  8. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi Larry.....personally, I think it's the midrange in this speaker that makes it sound so good....plus matched to that good ole bass AR is famous for. I was like you when I heard it for the first time.....just shocked in good it sounded.
  9. The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    Hi...and yes I did before I sold the fives. I have a big great room so was hard to hear much difference...to me anyway. The series two's just had a slight edge in bass and sounded warmer...if that counts for anything. I had several people listen and they also could tell little difference. All ears from non musicians though...so not trained to hear the nuances. Just preferred the two's though.
  10. Bought one pine early AR3a.....

    Thanks RaRa... and the best part was to find mid and tweeter so strong. Be nice to find another pine cabinet with this same graining.
  11. Bought one pine early AR3a.....

    Got the grill done today so all finished. Used 1/4" plywood and added cut down paint sticks to add depth for staples on grill cloth. I also painted the grill before cloth with the paint I used for the whitewash. I really like this cabinet....and to think I hated pine for years....:)
  12. Bought one pine early AR3a.....

    Thanks Kent. Thankfully, your dad didn't have stained pine to start out with!..lol. I love how it brought out this crazy graining. Usually a digital pic makes things look better than real life....but it's the opposite here. This cabinet looks better than the pics.. The drivers have surprised me too. The mid is set less than half and tweeter is three quarters. This tweeter is strong still....amazingly.
  13. Bought one pine early AR3a.....

    Done....except decision on water poly. Waiting on grill material. I like how it came out. Playing single here on cheap smart phone...and my finger kept accidently covering mic...lol.
  14. Bought one pine early AR3a.....

    Thanks Jeff. I have been working around wood for over forty years. I experimented some before coming to the conclusion that bleaching would work. Straight chlorine bleach coats....probably six or seven coats brushed on and left to dry. Scrapping the veneer with blades between coats. Last coat of bleach was scrubbed with fine nylon brush....then sanded with 150...then 220. Baby smooth now. The side veneer still needs one more coat of bleach and final sanding.
  15. Bought one pine early AR3a.....

    That veneer on side has really grown on me. Very unique.