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  1. Tis a head scratcher as the speaker terminals on back were changed with some instructions written on back so I assume the crossover was messed with. This seller could wind up with his/her hands full with this sale with advertising as all original........
  2. I just wonder if there would be much of a difference between the balance switch and the pots? Or that the 3a was just too small? Apparently not if it was never taken from the experimental stage. Opinions?
  3. It was nice to meet Larry at the audiofest Saturday. I ended up trading a nice Nikki NR-1019 receiver for a great pair of AR 2ax's and a pair of 2x's. Cabinets are clean and corners good....labels intact on back...pots they were not abused. The 2x's still have grill glued on so all original. Lots of good audio were floating around. Guy came up to Larry and I and heard us talking about AR's. He said he wasn't sure what he had but they have the woofers on the side and are big....and mint! Well....he got our full attention! But he lived seven hours the fever left me. But....I bet Larry is still dreaming about those!...:)
  4. Suggestions....magazine size book or bigger with lots of pics. 150 pages seems enough to have it broken down into beginnings, the rise to the top, the battles within and competition, the lines of speakers that were introduced and why, the marketing that worked and what didn't, then the fade to selling the company. I tell people that come here and see and hear these great speakers...that this was the last of the great era of US manufacturing and the great minds that were involved in changing the way music was heard....and seen.
  5. No expert here on sound but have had roughly about thirty pairs of assorted AR's go thru here over the last seven or eight years. I love bass so the 3 and 3a have been my favs....but some ten inch woofer models that have surprised me is the AR12 and the latest early model 2ax. This alnico ax is all untouched original and the musicality that comes out of it is jaw dropping. I have tried to like the 5's but the bass just isn't there for me so gone. Later version ax's...also gone. 2a's I had...gone. But....this ax....just something about that melts my butter. Now I have to bring the 12's down here and compare them.
  6. Hi.....was just given this Akai GX-650D reel-reel unit. Just more stash from a hoarder house that a friend is going thru. I know very little about these units but looked it for info and found it sold for over $1300 in 1979! know it's a good one. I downloaded an owners manual to try to understand some of the functions. I will probably take it to my tech to look over. My question is..... Does anyone here have any experience with this machine? Is it worth repairing as it looks in excellent shape? Has one tape with it but wanted to wait to play it until the tech looks it over. I see there is many little things you do to these machines to make them sound right. JUst looking for any advice....thanks.
  7. I figured they would be trashed. Never imagined bringing them home and hearing them sound as good as they do. I had a pair of the version you have on the right several years ago but these stick out as sounding much better. My serial numbers are ax 118587 and 118797. These sound so good, I am not opening them up right now....and are in excellent shape.
  8. Got the ax's in the room tonight and hooked them up. All original so not expecting much....but they sound fantastic!....I mean I was blown away by their sound. Crisp clean highs and buttery lows....and the pots worked semi good...and I sat there and way...they have never been touched! I couldn't stand it so I worked and worked sooo slowly on peeling the grill back a little.....and shined a flashlight in...and saw the magic. It had the large AR2a tweeter in it and the cloth woofer....and just stood there and smiled. It is a magic combo. I never knew the ax had that 3's have that tweeter!..and never knew it had the cloth woofer. They sound so good...I am not touching anything right now but what a combo.....
  9. Ooops...No 3's ..just the ax's. Those super tweeters were hooked up in that house so was wondering about them.
  10. I know!...crazy good fortune. Quick research last night. The Infinity speakers are the RSe line...4 ohm of up to hundred watts...but will have to refoam these. Looks brittle as hell. Seems a decent little speaker. A used Sega console like this one sold for six hundred bucks w fifty games... The AR3's were in a large stereo cabinet so no abuse...great shape! The AR amp seems to need going to take it to my tech to see if it can be saved. This stuff was all free!...crazy.
  11. Well....went to the house to meet her and came away with a good score of goods. Just got it unloaded awhile ago and will go thru everything tomorrow evening. The AR ax's are in great shape and will test tomorrow. Even an AR amp! There is a slew of audio equipment that I have to go thru...and even a few extras that I am excited about. One is the Sega Genesis that is brand new...never used and still wrapped in packages in box. In addition is a very nice camera tripod. The Infinity speakers are the emit tweeter two way. Feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. The owner was a hoarder and there is still so much to go thru. She is coming back on the 23rd and going back over.....:)
  12. Thanks Roy for the advice. I may just do that and see how it sounds. I feel bad for him in getting screwed on recap. I told him to take the cab to this tech and show him....and get his damn money back...but I know he won't. Pots will be next thing to look at to see if he cleaned those...sigh...
  13. My buddy from Indy stopped by last week and left me some projects plus a Yamaha M-80 to try out. He originally bought some 20K serial number 3a's with alnico woofers but one was bad. He foolishly bought some AR woofers to stick in it but were from a 58. They have square magnets and serial number is 200003-1. He also sold the one alnico woofer he had. He supposedly paid a guy to recap it but when I removed the woofer, I still see the wax block cap and old tweeter cap still attached. There is some missing insulation fill. The grill material is shot and one bottom has water damage. Badges are nice and yet to remove pots to see if they are any good. He wanted to trade that M-80 in exchange for fixing these 3a's but I didn't care for the M-80 at I am left with this problem. He just wants to be rid of them and doesn't want to put any more money into them. I think he hoping that I offer some money for them but not sure I want this project or even what to offer since he has over $800 tied up in them. My question is how bad would those 58 woofers sound in this 3a if I recap it? I may just do that for him if it would sound okay. I feel bad for him and thinking of ways to fix this.
  14. Yea....that's them! If something like that was in there....I wouldn't come out. Cause lightning would surely be waitin' to strike me as soon as I stepped outside...:)
  15. Thanks guys.......I was talking by cell to her today about quartz countertops and wants come here and shop for matching backsplash for it. I said we soon as you take me to that damn house! She laughed and said....."I think there is some other speakers there with an Infinity name, Does that ring a bell?" told her you are killing me....woman.