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  1. lakecat

    AR3 Mid Range Differences?

    Are you asking because of value? I see those on EBay for sale so apparently you have gutted both pairs.
  2. lakecat

    Ar3 midrange

    Yes....Roy helped me with crossover with my 3's and sounds great with the 3a mids. I wasn't even aware the late model 3's had some 3a mids in them. So don't forget the crossover work! I have a pair of 3a's here with original mids done by Roy and the modded 3's and wanted to compare....but I am in the middle of completely remodeling the great room so everything is stored for now. Hope to be done in a couple of weeks so I can test these.
  3. lakecat

    LST's...look what the cat dragged in....

    You really got a great deal my man...:) And he even refoamed the woofers for you!...
  4. lakecat

    LST's...look what the cat dragged in....

    Wow!...what a find!....look in great shape. Congrats..... The Sansui G-8000 isn't man enough for the LST's....as it can't handle 4ohm with that bass. I did have it hooked up when I originally got the LST's as I didn't have the 2205 yet. It sounded wonderful at lower levels...but would shut down the 8000 at higher levels. That is why I got the 2205. Believe it or not, I still haven't tried the LST's with the 2205 yet. They sit in my storage room waiting for time for me to refinish them before I set them up. I am currently remodeling my great room where they will sit.....on top of a pair of Polk SDA SRS 1.2t's. I want to compare them in a shoot-out and see who wins...:)
  5. lakecat

    Ar3 midrange

    They will go high. Seems a lot of peeps are looking for them.
  6. lakecat

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    I'm with you on the McIntosh. I use the 2205 with a MX117 pre....and it is mighty fine with the AR3's. It brings out the butter smooth bass like no other unit I have had. The strength it puts into sound is hard to explain also.
  7. lakecat

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Looks much better. Swirl remover!?...who knew?!!...lol. Kudos.
  8. lakecat

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Steve....maybe can is mismarked? I had a can of spray poly that I returned to store because it was not satin but gloss. I brought wood in show them. I got a new can. That is so glossy, I can't see that is satin.....at all. I would lightly sand that varnish to get finish off. Get the satin spray cans of MinWax. I lay my speakers on their backs on a 6x6 block of wood twelve inches long to expose all sides and front. I cut a piece of cardboard to fit where grill goes to protect drivers. I then spray a light coat on all sides and front at once....holding can about eight inches away and doing slow sweeps....following grain...and spraying top to bottom....then bottom to top. I let that dry for 72 hours because I sand it lightly....tack cloth it down...before adding heavier second coat in the same manner as first coat. Two coats should be all you need. Myself....I paste wax the cabinet after drying for a week.
  9. lakecat

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Looks great! Did you brush on the satin poly? I use the MinWax satin spray poly and it sure doesn't come out as glossy as these look. Weird.
  10. lakecat

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    -, I am leaning toward the more "Dry" methods to remove the paint. Largely because the speakers are unfinished, and was not veneered, which makes it even harder to remove. Closer look at it, the spray paint almost looked like it has been absorb by the wood.- As the cabinet sits....it has reduced value with the paint and screw holes so wouldn't worry about that. I would use utility blades to scrap paint first to see what yields as any kind of sanding on paint may just grind the paint into wood from heat. And that pine is a thin sheet of wood like veneer. You will have to remove grills to access crossover so it can be done if gentle. Most important is the mids and getting them looked at/worked on.The mids and tweeters have aluminum leads that are very fragile so experience is helpful in removing them. Early serial numbers may have the oil caps and they will not have to be replaced. You have ever right to be cautious but not afraid of them.
  11. lakecat

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    Another convert...;) I remember several years ago getting a pair and redoing them. When I played them....I about fell down with surprise. I was so impressed that I felt they were better then a pair of AR5's I had here....which probably had people wandering what medication I was on. But....they are slowly coming around as people get them. They are that good and the midrange is awesome.
  12. lakecat

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    I had a thread here on a pine 3a that was stained dark. I used stripper on it with no problem. My only issue was stain in veneer cracks that I had to bleach out...but gel is all I use for stripper anyways...or ever.
  13. lakecat

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    Not to be disrespectful but your statement is silly. It's PAINT REMOVER!..and have been taking paint off wood antiques for years with nary a problem. This is veneer so absorption is little to worry about. The remover lifts the paint off wood and after scrapping off the residue, I will sometimes add another thin coat and wipe it down with steel wool until completely removed. After letting it dry that is why scrapping with utility blades is important before any sanding as it removes any lifted residue. He may still have to bleach some...but thankfully the paint wasn't brushed on. He has not responded so who knows what he will do!....:)
  14. lakecat

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    You might be in a little luck but black is terrible to get out. The good thing is looks like they used rattle cans to spray your cabinets with that god awful black so most of the black is on the surface of the wood. I would get a good paint remover and apply it liberally....and leave it on for awhile to soak in before scrapping it off. I would do it several times and let dry. I would then take blades used in utility knives and hand scrap with those in the direction of grain only. Then I would use 100 grit to sand a little....and finish with 220. Clean with tact cloth and see where you stand.
  15. lakecat

    Stupid question on cabinet finishes

    I guess I walk a different path. I use Howards as a stain and love it. I prep and sand the cabs....stain with Howards with a small brush...working it in. I sometimes do two coats...and hardly ever wipe it down...let it dry for two days...and spray two to three light coats of poly satin. I let that dry for two days. My keepers get a coat of paste wax. My first pair of AR3a's are ten years old now. They still look new and have never touched them since. I have done over thirty-forty pairs of speakers this way with nary a problem. It is quick and final...and my customers love the look.