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  1. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    (From 1972 till around 1977 he and our mutual group of friends listened late at night to Floyd, The Firesign-Theater) Frank....I chuckled when I read that as I forgot all about Nick Danger..Private Third Eye and still have the album around here somewhere.
  2. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    I gots to tell ya Larry that this early untouched pair of 2ax's that I have really surprised me with their sound. What mystifies me is the original caps are in these.....and they floored me with their sound when I got them home. I have several pairs of the later models and fixed them up like new....then sold them. Sounded really good....but not like these. I want to remove grills and update them....but afraid too!...lol. Best part....they were free....:)
  3. Those 5 grand AR3's sold.......

    Yes...but depends on the item. Some things sold for more in the day...and some are more now.
  4. Those 5 grand AR3's sold.......

    Not a bubble....as I have been selling to them for over five years.
  5. AR's reason for being

    Where do these "outsiders" exist? I never met one...but I need to so I can laugh at them too.
  6. AR's reason for being

    Reading your post and I am reminded of when I first started investing in stocks. I quickly found out the worst advice I mostly got was from someone that was working in that particular company that I was interested in buying stocks in. The admiration of the owners is taking an excellent idea and turning into an enterprise where buyers were impressed with the products.....and workers could have a family and a mortgage.
  7. AR 3a's in the house...outstanding pair.

    LOL!.... the date on them is April, 1970 and was shipped from a music store in New York. Pretty rare to find them in this nice shape if at all. Even has the serial numbers on the boxes.
  8. Hi Chris........yes, I have a Sansui G-8000 that does 120wpc and at around 50-60 watts of bass heavy music....the AR3a's shut down the Sansui. After letting it rest, the Sansui came on so protect mode worked....but 4 ohm was too much for it with that music. It is a totally recapped receiver also. I also had a Sansui 9090DB that did the same thing with the 3a's...except I had to take it in for repair as it wouldn't come back on....but wasn't recapped either....so a $75 repair bill. I also had a Sansui G-7000 early in my learning experience that shut down with the Heathkit version of the 3a's on even lower wattage. So I threw in the towel and bought a McIntosh 2205 for the 4 ohm speakers and have never had a problem. I leave the other receivers to the 8ohm speakers I have. I do have a recapped Sansui 9090 in my bedroom hooked to a pair of AR3a's but it is mostly acoustical music and never played loud.
  9. AR 3a's in the house...outstanding pair.

    Thanks....it is killing me as what to do with them. Every time I play them, I think these aren't going anywhere.....but then I see the LST's...the original first 3a's I have that Roy helped me with....the AR12's...the three pair of Heathkit AS-103's....the early AR 2ax's....the AR 303's that are here....and think...yep...I am becoming a hoarder!....sigh....so may be cleaning other stuff out first. These sound so good that I just can't see myself selling them....but who knows!? Oh...I forgot the one AR3 in cherry I have redone that I been waiting for two years to find a match for....and a pair of walnut AR3's that I got with only tweeters and mids in it...that I will redo in spring. Roy fixed one mid but other was bad...so gots to find a solution to that also.
  10. AR 3a's in the house...outstanding pair.

    Okay....finally got the pics. All original with boxes except for the caps. I didn't even have to refinish cabs....just cleaned them well and applied new oil. Also...the 2x I just finished.
  11. Those 5 grand AR3's sold.......

    That is a seller in Japan. I have noticed when I see a high price on an audio item on there, it is usually from there. Odd.
  12. AR 3a's in the house...outstanding pair.

    Hi Glenn....I know! Something I was not expecting...at all. I haven't had time to take any new pics with Super Bowl....and hangover to deal with and this friggin' cold ass weather. Weird how this site won't allow my phone pics to download.
  13. AR 3a's in the house...outstanding pair.

    Ughh...this site won't let me download pics from this phone. I will take some later on my camera and send thru laptop. Weird...
  14. Sometimes the sun is at your back. Last month there was in a local CL, a vague ad for AR's...so of course I call. Got them from a deceased uncle and wasn't sure what to do with them. Less than ten minutes from me so I get my butt over there. It was the 3a...slightly aged from being stored forever but nice...and best part...there was the AR boxes for them. I see they are the early 3a's by the early serial numbers...and see the grills have never been off. I made him an offer and he said, "By the excitement I see in your eyes...they are yours."...lol. Flash to a month later as I replaced caps, cleaned pots, and only a refresh on cabinets...and I'll be damn if they aren't the best sounding 3a's I have had go through here. Never had I had the mids turned halfway on pot as it was always three quarters in my room. The tweeters are down a notch instead of full on. I kept shaking my head...thinking my mind is playing tricks...but they are badazz...and as close to factory specs as one could get today on OEM drivers. I had an audio buddy from Indy stop by on Thursday. Now this guy has the audio fever bad and has over fifty speakers at his house. He loves the ADS lines and has most of them except the 2030. He has AR LSI...and the 11's....Magnepans...Boston Acoustics..Dynacos...Polks...so knows a little about sound. Anyways.....I told him he has to hear these 3a's. Now...he had a pair of early 3a's that he got screwed on and has left a bad taste in him....so he was gonna be very critical on these..... soooo... I played a few songs and turned it up to around 70-80 watts on the McIntosh 2205. He had that stupified look on his face and just shook his head. He got up and stood about five feet from them...and was just staring hard into them....really taking it in. I turned the music down...and he went and sat down shaking his head. I asked, "Whatcha think my good man?".... And he looked at me with that incredulous look and said, "That friggin' midrange is the best I ever heard!"..lol. I high fived him and said, "Whew!...I'm not crazy!" But somehow, this pair has the magic...
  15. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    This maybe.....https://www.houzz.com/product/8030603-black-stainless-with-black-wave-glass-mosaic-tile-sample-modern-mosaic-tile?m_refid=PLA_HZ_8030603&device=m&nw=g&gclid=CjwKCAiAqbvTBRAPEiwANEkyCCPiUGYdfPZjRe2BSvh0eu0fHKsifppSKSOZKMmLZ88E-FNr006djRoC1fgQAvD_BwE