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  1. It's purdy...... I have the 8000. It is recapped and the 3's I have will shut it down at 50 watts or so on bass heavy music.......damn 4 ohm...:) A friend is gonna drop off a Yamaha M-80 next week for me to try. It goes down to 2 ohm so will test her out....
  2. Came out nice!...enjoy. Is that Sansui an 8000 or 9000?
  3. You probably have the AR5 by now but if still deciding.....I have another AR that I like a bit better than the 5. It is the AR12. I actually like the woofer and the mid better than the 5 and have listened to both. Still have the 12's....:) Kinda rare....but worth buying if found. Specs are great on it also.
  4. Hi a spot saved and bringing a few things to sell. And I am excited to see what's there. The last time I had a situation like this, I picked up a Marantz Model 7c and some rare AR 3's....... can lightning strike twice? Probably not...but can't wait.
  5. Thanks!...looking forward to it.
  6. An extremely nice woman that I am completely redoing a condo for....I baths...paint and flooring throughout...and doors...and is coming from Illinois to here in Ohio when I get done.....mentioned she had a house that her uncle had nearby and got it when he passed away. She told me she is simply going to clean out the house and sell it but that she remembered saying I collected vintage speakers. She showed me a couple pics she took of some speakers. They were dark...(no electric) but could make an A on grill and the AR badge below. She told me when I come back in June, I can go over there with her and take whatever I want! she absolutely has no interest in anything there...(yea..she's loaded). I about fell down as she said there is other stuff there. I am hoping it's some good stuff! The grill however looked like a 2ax grill but certainly had that A on it.
  7. I am looking for a mate to a cherry AR3 I refinished months ago. Doesn't need drivers but do need the crossover in it. I thought for sure I would have found a matching cabinet by now but have come up empty. It can be rough with scratches but not trashed . Thanks for any replies or help.
  8. Nice!!...:) First time I have seen a pair of fives with the pine. Has to be pretty rare.
  9. Quite the quandary.....:) I would try a heat gun and a five inch drywall blade for smoothing joint compound as they are thin and sharp for trying to remove the chips from plywood. I would use a good wood glue for those pieces after you fit them really well....and then a piece of wood with aluminum foil wrapped around it to clamp the veneer piece with pressure. The foil keeps the wood from sticking to each other and if any foil sticks to veneer piece, it is easily removed with razor blade.
  10. Bondo is not an adhesive. It is used to repair damage as much as car bondo is used...and you wouldn't use car bondo to stick metal pieces together either...:) You cannot compress dry particle board with much success either. It needs to be saturated with WOOD glue to soften it....then clamped. It may not do much but it will strengthen the miter.
  11. The number 2 looks to have more windings than the 3 to me. As far as the corner splits, I would brush or pour good wood glue into seam and bar clamp as tight as possible. Let dry and if still a seam....then fill with walnut epoxy from Mohawk and sand to smooth when dry.
  12. Odd that the cap says the 2uf is a black wire yet I don't see a black wire coming out of that cap.
  13. Wow Jeffs....that was toward the end of production. Back wired mids and tweeters were in the last phases of the 3a. I would love to see the crossover in the one with the alnico woofer. Someone may have stuck that in there if the crossover is the same as the ceramic.
  14. Hey Kent...will the AR knob fit on that shaft?
  15. What is funky....he just sent me an email with pics showing his packing process...and it's top I wrote back and told it looked great and shame they weren't coming here...... And he sheepishly wrote back and apologized as he meant to send those pics to buyer.....smh...