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  1. Bringing out the unique graining is what I liked when I finished the work on it. I can't imagine white pine for flooring...as it is sooo soft. I have built and remodeled many homes...and have never put in pine flooring. Ceilings and walls?....yes.
  2. Not a perfect match. Don't have the molding bits to match their corners. Would be too much work to have a cabinet that wouldn't match. New vs old.
  3. I have had this one speaker put away for almost two years now...hoping by now to have found a mate. But...nope...nada. I got it out to play it a bit...and this speaker sounds so damn good....tweeter strong...mid is excellent...and that honey bass...I JUST HAVE TO FIND A MATCH! I have even saved a tweeter...mid...and an alnico woofer in case I ever found a bad one. They are more rare than I ever imagined! Please....if anyone ever runs across one...please..please contact me. The weird thing being in construction forever, I have always HATED pine...but this one had such great graining...and the work I put into it to get it right...has made me really attached to it. Being a stellar sounding 3a doesn't hurt either....:)
  4. AR stated in their literature....get them up high and AGAINST the wall...just like a recording studio...because that was what they made for. Seeing these on speaker stands makes me cringe. I experimented with mine and put them at 65" high and three inches from back wall....(couldn't get them any closer due to window)...and they are about six-seven foot apart. Hooked up to a McIntosh 2205 w/ MX-117 pre that both are recapped. It sounds fantastic with very airy mids, deep bass, and voices that are very clear. A top notch speaker.....but... The negatives with value is the very difficult way to ship these...freight...which is expensive. The other is having to get them up high as they are heavy beasts so placement is difficult.
  5. What would you do with crossover plate and speaker wire terminal that has been destroyed also? Paying $50...then buying 3/4" fiberboard...then drilling holes with recessed flanges...then buying crossovers and caps...buying all drivers...wiring and stuffing...I see over $400 or more there easily. Then...refinishing cabinets...new grill cloth...and badges....to still have a hacked speaker? I will pass...:) My point of this seller being an idiot....is all he needed was a screwdriver!!!...lol...but he attacked with drills and circular saw....insane...
  6. Lol... I can't even begin to understand what their thought process was before they gutted the front of these great speakers. And to think they now have value?!!! Crazy...crazy...
  7. Saw this and just shook my head..... sigh.....https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Acoustic-Research-AR-3A-Speaker-Cabinets-ONLY/223669620490?epid=1537429139&hash=item3413bf8f0a:g:q7EAAOSwf-5dgXKG
  8. lakecat


    Of course the 303 is an improved version of the 3a or Ken would never had done his job..:). It is much stronger and drivers are better. It handles 250 watts per. The bass is super strong. I have the black pair..mint...and played thru a Pioneer SX-1980. Awesome match.
  9. Not a problem with sharing. Congrats on getting those. Good luck with the restore!
  10. Yes...twas me with that pine heathen! Yet to find a match....and it is a 3a with alnico woofer. Maybe someday...sigh.
  11. Certainly pine!...but stained. The one on left is certainly the one I would love to find. I have had a 3a for two years now looking for a single that has that great graining in it that matches.
  12. I am.passing. They are wanting $450 so with that tear....no way. Not even close.
  13. Is this a repair on woofer cone? I can't expand it to see closely.
  14. I am still debating on these. I am deciding if I am crossing the "hoarder" line!...and if want is more than need. These are being sold thru a consignment so I doubt if I could even hear them before buying. My attraction is the rarity and having that beast mode look...and probably sound of them. I had the fives that I completely redid and liked them...but moved them on when they just couldn't outdo the 3a.
  15. Completely rebuilt with crossovers....and cabs redone. Are they worth pursuing?...with me having AR 3's and 3a's?.... I read the woofers are different than on 5's. Does this mean one could never find this woofer if something happened? Thanks for any replies.
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