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  1. Follow up ar-5

    I do have a pair of Chris's tweeters that he rebuilt for me but haven't had the time to test them against an OEM pair. Test won't be scientific but only seeing if I can ACTUALLY hear a difference. Not only did he rebuild the tweeter but upon damage to the driver boxes when shipped, he made a new driver boxes with a 3D printer with screw flanges being 25% thicker. The original screw flanges are on the thin side as we all know and have seen when removing the tweeters. I love that he is tackling a problem we have with the old AR's. Roy did test his tweeters and approved them. I looked for his post on them but can't find it so hope I didn't dream that!...:)
  2. Ar3 for $2,600?

    I don't get the rock throwing either Sonnar but opinions are just meaningless when compared to results. People....the AR3 is valued highly in parts of Asia and Europe...and we should be dancing and high fiving...not throwing rocks because you value your opinion. This is a site dedicated to vintage and classic audio if I remember correctly. Put the rocks away.....it is tiring...and contributes nothing.
  3. Should I attempt to repair an AR3?

    These AR3's may be a little difficult for a person that knows little to repair on their own. Not being mean but they look to be nice and deserve to be fixed correctly. You can't listen to five or ten different people on here to fix them. One thing you can do is gently scrap away the black paint from your tweeter and mid leads on speaker in front. Take one of your speaker wires from amp or receiver, turn on unit and turn volume up slightly, and touch your tweeter leads on front with speaker wire to test tweeter to see if it works that way. Then do mid speaker the same way. If you hear sound from the drivers, then it is the potentiometers on back are in need of replacing or cleaning. The tweeters are usually good but mids are known to fail so this test will tell you what needs done next. Where do you live? If you were close to me, I would just have you bring then over. Roy and RaRa are two well known members as well as Kent that will give expert advice.....but they may need more work than you could probably handle. Also....that rubber diffuser ring on woofer is fine. It has cracks from age but doesn't hurt it.
  4. I don't use the tub water to clean in. I spray the grill liberally with Fantastic and then brush well....THEN....dunk and swish them around in three inches of warm water with shampoo added....then quickly rinse them under spout. Then I lay them flat on towel...with another towel on top...and add a piece of wood and weight on top. Let that dry completely. If I am in a hurry, I will get out hair dryer and dry them. I have used spray Spic&Span and Fantastic on the grill material....but the trick is getting them nice and wet and using s soft brush on them real well before dunking in tub....:)
  5. I see your grill has wider sides than the 2x did so don't be afraid to clean them. My 2x was only slightly less then a 1/2" on sides near top.
  6. Yes....Tom Manley....my goof. I haven't decided yet on cabinets. I may make a wood rack system for them and the Sony ES CD player I use. My space is narrow for the units so I want to stack them...but with a nice wood rack I think. Just getting time to do this is the problem. I looked at a few wood racks but don't want to spend $600 plus for them.
  7. Lol!....I never noticed that heading but I can see their sense of humor after talking to Tom. We chatted for about an hour over the weekend...and at one point, whipped out a joke. So I told him my joke of the week..... Two kids were playing in the yard and the one kid asked the other, "do you pray before dinner?"......to which the other kid remarked, " no....my mom is a good cook!".....:)
  8. Please be careful when cleaning like I suggested. I was cleaning the AR2x's grills this weekend and the sides are thinner than what is on the 3a's, 3's...etc. I dipped it into the tub on three inches of water and when I lifted it to rinse under tub spout, one side bent and cracked...sigh. Sooo...maybe just spray, brush, and rinse under tub and pass on dipping in tub. I should have noticed how thin the sides are on the 2x but wasn't thinking. Not sure how wide the 4 grills are on sides.....so be careful.
  9. I did find one. McIntoshAudio had two and talked to a Tom Delaney about it. Very nice and interesting fellow who has been around the audio block per say and highly respected. The only downside is I won't get it until they go over it really well since they guarantee them for a year...and that will take around eight weeks since they are so damn busy. Will have all paperwork and the all important McIntosh shipping box.
  10. I clean the grills by spraying lots of Fantastic on them and brushing lightly with a soft brush. I then drop them in about three inches of shampoo water in tub...swish them around a little...and then run them under tub spout running warm water at full strength to clean them. Then I lay them flat on towel and add towel on top...and lay a board on them and add weight. I let that dry naturally. Comes out really nice. That tub water is usually pretty dirty so a lot comes out.
  11. Rob....it makes no sense to leave them as is. I used a tiny, tiny flat screwdriver to get under the staple and pop up a little, and then removed with needle nose pliers on a pair of 2x's. Then slowly worked several three inch drywall knives under the grill to pop glue seams. Cleaned the grills and they came out nice. The value is having them work correctly.
  12. Thanks!....still on the hunt for the mx117.
  13. What a beast!..... yea....funny how you talk yourself out of items....then smack yourself later. That was a pretty good deal. Wasn't this the amp that the Grateful Dead used back in the day with their stacked system?
  14. Well...I am a wood guy so it would look unfinished to me. If I had a rack system...maybe.
  15. Exactly!..lol. Thanks... That's it....start trouble.....:) I was looking at cabinets for the 2205 with the panloc system.....and thinking.....how does one install or remove the amp form the cabinet without losing fingers!?????