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  1. Why was the AR-12 a one-year product?

    Thanks for the background info on this speaker Steve. It seems they tried to cover the spectrum with all these numbered series which I still scratch my head over.
  2. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    (Hi Lakecat, I see you went for linen oatmeal grills - that looks great. The cabinets look really good - oiled? What is the veneer? Walnut or teak? The original woofers is something I have to do to get that bass you describe. Cheers David) Thanks Glenn....I had some of the lambswool material here and saw the foam; if available; was going to be over a hundred bucks....so decision was more being cheap than anything!..lol. David...thanks. The grill material is the lambswool linen that is used for the AR3a. The veneer is the standard walnut that was sanded and stained with Howards....then two coats of satin poly sprayed. These speakers were a great discovery as I never even heard of the 12's until I saw these on CL. I did some research online and saw they were highly regarded so went to look at them. They were missing the grills and mids had the surround rot but woofers had been redone and cabinets were in great shape. Older guy had them that he had purchased new so original owner that was downsizing and moving. Best part...he had a $25 price tag on them!...:)
  3. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    (I have retrofitted grills on a frame obtained from vintage_ar which look very smart but not half as good as the original 1970s "cool" foam grills when they were new.) Dave...have pics buried in here somewhere but I did the grills to match the 3a. Foam just doesn't do anything for me and is fragile so thought I would keep in the family. Renewing pics in case anyone is interested.......:)
  4. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi David...not sure what lounge music means but when I finished them, I played them in my fairly large great room. I had them on the floor and about six feet between them. I remembered them being advertised as "rock" speakers....so I put Pink Floyd on... I sat about ten to twelve feet away....and was floored! It filled the room with great bass...the mids were just awesome...and you right...the tweeters brought everything forward. Even my son came to landing from his bedroom and asked what speakers was I playing? I turned the music down and asked why...and he remarked how good they sounded even in his bedroom!..lol. So he came down...and I turned it back up..and we jammed to the rest of Pink Floyd...both of us shaking our heads and smiling. I rate them over the AR5...but just my opinion. They sounded best right on floor. And Steve...refoaming the mids was pretty easy after you figure out to hold VC steady while you have it elevated. I cut wood tongue suppressors into three inch strips and used them to elevate and hold VC steady while glued the surround.
  5. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Nice work on the 12' s Glenn...:) I hope you found as I was pleasantly surprised to find out....how damn great these babies sound. Why a one year production is a mystery to me. They advertised them as "rock" speakers...and they are right. I have them stacked on my 3a's in bedroom with a recapped Sansui 9090 pushing them that I bought new in 1976. Had early Beatles on last night before settling down for dreamland...and even my wife remarked how nice those two speakers sounded...and they have been up there for over a year!..lol. We don't play it a lot....so it seems each time we do....it's like...damn!...that sounds good!
  6. Need help for AR-12 refurbish

    SpeakerWorks that was mentioned above has the exact size foam needed. Has the slight roll and not flat but my mids sound fantastic.
  7. I'm afraid it has happened?

    Thanks for lesson Roy as I didn't realize you meant that way.
  8. I'm afraid it has happened?

    {It is best to think of it as an AR-11 tweeter, which is more than adequate for the AR-3a...but like the AR-11, AR-9 series, HiVi, and any other tweeter of modern construction, the MW tweeter's response will require a crossover modification to properly integrate with early models (3, 3a, 5, 2a/2ax, LST, and LST-2). No tweeter of modern construction has the natural roll off characteristics of the early AR dome tweeters.} Roy.....educate me a little on roll-off. I always read it as a short coming on the 3a and other models and why a super tweeter was added to some peoples units. If the new tweeter doesn't have that "roll-off".....isn't that a good thing?
  9. I'm afraid it has happened?

    Roy...as always...thank you for taking the time to test this new tweeter for all AR lovers out there. Having all these options was but a dream until recently. Kudos to Frank for finding this.
  10. Hi Stimpy....and thanks....:) I was over at the Polk forum when I first got them....and I gots to say....they are over the top for me. I may eventually do the crossovers but spending hundreds of dollars on improving something that I think sounds fine is not for me. Maybe down the road.....
  11. I still can't believe you got those. Did he say why they sat for so long? And to have the Polks too...crazy. I gave my buddy his number. I think I remember him saying he also had a Marantz 2600. Did he still have that? Here is the Polks I got locally....the 9' s wouldn't work in my room with the side firing woofers.
  12. Hi Larry....yea....if you could PM me his info, I would appreciate it. I do know someone that would be interested. Thanks.
  13. Wow Larry!...nice patience..lol. I wondered if he was blowing smoke or not so glad he was real about his speakers. Those look in really nice shape and untouched. Hope you have a thread on you working on them to bring them up to spec. He was asking a good price at the fest so looks like you got him down on that too. Congrats! Did you by any chance see the Polk SDA SRS 1.2's he said he had also? That is how I met him when I telling someone beside me about hearing those badazz speakers at friends' house...and he stepped forward and said he had a pair. By sheer luck; one month later; I found a pair of those Polks in a vintage audio store nearby where I live. They were mint and had their boxes....so they now sit in my great room....:)
  14. Very early 3's on eBay-5K!! Yikes!

    Been for sale for awhile now....but it only takes one. But...has been casting a bit long in the river. There has been a beater pair of 303' s that have been sale for months and months with no change in price. Talk about fortitude!
  15. Acoustic Research AR3a Woofers Correct?

    The woofers are correct but why he put in those huge dust caps is a head scratcher.