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  1. lakecat

    Please help identify AR 3’s

    Yea...don't stain them! Value is in unstained, unpainted pine. You didn't use paint remover first before sanding?
  2. lakecat

    Capacitors for sale

    Dave...will take one each or three 6uf and one of 25 and 24uf. Private message me with price and shipping to 44319...and can PayPal you. Give me your addy for PP also.
  3. lakecat

    AR-3 Restore or not?

    Hi Steve...Akron native here...:) I see you had enough knowledge to try the drivers with the terminal plate in front...so tells ya the pots are in need of cleaning or replaced. Tweeters you can buy on EBay. This is a tough speaker to do if your first time but doable. Their value is $1500 range and up.....but to get that...have to be sold on EBay...as they go overseas. The woofers will probably need reglued around basket and half the time...the spider needs reglued also. The mids will need Roy's magic on them to work properly. Capacitors will need replaced. Grill material is not OEM on yours so needs replaced....and it's a pain to do on that plastic grill. Badges...( a 3 and AR logo) are missing so finding those is tough. You can easily have $200-$500 in them to bring up to snuff. I am working on two pairs now....and both have their issues. Good luck. Also..Roy is the expert here for any questions.
  4. lakecat

    Ar3 midrange

    I will be using the 3a mid in a pair of 3's I am refinishing. I ordered the coils and have the Dayton caps. I doubt if I will hear much or if any difference in sound...but we shall see. My 3 mids were not repairable...damn it.... Plus...I will be able to compare...as I have a pair of 3's to refinish next and have good mids that Roy did for me.
  5. lakecat

    New AR3a find and restoration thread

    I have found the double wipers on the later serial numbered 3a's I have done. I like them.
  6. I have a strange feeling that one beer wouldn't suffice with us!....:) And yes...I am having the worst luck with those damn mids...sigh.
  7. lakecat

    Facts on AR collector demand....

    Not just Asia .....as I have sold AR's to Italy...and Australia....and Brazil. AR has a worldwide audience....as evidence here with posters.
  8. lakecat

    Ar3 midrange

    More like over $500 for a pair. You can use the 3a mid but have to add a .04mh coil to get the AR3 match according to Roy's instructions.
  9. lakecat

    Ar3 midrange

    Hi...and I also got bad news on two AR3 mids...toast. With the competition to get these very rare mids, and prices they are getting online, you may want to look for alternatives...unless a kind soul here might have a pair...but I highly doubt it.
  10. Very cool that you got to meet Roy. His unselfishness has enabled many people to enjoy and love the AR sound. I am working on another set of 3's....and only because this man had the patience to teach me much about the AR's. I look forward to meeting him one day...and buying him at least one beer..;)
  11. lakecat

    A few of the Classics ...

    Sooooo....I guess you're hard of hearing?...;) Impressive stack. Be a blast to hear all those at once!
  12. lakecat

    New AR 3 grills....matches OEM..

    Looks great! Thanks for tip.
  13. lakecat

    New AR 3 grills....matches OEM..

    Yes!...forgot to add company...thanks. I remember getting this from you awhile ago. I was able to order a small batch that will do three speakers...and why I had this leftover. Never had a chance to compare and was shocked to see it is the same after fifty years.
  14. Awhile back I ordered AR3 grills from a company that advertised that they had been around since 1940's. It looked close but didn't have an OEM grill to compare. I recently bought a pair of AR3's at the Midwest AudioFest and only one speaker had an original grill. Was working on the 3's today and remembered I still had some of the new grill material stored. I went and got it and laid it on top of the original grill.....and to my surprise....they match almost exactly in pattern and material. Pic shows the two but flash washed out the new slightly. Was very pleased to find this.....:)
  15. lakecat

    Opinions on these pots....

    Thanks my friend for your thoughts. You bring more clarity to these pots and am contemplating buying some to test. Please share here what you find when you use them.