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  1. lakecat

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    Dug up from past....time sure flies! Still have these bad boys....but never recapped. It sounds fantastic so never felt the need.
  2. lakecat

    AR5 - Project no.2

    The new caps will make a difference. Tweet on hi and mid at 75% is about normal on these and AR3a speakers in my experience. Good luck on your project.
  3. lakecat

    The more things change...the more

    You are welcome my friend. Strange as there is a lot of views but no remarks. I was surprised how even in 1959, they were obsessed and were able to laugh at themselves.....it cracked me up...as I see so much of this even today.
  4. they stay the same! This was posted on another forum...and shows we haven't changed...at all....:) Classic....
  5. lakecat

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Just to alert you on that thread. I did contact glue the top and bottom of the grill. I didn't like how the sides looked and decided to tape them as the sides need to be flexible to get them into the speaker. How it lasted I have no idea as a great gentleman from Italy wanted those rare 3's so off they went. The sides are meant to be behind the slot in the speaker so he may have removed the tape.
  6. I am not so much into tubes either. I even sold a Marantz 7 tube pre because I didn't want to go down that road and because I know little about them and didn't feel like becoming a tube student..;). AR3's and 3a's dip into 2ohm territory so I got a McIntosh 2205 with a MX-117 pre. It brings out the juice in the AR's. But I got the 2205 mostly for the pair of LST's I have...but they still sit in storage room unplayed...until I can get the time to refinish and set them up properly.
  7. lakecat

    Listened to to AR-3’s for first time.

    Those 3's look gorgeous! Amazing they are in original condition.
  8. lakecat

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Glad you like them. Isn't it amazing that a 50 yr old speaker can still surprise? Good luck on your refinish....they deserve it.
  9. lakecat

    Kudos To AR In Magazine

    That is awesome since the vintage market is so splintered with opinions. I agree with their thoughts. I have taken some awful looking AR's and made them shine again and feel good about preserving them.
  10. lakecat

    Original AR 3a's???

    I agree also about the work. Those trim rings have to be custom made with the perfect placement of the screw holes and gives it a nice look. Adding the badge is a nice touch also. Be curious also to see the work inside if any.
  11. lakecat

    Original AR 3a's???

    That is an odd pair of 3a's. Never saw that tweeter before...and one that fits! Looks like it might be a decent one...how does it sound? The mids don't look original either as they look back wired but yet don't have the look of a back wired mid. Weird that in the 50 k serial range that it has plywood backing. Certainly in very nice shape but not original. Be curious to see what Roy has to say about these. Did you see the AR11's around anywhere?
  12. lakecat

    Greetings of the Season

    Happy holidays to you also Kent! Nice ornament...but the real Xmas magic is to see you hang an AR 12" woofer on that branch....lol.
  13. lakecat

    Restoration - replication of 2/3 a set of a early 901 system

    I have three pair of the Continental series II Bose 901's and have refinished about five other pair of different series over the years...so watching with interest. To me...the Continental was the best looking 901 made and still had the cloth surrounds....and the blue nose drivers. I have looked in the past for the grill material with no success. Quite the secret I guess. EBay has an occasional sale of grills only for different series.
  14. lakecat

    AR speaker low frequency perspective

    (Therefore the typical manufacturers’ spec on frequency response (measured at 1 w or 2.83 volts) does not predict completely how the speaker will perform at realistic sound level in your room.) Bingo! Science will never replace perception.