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  1. lakecat

    Original AR 3a's???

    I agree also about the work. Those trim rings have to be custom made with the perfect placement of the screw holes and gives it a nice look. Adding the badge is a nice touch also. Be curious also to see the work inside if any.
  2. lakecat

    Original AR 3a's???

    That is an odd pair of 3a's. Never saw that tweeter before...and one that fits! Looks like it might be a decent one...how does it sound? The mids don't look original either as they look back wired but yet don't have the look of a back wired mid. Weird that in the 50 k serial range that it has plywood backing. Certainly in very nice shape but not original. Be curious to see what Roy has to say about these. Did you see the AR11's around anywhere?
  3. lakecat

    Greetings of the Season

    Happy holidays to you also Kent! Nice ornament...but the real Xmas magic is to see you hang an AR 12" woofer on that branch....lol.
  4. lakecat

    Restoration - replication of 2/3 a set of a early 901 system

    I have three pair of the Continental series II Bose 901's and have refinished about five other pair of different series over the years...so watching with interest. To me...the Continental was the best looking 901 made and still had the cloth surrounds....and the blue nose drivers. I have looked in the past for the grill material with no success. Quite the secret I guess. EBay has an occasional sale of grills only for different series.
  5. lakecat

    AR speaker low frequency perspective

    (Therefore the typical manufacturers’ spec on frequency response (measured at 1 w or 2.83 volts) does not predict completely how the speaker will perform at realistic sound level in your room.) Bingo! Science will never replace perception.
  6. lakecat

    Restoration - replication of 2/3 a set of a early 901 system

    Nice work on cabinets and first person I have run across that are/have built 901 cabs. Lots of measuring and work! Can I ask why not save the old cabs? They didn't look that bad. Are you going to use walnut veneer?
  7. lakecat

    AR-5 advice needed

    (In 7 years of looking at this forum I cannot recall the ADD 10" proposed as an AR classic woofer replacement. The AR 5 is not about the bass.) Bingo!....the AR12 was made for one year unfortunately. This site focuses on the earlier AR's so little info on later. What you will find is posts on looking how to improve bass on the AR5 with some suggesting the 10" alnico woofer from the 2ax line. The AR12 was advertised as their "rock n roll" speaker so it does perform. Side by side....it beat the AR5 in my house so it is opinions and giving mine.
  8. lakecat

    AR-5 advice needed

    I am a bass lover so my opinions are slanted that way. The woofer is a 2ax woofer and for AR to go to the trouble of making a 3a junior, they could have improved the woofer some. I was always using my loudness button on the 9090 to make it sound good unless I had the volume turned way up. I actually had 2ax's here with alnico woofer and tweeter from the AR3 that sounded better than the 5. I got the AR12's...knowing nothing about them..but were cheap cause hardly anyone else knew much about them. I had to refoam the mids...but when done and played them...was stunned at how nice they sounded. Nice bass and excellent midrange....and only made these for one year!...crazy. The 5 is an excellent speaker. Some like it better than even the 3a. All in what melts your butter...:)...but there is plenty of those woofers around. They made a ton of 2ax's.
  9. lakecat

    AR-5 advice needed

    I have the AR12's and like them better than the AR5's I have had. You might be quite happy with that woofer....especially being newer. I think it puts out better bass than the original 5 woofer. There is nothing that impressive about the original woofer anyway....IMHO.
  10. lakecat

    Black Friday Road Trip Yields Bargain AR 90's

    Nice buy my friend. Are you starting an AR speaker museum at your home? ..:)
  11. lakecat

    Oppening LST Speakers

    Remember there is two allen screws in each control. I ran into this problem when I first got them and removed what I thought was just one screw...and still wouldn't budge. Removed the other screw and they came right off.
  12. lakecat

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Thanks Glenn. I have had my share of making grills also. Especially tough when you have to tuck the 3 grill into cab. Because I usually have it around here, I use 1/4" plywood.
  13. Thanks for input.....and I have been recording CD's to tape. Got one reel done and sound was very nice. Was recording another reel and didn't tighten reel enough....and it feel off spool as it was recording....sigh. Snapped tape so I spliced together and set everything back up. I started to play what I had so I could stop where I had left off......but the speed is off now and not playing correct. I have gone over everything and still plays too slow at 7 ips. Any idea what could be wrong? Hate to lug it to tech and have him shake his head at me!......
  14. Congrats....those are very low serial numbers and a converted 2a cabinet. A nut picker will get under those staples and the curve of it will lift them enough for the needle nose. Good luck!
  15. lakecat

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Here is the new grill material on a pair of 3's I just refinished. They were just about as bad as yours and original grill material was shot.