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  1. Now things are starting to make more sense to me. Thanx for the technical comparison. I am glad I turned to this forum for help.
  2. That's interesting. Hadn't noticed that. Maybe they are more alike then I thought.
  3. Yeah, I still have them, never going to part with them. Are you familiar with the Scott's? I am hoping to find out some more info on them from fellow users, or people who are familiar with Scott as a speaker brand. I am hoping to learn as much as I can on them.
  4. Amazing! How did you know I had Dynaco A25's? I did a side by side comparison, and as much as I love the A25's, to me the Scott's sound prettier. The highs seem more refined to my ears.
  5. I recently picked a mint pair of these (unknown to me) speakers from a local thrift store. Since I have been collecting vintage speakers for quite a while, my ears have heard a lot of good (and bad, LOL!) sounding speakers. When I lifted them up for the first time, I was surprised by their weight, and I figured it was worth the risk of taking them home with me. Did some research on the net when I got home, but not much info on them. So I decided to hook them up to my Audio Analogue Puccini SE and leave the room to come back after an hour when everything should have "warmed-up". Well, to say I was surprised when I returned for the first listen is an understatement. I really am amazed by how good this pair sounded, to my ears. They seem to everything just right, again to my ears. The bass is perfect for me, voices look like they are in the room with me. No sharp edges, no nothing. Imaging is also great. Now my question is, am I losing it? Surely this can be right? Such an unknown speaker that is doing everything just right? I am interested in your thoughts.
  6. I want to add a pair of Mission/Cyrus bookshelf speakers to my collection. I recently bought a NAD 3020 Series 20 amplifier, and I was told that they do magic driving Mission/Cyrus speakers. So I was hoping to gather some opinions/thoughts on which are the best bang for the buck? Thanx in advance.
  7. Hi Kent, Thanx for your help, again. First I am going to finish the B&o project and then I am going to open up the Chartwells to see what's inside. Any recommendations on cap brands? For my first two projects (Mission 700 and Celestion Ditton 10's) I used Intertechnik Audyn MKP's. I have been reading some great things concerning the Clarity Caps. I just don't know if these higher prices are worth considering. Kindest regards, Marlon.
  8. Hi Kent, Thanx for your help. I did manage to replace those goofy DIN connectors with binding posts. All that is left is some soldering in the last stage, sanding and oiling the cabinets and enjoy these scandinavian beauties, LOL!
  9. Hi all, I am in the middle of restoring these vintage beauties and I cant make up my mind on one thing. Everything is already recapped and functions like I hoped it would, but there is one last decision to make. What type/kind of inner speaker cable would be best to use for the last stage between the crossover and speakerterminal?( which I have added to make it easier to swap outer speaker cables for best sonic results). I am really interested in your thoughts, so please help me out, LOL! Thanx in advance.
  10. Hi all, I recently added a lovely pair of CHARTWELL PM-55 to my collection! I am really impressed by the awesome sound they already produce. Since these are vintage speakers I want to recap them and enjoying them with their full capacity again. Before I am going to open them up , I wanted to know if there is someone who can tell me which caps have been used in the crossover section of this speaker. I am fairly new to recapping old speakers, and it helps to know which caps I need to hunt down before opening the speaker and find out similair caps are not available anymore. I hope you guys will help a fellow vintage speaker "addict" and point me in th right direction. Thanx in advance.
  11. Thanx Dan, I am going to try and find the best results using your advise!
  12. Now that I finaly have received my Scandyna A-25X speakers, I was wondering on the thoughts on this forum on how to position these babies for optimal performance. I have decided not to place them on a bookshelf. So stands would be a posibility. What seems to the best type of stands, heights, etc? I hope there are some interesting thoughts that can help me. By the way, the speakers sound wonderful, good vintage sound, just perfect for a vinyllover like me, LOL! Thanx in advance.
  13. grendel

    Scandyna A-25X

    What can you guys tell me about these speakers? Are they the Danish version of the Dynaco A-25. Does anybody know how they sound compared to the original A-25's? Kindest regards.
  14. grendel

    Scandyna A-30X

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I registered to become a member because I recently accuired a pair of Scandyna A-30X speakers. Since there is not much info on them on the net, I figured if someone could tell me more about these wonderful speakers? Thanx in advance.
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