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  1. Do the red x's (or red +'s depending upon your perspective) on the front plate of tweeters from this era indicate which pole is positive?
  2. I'm planning on switching stuffing in four OLA's. They all have fiberglass insulation and I would like to re-stuff them with the foam blocks. Does anyone have any they would like to sell?
  3. EddieO56

    Heritage foam

    Thanks Kent. Spoke to John last night and my surrounds are on the way.
  4. EddieO56

    Heritage foam

    Do you know if M-sound is still in business? I've tried to reach them but haven't gotten a response. Who else would be a good source? Dave
  5. Thanks. Finished the project yesterday. The Heritage speakers already had some fiberglass insulation instead of foam rubber. There were three 3" x 12" x 38" bats inside. Fantastic, low cost upgrade. After stumbling upon this thread I converted three pairs of large Advents from foam to fiberglass insulation along with the Heritage pair. I could really hear the difference and it's been quite the eye opener to re-experience some of my favorite albums.
  6. After seeing this thread recently I replaced the insulation from foam to fiberglass in a pair of large Advents and was really impressed with the results. I also have a pair of Advent Heritage speakers that I would like to replace the foam with fiberglass insulation. Do you know how many lbs. or feet of 3" R13 insulation I'd need? Thanks.
  7. I have a pair of Heritage speakers. I re-foamed all for woofers about a year ago. The plastic ring you refer to is fairly easy to pop off with a screw driver. They are basically there for cosmetic appearances. Once you pop off the plastic ring the re-foam job is just like any other. When you replace the ring onto the frame you will see there is a couple of tabs that fit into the metal frame. It snaps back into place. When you applied the foam sealant, did you apply it to the entire foam surround or just the edges?
  8. Thanks for the tip. The terminal with the zero marking was positive.
  9. I have a similar issue. I had gotten a metal framed woofer as a back up for my NLA's recently. I re-foamed it Friday and when I went to install it I found that the original woofers had a red dot on one terminal like you described and a red and a black wire. My spare woofer had no red dot but instead had a zero painted on the frame next to one of the terminals. When I had re-foamed the woofers in this pair about a year ago the red wires were connected to the terminal with the red dot. What is the correct connection for the speaker with the terminal marked 0? Is the terminal marked 0 negative? Should the black wire be connected to this terminal?.
  10. The Sony TA-N55ES amps have only R/L inputs. You can see what they look like here: http://www.thevintag...y-TA-N55ES.html I have the amps connected to a Sony TA 5650 integrated amp which I use as the pre-amp. http://www.thevintag...ny-TA-5650.html
  11. Awesomer....nice. I guess I'm the antithesis of somebody like Zilch and his technical jargon. I just know what I like. I've been stuck on Advents since I first heard them back in 1976. I've never owned anything but Advents. What really makes adding the OLA's into the mix for me was how I acquired them. I was driving through my neighborhood last Wednesday morning and that pair of speakers were sitting out on the curb. A well timed find. They were a little dusty, and they appeared to have been there overnight. Got them home, removed the screens and the tweeter and woofer looked good. Foam surrounds appeared to be in good shape and they sound good. No problems. I figured at the very least I'd need to replace the foam surrounds on the woofers. More good luck. Cleaned them up, put on a couple of coats of wax and they look and sound "awesome" stacked with my NLA's. A little smoother than the 25th Anniversary models. The amps are 110wpc. So I just need to find a three way signal splitter for the amps to run them in stereo. Any suggestions?
  12. I'm a little late to this discussion but I had seen this a couple of years ago when I acquired a second pair of large Advents. My first pair are New Advent Utilities that I got new in 1977. The second pair were the 25th Year Anniversary model. I was motivated to get the second pair after seeing this thread and reading the review of stacking large Advents. I tried stacking the tweeters close together for about a year. I liked the way it sounded but when I saw the comment about stacking both speakers upright I decided to give it a try. To my surprise I liked that set-up better. I've been running it that way for the last year and a half. I have a Sony TA5650 that I use as a pre-amp. I have two Sony TAN55-ES amps for power. I recently acquired a third set of large Advents. Nice walnut cabinets. Date stamp on the tweeters are April 11, 1975. Fried egg tweeters and Masonite ring woofers. They sound really nice. I subbed in the newly acquired OLA's for the 25th Anniversary model. My set up went from sounded great to awesome. I have a third Sony TAN55-ES amp that I'd like to add into the system so I can run all six speakers. What is the best way to connect up all three amps and the third set of speakers? The two amps are currently connected in mono with one amp per side. The 77's with the 25th Anniversary speakers: The 77's with the 75's: Downstairs set-up:
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