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  1. hi, thank you JFKENT for your help ,I finally succeeded in registering myself in AUDIOKARMA now I know for sure that the boomers in my ADVENTS 4 are not the originals but new ones " SAMY SPEAKERS " TW 8401 or 8402 as I discovered it by opening the other loudspeaker and identified them on internet so ,we learn by our mistakes !! the lesson is "dont buy in a hurry ,take your time to see all the details " in fact, I was looking for loudspeakers to match with an amplifier SANSUI AU 7700 (2 X 55 WATTS) , I have bought after a pair of KEF chorale ,very good sound but I think my amplifier need loudspeakers more powerfull so ,now, I have the opportunity to buy CELESTION DITTON 44 ................. I know it is an horrible addiction !!!! (it will be my sixth pair of loudspeakers )
  2. for BEN 76 I have AR2ax loud speakers ( ot the year 1976 ) in a bad state at present the woofers have flat cone edge ,as you can see on my pictures mine have a big problem of coil ,I discover this problem after having beginning to refoam them unluckily !! so I can't see another solution except to change them now if you want any further details on them ,don't hesitate and I will send you more pictures
  3. thank you for your answer and the "bienvenue " I have found in this forum, in "advent models " started by don, a post from JKENT giving a link to AUDIO KARMA " identifying your Advent loudspeakers " but I can't register myself in audiokarma ?? may be I had no referrer to give ?? bruno
  4. I have found also these loudspeakers whose name is also ADVENT 4 but seem to be a little different ?? and these woofers for sale according to this model I think hoping somebody will be able to help me ,see you soon
  5. I have found these pictures of Advent 4 on sale on ebay but they seem refoamed also
  6. thank you for your welcome and answer your suggestion of repairing first the tweeters is a good idea I have checked very carefully the woofers,they have not been refoamed apparently ,it is very dificult to find pictures from these Advent 4 because another person gave me this picture and I think the woofers on this picture have been refoamed are they so rare ? the surrounds look like the one i have bought for a pair of AR2 ax which are in a very bad state (problem of coil I discovered after having bying surrounds ) ,at present ,stand by for these AR ,I don t know what to do !! but I do like these loudspeakers
  7. hello ,I am a new forumer coming from France, good sound and music lover since a long time ,so I am " vintage " too now !! but in better conditions than the ADVENT 4 loudspeakers i bought last week as I discovered it when I came back home : the sound is bad and muffled ,i realize that the tweeters were not functionning !! and checking the boomers more accurately , I think they have been changed so my question is : with my pictures could you tell me if they are originals or not ? and someone has a picture of the original boomers ,I will appreciate it , to try to find another pair if possible thank you in advance and apologizes for my mistakes in english bruno
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