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  1. Using AR-3a's as main fronts of a surround system.

    I am using a yamaha rxv2600 with ar9 mains, ar7 rears & cs 25 Ho centre which I imported from the US. I think it sounds great although the 9's are a bit large for my 13' by 13' lounge. Movies rock while in pure direct mode dire straits sound amazing.
  2. Scored a pair of TSW-610 speakers

    That's good news then. My 12" woofers had a Masonite ring & my ar 6 had a cardboard rings both of which I left on & attached new surrounds. I look forward to seeing the finished speakers.
  3. Scored a pair of TSW-610 speakers

    If it was between the foam & basket it needs to be replaced. I could be wrong! but if it's not replaced & you apply new surround the cone will be sitting lower than it should be & may cause damage. Do you have a pic?
  4. Scored a pair of TSW-610 speakers

    Looking good!! It makes it all worth while once they are back in & as good as new. You could try a local craft store for the foam gasket, I'm lucky enough to have a friend who owns a foam/packing company.
  5. Scored a pair of TSW-610 speakers

    No problem at all glad to help. As for the gasket I'm afraid I don't know do you have a photo? Where about's are you? I'm in the UK.
  6. Scored a pair of TSW-610 speakers

    Hi David, my first AR speakers were the spirit 162 & also have the poly cones. I used car brake cleaner as it softened the glue & came off very easily. I applied it with a cotton bud & then used a sharp craft knife to scrape it off, I found the poly cones easier to clean than the drivers on my AR9's to be honest. I hope this helps
  7. Gaining Speakers, While Losing My Mind!

    Found these on the Uk bay but they are in Albany New York. Are these any good? 191025496512 paste the item number in to the search. Matt
  8. Gaining Speakers, While Losing My Mind!

    Have you looked at the black & red caps at all? Mine were leaking pretty badly!! although I tried mine before I started work on them by just hooking up the upper section. They were sounding pretty awful before all the caps & foams were replaced.
  9. Gaining Speakers, While Losing My Mind!

    Hi frank, this is a list & price of the caps I replaced. But I'm in the uk so prices may be cheaper in the US. I'd like to hear others opinions if they think they are ok & I had the 8uf cap in mine Not the 6. Electrolytic/ClarityCap - 2 x Alcap 80uF 100V 2% tolerance £2.54 ea. £5.08 2 x Claritycap ESA 250V 30uF 3% £19.00 ea. £38.00 40uF 3% £22.25 ea. £44.50 24uF 3% £18.60 ea £37.20 ( supplied as 2 x 12uF) 6uF 3% £6.20 ea. £12.40 4uF 3% £5.00 ea. £10.00 8uF 3% £7.82 ea. £15.64 VAT £32.56 Total £195.36 I hope this is helpful. Regards Matt
  10. Gaining Speakers, While Losing My Mind!

    Frank, it sounds as if the AR bug has well & truly got you!! I have a few pairs but I have to say that the 9's sound amazing!! I'm am currently using a yamaha amp @ 150wpc & they sound beautiful. I'm am currently saving for a decent power amp or a pair of monobloc's. I look forward to seeing the pics of yours & what you think of them once set up. I would highly recommend you check the caps (as I'm sure the pro's here will advise to) as several of mine were leaking. But once recapped & re-foamed I think you will enjoy them! Good luck. Matt
  11. Ohmite Rheostat replacement?

    My apologies all of my AR speakers have the switch on the rear & 9's have the switches on the front. But if anyone in the UK requires caps etc they are very helpful & fast to deliver.
  12. Ohmite Rheostat replacement?

    Hope the link works. http://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/resistors-ceramic-wire-wound-metal-oxide-loudspeaker-crossover-network/wire-wound-pots-switches/wire-wound-25-ohm-potentiometer-variable-resistor.html
  13. Ohmite Rheostat replacement?

    Hey guys I found these & wondered if they are similar to what AR use? 25 Ohm Wire Wound Potentiometer, standard shaft. Body Diameter 22mm.
  14. Sometimes, ya just hafta stop and ponder....

    Listening to music allows me to escape from the world & just switch off!!! Especially through my AR9's 😋
  15. ar 4x surround

    I have 4xa's that have the original cloth surrounds. I've started a post on them & there's info of both there if that helps?