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  1. hi Pete here are the pics of the 2 woofers showing the dust cap which has been pressed in, first ,kindly let me know if this is the right dust cap for the NLA and secondly will it preserve the originality if i can remove the dust caps .straight them out and stick them back?...i think it can be done ...or may be iam overly optimistic ?? thanks senthil
  2. Hi Dean Thanks for the info , any comments on the Voice Coil height?....is there any spec i need to follow regarding that? senthil
  3. Thanks Kent still waiting for views about the two vendors and their methods. meanwhile i tested the tweeters ..thank god they are working!....i came across voice coil height in this same topic , does it apply for refoam or only if i go for a recone?.The cone of my NLAs are quiet thick and stiff, like a safari hunter's hat!...is that normal?...and if i tilt and roll the metal basket i can hear the voice coil hitting the sides of the magnet ...are the cone so freely suspended?,,anyway i hope to refoam them soon....
  4. hi Don thanks for the welcome, actually i received my two NLA full metal frame tweeters which i bought out of ebay ,just arrived .The guy made a good packing , it actually stood all the punishments of the Indian customs dept and postal dept .Physically looks good , i shal connect and check them to night ..belive they should work. next i have to buy the surrounds for the metal frame NLA woofers, i need some kind advice here , by going thru the forums, i understandthat there are actually two guys who are mostly recomended for refoam kits, 1.Msound and 2.looneytoon2001.Msound uses shims for centering and looneytoon2001 uses a low frequency sound for it i belive.As iam planning to do the replacement , which of these two would be better??...any thoughts?.. As rightly said by Don , what could i do with out the internet and this forum...i would be sitting in a corner in india -clueless...thank you GOD...
  5. while waiting for another pair of OLA, i have imported a pair of NLA from Singapore, the tweeters are gone and the woofers need refoaming .I have bought a pair of tweeter for the NLA on ebay , they should be here in a week or 10 days , mean while i iam in the process of scrapping out the ols surrounds and the adhesive ....very hard ..will post pics as soon i get a god DSLR cam..sure i will need your advices.
  6. hi Carl thanks for the help. When i start the recone process ,i will sure come asking for ur help.Bytheway i was out of station for a couple of days for a shoot , in the free times i did a scouting in the near by areas for speakers and guess what i managed to locate a pair of OLA s!!!!!, i have just seep pic of them , woofer looks original , but the tweeters look as pretty different , the Masonite piece has been etched out , showing the bare tweeters and they look like they are black?/..its just a very poor foto.Anyway i have bought them for around 300usd , they are being shipped and may be at my place by next week.So happy to get another pair within India,better news is that i may get a pair of AR-1, with the altec 755a drivers , iam still in the process.Iam happy.
  7. Hi Pete Thanks for the response.If some one could pull out the Cone,VC and spider from an original as u said ,that would be my christmas!!!...and i shall be very greatful too.I belive iam asking for too much....anyway if there is some one with the OLA woofers and tweeters , i shall try my luck by shipping it from US to india.Thanks
  8. hi Carl I have a very good speaker repair guy , but iam not sure of the VC height , is there any specific measurement for the Original Large Advent?, if the VC height is a common factor then my speaker guy can do it.Anyway i shall try to search for videos.Good the SS kit is quiet worth while.
  9. Hi Carl Thanks for the note, thats what i thought, mine are not the originals , the SS kit is at least a replica of the original ,so i wish it helps better that what i have.By the way i did'nt know the importance of the 6 ribs until u pointed out.I believe the specs of the SS kit are right?mainly the voice coil pecs and spider?
  10. HI Kent Thanks for the image, kindly have a look at my drivers too.Sounds great to me , but i after going thru the forum , i just want to make sure that i get the best out of these wonderful speakers. thanks
  11. HI Doug Thanks a lot for the welcome.Getting vintage speakers in india is quiet difficult , that too large advents are very less known.Brands like Altec, Goodmans and Tannoy are known here because of their presence in cinemas.Anyway with lot of difficulty i have scourged a pair -and iam happy. Yes, they go down to a noticeable growing bass,i picture it as a "wall" of bass.Just want to be sure iam enjoying them at their full glory.The replacement kit avialble at simplyspeakers , have the following specs Cone:10" ribbed cone Voice Coil:1-1/2", 4 layer, copper wire, Kapton former, 6 ohms, Re: 5.8 ohms Spider:5-1/4" x 3/8" cup Dust Cap:3" screen I iam posting some snaps , i can see that the dust cap is a cloth screen.Wondering if the cone kit will produce good effects in the higher range too.I did not remove the driver cause , already the particle board is giving away where the large high torque screws sit ,So iam saving them for may be the cone replace.So its just the front of the drivers .Thanks
  12. Hi i have been going thru this forum as a passive member for quite a while, i am from India and luckily I have a pair of OLAs with masonite woofers. I found that the woofer cones were not that of the original large advents-I know how they look by the pictures i see in the internet-the purple ribbed ones. The surrounds are also not the right ones.Inspite of all this the OLAs still sound great. As iam a analogue audio guy , my primary source of audio is LPs then cassette tapes and lastly CDs.My amplification is thru mono block tube amps(mullard 5-20 circuit) and my pre too is mullard tube pre.I have gone thru quiet a lot of speakers but i love the sound of the advents.I love them so much that iam all set to import another pair of them from the US.As i cannot buy directly from eBay to India iam using www.borderlinx.com to ship them for me.Its roughly gonna cost around 500USD for shipping only plus the cost of the speakers and their shipping inside the US. Anyway i want to get my existing pair to the right state, there are 2 options as i know, one is buying a recone kit from ( http://www.simplyspe...k-advent10.html ) cause i did not find any other vendor online selling "recone kits for advents"., option 2 would be buying a used pair of masonite woofers from eBay. The first option is better for me cause shipping is easy and i have a good speaker repair guy locally. Now, is the recone kit form simplyspeakers ok? or buying a original used pair form ebay is right. Kindly bare in mind that I have developed much respect to this man Henry E Kloss for his design and attitude towards engineering for audio, so i would go to any extents to get the original Henry’s intended sound of these speakers. And I myself believe more on audio designs of the 60s and 70s rather than the new age ones. Sorry its just my own opinion.If i go for buying a total woofer from ebay i want to stick to the masonite ringed ones. Kindly guide me , iam very grateful that i have this forum and experienced guys like you , hope Pete's expertise and Doug's friendliness will help people like me all around the world. The other pair i have planned to import is to have the much acclaimed "Double Advent system”. Hope to have the "New large advent" as the second pair , dunno ,iam just greedy to have the best of both OLA and NLA , i believe this has to be posted on another topic. Kindly bare with me for the rather long post, as this is my first post here please let me know if iam doing anything wrong.Thanks
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