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    Rair pair of EPI 201A's For Sale

    Pictures attached (The grille cloth is somewhat reflective of the flash. They are blacker and mor even looking than in the pictures)
  2. I have been collecting EPIs for many years, and have yet to see another pair of 201A's for sale. In case you are not familiar with this model, here's a link to the Human Speakers description: http://www.humanspeakers.com/cgi-bin/page.pl?page=e/epi201a.txt This is an early generation dual-module EPI design, with rubber surrounds and masonite tweeters. They look great and sound great. It's time for me to start thinning out my collection, so my loss could be your gain... Asking $300 for the pair. Local pickup ONLY. Far NW suburbs of Chicago. Paul satellite65 at yahoo dot com
  3. Avanti84

    Epi M50

    The 50's are awesome little speakers, especially in a smaller room. I first heard them in the early to mid 70's. I walked into a stereo store and was quite impressed by the speakers that were playing. I looked around to try and figure out which of the big speakers were playing, and was very surprised to find that it was the tiny M-50's. That is what hooked me on EPIs. I walked out of the store with a demo pair of M-100's (which I still have). I presently use a pair of M'50's in my master bathroom, driven by a vintage Pioneer car stereo that I mounted in a wood box. I also mounted 2 pairs of M'50's in the ceiling of my basement to provide surround sound for the TV.
  4. Avanti84

    EPI Tower owners comments?

    I presently have three pairs of towers, and 2 sets of mini-towers. The 1000's are quite impressive visually and sonically. I'm glad that they are, because they were a huge PITA to restore because of the size and weight. I thought that they might have a single-note deep bass response because of the organ pipe effect of the tall skinny cabinets, but they dont. Bass seems smooth and natural to me. I also really like my pair of Epicure 400+'s. They will not go quite as low or loud as the 1000's, but for normal listening, I like them at least as much as the 1000's. The EPI version of the 400 has been a huge disappointment to me. I've had 2 pairs, and didn't like either. Really, they're not bad, but I expected them to sound like the nearly identical Epicure 400+, and they definitely don't. Having restored both types, the only significant difference that I see is the placement of the drivers in the cabinets. On the Epicure version, the tweeters are near the top of the cabinet, and the woofers are right underneath them. On the EPI version, the drivers are more than a foot lower in the cabinets, with the top of the tweeters near the midpoint of the cabinet. I also have pairs of MT2's and MT3's. They sound nice for what they are, but not quite enough for a main system. My son uses the MT3's because they fit easily in his crampt apartment. The MT2's are collecting dust. I once had a pair of 500's, but those are not the old-school modular EPI types. They are more of a conventional design. Large woofer and passive radiator. Not to my taste at all. Very boomy in the bass. In one of my systems I use 2 pairs of M250's stacked up to make towers. They are near the corners of the room, with the bottom pair facing the walls, and the top pair facing the room. I consider the 202/250 to be EPI's best sounding dual module speaker, and stacking them this way makes them sound even better. Similar to the 400+, but more difficult to place in a room.