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  1. You do not see Cizek speakers for sale very often, but there are some Model 2 and 3's for sale on Ebay as of 15 Feb 2015. If you are looking to expand your Cizek collection, this may be a good thing for you.
  2. Does anybody know the crossover point on Model 1's or any other model Cizek 2-way speaker? I am guessing it is about 1500hz or so. I think the woofer design they use is good for 2k. I have do a little research on the minimum crossover point for the Peerless tweeter.
  3. GREAT POST. Good bye old crappy caps! Hello new high quality caps!
  4. I agree with Dan that the factory has already done the dampening experiment for you. In general, according to my speakerbook, dampening works real well in smaller sealed cabinets. It tricks the speaker into thinking it has a bigger cabinet. (a ratio of 1.4) I personally like Acusta-Stuf because it is safe and easy to use. A lot of people like to use fiberglass stuffing because it is cheap, but I do not like the irritation or breathing the stuff. The beauty of Acusta Stuf (or fiberglass) is you can play with the amount of stuffing to tune your bass responce. Acusta-Stuf recomends about 1/2 lb per cu. ft. to start. The best part is if you do not like it, you can remove it. But most people who use it like myself, really enjoy the improvement in bass responce. My Cizeks (Model 1 & Model 234 Sub, both came from the factory stuffed with fiberglass. I recently picked up a set of Cizek AR-1's (newer version of Model 1) and they had no dampening. The bass responce between the two was very noticible. The Model 1's really thumped while the AR-1's didn't have any punch. I added a little Acust-Stuf to them and presto, they were thumping away. I have also expertimented with Acusta-Stuf on Klipsch Heresy's. They are known for their lack of bass punch because of their small cabinets. Add a little stuffing to those guys and they are punchy. In some speakers it may offer a great improvement, in others not so much. But it is most certainly worth experimenting with.
  5. jessearias

    Cizek Model II

    Great find. If I lived closer to NY, I would go check them out. Not that I need another set of speakers, but if the price is right.
  6. Nice job! You are the man!
  7. Well, I finally got around to taking them apart and taking a few pictures. I am guessing they are AR-1's because there are no Cizek labels or name on them. They look identical to my Model 1's. The cabinets are the same, the drivers are the same. The only difference is that the switches are on the back of the cabinet (like an AR) and not on the front (like the model 1) When I played them, they sounded good, but did not have the bass punch like my Model 1's. The previous owner had new surrounds installed on the woofers and replaced the tweeters because they were not working with the MW 4118 Peerless replacement tweeters. The original felt that covered the face of the cabinets was deteriorated and they scraped it off and painted it black. They also made some new grills as the original foam ones must have been damaged or deteriorated as well. The cabinets are a little beat up, but a little TLC will fix that. So, took them apart and found out why they had no bass punch. They were empty cabinets. (see picture) My Model 1's came from Cizek stuffed with wool dampening. Easy to fix with a little Acusta-stuf. The crossovers are another matter. They are a bunch of parts glued to a thin fiber board that is glued into the speaker. (see picture) A pretty cheap set up. I will most certainly break the board trying to remove it. This is going to be a project re-capping them for sure. From the looks of the speakers, I am guessing they are late production. They were probably made in the last year(s) before Cizek went out of business. The way the crossovers are made and the lack of dampening show some serious cost cutting measures.
  8. Kent, They sound ok, but I when I take them apart, I will take some pictures of the crossover network and post. I might as well re-cap them while I am rebuilding them.
  9. I just scored a set of Cizek AR-1's for $150.00 bucks. They are not model ones as the frequency controls are located on the back. So I think they are AR-1's. The cabinets are a bit beat but they can be re-finished. The drivers are pristine. The previous owner had new surrounds and grills installed. I will post some picks of the re-finished speakers.
  10. Kent, Are you re-using the original fiberglass stuffing? My Cizek's (Model 1 and sub) are stuffed to the max with fiberglass from the factory. I am guessing your speakers were as well. I would be interested to see how much stuffing your testing shows is needed. Great job on your project.
  11. Kent, The foam grills on the Model 1's are cut out like that except it is more the shape of a giant tear drop. I had Bill re-foam my woofers in the model 1's. He installed a better surround than the original foam and did a few other tricks to them. They really sound great now. Thanks for turning him onto me. Your project is looking nice! Good luck on your project.
  12. Here are some pictures of the Model 234 in action with a pair of Klipsch Heresys run through it. Once I get the Model 1's set up, I will post some pics of the trio.
  13. Kent, I will just leave them. They work great and sound good. I am just surprised at the sloppy workmanship on them. Your satalite crossovers look so much better. Are those original or did you re-build them? I would have thought that Cizek would assemble their crossovers simular to Klipsch. Nice wooden (or Plastic) mounting board and everything fastened on with screws and/or soldered nice and neatly. The hot glue fastening method is so tacky. I guess they were trying to save a few dollars. But they work and sound fine.
  14. jessearias

    Sound Advice

    I am in the same boat with you Dan. I had my eardrums blown out in a VBIED explosion in Iraq and my hearing is bordering hearing aids. Is it any wonder my girfriend always tells me to turn down the music (no chance) or the TV. I love playing with speakers and tweaking them but like you, cannot really dissern the finite sounds. (i think I can, but not exactly) Oh well, it will not stop me from enjoying one of my favorite things in life. Time to go back and turn up the music.
  15. Kent, This is the crossover. Pretty simple. One transformer, Two 8 0hm 25 watt resistors in parallel, a 140 mfd capacitor and two (cant read rating) other capacitors. All hot glued to the thin circuit board. Not real complex or anything.. My main concern is not breaking or messing up the thin circuit board..
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