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  1. There are folks here with greater tenacity than I who have removed, and repaired/replaced those tweeter domes. If it's not crushed, I would just seal the tear with glue rather than surgery. If that doesn't kill the buzz. Then removal is next. You should go back to some older threads here and I believe you'll find some who have done that chore. Bill
  2. The two way tweeter has ferrofluid cooling and such handles more power and broader frequency response. The three way tweeter from the A2 is cooled with silicone grease that may spatter out of the gap and fail if overdriven in a two way system without a midrange driver. You Could get away with using a two way Allison tweeter in a 3 way system, but not the reverse, which unfortunately, is what you need. Bill
  3. You mean "Allison" 2? No (2) in the CD series.....if so the answer would be no. The cooling material, is the problem more than the frequency. The A 2 tweeter uses silicone grease rather than ferrofluid used in the 2way CD 7. Bill
  4. You will love them! Bill
  5. Oh no you don't!! What a thing of beauty! (Congratulations) I learned to waterski behind one of those, but not a beauty like yours. The mahogany was painted over in dark blue....kinda defeats the whole purpose. Power was a 383 Chrysler marined inboard. Heavy son of a gun for its size. Leaked pretty badly. This is the boat I sold off. The aerial photography was a nice going away present 🎁. Bill
  6. Yes that lake has become a zoo. However years ago, if you could make it out there during the week it was like night and day quiet. Those days are over. There used to be a marina up north on that lake that had some beautiful vintage Chris Crafts tucked away. These days I haven't a clue. Sold my boat ⛵️ off (stringer and transom rot) in 2014. Still on the fence about getting back out there (HUDSON River) Bill
  7. Better than sitting as they are in the garage, wasting away. How about that boat 🚣 back there?? Go out to Candlewood? Bill
  8. If you're not interested yourself for use or restoration, I would hold them until summer is over, then do a fall Ebay listing, starting an auction at 100 bucks and just let it fly. Bill
  9. Hi Mike, The Seven came out around 1982. That speaker was renamed the "CD 7" 4 or 5 years later. The newer version has a redesigned crossover, however, the specifications are still essentially the same. 4ohm system, 2way. A very high quality loudspeaker, but could be tricky these days to find original 2 way tweeters for if they fail (or have). If your're planning on keeping and using them for at least a few years, I would launch an active search on Ebay, or wherever you like to shop for old stuff. Value and pricing can range from 50 to 500 or so depending on overall condition and whose looking at the time. If the woofers are unrestored originals, they need new foam surrounds now for sure, without even looking. Bill
  10. Everything "Hi Fi" started for me with my parents having a pair of Ar 2a 1963. Though I'm now a die hard Allison guy, I will buy this book and soak it up, cover to cover as soon as it comes out! Bill
  11. How is the IC restoration going?
  12. Ok I just revisited the White Oak website. Sorry I had forgotten I came across them probably 10 years ago while taking one of those internet trips down memory lane. Impressive work, but not a route I would have a need for (too much bulk for 5 channels) compared to Sunfire, which is a totally different design. Bill
  13. Did you mean to attach a link?
  14. You did beautifully with those Ones! Are the other drivers dent free as the panel pictured? To come up with a pair like that these days is treasure indeed. On used Allisons, mashed in drivers are commonplace compared to what you have. Was a shame the company went on the skids AFTER the driver protection issue was solved. Bill
  15. David, Thanks for that. I think I came across that mod. A few years back, while re visiting some of Bob Carvers Evolutionary history. After getting a reputation for having those amps implode, he sharpened his engineering pencils and came up with some near bulletproof designs (magnetic field "brand") and the Sunfire. (I'm sure you are aware of them. I had a new, original stock 400 coupled with the matching 2000 preamp. Despite the reputation, I got 11 years of heavy, high volume nearly abusive service out of it. Based on that, I stuck with Bob all this time from 1977 until present with the Sunfire multichannel amp. In Between there were the Carver 1.ot's from 88 until 2001. Those were sold off on EBay in perfect operating condition as is the current Sunfire, which remains in the system. Bill