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  1. Allison Seven Speakers Restored

    I’m with you on the Allison sound. what’s so cool 😎 about them is the build and sound quality is the same no matter which model. All those unique cabinet shapes were designed as solutions to room boundaries/size, etc. Interesting today there is an overemphasis on automated room correction, rather than overcoming many room challenges the way Roy did. Bill
  2. Allison CD6 Manual needed!

    When I was on the other forum, others reported excellent results when the need to turn the woofer on its side came up, and toe in also, if desired. One of my musician buddies had a pair many years ago but I never got to play with them. Bill
  3. Allison CD6 Manual needed!

    I saw the redundancy, that you have this one already, (oh well). Most of the Allison manuals read pretty much the same except for placement and the six follows bookshelf criteria. Good to have a foot at least above for the woofer to stretch out. Bill
  4. Allison CD6 Manual needed!

  5. Allison CD6 Manual needed!

    I have a spec. Sheet if you need..... Bill
  6. Restore Allison 9s?

    Yes! Been listed for a month or so....Those could mutate a pair of 9’s into something extraordinary. Perfect drop ins for my IC-20’s. A few years ago I would have jumped on them but already covered my spare parts since then. Bill
  7. Monitor Audio updates the CD6 form factor

    It’s a SQUARE.....nothing in common other than that. (Nor is it an update.....sorry! Bill
  8. Restore Allison 9s?

    The Allison is a totally unique loudspeaker and those midrange and tweeters have never been duplicated. That’s why answering your question is a tough one. Best thing to do, since listening is a highly subjective experience....is to get out there and audition as many new speakers as you can because at the end of the day, how you hear 👂 it is all that matters. Bill
  9. Restore Allison 9s?

    That was great that you were able to get the pictures to show.....they show what a typical Allison of that vintage looks like. Pushed in domes typical. Based on how you described your knowledge and ability in the “hands on department” I would advise walking away. EBay is where I would list them, and I would not expect to get much or maybe give them away, then find something pleasurable to you based on what you want to spend. Best of luck, whatever you decide! Bill
  10. Restore Allison 9s?

    Sorry...no google account can you attach directly on site? Bill
  11. Restore Allison 9s?

    Can you take pictures of the front (grille’s off) and a rear shot clearly showing the terminals. Picture worth a thousand words towards helping out. The 9 came in two versions and a rear shot would clarify. Bill
  12. Restore Allison 9s?

    When I put a Velodyne HGS 18 subwoofer in my living room, it was sitting there for a year before my wife even asked what it was. All spouses are different for sure (I’m very lucky 🍀) Bill
  13. Restore Allison 9s?

    Figure roughly 100 per driver that need work/replacement as a guideline. Equal value, in my opinion is measured in terms of the sound you are looking for. Bill
  14. I need to wipe the dust off my Audiokarma membership......2012 I think and look up my login! Bill
  15. Hi Glenn, I’ll try and make the 15 in Peekskill, is it walk in or tickets? Last trip to Mass. was to pick up speakers on an EBay purchase, over 5 years ago. Bill