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  1. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    No worries 😉 clearly your heart is in the right place. It’s unfortunate how tough it is these days with finding good Allison Parts. Bill
  2. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    You’re right at least I went back and looked and thought “castigated” was extreme to say the least. All of this comes back to what is now a very old story. The Allison tweeter was highly unique and never again duplicated. There is no satisfactory aftermarket replacement for it. At least the used market place can yield some results and quite a few of those Allison’s are interchangeable except the RDL’s that appear identical but are not interchangeable with any of the Allison models. Bill
  3. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Tweeter Trivia..... In the glory days of Allison Acoustics, if you blew a tweeter, a new one would ship to you from Natick in a week to 10 days at the most 30 to 40 bucks a pop including shipping. If you were an original owner, the cost was zip, unless you were way out of the 5 year warranty. Bill
  4. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Yes I remember, the Audax is an old story. However, the Allison with it’s unique dispersion characteristics has never been duplicated. I should be set for life with my spare stash, but if I run out of parts I will be leaving for another brand of loudspeaker. Bill
  5. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Unfortunately there is no service, repair or compatible, replacement for the original Allison Tweeters. Yes....there is always “the one guy” who got lucky and corrected a dead short created by the metal protective screen on the newer old versions. And a resoldering of the fragile external leads for the brass pins. Or the removal replacement of a dimpled cone. But a replacement voice coil that would match Roy’s specs. For the varied models simply doesn’t exist out there in the wild. Were it out there, believe me, I would jump on it. With a combination of 12 Allison tweeters (2 and 3 way) running in my current system, I have a vested interest indeed. Bill
  6. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    It would be nice if you could have this member share his story/success rate on the tweeters. Bill
  7. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Some of us have done minor repairs (like lead soldering which I have done). Personally I know of no member who has had any measure of success with voice coil restoration, and no exact coil to match the Allison is out there in the wild. Even when Allison was still around, never did they offer repair of their drivers....replacement only. Between 1977 and 1994, I saw a number of different production changes in the woofers, but the performance was always top notch. After that time, the inventory went away and The new woofers that showed up around 2000 were a big problem for the original cabinets. To obtain satisfactory performance, they had to be replaced in pairs and the gaskets had to be doubled up to keep the magnets from contacting inside. The mounting holes didn’t line up well either, somewhat of a nightmare. original woofers can be rebuilt easily by competent pros like Miller Sound and Simply Speakers to name a few. Those are the holy grail for restoration fans. My heart goes out to those in search of tweets. I’ve got a handy stash, but it was no easy task and took eight years to collect. Just when I thought I was set for life, the impossible happened and I found myself sitting on the first pair of Allison’s IC 20’s.....which was great....BUT, 20 drivers in a stereo pair rather than 12, so my spare search restarted for a while again. Bill
  8. Intro

    You are right on the money 💰 I'm sure. By the time Allison started up Acoustc Reaearch probably manufactured more units than Allison did during their entire existence. Bill
  9. Intro

    That's for sure.... some of us are AR "refugees" that evolved from AR, and some (like Tom Tyson,) continue to enjoy both. To this day, I'm amazed at the huge following AR has compared to Allison. One things for sure....I'm outnumbered by a mile! Bill
  10. Intro

    That's a nice, varied collection of models you have! Years ago I bought a CD 9 woofer on eBay (that still needs rebuilding) to have as a backup. That was after buying (2) new 10 inch woofers from the long gone "ressurected" Allison Acoustics of 2000. Those replacements are more "generic" and lack the detail that Roy Allison had specified for the woofers in all of his "one thru nine" models. One of those two went away when I sold off my Allison Ones, and the other is unused in a box, and it will stay there. Bill
  11. I was finally able to aquire a second pair of Allison Sevens!

    Yes, but More importantly, what voice coil. As was indicated earlier, a new one was put in. The frequency response COULD be close, but Roy's were unique and the overall response would be highly unlikely to match. I was Surprised actually......for years Miller sound would, on special request, do Some repairs on original Allison tweeters, if they could be salvaged, but I never heard of them going in there and replacing the voice coil with an alternate. Bill
  12. I was finally able to aquire a second pair of Allison Sevens!

    Well, I am glad that at least, it is functioning while perhaps, you continue the search for a working original. At the Natick Mass. plant, they had barrels for tweeters and midrange drivers that the rejects went into en route to disposal, if the final assembly did not test measure up to spec. Certainly I was hoping the results would have been better for you, but as soon as I saw the dome, I got worried. To this day, the Allison tweeter (and you lost the original guts) has never been duplicated. Bill
  13. I was finally able to aquire a second pair of Allison Sevens!

    Would love to get your listening impressions of The tweeters when all is back together! Bill
  14. I was finally able to aquire a second pair of Allison Sevens!

    Oh sorry...no worries. somewhere along your "photo path" you can save them as smaller images and send those....don't go crazy over that. I had that problem when I posted the IC20 user manual last year. Broke it down to individual pages in order to send. Bill