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  1. newandold

    seeking Allison 2nd series AL130 speakers please !

    Neil, There is a pair today of AL 130 on EBay Bill
  2. newandold

    Carl Richard (Carlspeak) RIP 11-11-2017

    RIP Carl Only today, in 2019, did I read about Carl’s passing. He left me with a great impression from the exchanges we had back in the day. Someone sent me a pm that led me to the news this morning. Bill
  3. newandold

    seeking Allison 2nd series AL130 speakers please !

    EBay is your best shot. Craigs List within driving range is another option. I’ve been looking for the AL130 for years with no success. No complaints since I have the IC 20, but still I would grab a pair if they were in good shape. Bill
  4. newandold

    T-Nut Alternative?

    I know the temptation to walk away from Tnuts when the particle board strips or breaks away, but it’s important to remember that the particle board itself is the REAL problem. When the drill holes are made for the drivers, invariably one occasionally ends up where the board is weaker than in another location, so later on we end up with the problem. Carefully handled, the T nuts are just fine and I replace one that’s impossible with a nylon hollow wall anchor. Bill
  5. newandold

    the aillson 4 blues..help needed

    The last time I did this, I simply added the holes for the two driver leads and the spring loaded pins remained. Bill
  6. newandold

    the aillson 4 blues..help needed

    I see the Allison screen protected midrange drivers every day! Eight of them are currently in service in my Allisons plus 4 spares in stock. Bill
  7. newandold

    Need IC20 schematic

    Hi Walter, It’s been a long time. Curious as to how (or if) you made out on the restoration...can you share the latest? Bill
  8. newandold

    Allison replacement drivers from Kentucky

    The woofers supplied to the new company from Eminence. That was the outsourcing. The Allison tweeter and the Allison midrange were built by the the company unti the very end of things. David Faulkner is a very nice fellow and master financier, However, Roy Allison was always....and uniquely, the “Mastermind”. Bill
  9. newandold

    Allison replacement drivers from Kentucky

    Allison stopped producing the old style mids and tweets in the late eighties as they were replaced with the plastic bezels and protective screens while selling out the old style inventory. However, the mechanical spec. Including power handling did not change. The exception could be some of those woofers that were outsourced after 2000. Bill
  10. newandold

    Restore Allison 9s?

    A nice pair of Allison 9 listed this week before Thanksgiving (2018) EBay Bill
  11. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    One of the best “corner loaded” systems in the world for 350 bucks? Can’t beat that. Still have them?
  12. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    Yes! I went through the ups and downs of affording Audio gear. The original flagship Allison One that I bought new in 1977 were 760 for the pair. The CD 9, containing half the drivers were selling for around 1100 I believe. You know better than I most likely. I brought the A1’s into the marriage and ran out of toy money for quite a while....I had enough trouble spending on a woofer repair let alone anything else. Bill
  13. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    Last time I saw a pair of 9’s that sweet was in a Hi Fi store...Brand New. Back in the Eighties New York. We had two local dealers back then that sold Allison. I bought my first pair from the other called Harvey Sound at the time. Bill
  14. newandold

    Wall mounting Allison CD6

    With minimal esthetic impact, you could run half or quarter inch wood strips laterally, (just long enough to catch the studs.) Painted to match the wall, the structural integrity would be tenfold. Bill