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  1. Hi Mike, Curious, did you ever pursue this? Bill
  2. Yes I’m well aware the 7s are nominal 4ohm.... I said 120 watts of AMPLIFIER power at 8ohm rms per channel would be a great match for those.
  3. Best suggestion I can offer you in your shopping travels, is to get yourself in the average of 120 watts per channel @8ohm with those puppies. Whatever you come up with, if you can get into that range and even better with a Subwoofer integrated, you will get the best out of those systems they have to offer. Bill
  4. Frank, It’s amazing 😉 that just by hearing the jazz on your video I can pick up the clean, crystal clear sound you’re getting. No frequency range on a smart phone (like listening to the whole thing thru one tweeter) but if your sound was dull or muddy that would reveal itself. Bill
  5. I grew up with AR’s in the house and YES they sounded very good. But....something was missing to my ears and indeed, I grew weary of the whole potentiometer thing. When I heard the Allison One and bought my first pair, it was pure coincidence that I discovered afterwards that Roy Allison was part of AR beforehand. Too bad the Allison slope switches never made it into the old AR’s in place of those pots...it most decidedly would have been a step up (they’re not perfect either) but at least they are virtually self cleaning, simply by sliding them back and forth, with a shot of Deoxit every couple of years. The Allison’s play cleaner and louder, and that was the real game changer. Bill
  6. might like it! Check it out now! https://ebay.us/XN1JUu Bill
  7. Using the balance control is a small compromise indeed! The drivers in the two versions are identical, and that’s really all that matters. Over the years, many changes occurred in the build of the Allison Midrange and Tweeter....most of those to protect the drivers from getting mashed in, but the raw performance remained the same. I use 3 pairs of Allisons in my Music/Movie system, and all the drivers, (except the woofers) have the factory protective screens. Bill
  8. Ha Ha...……………(you can tell them I say "hi") Even on my iPhone I could hear your tweeters ! That is a very "live" sounding room, with hard wood area rug and so on. (of course no critical listening evaluation.) With some hearing loss (or without) voices can become harder to stand out in such a reverberant field. Some acoustic panel treatment on the walls could help that. Bill
  9. Ok... I was able to view the front facing shot with the grill off. That is the correct tweeter. Those speakers look beautiful in that shot!
  10. Hello austingonzo, Hard to characterize the sound you’re getting....seeing the tweets just to be sure they are correct. The crossovers, if unaltered, should be fine with the original capacitors (very high quality). I m running all originals without issues. Are you certain both tweeters were operational?
  11. Someone from the Allison Speakers Yahoo! Group contacted me several months ago because there was a spirited discussion going on there involving the IC20’s. He said I was “missing out”, but I had too many problems with Yahoo (a shame, not the group itself) to go back there again. In lieu of the spam risk, there is (or was) a lot more Allison going on there, than here. Can you post a picture....I’m interested in seeing the tweeters in Your speakers. Bill
  12. According to the Spec. sheet data, the newer (CD9) has slightly higher 90 db. SPL over the older version, that's rated at 87. So, the CD 9 SHOULD be the louder of the two. Yours is a somewhat negligible difference and even loudspeaker placement could have the other appear to play louder. Bill
  13. I have both specs. here. Long time since I looked, and curious about the output difference. Are the EBay woofers OEM and matched? If not could easily account for the discrepancy. Bill
  14. Hi Melvin, I saw some, on EBay within the last few weeks. Don’t know if they are still there but worth a look. Bill
  15. The Allison 5 and Allison 7 pre-date the CD series, but all of them are 2 way 4” tweets that fit and work like the originals. There are more... The AL 110, 115 and AL 120 additionally
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