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  1. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    One of the best “corner loaded” systems in the world for 350 bucks? Can’t beat that. Still have them?
  2. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    Yes! I went through the ups and downs of affording Audio gear. The original flagship Allison One that I bought new in 1977 were 760 for the pair. The CD 9, containing half the drivers were selling for around 1100 I believe. You know better than I most likely. I brought the A1’s into the marriage and ran out of toy money for quite a while....I had enough trouble spending on a woofer repair let alone anything else. Bill
  3. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    Last time I saw a pair of 9’s that sweet was in a Hi Fi store...Brand New. Back in the Eighties New York. We had two local dealers back then that sold Allison. I bought my first pair from the other called Harvey Sound at the time. Bill
  4. newandold

    Wall mounting Allison CD6

    With minimal esthetic impact, you could run half or quarter inch wood strips laterally, (just long enough to catch the studs.) Painted to match the wall, the structural integrity would be tenfold. Bill
  5. newandold

    Allison Nines (almost) of my dreams - questions

    Congratulations on your latest find! The older these things get the more impressed I am when somebody comes up with a pair as nice as you describe. I would Just rub out the oak with lemon oil and leave it. Metal pitting is tough. If you want those bases really sweet you could bring them to an automotive body shop that does powder coating (perhaps) if they can match the color closely, all computer done these days, they would look awesome. Grant it, that might be a bit pricey. I would replace the spider in both woofers at some point even if they look fine. After 30+ years the woofer can run past the intended excursion limits and bottom more easily. I’ve got 8 Allison woofers in my system. Had the 4 10 inch refoamed and the spiders replaced in 2012 and the 4 /8 inch done the same in 2016. Bill
  6. newandold

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    Hello Glenn, Way back when....January I said I would show up (live near by 10 minutes) but perils of life took over this month...…...maybe next time! Bill
  7. newandold

    Allison 6 (CD6) tweeter health/repair question

    Is the other tweeter as nice in appearance as the posted picture? If it is you really hit pay dirt. As Allison "Fades" into the sunset, it's getting more and more difficult to find anything left that's good. Bill
  8. newandold

    Allison 6 (CD6) tweeter health/repair question

    I noticed you said “apparently” good...hope they are working ok. Yes the shipping of Allison’s is tough if the seller fails at packaging. with only one exception, my luck with that was pretty good. The last pair I bought were close enough to drive it. Bill
  9. newandold

    Wall mounting Allison CD6

    More than necessary...the weight of the cube cannot be supported without the studs if freestanding is the goal. A sheet rock wall is one of the hardest surfaces to accomplish what you’re after. Wood, brick etc. would be different. I had the same problem as you with Sheetrock and needing my 115’s similar in weight in a specific location. I opted for wood support brackets from Home Depot. A combination of hollow wall anchors and hitting the studs in a few locations was more than enough to handle the load. Hard to believe those things have been up there 18 years next month. 2 years ago the woofers came down for a total rebuild. Bill
  10. newandold


    8 tweeters and 8 midrange. I was faced with that same worry when I grabbed a pair of RA’s IC 20’s. So far all is well. Developing a stash of spare parts would be a smart move if a speaker that old is going to get a lot of playtime. Bill
  11. newandold

    The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    Hi Tom, There was a point when I actually thought about going to the 901 for that sheer DB output those units were capable of. I preferred the overall sound of the Allison:One, but I also had a too loud habit (continuously) in those days. I went back many times and played the 901s but never went for them. Bill
  12. newandold

    That tweeter looks familiar...

    Link problems.....clarify?? comparing to 105 tweeters? Bill
  13. newandold

    Accessing/Upgrading Allison Three Crossover

    I would not call the Original Three an unfortunate find at all compared to the Kentucky Model. The newer cabs "look" pretty, however as a loudspeaker, in the Allison tradition, the original is superior, for a number of reasons. The grilles on the newer units, have hole cutouts behind the cloth instead of full open dispersion provided by the original (though admittedly fragile) plastic grilles. If I owned the newer versions, I would use them without the grilles, as the cabs are nicely finished throughout. You are starting out worrying about the crossovers (you will need to access them by removing the midrange and tweeter if necessary). They are glued and stapled to the inside of the cab. and would be a nightmare if you go there. I would clean the contacts and the slope switch, then test the speakers before doing any disassembly of the crossover first. THE most important aspect of bringing those systems up to spec. is the integrity of the drivers themselves. At 40 years plus, a rebuild of the woofers is vital, both the spider and the surround, provided the voice coils are A OK. Tweeters generally either work, or don't and hope you get lucky with that. Midrange: voice coil rubbing was the main issue with those and can be heard in very quiet musical passages. I have had Bill Legall of Miller Sound realign several of those over the years. The connectors handle 14 gauge easily, more than enough for most applications. You can use 12 gauge stranded with a spade connector easily enough. Bill
  14. newandold

    The Electronic Subwoofer

    Little to do with “clean power” but rather the frequency response those drivers are asked to respond to. That’s the litmus test for how bulletproof they really are. I paired the A1’s to a “Bulletproof” Velodyne powered subwoofer ? and as a system, they reached 15 HZ, and the ESW can’t go near there. Bill
  15. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Got it!