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  1. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Yes......that was the original fuse kit that Allison made available before the "Power Shield" resetting protectors. (Installed the same way but no fuse to replace) The fuse was an MDX-2...I still have some of those fuses, but I replaced those wood fuse blocks with units from Radio Shack. The last of the Allison Lineup had bi stable resistors installed in the crossover networks to handle the fuse duty. Bill
  2. Allison Tweeter w/ silicone damping/cooling material.

    Great 👍 where did you get it from?
  3. Reference 2a set purchased, pre-use questions

    Good move.... If the one with the grill on looks as good as what can be seen you should get years from them before surrounds are needed. The woofer looks like new foam was already done on it. All of my Allison woofers have been redone, and that’s A Lot of woofers! Bill
  4. Reference 2a set purchased, pre-use questions

    They look nice....just run them. The surrounds on the woofers appear to have been redone. And nicely, at least the one I can see. As Allison had stated the tweeters require no maintenance, and in fact should not be handled at all. Bill
  5. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Hi Pete, Sorry, I misread one of your posts along the way, regarding what you had done (or not) with Allison tweeters. I’ve been in and out of these Allison forums since 1999, and so far, none of my reading and research has come up with a professional loudspeaker repair service, that deals with the Allison tweeter. Actually, I did locate an outfit in Florida, that mentioned Allison, but didn’t follow up on it (not Simply Speakers). That’s going back probably 10 years already. My research was intended to benefit others on the forum who needed help with tweeters. Luckily, I’ve got a nice personal stash of spares, some of which are new old unused stock. It took over 7 years to come up with enough to feel comfortable about running multi channel Allison audio, without worrying about what to do in the event the bad thing happens. Bill
  6. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    On the tweeters only; How many of those that you fixed involved a burned out, crushed or otherwise unusable voice coil, that needed to be replaced and where did you find voice coils that matched the Allison spec. For both the two and 3way units? Perhaps you are referring to the simple tasks that HAVE been done by a number of do it yourselfers, such as dent pulling, lead extensions and dead shorts from the protective screens on the later versions? Bill
  7. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Sometimes the clearest path to success is to tell someone it can’t be done..... Bill
  8. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    I’ve been saving my dead one for over 10 years in the hopes that someone on the forums would come up with a guaranteed fix..... Bill
  9. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    No worries 😉 clearly your heart is in the right place. It’s unfortunate how tough it is these days with finding good Allison Parts. Bill
  10. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    You’re right at least I went back and looked and thought “castigated” was extreme to say the least. All of this comes back to what is now a very old story. The Allison tweeter was highly unique and never again duplicated. There is no satisfactory aftermarket replacement for it. At least the used market place can yield some results and quite a few of those Allison’s are interchangeable except the RDL’s that appear identical but are not interchangeable with any of the Allison models. Bill
  11. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

  12. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Tweeter Trivia..... In the glory days of Allison Acoustics, if you blew a tweeter, a new one would ship to you from Natick in a week to 10 days at the most 30 to 40 bucks a pop including shipping. If you were an original owner, the cost was zip, unless you were way out of the 5 year warranty. Bill
  13. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Yes I remember, the Audax is an old story. However, the Allison with it’s unique dispersion characteristics has never been duplicated. I should be set for life with my spare stash, but if I run out of parts I will be leaving for another brand of loudspeaker. Bill
  14. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Unfortunately there is no service, repair or compatible, replacement for the original Allison Tweeters. Yes....there is always “the one guy” who got lucky and corrected a dead short created by the metal protective screen on the newer old versions. And a resoldering of the fragile external leads for the brass pins. Or the removal replacement of a dimpled cone. But a replacement voice coil that would match Roy’s specs. For the varied models simply doesn’t exist out there in the wild. Were it out there, believe me, I would jump on it. With a combination of 12 Allison tweeters (2 and 3 way) running in my current system, I have a vested interest indeed. Bill
  15. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    It would be nice if you could have this member share his story/success rate on the tweeters. Bill