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  1. The Electronic Subwoofer

    Exactly! The Allison ESW was ok back in the day when these speakers were NEW....but now, BAD IDEA. Subwoofer is the way to go. Great bass extension alternatively, without stressing these precious and now scarce drivers. There has been an explosion of small, effective outboard powered (and some passive) subwoofers that are great with small to mid sized loudspeakers. Unheard of choices compared to what you could do in the seventies. Bill
  2. ALLISON 20 A.pdf.url ALLISON 20 B.pdf.url ALLISON 20 C.pdf.url ALLISON 20 D.pdf.url
  3. In the Library section, I have posted both sides of an install sheet found while cleaning house. This is with regards to driver replacement, and I thought the internal connection color coding would be quite useful for those who aquire used Allisons that may have issues with the crossover to driver wiring. The color coding for Models One thru Nine are indicated on the Internal connections side. Bill
  4. House Cleaning......came across this sheet (original from Natick) for replacement of Allison Drivers. Very useful for those with used Allison's needing confirmation of color coding leads from crossovers to drivers. Bill
  5. The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    I believe the 901 used in the discos way back were a commercial version designed to handle heavier high volume usage. Both however, could handle all kinds of power and were a good match for the “super amps” that were also arriving on scene. I recall taking a motorcycle 🏍 ride with a buddy of mine to a Holiday Inn for a demo of the WAVE radio. As usual, BOSE put on a clever show with it....hiding it behind a big video screen, that raised to impress everybody about the little box with the big sound. The cutaway units showing the air channels were also on display. Bill
  6. Allison Today

    9 year old thread but yeah, STILL once in a blue moon a pair show up on EBay. By now the woofs will probably need the little surrounds even if they are new old stock in a box. (Actually, an 11 year oldie!)thread Bill
  7. Introducing the Bosar 903a tower speaker...

    I agree and would also suggest ditching the dresser in favor of a consolidating rack for the gear and turntable. That’s taking up space that’s hurting your ability to fine tune the speaker locations. Bill
  8. Allison One Gold....info wanted

    Hi Mel, If you have not done so already, create a “saved search” on EBay for “Allison” under consumer electronics, since this is where most people list. You might get lucky on Craig’s List, or Audiogon, etc. But not as much. Additionally your query is misplaced. I would suggest starting a new topic thread on this forum with your question. Bill
  9. the aillson 4 blues..help needed

    Hi Les, Yes, they can be soldered off the top as you say. Of course, the final procedure depends on what driver he ends up with. The reason I would advise against that is the fragile nature of the wiring of these old Allison tweeters. Drilling the two small holes in the boss cutout “upgrades” the cab. To the way all the newer ones are without risking damage to the tweeter. The Madisound tweeter would also mean no brass pin connection. I haven’t seen the back of one of those, but the drilling in that case might not be necessary. Bill
  10. the aillson 4 blues..help needed

    Hi Les, Yes, that’s the way to go with that tweeter, if you don’t want to drill. Those newer replacements were built to handle the changes with the newer cabinets that did away with the external connectors. Somewhere around 1990, no more tweeters were available from Allison with those fragile, external leads. By around then, all were made with the protective screens and rear connectors only. The operating specs. However, remain the same. If one wants to install Al 115 (for example) tweeters in the A Four, drilling the two lead holes is a must. Bill
  11. the aillson 4 blues..help needed

    I should mention all the two way tweeters could also be used (AL 110, 115, 120) the AL series. Excluding the 105. Some boss cutout drilling is needed to put those in an original A4 cabinet with brass pin connectors (2 holes to internally connect the leads.) Bill
  12. the aillson 4 blues..help needed

    The only thing I could add to this would be to keep an eye out for complete, used two way systems to obtain the needed drivers and for spares. Allison: 4, 5,6,7, all are viable choices. The driver movement on behalf of yahoo groups could not get anywhere and was also attempted years ago with the woofers.....same outcome. Bill
  13. Intro

  14. Intro

    I will convert this file to pdf or image. Posted from the pc, but can’t open it from the phone Bill
  15. Intro

    As promised, here are driver specifications for Allison drivers while Roy Allison was still with us. The magnets on the CD-9 were round, to answer that previous question. I have a CD-9 woofer here, in need of restoration. Bill _AllisonDriverSpecsRevised24Nov2008.xls