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  1. First off, I would not worry that you're missing sound quality generated by those tweeters. Several guys on the other forum had test measured older mids and tweeters to find little if any degradation in their performance. The primary function of the ferrofluid ( and silicone grease in the 3 way tweeters) is to protect the voice coil from heat. You're right about not servicing the fluids.....that would only invite disaster. Bill
  2. The biggest problem (in my opinion) with selling the original A1, is the fact that they are 40 years old, and housing so many old drivers that have those delicate wires exposed. The newest of the old allisons did away with the wires exposed and the wooden bezels years before the company went out however, these still got em. its a lot of money to be up a creak without a paddle if you loose a driver. Bill
  3. Hearing is EVERYTHING, especially if one is a newcomer to the sound of Allisons. If the seller has a receiver of at least 50 wpc and you can demo with some of your favorites, that should be enough. Everyone "hears" differently, so at the end of the day, it's your call. Try to demo with the speakers against the wall, 3 to 4 feet away from a corner to get the proper bass response. Bill
  4. Allison One Gold Signature Series Audio Speakers Feb 1, 2017 ... FOR SALE Allison One Gold Signature Series Audio Speakers Personally signed by Acoustic Engineer extraordinaire Roy Allison himself!
  5. Some confusion here it seems.... There are two pair of speakers being discussed here. So far we have seen no pictures posted of the "Signature" Allisons that were going for two grand. (From the "gold post") This Craigslist for an original pair of A1's is a different pair all together. Regarding those, they look good and have had the usual things done to A1's that have seen a lot of action. The woofers are re foamed, but I would ask how long ago they were done. All the tweeters have been replaced with newer, original Allison tweeters which is also perfectly fine (hopefully all 3 way versions). Also, I notice the Allison logo badges are missing from both grilles. Bill
  6. If they are physically in like new condition and I were happy with the audition, I would offer 1500 tops. The signature aspect of the loudspeaker makes no difference to me. Bill
  7. So sorry to hear that. For years I bought used Allison parts and complete speakers. half the battle can be who you're dealing with. A poor communicator is better to walk away from. Bill
  8. To be fair, it's important to compare apples to apples. Of course, we are talking about the signature series cabinets from 2002, autographed by Roy himself. The pricing was vastly different from the original series A1's. I paid 760.00 for my original pair brand new back in 1977. Hey! I'm with you and prefer the original, but 25 years into the future changed the prices dramatically. (A shot below of my A1's before my Ebay guy picked them up) In case you guys never saw it.....the other of the three from 2002....a shot of the "new" Allison three.
  9. That should be a sweet room for them. Actually, the hardest thing to do with the Allison's is to put them where they sound "bad" if you know what I mean! Enjoy!
  10. That's a tough call, especially if you have not experienced the wide dispersion sound of the Allison One. I've been hooked on it since 1977 and it's been a progression ever since, now adding cutting edge electronics (not even cd's were available when the A1 was introduced) to bring out all the great sound they can deliver. I would make the trip if you can arrange a two grand those speakers probably will go nowhere for quite some time. That being said, if they are indeed pristine, an offer of 1500 would be a good starting point, I believe. You never have to worry about the woofers, since they can be serviced by a number of competent outfits. (I use Miller Sound, but there are quite a few others) The real trick is having a spare of the 3way tweeter and midrange. The originals of those will fit in that Gold version, except the oldest with the outside wires would be a problem. Between roughly 1980 up to the last, those mids and tweets had rear connections that would be fine with those units. Ironically, I own a full set of the actual drivers that are installed in the speakers you may be visiting. Bill
  11. You might want to subscribe to the Yahoo "Allison Loudspeaker" group. (If anything is still going on there). Roy Allison was a member of that group and back when the new A1 came out, there was one person who had a sample pair and performed extensive test measurements on them, with very good results, much similar to the original, that I owned for 35 years. Curious if you have or have listened to the Original Allison One? Bill
  12. It's enough, unless you like to play things consistently on the louder side, then 80/100 WPC (used with discretion) could be better. Straining an amp. to its limits could fry a tweeter down the road. I'm sure you've seen that it doesn't take much power to get nice volume out of those A4's. You could also improve the output of those by adjusting the placement. If that's your layout (pictured). The speakers are hampered being so far back on that table, with the reflections against it and also, the receiver partially blocking the inside tweeters and all rather close together. I understand there is not always a choice, but perhaps you could try stands against the wall, with a farther would make a world of difference. Bill
  13. The 5K tag was only for the signature and if I recall the New A1 was retailed at around 3400. Roy A. had already successfully marketed Home Theater loudspeakers before this with his RA labs company. I don't know how it was thought, that building a surround sound layout of the three VERY expensive models introduced was going to fly (and it didn't in the end.) The Allison 3 by the way, was the other model re-introduced. For myself, the discussion about it and the following literature was almost painful to read and look at. (No subwoofer necessary) always stuck out in my mind. By then, I had integrated my own pair of Allison Ones into a Home Theater layout and I knew, ignoring the demands of movie tracks with loud (and low frequency) explosions and all the rest, that too often goes lower than what the A1 woofers were built to deal with was fatal. The new grilles were also a problem. They appear like those used by RA on the IC20 venture, but instead of a clean, thin frame covered with thin cloth, the new ones were built with only holes cut out just large enough to expose the drivers. I never had hands on them myself, but it was said by others that the wide design dispersion of the drivers may have been compromised by too small an opening for only the face of the driver itself. Bill
  14. ......An image from the CES showing both the "New" One and Four. Bill
  15. Those A2 drivers are in beautiful original condition! A joy to see given some of the junk that shows up on EBay with all the dust caps mashed in. Bill