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  1. newandold

    Accessing/Upgrading Allison Three Crossover

    I would not call the Original Three an unfortunate find at all compared to the Kentucky Model. The newer cabs "look" pretty, however as a loudspeaker, in the Allison tradition, the original is superior, for a number of reasons. The grilles on the newer units, have hole cutouts behind the cloth instead of full open dispersion provided by the original (though admittedly fragile) plastic grilles. If I owned the newer versions, I would use them without the grilles, as the cabs are nicely finished throughout. You are starting out worrying about the crossovers (you will need to access them by removing the midrange and tweeter if necessary). They are glued and stapled to the inside of the cab. and would be a nightmare if you go there. I would clean the contacts and the slope switch, then test the speakers before doing any disassembly of the crossover first. THE most important aspect of bringing those systems up to spec. is the integrity of the drivers themselves. At 40 years plus, a rebuild of the woofers is vital, both the spider and the surround, provided the voice coils are A OK. Tweeters generally either work, or don't and hope you get lucky with that. Midrange: voice coil rubbing was the main issue with those and can be heard in very quiet musical passages. I have had Bill Legall of Miller Sound realign several of those over the years. The connectors handle 14 gauge easily, more than enough for most applications. You can use 12 gauge stranded with a spade connector easily enough. Bill
  2. newandold

    The Electronic Subwoofer

    Little to do with “clean power” but rather the frequency response those drivers are asked to respond to. That’s the litmus test for how bulletproof they really are. I paired the A1’s to a “Bulletproof” Velodyne powered subwoofer 🔊 and as a system, they reached 15 HZ, and the ESW can’t go near there. Bill
  3. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Got it!
  4. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    I disagree, actually. The purpose of an equalizer is to arrive at a nominally flat response in the listening room, from the loudspeakers, compensating for room anomalies, loudspeaker placement and so on. You would not be swapping cartridges as a means to achieve that. Once EQ has been established in the listening room, there would normally be little variation in that regardless of the source. Bill
  5. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    I don’t know, IMHO, until a vinyl nut arrives at where he/she, wants to be with turntable cartridge considerations, an EQ would not even figure into the mix. Not an exacting science.....knowing for sure where the differences in the audio spectrum will be between specific cartridge tonearm combinations. Bill
  6. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Equalization is what you do AFTER you have tweaked your turntable/tonearm/ cartridge/to deliver the most accurate rendering of the music possible. You are right about the futzing, but if you are a record nut, NO amount of that is too much. Bill
  7. newandold

    Facts on AR collector demand....

    Yes....not surprised but always amazed at the following and demand for vintage AR pieces. I am primarily an Allison guy, and as I watch Allison’s fade into oblivion, I get a little jealous! Considering the performance delivered by either the 3 or 3a, I don’t consider those prices to be over the top by any means. Bill
  8. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    .....figured I could not be the only one ☝️! Bill
  9. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    You guys may enjoy this performance with Joni and Jaco and Pat Metheny Bill
  10. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    This topic has become quite entertaining! That being said, my interest in it has as little to do with audio as one could possibly imagine. Bill
  11. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Most interesting was the O.P derailing his own thread Bill
  12. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Hey Tom, Considering the beautiful condition of your Allison Ones, it’s no surprise to see your XA preserved and displayed so beautifully! Bill
  13. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Hi David, Of course It’s all subjective regarding equipment and listening preferences....I totally get that. As a retired, semi professional drummer, I’m very attuned to accurate sound and kept two sets of drums tuned and sized if you will for the gig at hand. My point is, I’ve never made a correlation between musical genre and what type of equipment it is rendered on, in the context of recorded music. Your preference for jazz on records Is probably because many early recordings of all genre tossed onto CD were simply awful. A huge black eye for the digital domain in the early days. Bill
  14. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Since 2014, this is my AR turntable:The days of scratching plastic with a nail are long gone for me. Bill
  15. newandold

    AR-XA in box?

    Oh Wow! (That is extraordinary). I bought one brand new in 1969 for 75 dollars 💵. Brings back the memory of all those intricate pieces of protective cardboard fitting like a puzzle to shield everything in there. I would challenge anybody to put it back the way it came were it necessary! I STILL have the original box (sans) packing material, though it has been repurposed. Also, I have the see saw gram scale and the tool for setting the correct tone arm length depending on the cartridge. I did loose one thing that was cool....the supplied 45 rpm adapter made Of machined aluminum (that was a nice piece.) Bill