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  1. Hi David, Huge differences between an air conditioned room on the main floor for example, compared to a basement listening room. I lived with both for a decade and a half each. Upstairs, things like pots and switches stay clean for the longest time. Speaker surrounds last much longer but are eventually doomed no matter where they are. I'm a late comer to your "5" acquisition. What a great find! I had a new pair of 2ax just shortly before the Five was introduced. Back then, I was not in a position to make any changes but I WAS thinking if both were available when I got my pair I probably would have opted for the 5. I could not help but notice that modified Phase Linear 400 in the background. Could you provide some information on the restoration, if you know. Bill
  2. If you scroll down to the topic: Allison Eight Inch Rebuilt Woofers You can see what 8 inch Allisons look like after Bill Legall gets done. Although the magnet assembly differs, the restoration work leaves the magnets untouched. Regarding the age of the Seven woofers, it's a good idea to replace the spiders no matter what they look like. Compliance is very different from physical appearance (i.e. Sagging etc.) especially if you play at fairly loud levels or play source material with low end stuff involved. Bill
  3. The resistance is correct at 4ohm, only you can decide if you like the sound. I'm not sure I understand you. Are you saying you have the originals for this pair and they need restoration? lf you've got originals in your possession it's a no brainer for me.... off they go to Miller sound! Bill
  4. By the way, when our very own Roy Allison was still with us, HE had restoration work (in retirement) done by Bill Legall of Millersound. Bill
  5. Allison Acoustics never offered recone kits ever....for any of their drivers. Only replacement drivers, tested and passed by the factory were sold to the end user. That being said, and as another here has mentioned, outfits like Bill Legall and several others out there can successfully repair whatever is necessary on an Allison woofer. Bill
  6. The document is now here as 4 attachments.
  7. Here you go are part of a VERY small crowd, to be sure. Bill IC-20+factory+schematics.pdf
  8. Nothing is better than an honest seller on eBay, I mean if you simply wanted to wash your hands of them and walk. I would put them on there for pickup only....what you paid as a starting bid. When the bidding starts it will probably go beyond the 200. Ebay buyers who know more about them than you do, simply by looking will set the price. Of course if you want to go thru the electrical/mechanical evaluation of the systems, you could do much better financially. Some Allison drivers were selling a few weeks back for 200 bucks a pop. (One driver). Slim pickins out the end of the day, you'll need to decide what you would like to do! Bill
  9. Oh, I understand....good luck whatever you decide to do. Good news is that pair are BOTH a worthwhile project, OR the drivers themselves can get your money back (and then some) on Ebay, should you decide not to go forward. Best Regards, Bill
  10. You have a pair of modified hybrids, for sure. Those are the newer, biamp. Crossovers, and updated drivers installed in an older cabinet. If everything is airtight and correctly wired, they should work fine. Still the woofers need to be restored and hopefully, all the tweeters and midrange units function. Finding replacement mids and tweets these days is by far, the biggest hurdle. If they all work, I would leave the dents alone for now and just take care of the woofers. Bill
  11. Thanks for the pictures! It these are the original Ones that have been retrofitted with the newer tweeters and midrange drivers. Looking closely at those shots, you can see that the original holes have been filled and painted where the brass pins once were. That's not a bad thing at all, so long as the crossovers have not been altered. I always thought the newer bi amp crossover was unnecessary for that system and often wished my pair would have come from the factory just the way yours are now, ironically. A photo shot of the backs would tell us for sure. Bill
  12. I understand that. The A1 was the focal point of my system for 35 years. In top operational condition, they are one of the finest speakers you could find anywhere, at any price, especially if you're a fan of the wide dispersion characteristics they were known for. Evaluating the condition of all the individual drivers would be my first task. Capacitors SHOULD be at the very bottom of the list with those systems. The caps used in the Allisons were high quality and it's unlikely even now, that they've drifted significantly enough to have an audiable impact on the sound. Could you post pictures with the covers off? That would answer a world of questions. If the woofers have not been re-surrounded they will need that for sure. At 40 years of age, they may need more than just that. The woofers are the obvious, then comes the rest of the drivers. The A1's are wired like having 6 pair of speakers all rolled up into one system. Each pair of identical drivers are wired together in series, (if one tweeter is not functioning the other will also fail to run.) The same is true for the midrange units and woofers. Hopefully, we can see some pics and go from there. Bill
  13. Sure! Within just a few years. The A1's came in two flavors. The introduction model has outboard connections to the tweeters and mid range units (thin leads connected by spring loaded brass pins.) (1975/77) The "newer" versions have those drivers connected internally. They stayed pretty much that way until the end of the One, around 1985. Bill
  14. So you've had an eye out, that's good......eventually you will hit pay dirt if you get notifications from Ebay. For years I collected some perfect Allison drivers from Ebay, but passed on tons of "junk" in between. It's a tough process and getting harder as time passes. I've got a good stash now and need it, since my system involves 28 Allison drivers, plus one Non Allison Subwoofer. Did you know Sumner Bennett when you were at Allison? Bill
  15. Sorry 😐 about least you tried. my last ebay pair were a one day round trip (I'm also in NY) otherwise it would have been a no sale. Ironically, they were a little over 30 miles from the old Natick plant. Bill