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  1. I realized yesterday you (and I) were responding to a post from 4 and one half years ago! Let's hope the problem was solved by now. Bill (chronologically challenged)
  2. That sounds like David....he was very accommodating and gave it a good shot back then. Hard to believe how long ago it was. Last time I talked with him he seemed to have too much time on his hands....that's because they were cleaning out the office for good unfortunately. I bought some inventory from him in Oct. of 2000 which included a closeout on those NL1440 units, very similar to the 115 though with a smaller cabinet....still the 8 inch woofer though, the same one from the 115. You can see the restoration I did under the 8 inch woofer restoration thread if you're interested. I bought a pair of 115's on Ebay around 10 years ago. They are in very good shape, but have no serial numbers (removed by someone before I got them). They now have new foam and new spiders also. Bill
  3. From top to bottom: 1980's Second Photo around 1994 Last photo 2000, note the wide dust cap....these are the woofers that were in the last version of the loudspeaker, It's been said, supplied by the last owner, but built by Eminence. Bill
  4. I still have one unused woofer that was used in the last, newest version of the Allison One from 2001. When I get back to my pc, I will post pictures of all the A1 woofers I've dealt with since 1976. That "new" woofer worked fine in David Faulkners last A1 incarnation as a set of four, but were an ill fit for the original cabinets. Those A2's stolen had 16ohm woofers wired in parallel, so on those your experiment would have worked. Bill
  5. Well, you have my curiosity! What is the "last one ever made" story? I can relate since I have a first pair (Allison) Bill
  6. Hi Tim, I don't do a lot of posting here, but your pot dilemma struck a nerve with doubt with your determination you will have them operating ok. I had the AR 2ax for 5 or 6 years and got them brand new, and those pots started giving me grief in a very short period of time, If I recall, just a few years after getting them. Ultimately, I wanted to get away from the pot design and look for another loudspeaker. My dad had the 2a and my brother, the 4ax, all developing the same problems. I always wondered if Roy Allison never left Acoustic Research, if the slope switch (pictured below) would have shown up in the AR loudspeaker. The "slope switch" was very robust and "self cleaning" by simply moving it back and forth (many times when they got old!) but they always worked with only occasional cleaning. Mine worked well until I sold them off after 35 years of constant use. Bill
  7. Still trying to believe what I think I just read.... just tie in a sub. Like an 18 inch powered Velodyne and you can enjoy those LSTS without destroying the vintage AR woofers....a nobrainer Bill
  8. "In terms of the price my response was driven by the fact they have been listed as long as they have been, but of course location has some impact." Hi David, There are a number of reasons I think those are still out there, but the main one is the ad. itself is just awful. No real description and just a one liner about getting a repair kit for one woofer, which is absolutely absurd for the serious user/collector. By the way, I agree more than disagree with you on the price....I would not call it way too expensive, but the reality is ALL 4 woofers must come out and be refoamed, and if it were me, the spiders would also be replaced. Everything else on the woofs should be just fine. So in their present shape, a few hundred could come off the price tag. The problem with the spider is the age will allow excessive excursion of the driver as the spider looses compliance, even though they may be totally intact. If you tell it like it is with a highly detailed description of the item and price it accordingly, it will go. I've been an Ebayer for years and in fact sold my own pair of Allison Ones there also.! they are in New Jersey. I wish My "new" Allisons were that close. I did a 9 hour turnaround with a rental truck to pick up those beasts (Mass). The IC20 in it's original carton is the size of a small refridgerator. To get them home as perfect as they were, I wanted those original shipping cartons which meant getting that rental truck. "The Ones seem they would be a very difficult speaker to ship" A deal breaker for me with Allison Prisms. I pick them up.......or leave them. "Plus I was fortunate I guess and got mine for $400 with everything working" That sounds like a VERY good deal. Mine sold for 700.00 and that included an extra perfect Allison woofer and an extra tweeter if I remember correctly, it's been a few years now. "AT some point I will run through them with new caps" Get ready for a nightmare with that one. VERY difficult to work on those (like the AR) glued and stapled and even worse that a conventional box design. I've never known anyone who has replaced those already high quality Caps in the Allison's and could say afterwards that there was a difference in the sound, even if the cap. measured some drift. Bill
  9. Way too expensive? I disagree and I'll explain why..... The ad is terrible as is the presentation of that pair. The first picture shows the covers hanging off, just looking rather unflattering to say the least. Yet when you get into it (and especially if you have been keeping an eye out as long as I have (many, many years), the value becomes clear. Those are second generation A1's with an improved crossover network and the newer cabinet connections for the midrange and tweeters that are now connected internally, without the older brass pins. Those are more problematic and fragile, and these are superior in that regard. ....And the most important thing of all are those unblemished tweeters and midrange units (all of them it appears). Allison drivers NEVER EVER show up any longer in that condition. Now of course, the woofers will need work, but that is simply normal for that vintage. My IC 20's also needed that fix and they are newer, perhaps as much as a decade, give or take. With a relative small amount of work, those units could be as nice as Tom Tysons, and his are the finest pair of A1's I have ever seen. If those units were done already with the woofers serviced as necessary, I would pay 15 to 1700.00 for them without hesitation. So really, it's about who's in the market. Bill
  10. Two and a half months later, this pair of A1's sit on Ebay, still. Ten years ago, they would have been long gone. No where the interest compared to Acoustic Research (what a lively bunch here!) It's been that way ever since I started following these speakers on the Internet. Bill
  11. Hi Ken, The cabinets and grilles look to be in nice shape, but hard to see detail in those shots. The protective screen for the midrange in the right system looks mashed that just the bad picture? Anyway, if both tweeters and mids are working, you have a great foundation to go on with and restore the woofers. Those original drivers are so tough to come by today that you may want to reconsider the effort if one or more of those are dead. Nothing special about those serial numbers or the origin (newer location.) It's all about physical condition. The 125 is the smaller brother to the 130, having 6" rather than 8" push pull woofer section. The 130 goes roughly 10hz lower than the 125. Bill
  12. I can tell you in my case I wasn't listening for anything.....Bill was executing his trademark (I call it) of repair and improve. I've never asked him to do this....he just did. I had no problem with or without it. All my woofers have been treated but if I said I could tell the difference I'd be lying. I do think there is greater clarity in the system with all the woofs "new" and matched, but more so do to the rebuilds. The large woofers with more exposed metal surface may have a more measurable improvement, but I would think the smaller ones would gain far less. I had a conversation with Roy Allison years ago regarding the resonance factor of the reverse tubes used in the Allisons which employ the push-pull configuration. They did in fact test the IC 20 tubes and found it to be insignificant. Bill
  13. Well sorry 😐 I forgot to mention that I was seduced by "THE DARK SIDE" Bill
  14. "One thing I find unique about these woofers is the surrounds - - - not only do they seem to have the inner lip with the fillet profile, but they are also about the thinnest foam I have ever seen " You mean the woofers from the AR's? The foam that Bill used on my drivers (The 8") is the best I've ever seen and a bit more rigid than the original, yet with the correct roll radius. Supposedly, the new foam surrounds are more resistant to rot than those of years ago (read that someplace a while back) hope that's true but not loosing any sleep over it. Either way if you get 20 years, you have done very well. "Your pics of the backsides are pretty dark so it's a little difficult to discern the detail, but did you mention in another thread that these woofers have had some added mass applied to the baskets by Miller Sound? If so, what is the material - - - acousti-mat?...lead tape?" I wonder if you can adjust your monitor settings.....the images viewed on my system are bright and clear enough to view the smallest detail! Not sure what brand of tape was used however it is tape....a very heavy black material with an aluminized backing, meant to reduce resonance. Bill