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  1. I'm sure they sounded very good indeed. I own several pair of EPI, 50, 100 and 202 (all the original module type) and they sound super. I am sure the 1000 with the greater depth and serious driver surface would have been really impressive. A set in my living room would be most welcome!
  2. That is quite the detailed document. If I can't figure things out from that I guess I'm pretty hopeless!
  3. I see you're a fellow Canuck. I agree. From what I saw of the mid drivers in my 2a's I'd say that the materials they were made from are beyond their real life expectancy at this point in time. Even if I did find a perfect set I'd probably be afraid to push them at all (not that I listen to my music that loudly, but there are moments ). If there were some contemporary match I'd be willing to try, but are the odds of that?
  4. It looks like there are a few different ways to go about making nicely functional speakers out of these. I'm tempted to try the PRT path first as the drivers are cheap and plentiful and likely to be extremely reliable. I'm more interested in ending up with great-sounding and trouble-free speakers than with the collection quality aspect, most especially as nothing I would be doing would involve irreversible alterations. The least likely scenario for me would be to replace with the original AR2a mids unless I could find an identical new replacement for them. Originals seem to me to be likely to be on their last legs and I gather the conversion by most accounts sounds better anyway? Any advice on how to deal with the sad state of the pot wipers? What is the best way to deal with them? I've read in various threads about people who have cleaned them (though I gather this can be somewhat temporary even when successful) and those who have replaced them with L-pads. Has anyone used a modern day pot successfully instead? It strikes me as given that I will be replacing the original mid driver complement some sort of adjustability might be very useful, especially for those of us who are a bit sensitive to tonal balance and don't always have tone controls to work with. What about crossovers? The originals will be long past their prime at the best and need replacing. What to do there? I have a feeling these could end up being really pleasing speakers, well suited to my listening tastes.
  5. I have helped move M1000's more than once but have yet to manage to hear a pair. Anyone in Michigan or SW Ontario have a pair I could hear some day? Would have loved (would love) to own a pair.
  6. This is looking more and more like a good path to follow. I'll have to see what the costs are for the PE parts, but considering what I have in the speakers so far I suspect it would even be economically feasible to go this route. Thanks for the advice!
  7. That is a really interesting idea. I'd love to hear how it turned out, but suspect I'd just have to take it on faith. I will have to get the tweeters tested to see if they are still working and if so it looks like a good project. The woofers are both perfect and the cabs are just about mint so it would be a worthwhile project. Has anyone heard such a conversion?
  8. fiddlefye

    Epi M50

    I have owned my pair of 50's since I bought them new in the mid-70s. Until probably 1988 they were my only pair of speakers and were called upon to fill a huge variety spaces with good music including a 3,000 sq. ft. loft I lived in for a few years. Great sounding speakers. In some ways I actually like them better than my 100s. A couple of years ago they got recapped and upgraded wire and now sound better than ever in my kitchen system with an Onkyo TX 4500 mkII. Great match!
  9. I am new to this forum having been directed here by my friends over at AK. Seems like a great place you have here! Given I have a few sets of "classic" speakers I should have landed here long ago. Last Summer I picked up a seemingly mint pair or AR2a's (with the stands no less) at a church rummage sale for the princely sum of $5. When I got them home I noticed that the tweeters weren't working, pretty typical stuff apparently. They finally got dismantled this week and it turns out there is another issue beside the bad pot wipers. The cones of the mid drivers have become brittle and basically are disintegrating. What to do? I had read that at one time there was a kit from AR to upgrade the mids in the 2a to 2ax standard. Obviously such is no longer available, but is there any way in this age to go about doing the same thing? Would this be the best way to go about things or does anyone have a good alternative suggestion that would maintain the essential character of the speakers? I'd love to get them in good shape and put them to use soon. Advice (of the concrete sort especially) would be deeply appreciated.
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