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  1. Hi!.. I built those speakers. The woofers are more-or-less Allison's. They're from RDL Acoustics... Roy's Company after Allison. I believe the story goes that Cambridge SoundWorks bought what was left of RDL after it went under. I was working for Cambridge when I acquired them.
  2. JES

    L710 conundrum????

    The midrange is correct for a speaker of that vintage... The tweeter is not.
  3. Hi All, The AR 2ax's were hot sellers. The price may have something to do with it. The 4's, EMI's, Direct Acoustics and Maggies are still available. Jarl
  4. Hi All, I have some speakers in need of a good home. Buyers/adopters must pick up, Beverly MA. Everything in pairs. 1) AR2-ax Good working order without any grilles. Utility plywood cabinets with stain & Poly finish. Not the best lookers but they're FREE. 2) AR 4's... These have been through rehab. Allison (Or RDL) woofers, Cambridge SoundWorks tweeters. Nice Walnut Cabinets. FREE. 3) Magnepan SMGa's. I've had these since new in 1988/89. Don't have the room for them. Grilles are a little dingy but they work fine. Need a good home. I'd like some Cash for these. Offers accepted. 4) Direct Acoustics "Silent Speaker". From Winslow himself. Just need a good home. FREE. 5) EMI DLS529. These are in pretty good shape for a roadside find. FREE. If interested, Contact Jarl @ salmelaj@aol.com
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