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  1. Hi Larry, Rectilinear III's are very different from most speakers. The main driver is the midrange. The 4 tweeters and Flex-Air woofer just fill in the very top and bottom . This way of designing a system require a really good, really wide range mid-range so Jon Dahquist used a full range driver. No crossover, no phasing issues just a bit of help on the top and bottom. Spendor did the same thing in their classic series 3 ways.
  2. I just meant expensive in relation to an older Sansui driver. If IvanB loves them it's worth it. I've only ever heard good things about Millersound and the prices mentioned are very good.
  3. After the sorry state you got them in, I'm sure the owners will be very pleased. Good job!
  4. I second the Millersound suggestion but the cure may be expensive. If they are really stiff you have little to lose so you might try using a small paint brush to apply a bit of MEK to them. Instead of MEK there is Toluene or Xylol/Xylene. It is hard to say what Sansui used although any of them should work. These were commonly used as solvents to apply the sealant to the cloth which has obviously dried up. Reapplying some of the solvent might loosen it up. Be careful to just apply it to the curved area not the part on the cone or frame. Try a small area on the worst afflicted part and gently prod it to see if it is softening before continuing. Do not saturate it and don't do it indoors. Interestingly enough, I was going to try the same thing on a set of otherwise good woofers I salvaged. If you want to wait a bit, I can try it on mine first measuring them before and after to check how it works.
  5. Kent, what is the black stuff on the coil? Is it some kind of goop or is the coil insulation burned?
  6. Series crossovers are more tolerant of driver impedances. The resistor will change it but less so than a parallel network. Are you going to use velcro for the grills?
  7. It's true, AR's were balanced to sound like you're half way back in Boston Symphony Hall. KLH's put you about a third of the way back. With Advents Mr. Kloss moved you into the first quarter of the audience. Boston Acoustics are about the same as Advents just cleaner sounding. Hard to say what the best balance would be. The owners might like it brighter. The Dayton woofers may not be as efficient as the originals. Because of the series crossover you can't just stick in an L-Pad. Referring to your second drawing of the crossover, I would insert a 3 ohm, 10 watt resistor between the tweeter plus and the coil. If that doesn't make sense let me know and I'll redraw it. I really don't like series crossovers.
  8. Jeez calm down!😜 I'm 68 and if the corona virus doesn't get me, moving around Altec Valencias and Rectilinear IIIs just might. Sadly, my KLH 22's and 14's just don't sound as good no matter how much I love them.😢 If anyone wants to donate some KLH Fives to the "save Chris' back" cause it would be welcomed.
  9. Just out of curiosity, are the owners elderly? I was thinking that maybe "those darn kids of ours" nuked them rocking out. Those wouldn't have had too much volume capability. The sound should be close enough with the Daytons if it's been that long since they heard them.
  10. A lot of interesting and perhaps useful information on classic speakers is contained in anecdotes from former employees, people who worked in the industry and even some of the people who were salespeople at the time. Quite a lot of this sort of info is spread throughout the CSP forums. I am sure there is more out there as well but there is no single collection point. I think that maybe there should be a Wiki section to the site for a sort of an oral history. This wouldn't replace the Library which is the repository for tech documents and photos. I suppose an elaborate "sticky'" section would work but a Wiki would be easier. Just a thought.
  11. I looked at Pete's page but didn't see the recommendations. I saw in the picture you posted that you used an air core for L1 (the big one). What was the DCR of the coil you used?
  12. If you haven't ordered the woofers yet, I would say don't. Unless price is no object this isn't worth it. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/audax-soft-dome-tweeters/audax-tw034x0-1.3-textile-dome-tweeter-by-aac/ And you should get two because they aren't exactly the same as the original model. With a 6db per octave crossover even at 3KHz you can't just stick in a "normal" 1in. dome tweeter. This might be OK but because it is 4ohms you'd have to change the crossover cap and maybe add a resistor. There may also be some impedance issues at the crossover. https://meniscusaudio.com/product/sb-sb29sdac-c0004/
  13. The "trade" was a joke; germs for speakers? Anyway, I don't think I'd want to spend $50 + shipping for just the drivers. Also, there is a possibility of damage unless buried in bubble wrap which then might not fit in the box. Sorry but I'll have to pass. Thanks though.
  14. Assuming you used RoyC's sealer and assuming you put on too much, you need to get some toluene and a clean cloth. Saturate a spot on the cloth with the toluene and gently wipe the surround. The sealer should dissolve a bit and come off on the cloth. Work your way around using fresh parts of the cloth as you go. This is assuming there's too much so do the tests as RTally said first.
  15. ChrisM

    12.5 question

    Nonsense! Oh wait, you're probably right but why should that stop me?😃 Enquiring minds.... The QA at KLH did leave something to be desired judging from all the ones I have and ones I've worked on for others. Henry's performance target seems to have been within a price target. I keep hoping some ancient ex-KLH person will come out of the woodwork and enlighten me. Over on the preeminent KEF site there are a few ex-KEF guys who hit us over the head with facts all the time. It has more of an engineering bent than CSP. What's sort of amusing is that I am a total "B" type personality; definitely "Oscar" not "Felix". The only thing I'm OCD about is speakers and I don't know why. No detail too small to get my undivided attention, etc etc.😜 Thanks, Chris
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