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  1. The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    Dave did mine as well. I wanted all resistors changed to 1% metal film but he wouldn't do it. He did change 2 in the audio signal path. I also would have preferred something other than Sonicaps but that's what he likes to use. BIG difference in SQ; especially treble. Did you ever A/B your ported 901's to the acoustic?
  2. The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    ^^^ Was beginning to wonder if you'd post on this. ^^^
  3. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    How do you go about spraying WD-40 or De-Oxit inside the switch ? My 90s are stiff but the 9's move like silk.
  4. The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    I'm not sure about the "deeply"; especially with the acoustic versions.
  5. Market for AR-11

    I'd start local with Craig's List. Then there is U.S. AudioMart and eBay
  6. Every time a kid touched it. LOL
  7. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    The 10 Pi and 9 will have all NPE. Mundorf ECap70 on the smaller values and Bennic on the larger. The 90's will have Mundorf ECap70 + vishay bypass on the 4, 6 and 24, The 80 will be a Jantzen + CD 940C bypass. I believe all the other caps will be Dayton polypro for the shunt caps (1% on the 8 and 5% on the rest) - only because I already bought them. Oh, and a 200 + 150 Solen for the 350Uf cap.
  8. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    I may have to come down for a few days and help you get them up and running. My audio to do lIst: 1) Listen to the 91's way more 2) Get the AR94 drivers and xovers ready for sale on eBay 3) Recap 10 Pi 4) work on 9 cabinets 5) Recap 9's 6) Recap 90's
  9. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    Oh, OK It probably sounds better. PM Ken and ask him. He may know as he was a young engineer at AR at that time IIRC. --OR-- wire your 90's all in phase and tell us the results.
  10. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    There is no "shift" in the phase. It is hard wired on the 90 for the LMR/UMR and tweeter to be out-of-phase.
  11. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    The AR90 upper board has the same caps as the 9 but the boards are not exactly the same. The caps are laid out differently and the wire color for pos and neg is different/reversed for the 90 due to it being wired out-of-phase. But you could make it work.
  12. The Venerable Bose 901 Discontinued After 50 Years

    Yeah, but I bet the sales of units doesn't come close to the 901.
  13. WTB: Bose 901 series 1 or 2 equalizer

    There are currently 3 listed on eBay - series II
  14. WTB: Bose 901 series 1 or 2 equalizer

    Check with David Shirly at http://www.dhsspeakerservice.com/