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    Just make sure that you make the right decision for Frank Marsi.

    Don't forget to strip all the copper out first. Copper is down in price but it will rebound...............some day. Oh, and all those record album covers will make a good biomass fuel.
  3. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Detail 'A' on the attached drawing shows a 'Treatment' in that area but does not specify what the treatment is (unless I missed it somewhere else on the drawing) AR-LMR drwng.TIF

    Don't forget that I'm ready to adopt your AR9s.
  5. Sansui AU 919 with AR-91 speakers?

    An amp built in the late 70's will definitely need a recap in order to properly drive the AR91. Does this amp even have adequate protection circuitry designed into it should an old component (capacitor or transistor) fail?
  6. Sansui AU 919 with AR-91 speakers?

    Get a tube amp. I was never happy with my 91s until I got a VTA ST-120. It brought out the best in them and I no longer sit there saying "time to switch back to the AR90s".
  7. AR9 cost

    Must be those solen caps in bypass Bill uses My ref gear has that problem > bad recordings are BAD. The tube buffer can help on some but not all.
  8. AR9 cost

    I'd go for the Legacy Focus SE if my AR's ever give up the ghost. http://legacyaudio.com/products/view/focus-se/
  9. AR93's - A New Project

    Mellotone is sold by Parts Express. Very nice material. perhaps this is the "better grill material" you were referring to.
  10. AR 9 Mid and HF Cap suggestions

    Yes. It was in my case, I used Dayton 1% on the 4, 8 and 24uf caps and 5% on the 40 and 100uf caps. The 1% is a different cap than the 5%; not just a tolerance difference. I found the 91s would get 'under my skin' and become un-listenable quickly. I did one speaker and put a 0.01uf Dayton film and foil across the 4uf and a 0.01uF Vishay 1837 across the 25uf (24). I did an AB of the 2 speakers. I wasn't sure what was different at first as the bypassed speaker seemed to be not as loud. I finally got down of the floor and and put my ear to the tweeters and mid of each speaker. It became quite clear then. The NON bypassed speaker had brightness and glare. The bypassed speaker was clearer and more detailed. I can now listen to them all day without getting listener fatigue. I'll be putting bypass caps across all the caps in my AR90 project.
  11. Should I attempt to repair an AR3?

    They look more like replacements for the 9 Series speakers and not the 3.
  12. AR 9 Mid and HF Cap suggestions

    I have AR90's and decided to try the Mundorf ECaps and used a Vishay 1837 as a bypass cap on the tweeter and UMR. I'll try and get some pictures posted of the assembled caps.
  13. AR93's - A New Project

    The AR94's I restored for my brother inlaw have that tweeter. I was over at his house and he was playing an Eric Burdon CD with an old Pioneer receiver. They sound quite nice.
  14. Should I attempt to repair an AR3?

    I think Chris1This1 on this site can repair them or has had luck repairing them