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  1. So anyone who has installed film caps in their AR speakers has done a mod/tweak. "Improve" would be subjective. I see a lot of threads headed here.
  2. Thanks Something to do today.
  3. All I can tell is that they are late model speakers. Made in the European Economic Community; so 1993 or later. They are not listed on aphenos.net. Definitely post Teledyne era. Probably made by Jensen Electronics or Recoton Audio. Audiovox/Voxx Audio made ported speakers for the AR brand. There was a much earlier version (~ 1974) of an Acoustic Research Pi One. Apparently it was a model or concept speaker modeled around the AR3a (3F) but it quickly became the AR10 Pi and AR11. What info do you need?
  4. I had the same experience with surrounds/foam from Simply Speakers.
  5. My second pair of 9s have P.E. surrounds on the LMR and woofers. They seem quite thick and visually look small in diameter and the roll seems too small also. I would have gone with Looneytunes2000 or VintageAR on eBay.
  6. I have a pair in my 10Pi. I can't hear any difference between them and the AR originals. They are working on a mid dome drop in replacement. About a year away.
  7. Voxx International markets its products under several brand names, including: 808 Audio Acoustic Research Advent Audiovox CarLink Champ Chipmunks Code-Alarm FlashLogic Hirschmann Incaar InVision Technologies Jamo Jensen Electronics Klipsch Magnat Prestige Pursuit PursuiTrak RCA Surface Clean Terk Zentral Home Command
  8. IIRC Audiovox (Voxx) owns the rights to the name. I don't believe they are doing much with it so you might be able to wrestle it from them on the cheap and restart the company. I don't believe they are into quality audio gear.
  9. Let me know how they work out. The voltage rating on those ECaps (23VAC-63VDC) is much lower than what AR used (50VAC-100VDC) for Callins caps)
  10. NICE ! I'd like to visit some day. lol
  11. Nice score ! Are those DQ10's and NHT 3.3 with the LST-2s in the first picture in the 2nd post above?
  12. I pointed that out as adding those 2 caps together cuts the ESR in half and THAT will cause more 'brightness'. I use Parts Connextion and for a VERY reasonable matching fee of $1 per pair You can ask for a matched pair that reads approx 4uF and they do their best to give you that. On the ECaps reading high I had contacted Mundorf on that very issue. They are made for Mundorf and Jantzen by FT Cap in Germany,. I was told they had an issue with the winding machine and have since add equipment to correct that issue. Again for $1 per pair from Parts Connxtion you get what you ask for. Congrats on your work !
  13. I like the CSA Clarity caps, too. I didn't think 'break-in' took all that long. However, I played pink noise thru them for about 8 hours. Also, I use a 3.9uF and not 2 x 2uF.
  14. I have a Bob Latino ST-120 60wpc in Pentode (and 32wpc in Triode) mode and run my 10Pi and sometimes my 91's. Both sound great. (I even tried my 90's once - not a lot of volume). Good luck and enjoy the music.
  15. Very nice! Is that a Bob Latino amp or a Dynaco? How well does it drive the 3's?
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