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  1. Good Luck ! Hope you score a good amount of treasure.
  2. I would cut the inside then the outside. Gives you something to hold/clamp on to while cutting
  3. The ring was made narrower on later model woofers than the one Klaus has shown. Lowes and HD should have masonite. Just measure the thickness and width you have on yours that is still intact on the woofer. The time required to make one depends on your skills and what you have for tools. The AR91 plastic face cover will not interfere with the ring. The masonite ring on my 91s are approx 1/4" wide IIRC.
  4. I thought this was funny. This amp goes to eleven
  5. Nice work and great write up on the sonic changes.
  6. A lot of people look at the rotted surrounds and figure that they are no good and don't know they can be repaired. That's how I got my 91's and waiting for that pair of AR9's to show up in a pile or a yard sale.
  7. So @Pete B what ever happened to the rebuild on these AR9's ?
  8. A friend of mine has Carver Amazing Platinum speakers. I find the ribbons shrill. My ears, my taste. YMMV
  9. AR9 for the speakers. (never heard an LST) Audio Research for the amp (tube). One of the hybrid tube/ss for the Pre. Alternate Speaker: Probably the Legacy Focus SE
  10. NICE ! Never insult the seller if you really want the goods.