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  1. Picked up some more AR speakers

    I finally began to work on the xovers in my 10Pi speakers and it didn't take long before I ran into an issue. Attached is a picture of the xovers and the 100uF has a black and red wire on the same terminal. WTF? This red wire comes from the terminal board and goes over to the cap and then the transformer. I've looked at some diagrams people have posted and it does show a blue wire. Do you think they just used the wrong color?

    I used a 0.1uF AudioCap Theta on a Clarity CSA tweeter series cap in my AR91s. I think you're going to like what it brings.
  3. AR-XA in box?

    And thru a tube amp with AR91s.
  4. AR-XA in box?

    Tom Scott, Grover Washington Jr, George Benson, Chick Corea, Larry Coryell, David Sanborn, Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Kieth Jarrett, Jon Luc Ponty, Thelonius Monk, Coltrane, Brubeck, ........... My Favorite jazz album> I have tickets to see Tom Scott in September who has re-assembled the LA Express. You can find the entire album on You Tube.
  5. AR-XA in box?

    Frank, many CDs are overly compressed and sound horrible. ALL of my Gary Moore music is on CD and everyone is hard to listen to. I bought a Yaqin tube buffer and upgraded the tubes and coupling caps. I have to use that to take the 'edge' off. Others are just bad recordings. Period. I have only one vinyl record that has SQ issues and I bought that recently. I would have taken it back but I could never find the sales slip. I think my son had it with his stuff when we went into the house with everything. Oh well. I prefer my jazz on vinyl but all other music can be any media. My 18 y.o. son prefers vinyl for his genre of music.
  6. Nice pair of AR90 FS on eBay

    I saw those. You or John should have grabbed them.
  7. AR-XA in box?

    Yes, many CDs suck. Plain and simple.
  8. AR-XA in box?

    Bill (405x5), I really enjoy my jazz on vinyl using my Bob Latino tube amp. I wouldn't think of listening to jazz any other way.
  9. AR-XA in box?

    Reminds me of the ad for the AR9's that the seller wouldn't/didn't take out of the box.
  10. AR-XA in box?

    No. I just found the ad odd as there are more pics of the box than the TT. I don't understand why they wouldn't pull it from the box so potential buyers could get a REAL look at the unit. I'm happy with my Sansui TT
  11. AR-XA in box?

    Boy I'm excited about that box.................
  12. Very nice looking pair of 90's on the WEST coast (Cali). Best Offer of $650 Local Pick-up only. Should go quickly. eBay item number: 332685286458
  13. AR3 capacitor drift

    If he's only going to do that one set of speakers he might want to find someone who can measure them for him. There are several handheld models that will measure at 1kHz but they cost at least $300 IIRC. https://youtu.be/H4TP0i917Ro https://youtu.be/Mp0n-Gu0aKk
  14. AR3 capacitor drift

    I believe those old dual capacitors are NPE
  15. AR3 capacitor drift

    I had a meter with those same parameters. A Parts Express purchase. It will be fairly accurate for film caps but not electrolytic. There is no conversion. I went and bought an expensive handheld Agilent meter so I could accurately measure NPEs. Roy and Carl (RIP) always said NPE's need to be measured at 1kHz to be accurate. NPEs swing more to frequency than film (very little swing):