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  1. DavidR

    Capacitors for sale

    I don't have any resistors for sale. So you need: (2) 4uF for one speaker and (2) 8uF + (4) 2uF for the other speaker Is that correct?
  2. DavidR

    Capacitors for sale

    The 1% Dayton
  3. DavidR

    Capacitors for sale

    @TSJ All are still available. Just look at the list and send me a PM if you want any. 4uF size cap as Kent pointed out.
  4. DavidR


    Kester solder is sold on Parts Express HERE you could also use crimps or crimp type wire nuts.
  5. DavidR

    FS - TSW610 speakers

    For Sale a pair of TSW610 speakers on Craig's List in Framingham, MA (they are not my son's) were $350 now $220
  6. DavidR

    New AR3a find and restoration thread

    Typically measure 2.6 DCR
  7. DavidR

    New AR3a find and restoration thread

    I had mildew on my 91 woofer cones (even on top of the vc magnet) and found cotton balls dampened (not soaked/wet) with rubbing alcohol worked well at removing it and dried fast.
  8. DavidR

    TSW910 speakers on CL

    There's a pair of TSW910 speakers on Craig's List in Lincoln, MA $500 cash and pick-up Look to be in good condition.
  9. DavidR


  10. DavidR

    Too much power for speakers?

    Here's a chart for determining inline fuse size. I use the glass AGC fuse with the two part holder. Download the chart to your computer and then print it out.
  11. DavidR

    Calling Frank Marsi

    Actually I expected him to laugh or toss his 'cookies' Correct> he does the LST
  12. DavidR

    Recapping of Ar9

    It would only eliminate the 10MH coil next to the red line.
  13. DavidR

    Capacitors for sale

    I have an excess of caps and want to reduce my stash. Caps marked 'used' have less than 10 hours of use but are in good condition. The 2uF mylar by TRW and the Pilkor only have 1/2" leads. Shipping to Lower 48 States via cheapest method - price to be determined. PayPal is preferred. All caps measured at 1kHz on an Agilent U1733C
  14. DavidR

    Recapping of Ar9

    My amps are stable into 2 ohms but I still wouldn't leave out the 2500uF cap and plan on replacing them in my 9 project.
  15. DavidR

    Recapping of Ar9

    Many amplifiers today are 'stable' with a 2 ohm load BUT without that cap you could see loads lower than 2 ohms.