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  1. Aren't many Wilson and Legacy speakers acoustic suspension. IIRC, the Wilson Alexandria XLF can be set up for either ported or acoustic suspension. I once took my AR90s down to a high-end store in town, Natural Sound, to audition a Bryston amp. They blew away the Theil and B&W they had in the room.
  2. So would you be the same Steve F as the author of the article?
  3. A lot of the metal can Callins are no longer any good. The 24 and 100uF caps are metal cans.
  4. Even if you remove the board or find another set you will still need to de-solder lots of solder points to be able to flip the board over AND hopefully they didn't glue down the side with the caps.
  5. To replace caps you will need to un-solder some if not all solder points. You could leave the board intact and un-solder the coils and binding post terminals, flip over the board and get at the caps.
  6. Have you checked the woofer surrounds? They might be rotted.
  7. DavidR


    I think the foam inserts became an option after a while. I've never seen any 9's with them and that includes my 2 pair. Very normal to have to put the UMR at -3dB. It's also dependent on amp/preamp combo you are using. I like the chrome on the woofer covers but to each his own. Parts Express sells a set of 5-way binding posts that has the same screw size and length for $10 per 4pk. https://www.parts-express.com/mini-gold-plated-insulated-5-way-binding-post-banana-jack-set-2-red-2-black--320-3375
  8. Probably not the electrolytic caps. More likely the drivers need rebuilding.
  9. Marantz from that era have a nice look but will need at least the power supply recapped. I've run my 91s on a 60wpc tube amp with stunning sound BUT not a whole lot of volume.
  10. I totally disagree. The original binding posts do not accept a banana plug all the way in. They are really cheap quality.
  11. Very nice condition. While you're restoring them be sure to replace the speaker binding posts. Parts Express has a nice set for about $10 and fit well. https://www.parts-express.com/mini-gold-plated-insulated-5-way-binding-post-banana-jack-set-2-red-2-black--320-3375
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