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  1. A lot of people look at the rotted surrounds and figure that they are no good and don't know they can be repaired. That's how I got my 91's and waiting for that pair of AR9's to show up in a pile or a yard sale.
  2. So @Pete B what ever happened to the rebuild on these AR9's ?
  3. A friend of mine has Carver Amazing Platinum speakers. I find the ribbons shrill. My ears, my taste. YMMV
  4. AR9 for the speakers. (never heard an LST) Audio Research for the amp (tube). One of the hybrid tube/ss for the Pre. Alternate Speaker: Probably the Legacy Focus SE
  5. NICE ! Never insult the seller if you really want the goods.
  6. So yesterday I emailed the seller and told him about his picture deception. Below is his response. Funny. " No not deceptive at all. Yes I did grab a picture off the Internet but certainly not to be deception as you're falsely accusing me of. I do have these speakers and I will be posting actual pictures very soon but will not be selling to you directly. You are very rude and disrespectful. Please do not contact me again. Again thanks for your interest. "
  7. This morning I went to the CL listing for these AR9's and did a Google Reverse Image Search on the one picture (picture posted just above Frank's post) This is what I got: http://www.hifi-studio.de/hifi-klassiker/Acoustic-Research/Acoustic-Research_AR9/AR9.htm Not even his speakers. VERY SUSPICIOUS - BEWARE Here's the ad from CL (Marlboro, NY): https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/ele/5989761444.html
  8. Well his unwillingness to send more pictures is concerning. Keep in mind this is a Craig's Listing. I don't need to drive hundreds of miles and encounter who knows what. However, I'm always packing these days. He insists these are original cones.
  9. Here's the one picture from the CL ad. W/O being able to see all drivers I'm out. The only ribbed cone I could find is on an early AR3 but that also had an additional center piece around the dust cap.
  10. The seller just emailed me and said the cone is original. I agree with you guys that it is not. I've repeatedly asked for pics of all the drivers. He has not complied so I think I'm going to pass - its a long drive. His last email: " I think you should take the trip. Touch them, hear them and decide. This is a situation where you need to come on faith. You'll be happy with them. I'm in no hurry to sell them so absolutely no pressure tactics on my end. Please let me know what you want to do. Oh, the cones are original. Besides most people would have them reconditioned anyway because of the age. "
  11. That's what I'm thinking.