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  1. DavidR

    Re-cappi AR9LSI

    I love my 10Pi speakers. Hooked up to a tube amp. I've never even tried them with an SS amp.
  2. DavidR

    Re-cappi AR9LSI

    Nice work Brian. The TSW series have the same style PCB and mounting configuration. A real PITA. The 9LSi does sound great and was easier to place in a room vs the AR9.
  3. I have a pair of 8" woofers used in the LS and LSi models, including the AR9LS. These came out of an AR94. They have new polyether foam surrounds. If you are interested send me a PM. Both have a DCR of about 4.6 or 4.8 (from memory). I can provide the exact ohm reading.
  4. DavidR

    AR 90 crossovers

    That's why I do them in place. Some caps are hard to get to and slight burns is normal but, thankfully, not frequent.
  5. DavidR

    AR9s, bought new in 1980

    Nice ! The hiss could be one of several things but I don't think its the tweeter but it could be. AR speakers are getting top dollar now days. Your's look to be in very nice condition. They could fetch $2000 or maybe more.
  6. DavidR

    AR-410 refoam (never again!)

    Well, the 610s are good but my 91s are better; especially the mids. My son pounds them with my old Carver MXR150 The Receiver that I recapped. Some people really like the 810 and 910s a lot; I've never heard either.
  7. DavidR

    AR-410 refoam (never again!)

    I bought a gallon of it at a paint and wallpaper place. It might be available at Home Depot in a quart size. I worked for a paper and adhesive company for 30 years. I was the manager overseeing two solvent recovery systems and a distillation system. We had over 50,000 gals at anytime in underground storage tanks. Just be sure to wear nitrile gloves as toluene will pull the fat out of your body right thru the skin. Well ventilate the area, too.
  8. DavidR

    AR-410 refoam (never again!)

    Toluene (methyl benzene) will dissolve the old glue. Alcohol will make a bigger mess. I got my surrounds for 610s from Vintage_AR and used his glue which is also dissolved by toluene. The caps sit on the bottom side of the circuit board so you have to un-solder the two speaker terminals to remove it. I forget the name of the NPE brand used but it was something like Culver. My son loves them.
  9. DavidR

    Are my AR9's getting old?

    I will gladly haul away, free of charge, any AR9s deemed by their owner as having given up the ghost.
  10. DavidR

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    You can get Lacquer Thinner at Home Depot.
  11. DavidR

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    I don't think it was irrelevant and I do think Daytons are horrible as a series cap as per my experience. But thank you for clearing up who said what.
  12. DavidR

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    Roy, where did I say the Clarity caps had a warm sound? I made a comment that they didn't exhibit glare and brightness that the Daytons did and thus were a better cap for that situation. Yes, I could hear the difference in an AB test and so could someone who didn't know what was different in the xover. I also mentioned the speakers no longer got under my skin after just 20 minutes of listening.
  13. DavidR

    Capacitors for sale

    Updated list of what I have left.
  14. DavidR

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    If you look at the surround roll at the 10 o'clock position it looks spliced but I'm unable to see the splice in either the inner or outer lip. The picture gets fuzzy when I enlarge it too much.
  15. DavidR

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    I used Mundorf ECap70 on my 10Pi but used the Vishay 1837 0.01uF bypass on the two series caps. They sound wonderful. As good as my 91s with the Clarity CSA + AudioCap Theta 0.01uF FF caps on the series caps. But I run the 10Pi on a 60wpc tube amp and the 91s on a 500wpc Class AB Studio Reference amp.