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  1. AR 4xa

    looking good. what about the drivers? crossover? if woofers are glopped with rubber I have had luck with a slow methodical removal with q tips and toluene.
  2. AR 4xa

    I am never surprised at the things people have done to their specimens to make them unique and/or to fit in a certain situation. I would effort being certain that there is no compromise of the joints all around, maybe even some extra epoxy or whatever on inside joints to make sure there is no air gaps. Nice project, look forward to your progress!
  3. Unbelievable find, NOS

    OK, I see it now. Up to $1025 this morning.
  4. Unbelievable find, NOS

    and they are sold! David?
  5. AR1 Rear panel jumpering?

    that crack is suspect for sure. obviously a look inside is the only way visually to tell if the entire seem is breeched. possibly a set of stethoscopes could be used to detect any sound loss from there? love the grille cloth on this for sure. there should be a museum for this kind of stuff.
  6. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    some great info here on a few topics and I suspect we are all rooting for you cracking these open and reviving a great set of history. not sure what you have available to you in the way of resources like craigslist etc. but if you in fact are going to stay oem and refoam (this assumes testing indicates no trouble with them) and I also assume this is a new discipline for you it might be prudent to "practice" on a cheap set of woofers that need refoaming first before doing the 5s. it really is not a difficult chore but having never done it can be intimidating. if resources allow, it would remove all mystery of this and give you confidence to tackle the 5s. notice also in Larry's post and first pic, a great visual explanation of the filled filet. notice the foam form at the 3 o'clock position and particularly the outer edge being a sharp 90 degree turn to the flat surface on the basket. then note the inner form of the other side of the roll of the foam is a soft transition (not 90 degree) slope to the inner edge that is affixed to the cone. that is the filled filet style! anxious to see a better pic of the wiring of the mid/tweet. I wonder if maybe the pots became corroded/defective performance but your brother didn't know what to do and tried making the only visible to outside modification obvious and jumped the connections. in any case, reversing is very probably do-able after a proper diagnosis. your brother has left you with a wonderful gift here.
  7. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    I meant to add this as well, Jeff_C has given an example of "local" to you surround seller. While the link takes you to a set geared for the AR 10", it has been determined that there is a better option. The AR ones listed are probably fine, but look specifically for a filled filet version of 10", often marketed for Boston Acoustic 10". Your thread title says "restoration" so responses are geared to that approach, not modifying. These are worthy of restoration. Modifying would be considered heresy by many on this forum! LOL Geoff
  8. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    OK Noah, looking forward to some follow up pics. A better in focus shot of the mid/tweet wiring on the face would be helpful as well. Depending on your motivation/skills/end game will shape the direction you take. If they were mine I would refoam woofs after verifying no other issues with driver (voice coil not blown out etc.) and address the sketchy looking wiring of other drivers. Extract and clean pots, measure and replace caps if needed, spend a bit of time on the cabs and grille cloth and enjoy! All these things are relatively simple and basic tools are all you need. Geoff
  9. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    good work! again I ask why do you feel you must change the woofers? a proper refoam with the BA 10" surrounds and you are in the game! the bigger issue is the tinsel wires of the mids and tweets. some challenges but look workable and would be worthy of reviving.
  10. good luck Chris! I will be reaching out soon for some tweeter work, Winter is when I really do most of my rehabs. Geoff
  11. AR5 restoration - advice needed

    Hi Noah and welcome. Without a bit more info, serials, dates on other drivers, coil size etc. it is difficult to say exactly what to do. Generally speaking there are many 10" woofers from other AR models that would theoretically work in this application. I am curious (because there are no visible pictures) why you "need" to replace them. If foam surrounds have deteriorated they can be readily replaced. Here is a thread with much insight into woofer options on a set of 5s I rehabbed a while back. Congrats, this a great set of speakers! Geoff
  12. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    email inquiry sent, prosit
  13. AR Restoration Meeting--1

    thanx for posting this update and as Roger says, cheers!
  14. AR 1 Find

    Congrats George. Karma was just waiting for you!
  15. I'm afraid it has happened?

    the timing of all this is great as my winter projects involve a number of models with these tweets. anxious for your impressions Roy