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  1. Repatriated AR collection

    hi there roger, good to see you here
  2. KLH Model Thirty-Two Loudspeaker

    hey Robert, I too would have not been able to leave them on the curb. as for the damping, I would think experimenting with varying thickness' of material would be in order and relatively easy to apply. as always, enjoy your work.
  3. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    really enjoy your review here. you will find near field to be enjoyable as well. listening environment and source (sounds like your source is awesome) will obviously effect your experience. keep us informed and good luck on your interest/quest for some 5s.
  4. AR 4X Cone/voice coil/spider replacement

    welcome Josh. are you able to post pics please. you say "torn" but how bad. marrying ripped/torn cones with coffee filter material from the backside can result in an almost seamless appearance. seems I see separate woofers come up on the auction site (with cloth surrounds) for around $50ish, criss cross is the wild card for a match. kudos for keeping it oem in any case
  5. didn't enjoy it then and still don't. maybe I'm not couth
  6. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    I am pleased you found and enjoyed my video Sara. We are close to putting together another and hoping for it to be even more revealing than the first. Yet another journey
  7. not intending to start anything but....someone who "joined" less than a week ago in my opinion doesn't really have the chops to make such a statement. I might go months between posts for one reason or another. this is a hobby not a full time job, as Adams says if you have a topic of interest that fits the CSP genre, please post. you will find some forums don't get much play, others are quite active.
  8. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    read this! getting the grilles off is essential. take your time so as to not damage the grill, cloth or cabinet! by the way, stupidhead is a term of endearment by my wife. most people call me Geoff after they get to know me.
  9. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    is the good woofer a cloth surround or foam? there is no 3ax, but you likely mean 3a. go here for the restoration guide for 3a. much of it applies to the 2ax and others. 3a restoration guide
  10. Are these 2Ax's beyond repair?

    What is too much? assuming this is the set from your original post, or not, they are likely not beyond repair. The question really is whether it is worth doing! Your ebay link earlier suggested $425 for purchase/sold price. This is on the high end of cost, especially for not refurbished. Please note I said cost, not value. I (and likely many in this forum) have sunk more money into a set of speakers and likely will never recover the "cost" put into them. This does not mean that the value is not there in my opinion. What I am saying is, in the case of buying an old set of speakers in OEM condition and tearing them apart and refurbishing/replacing/refreshing all of the components is a tremendous learning experience, and when done you have an intimate relationship with them. Some will say you now own their soul. The 2ax model is a worthy model to have this relationship with. If you are looking to sell these after reworking then the equation is different. The 2ax is a great model and while I am not trying to encourage one way or another, there are a bunch of things to consider before making a decision. You claimed the seller was amenable to a return if you were not happy. Can you crack them open and further evaluate them and still send them back? If so, the first thing to do is verify all original components. You may have one cloth woofer and one foam surround woofer. You claim one is "blown", how has this been determined? In all cases do not put high volume to them at this point. On the controls (potentiometers here forward referred to as pots) the grinding you hear/feel is normal for a vintage set. Impossible to know if reversible until extracted but my own experience is that 3 out of 4 times a pot is salvageable, but if not replacements are easily found for pretty short money. The fact that some of the drivers give no sound is likely a direct result of these crunchy pots. You could try spinning them repeated times to try and get some contact internally but I generally don't draw any conclusions until I do a visual inspection and am able to get a signal (low volume) direct to each driver. Doesn't really answer your question but gives you a few things to consider.
  11. AR 3a's in the house...outstanding pair.

    look forward to pics. sounds like good synergy
  12. Just purchased a pair of AR-2AX - So Excited !

    Hi Thorne and welcome! Are you doing local pick up? Taking the grilles off may not be as simple as you think. If they in fact are all original then the grilles are at least glued and potentially stapled. AR went out of their way to try and keep people out. Damage can easily occur for the beginner, especially without proper guidance. The flashlight idea is a good one.
  13. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    Hey Kent! thanx for chiming in and sharing thoughts. you are absolutely right that it is not an easy decision. I have a sneaky suspicion someone here will have some ideas on options. we were initially thinking (before any construction) some sort of Terrazzo tile or maybe glass, but those ideas are distant memories now. we thought about using tin to play off of the ceiling tile work pictured here but feel that it would be daunting to keep clean, and is a relatively delicate material and could be damaged over time! of course stainless is an option, particularly over the Viking and we are thinking a warming shelf between stove and hood would be nice, but would not get a great deal of actual use. in any case, your next trip to Maine should include stopping by and seeing this space, and of course some listening is in order. by the way, we have effectively entered the rabbit hole that is digital/wireless as part of the system(s).
  14. AR3a Tweeters

    glad to hear everything went well. follow all rehab guidelines and should be back to normal before you know it!