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  1. Looking forward to seeing these mongrels, you should start a new thread for this though. good call Larry
  2. Ummm.... more pics of the cabinets please.
  3. good luck with this set and congrats. Go slow, ask for guidance and you will get it. unlikely you need any replacement drivers and if so my approach would be OEM as opposed to replacements from anywhere. Be careful and know that when the tweeter is being removed from baffle it is quite heavy. Pots will need cleaning and with some simple evaluations your path will be clear. Take pics, go slow.
  4. Hi Frank and phxjohn. I am aware of a few folks (Roy, John) who are reworking these but in fact I have no personal knowledge of the outcome other than what I have read/heard from others who have. The consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive. I am actually getting ready to move forward with a few rebuilds and will soon be able to comment with first hand experience. Geoff
  5. great question(s), looking forward to responses from people "in the know"
  6. I am currently running a set of 2ax and a set of 5s from a 2270. I have used a 2230 for both and the result is thin and as earlier mentioned, if underfed your speakers are vulnerable. now if you had a set 4x....
  7. nice stash Robert
  8. without knowing what you are driving them with, possibly a component upgrade in the source would open them up even more? holy grail is holy grail
  9. they're actually not that offensive and worth $75 all day if original drivers are in place. perfect work shop set after rehabbed! p.s. Robert, very nice work on 4x. I am still tossing around ideas for a set I have with the unfinished pine. Me thinks a combination of red and black dye (not stain) is where I am leaning. So many projects so little time (for now)
  10. i think you need to hop in your car and go buy them post haste.
  11. hello newbie
  12. the Marantz is looking good as well! 2270? welcome
  13. it's always nice when you find a decent batch of pots, congrats. Did you reuse the foams on the woofers? I have not been comfortable using them when I have had a choice, especially with a good size basket with only four fasteners. The original pics you posted seem to reveal an inordinate amount of duct seal randomly around drivers and baffle. QC from factory? Air leak test fixes? The "push test" should be as you think, slow response. I really like these 5s, any thoughts on the unfinished pine?
  14. hmmm... I am inclined to say get the 5s. And not because of any reason other than they come available less frequently than the other two options. Once they are refurbed they are a beautiful sounding set of speakers, and will reinforce your comment which is oh so true. Of course cabinet condition is important...