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  1. this is such a great thread, and find. Was there any known history? I assume one owner specimens. more updates to the guide
  2. so yes I did get a closer look at these and they are wonderful. Pots are rough as you would expect but no evidence of ever being opened! Also I am just not sure where this will all go. While the current owners understand these are holy grail kind of stuff, they are not using them as anything but speaker stands for a small set of NADs. We have not really done any negotiating but they understand I am an AR enthusiast. My sense of this is they hold more sentimental value than monetary. While there the husband also referenced an old AR turntable in the basement that he has envisioned resurrecting but he lost his hearing and with that has lost interest in audio related things. They have boxes and boxes of old tubes and caps from the past (also part of the inheritance booty) as the Uncle was a tube radio guy as well. I will keep this updated as things unfold, if they do. I love this old grille material.
  3. add to all of these things that I am not particularly artsy nor am I a fragile or delicate handed person. I suppose I have nothing to lose though, I will go grab some new chisels and set out to try my hand at this. Question: Do I need to use contact cement for re-affixing to cabinets? Wood glue? Gorilla Glue? I have had great success with Gorilla glue in past wood gluing applications but never for detail and tight tolerance stuff like this.
  4. Great point, and yes I looked at the plywood surface. All the pieces are there but the surgery to remove and then reattach just seems very intimidating. I put the piece away and just have been focused on other approaches to repair. Thanx for bringing this up and I will revisit this possible approach. Here is a pic of the plywood and as you can see it is the mirror image of the walnut veneer. If anyone has ideas on how to tackle this please chime in.
  5. so four months later and I am actually going to see these in person today, at least tentatively that is the plan. A number of things need to line up for me but I am quite confident that it will happen. Of course I will take some pics and will follow up here. My vision is to have a sequential group of ARs, at least from 1 - 5. My name is Geoff and I am a collector. (it's a sickness I tell you)
  6. George thanx. This panel almost has some knurl to it or something, even with the bare patches you see in the pictures, I see no need for any fillers and only veneer. I really like the little knot holes. There are 9 nail holes and a variety of similarly sized knot holes. An interesting panel and if I just simply plaster a piece of veneer on the whole thing the story is gone. The story is important. The bare spots were "ripped out" by the adhesion and ultimate peeling by me of that top piece of plywood. Finding a match donor veneer will be challenging. I think stripping the other cabinet and verifying similar condition is prudent for now and then approach as a pair. Kent, I do and have gotten a few pieces of this thin style walnut veneer, but I am disappointed in the quality and type/appearance/grain pattern that I have found so far. The color isn't right either. I am toying with the idea of harvesting some veneer from a set of 4x I have. They happen to be the first set of ARs I attempted and I became too aggressive with sanding and exposed some mdf in the process. These two stories colliding seems somehow romantic.
  7. yeah, so many projects so little time. so I finally got a chance to do a bit of sanding, had a beautiful afternoon with great light so I pulled this outside. I don't know what I can do with the other one to avoid the peeling that we see on the bottom left quadrant and a couple spots where I believe the glue ripped the veneer like we see at about 7:30 below. I am still conflicted on this one, the grain on this face is just so nice I am still on the fence as to what to do here. Maybe this weekend I can peel the other one apart and see what that looks like.
  8. Hi Glenn et al, We had a death in the family last week and sort of got me off track. A bit more progress and I am still torn on which direction to go. I did get a chance to remove most of the residual adhesive, softening with heat gun and carefully scraping. Here are the results. I have not had a chance to take some sandpaper to the thin remaining glue. Pretty sure I can get back to veneer but as you can see there are other flaws now more obvious. Also the veneer seems very thin, I thought these older 3s had a thicker veneer. Possibly these were sanded before the over veneer had been glued on? I still think this veneer above is beautiful and worthy of saving if possible, but the missing pieces and the nail holes and the residual glue all add up to replacing being the path of least resistance. I have not peeled the other cab's over veneer yet but I fully expect it to be basically the same adhesion approach and will probably have the same challenges. Picked up a set of 2a's yesterday that will be a whole different batch of issues with the finish, that's a story for later. Geoff
  9. looks like a good alternate, but still should "house" them as they are wide open backs.
  10. Kent, is there any conflict with the 2a tweet being 8 ohm vs. the 3 being a 4 ohm?
  11. So, on the top surface I dug out the heat gun and a sturdy putty knife with a good edge on it. Took a little experimenting to figure out just how hot I needed to get the surface but I was able to get the lion's share of the adhesive off without much trouble. Close inspection of the veneer shows that this was imo a chosen for top piece of veneer. Some crazy grain pattern and overall very handsome panel. I too was leaning towards the removal/replace direction but am once again conflicted in my mind. I am pretty certain that a bit more scraping and very careful sanding and oiling would yield a nice surface. The nail holes are thankfully small (probably 6 or 8 penny nails used) and can probably be filled satisfactorily. I focused on one corner as an experiment and took a couple of not great pics of what about a half hour and a quick wipe with neutral RAF gave me. the cabinet maker did a real good job with these butt joints and there is virtually no separation anywhere. I am pretty settled on moving forward with trying to salvage this surface and of course will share my progress as this goes along. I have long held the belief that many of these old cabinets have a story to tell and this one's legacy is one I will enjoy telling. If unsatisfactory I can always peel it off and redo the whole top, but where am I going to find veneer this nice?
  12. Hey George, So glad you chimed in as well, this whole adventure would be entirely different without your involvement. Not sure yet where this will all go but in the end it will be worth any and all effort put into it. prosit
  13. only 12? lol Hey Glenn et al, Yeah, making progress and just a crazy story as well. This thread and project have taken a number of turns that I certainly didn't anticipate. I am going to take an inventory after I open and evaluate all four cabinets. At this stage I am almost inclined to redo the 3s using any bits and pieces from all four. The 3a boxes are in pretty good shape and would ultimately like to rehab them as well. I have also recently happened upon a set of 2a which I have been looking for a decent set for years. Haven't actually gotten those yet, but they are available to me. When it rains it pours. I have a sickness, I have no ability to leave behind a set of these when I see them. Sick I tell you. My impression of the top face of the 3s is the veneer is quite thin, peeled away in a few spots from the plywood removal, it remains to be seen if I can get the left behind adhesive off without sanding and I wonder if peeling off the whole veneer and redoing that surface is the simplest most efficient approach. Thoughts? Don't forget about the nail holes! Geoff
  14. Need I say I can set you up with as much as you want to consume. I can transfer files onto a thumb drive and send it to you to pull off if you are game. Sharing music is one of my passions as well.
  15. Kent, there are many boots, and now with Dick's Picks, Dave's Picks and Road Trips series of archive releases we have many to choose from. A special mic was employed as well. The whole thing was a logistical nightmare, but very cool. The best rock and roll band ever!