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  1. the Marantz is looking good as well! 2270? welcome
  2. it's always nice when you find a decent batch of pots, congrats. Did you reuse the foams on the woofers? I have not been comfortable using them when I have had a choice, especially with a good size basket with only four fasteners. The original pics you posted seem to reveal an inordinate amount of duct seal randomly around drivers and baffle. QC from factory? Air leak test fixes? The "push test" should be as you think, slow response. I really like these 5s, any thoughts on the unfinished pine?
  3. hmmm... I am inclined to say get the 5s. And not because of any reason other than they come available less frequently than the other two options. Once they are refurbed they are a beautiful sounding set of speakers, and will reinforce your comment which is oh so true. Of course cabinet condition is important...
  4. Hi Matthew, Possibly I am misinterpreting this, so excuse me if this isn't the case. It seems as though you are saying you are going to redope the surrounds prior to internal work such as pots and caps etc.... My pointer would be to not redope the surrounds until the very end. The sealant once applied is like fly paper sticky and will attract and become "dirty" during the process. The other pointer is as David said, take good pictures from multiple perspectives. The diagrams in the library are great, but I find pics help me see and understand the path of the circuits better as I am reinstalling everything.
  5. good looking group of items, have fun digging in
  6. So I have followed this thread and found it interesting for sure. Thanx to the mod that separated it from the previously merged thread by the way. I am no marketing guru, nor am I inclined to try and calculate what "could have been". And to make blanket statements that a different approach would have been a "huge success" seems a bit arrogant in my opinion. No disrespect intended. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. It is my opinion that 40 years later, I am very glad they did exactly what they did. The 60's-70's line up of offerings is now a sought after property, and for good reason. Take the 2ax model as an example. The various configurations over the run of time had multiple mods and hardware changes. I personally prefer the original 2ax over the final config by a long shot, and they command a premium value in my opinion. The 5 is no 2ax in any configuration, and has a sound of it's own. In the example of the 5s, to me they feel like the final set of ARs that are in the realm of Villchur's original vision, before technology and production processes impacted the offerings, not to speak of influences from new owners and engineers and a changing market. The fact that sales were not brisk leaves us 40 years later with a model that is a wonderful speaker and a market that isn't flooded with examples, like the Advents of the era that are not nearly as good in my opinion. The original question "Should the AR-5 have been a 12" Speaker?" has been debated here ad nauseam and the answer is no. If anyone thinks a different speaker would have saved AR from it's fate I beg to differ.
  7. Hi Franco and welcome. A few things.. you have posted your thread in the ADS forum and topic is AR. There is a For sale/wanted forum and would be appropriate for your request, but knowing your location would be helpful. Good luck. Geoff
  8. look forward to the reveal
  9. I too would lean toward the AR. I had many opportunities to listen to AR and Advent models in the 70's and to my ear the Advent is hollow sounding or something. This was not an isolated observation either, as I was lucky enough to be around a few friends with Advents, typically driven by Marantz or Harman Kardon SS. They are enjoyable enough, may even be the better choice as a "party" speaker, but I always enjoyed the AR models that were in my circle of friends homes, or dorm rooms in some cases. In your case I would say given the choice, the 5s all the way. I would say the mono blocks will make them come alive but the 2230 solo may not have enough juice to allow them to open up.
  10. so finally an update! I am glad for the interest this has generated and appreciate all input. I harvested as best I could the bits of veneer from the peeled off plywood and glued back in place. I would say a little disappointing result, not quite a total fail. as you can see, not a perfect marriage and a few spots where the salvaged veneer was in fact just not salvageable, at least with my limited skills and experience. This triggered me to peel off the other ones veneers and top plate and this is what we get which is basically more of the same. One thing the second has confirmed is that these were sanded before the veneer and top plate were installed. Plain evidence of sanding into veneer bottom and top right side of pic. Nail pattern a bit different and some veneer ripping occurred but maybe not as bad as first one. My gut is to work the nail holes a bit and re-oil both faces. I love the story these cabinets tell.
  11. no help here but glad to see you on here Roger, is it me or have you been off line for a bit?
  12. beautiful. grilles off yet? when you are not looking these things find you.
  13. nice find Rob, congrats. the 4x is the model that got me started. they are worth freshening up for sure, pots will need cleaning almost certainly. the grilles look great. as for combining I have tried the 4x with 2ax, 5s, couple different JBL models and other 4x and I think I like them best on their own! curious thing is I have done 4+ sets and they all sound slightly different. they all sound real nice but there is a difference in sound among them. I am working on a set of EPI 100W at the moment and am anxious to do the comparison thing with them.
  14. this is such a great thread, and find. Was there any known history? I assume one owner specimens. more updates to the guide
  15. so yes I did get a closer look at these and they are wonderful. Pots are rough as you would expect but no evidence of ever being opened! Also I am just not sure where this will all go. While the current owners understand these are holy grail kind of stuff, they are not using them as anything but speaker stands for a small set of NADs. We have not really done any negotiating but they understand I am an AR enthusiast. My sense of this is they hold more sentimental value than monetary. While there the husband also referenced an old AR turntable in the basement that he has envisioned resurrecting but he lost his hearing and with that has lost interest in audio related things. They have boxes and boxes of old tubes and caps from the past (also part of the inheritance booty) as the Uncle was a tube radio guy as well. I will keep this updated as things unfold, if they do. I love this old grille material.