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  1. welcome. I will find a set of these (23's) some day, have only been actively searching for about 5 years. Enjoy and cheers!
  3. nice work David!
  4. When I saw this the other day I thought initially it was an April Fool's kind of thing. Not entirely sure what triggered this but I love the message.
  5. enjoying these very much, thanx folks. Kent's first post is my fave so far.
  6. Too bad, if he had those tucked away somewhere I suspect you would be on your way!
  7. WOW! Nice rescue. Will be interesting to watch your progress, many pics please. welcome btw
  8. Hi Neil, Good luck with the adventure, and pics are always enjoyed on this forum! The sealant that Kent references is some material to "seal" the backside of the woofer outer edge to the baffle. You may find a clay like product or a foam strip and then when you screw it back in place (after done with recap and other stuff) it creates an airtight seal. A recap is replacing the likely old and tired original capacitors in the crossover with new replacements. Off the top of my head I do not know the values needed but can easily be found. The toggle switch can benefit from a good dose of deoxit as well before sealing them back up. Take a close look at the resistors as well, KLH did use some bargain basement stuff and these are also easily replaced. How are your soldering skills? Geoff
  9. Hi Jeff et al, No offense taken, from yours or any of the feedback. Long ago I recognized that communicating in forums like this on the web can easily be misinterpreted. The spirit intended often can be lost in the translation as it were. Larrybody, nice setup, but of course I would think so! LOL I will endeavor to put together a better thought out video comparison of the models in question.
  10. I don't think anyone in this community would use such a demo for more than as you say "general differences", but it is fun to do! This was a quick barely staged comparison in response to this thread and the lucky coincidence of me having examples available to make the comparison. It also gave me an opportunity to employ Diane in this activity and get her feet wet for future such demonstrations. Not sure if anyone noticed Genghis' cameo in the beginning. Roy, there is probably not many people around more qualified than you in regards to the differences (and similarities) between these speakers, so I am glad you have chimed in here. It is also my hope that possibly some day in the future we can gather here in NH with other enthusiasts and actually have an afternoon/day of speaker comparisons in person as opposed to just the anonymous discussions and banter on forums like this. I will learn from this little experiment and try to refine the demo so it is hopefully more revealing than my first attempt has been, but never intended to be more than fun and a general comparison. In regards to the efficiency aspect of these two models, it seems to me that with some experimenting on my end the video demo will be able to show this a bit more than my first attempt. Also, the acoustics are obviously less than ideal. In the intro there is a good deal of boomy echo to the audio and it is lessened greatly when I am by the amp briefly where the open space aspect is minimized. Thanks to all who have chimed in and apologies to TimmyTonga for redirecting this thread sort of. Geoff
  11. Yes, all pots are maxed out to emphasize the mids and highs for this demo. I generally will almost max out the high and generally about 60-70% on the mids. My hope is after the furniture is in place I will be able to back off both a little. In all cases none of the drivers are shrill and maybe for the next demo I can set them all at half point for a different comparison. As far as listening/viewing the YouTube video demo I have a smart TV and am able to view YouTube on it, consequently having the ability to listen to system hooked up to TV. Do you not have a way to play music on your system through a laptop or smart phone. aux output to aux on stereo.
  12. Hi Folks, Thanx for the input. As has been noted, an imperfect comparison but still revealing. A couple of side notes as well. There is clearly an echo at this time with no soft materials anywhere, but that will evolve soon. As mentioned, the renovations are well underway and will in fact be installing the floor within the next few weeks. I am doing all this myself and time and money are factors in progress, mainly at this point time! Also know that all pots on all speakers are maxed out to emphasize the mids and highs for the demo. Also all speakers have been gone through and either new surrounds or cloth treatment with Roy's special sauce and pots all cleaned and lubed and tested for compliance. I generally use Solens caps on my refurbs and I could check my notes but a safe bet they all have Solens if caps tested out of spec. I will do another comparison soon with the 5s on bottom of stack horizontally. I will also close up the spread a little so as to be a bit closer and also increase volume a smidge. Geoff
  13. so I happened to be in a position to do an a/b of these models. sound isn't great but particularly at 2:45 is the best "switch" showing a clear difference. a/b AR5 vs. AR2ax Geoff
  14. nice offer Al, currently not in need of such a set but I like the spirit of this offer very much! Now if you happen to have a pair of KLH 5 woofers that need a home I would be interested! Geoff
  15. fun pics, thanx for sharing.