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  1. Well, on the bright side, you will have some nice spares for when you buy a pair of speakers
  2. Having similar thoughts about some ADS L980's. Roger
  3. I noticed the former damage from bottoming out. Several adventuresome types have repaired broken formers on this forum previously. Seems like replacing the voice coils would be a better option though. Roger
  4. Yes, cabs came out great. Hard to believe they had been painted previously. I will be keeping an eye out for empty 3a cabs to transfer my 58s drivers into at some point though I'm not going to sweat it either way since I don't have to maintain any particular esthetic. Found your choice of caps interesting although you robbed us of the benefit of your thought process. Overall, five stars, need some matching stands now though Roger
  5. I'd probably use E6000 black glue on the screen but Elmer's may be fine. RoyC can probably give you a definitive answer since he tweeks these for low output. He can probably clue you in on the options for the woofer as well. It is not obvious which woofer this is from your photos. If you are going to have Millersound do the work it would probably come out better if you sent in both woofers. Merry Xmas, Roger
  6. Definitely a driver-donor around here. Merry Christmas from the Wild West ... Roger
  7. I think I'm going to have to reread this when I'm not under the influence of wine. You are not trying to make Dostoyevsky jealous are you?
  8. There you have it -- rare birds
  9. Larrybody, I see a pair of AR-4&1/2's there ... pull the tweet, plug the hole, drop in a single cap and voila, instant garage speakers ... Roger
  10. A-ha, a new project -- How to turn towers into subwoofers Roger
  11. AR-90's with no original drivers I presume? Okay, so they upgraded the drivers since the tweeter failed and the surrounds were shot on the other drivers. Now they sound really good Maybe check and see if the original drivers are available. They may be worth more than the speakers if any are still serviceable Roger
  12. Yikes, I prefer to use borax on mold: http://blacktoxicmolds.com/borax-kill-mold.php Borax is only slightly more toxic than common table salt. Roger
  13. Wow, welcome ... $50 is a bit shy of their current value I may have to plan a road trip to PA. Check your photo size if you are having problems uploading. Look forward to your progress Roger
  14. I haven't heard those speakers but I expect someone here on this group has. Here is an old post that may be of interest:
  15. Good to hear they are performing well. The AR-4 series remains ever popular.