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  1. AR Restoration Meeting--1

    Cheers from the AR diaspora ...
  2. AR Euro cabinet profile dimensions

    Let us know how a solid strip works out. I have an AR-6 cab that was damaged. The strip is veneered and my repair is obvious to the point where I was thinking about using a varnish stain to hide it. Weld
  3. Wife needs help finishing his bucket list AR92s

    I'll take another look at the list but you are probably in a hurry to clear the storage unit and my funds are limited at the moment. I could use a pair of Tonegan 12" woofers but ... Kudos again for taking on this project. Roger
  4. Should the AR-5 have been a 12" Speaker?

    Well, I bought the 5's and an equalizer back then, but the more I look at the 3a cabs here now they just look so sensual with all that wood up front -- maybe I should have bought the 3a's and forgot about the equalizer Roger
  5. AR 2 speakers

    Probably should sell them to someone with an appreciation for that era of AR speakers if you are hesitating about putting money into them. Are they 2a's or 2ax's? Photos are nice ... Roger
  6. Follow up ar-5

    Roy, I thought you liked the later ceramic magnets better saying in a previous post IIRC that they were closer to the original AR-5 woofer then the the 2ax alnico woofers. Looks like 1976 on the woofer. Nice speakers and the first Euro models I've seen with the light grill cloth. Roger
  7. Should the AR-5 have been a 12" Speaker?

    Similar experience here and probably should be a new thread but the amplifier headroom and/or damping factor theories don't really account for the difference in sound people notice when using larger amps with AR speakers. I think the change in sound is more akin to phase shift or a power factor problem creating a non-linear response. Anyway, I agree with TomT's analysis of AR's decline and changing fortunes. Roger

    Not too many people around who can appreciate the beauty of these speakers these days. Very nice, indeed ... I think Robert (ra.ra) has the best approach to the powder residue on the woofers. The glue failure on the spiders has come up before. May want to play them for awhile to see if this becomes an issue. If they pass to someone without your skill set it could become an issue. Roger
  9. Should the AR-5 have been a 12" Speaker?

    The case of the disappearing post ??? At any rate, the AR-5 should not have had a 12" woofer because it would have adversely affected AR's bottom line. This is a case of "bean-counters" rule not whether the speaker was a scientific plausibility. I was reminded of this yesterday when I cued up a Dire Straits album on the AR-3a/58 combo. An AR-5 with 12" woofer would not have survived its first party night without blown drivers which would have required warranty service, etc. Hate to be a party-pooper but ... Just ask Frank -- I venture to guess he has blown more Classic-era drivers than anyone else here ... My "party-animal" friends during the 70s bought JBL Century 100's. I bought the AR-5's. This is why AR's market share disappeared. Roger
  10. Heath AS-2 by AR

    I always wear the right shirt, ha, ha ... Heath must have had a full-time illustrator they needed to keep busy or more likely they stopped selling the 2 when the 2a came out. As far as amps go the Kenwood integrated I started with was limited. The Sonance 260 I replaced it with was still limited. The QSC ISA 280 opened up the sound nicely. Thank TomT and Adrianno for that one as I wouldn't have the 280 around otherwise. The 260 delivers 60W@8ohms while the 280 delivers 180W@8ohms. I think the Kenwood has a 20W amp which would have been available at the time the speakers were made. They would probably sound decent using a low-power tube amp but I'll leave that to someone else. I may try piezo tweeter arrays with these for the fun of it as I need some for another project. The Sonance and QSC were acquired for an AR-5 project which may not happen at this point. The sound dropped out on the QSC amp a couple times already which is probably why I got it cheap. Intermittent problems are a pain to troubleshoot. Roger Added: The amp drop-out was caused by an old rca cord. Simple fix when I decided to bring the AR-3a/58's upstairs to run on the QSC amp -- nice pairing and an enjoyable afternoon of music -- perhaps more on the AS-2's at a later date -- I didn't see the point in A/B'ing this combo. 18May17: Removed the other grill. Drivers are just as nice. Construction is three sides of furniture grade plywood with the baffle, back and bottom (long side) from a lower grade ply. The brads holding the grill are brass-plated steel. These are being side-lined till I finish up the 58s.
  11. Heath AS-2 by AR

    That Heathkit manual is something of a treasure. The brads were steel on this speaker rather than brass -- no heads so once you lift up the grill it frees up. Edit: Maybe not steel but bronze boat nails (the steel would be prone to rust staining of the fabric). They were brittle at any rate. I didn't find that thread. I wonder what happened to that pair? That cone could have been easily patched. I'll remove the other grill and hook up a better amp today if I don't have any distractions. The original caulking around the drivers is a bit on the stiff side but judging from the link it appears to separate easily. Thanks for that one, Robert. I wasn't looking forward to removing the drivers but it may not be that big of a challenge. Roger
  12. Heath AS-2 by AR

    Thanks, Robert ... loved those old Heathkits ... still have my FET vom I built back in '76! Drivers look nice and I'm surprised how good they actually sound compared to my expectations ... add one of Carl's piezo tweeter arrays and never look back Not bad for 60-year old tech with zero maintenance. Sounds best with lounge/jazz with some treble boost, if a bit woolly. The treble roll-off matches my hearing since we are about the same age. Added: After sitting here reading all afternoon with these playing Mozart I have to say these speakers are best playing long-hair music rather than the above mentioned lounge/jazz. I found myself dialing the treble boost back after listening for awhile. "Woolly" is not a good moniker, they are quite articulate. "Well-damped" would be a better way to describe the sound. Roger Here is a close-up of the fabric and logo for reference. The gold-strand doesn't show in the photo but it is there.
  13. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    These speakers will definitely have a lot of character. You can't buy character -- you have to earn it. I was always fond of using epoxy for wood restoration projects from boat building days. My salvaged AR-3a's have AR-58 uppers and reconed woofers and are still a work-in-progress ... your house remodel is looking good, Geoff!
  14. Heath AS-2 by AR

    Not surprisingly there seems to be a conspiracy to make me do more work these days -- life is short, art is long and "curiosity is the lust of the mind." AR speakers are rare out here in the diaspora at any rate, but always room for more it seems. I enjoy seeing how well the old stuff has weathered over time and I find working on cabs to be therapeutic when the weather is nice enough to be outside. How's the remodel coming along ... There is a gap on the lower edge of the grill on these, so I'm guessing that is the only entry point.