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  1. AR-5 Frequency Response "Problem"

    Engaging discussion and I jumped in without reading all the posts. I seem to remember JH having written two reviews of the AR-5? In one he stated that with the AR-5 model Acoustic Research had finally "gotten it right." I believe the context had something to do with an apparent fuzziness the 3a exhibited on operatic vocals. I did buy the 5's back in 1974. They always did seem harder to drive as in had to turn the volume control up higher. Before my recent move I aired out a pair of 5's using just an AR-SRC which is basically a passive pre- I believe and an Adcom 555 II. I played the live recording of Simon & Garfunkel's Concert in the Park and pretty much felt like I was in attendance. It is all pretty subjective for me at this point in time. Music was and is my drug of choice and AR's delivery systems were always pleased my ears. Roger
  2. AR-5 Frequency Response "Problem"

    Good synopsis, I'll have to get my 5's out of storage ... currently listening to AR-2's from Heathkit and quite impressed but then my hearing is not what it used to be :). The 3a's here have Teledyne era drivers and reconed woofers which puts them in the AR-58 class -- an entirely different sound. Roger
  3. Repatriated AR collection

    Got caught up in a void and never finished working on them ... perhaps soon though.
  4. Repatriated AR collection

    Frank, They have your name on them and appear to be in exceptional condition so I wouldn't hesitate. Roger
  5. Repatriated AR collection

    I think I have an AR obsession -- I don't mind spreading the love around but finances are strained at the moment -- did notice a lovely pair of LST's on CL in Albany this morning, but ...
  6. Kutztown?

    Well maybe everyone from the forum should wear blue shoes ... unfortunately I won't be there ... Blue Suede Shoes Well, it's one for the money Two for the show Three to get ready Now go, cat, go
  7. Repatriated AR collection

    It is good to be back after forty plus years in the West -- will start with the AR-5's that started this revolution for me and let you know if an East coast speaker sounds better in the East -- I suspect they will ... I gave them a decent airing in Reno with a straight dump from the cd player through an AR-SRC into an Adcom 555II playing Simon & Garfunkel's "Concert in Central Park" -- sounded like I was there. I hadn't listened to the 5's for a few years and I won't currently have the option to entertain the neighbors at my current location so it will be a little more low-key!
  8. Repatriated AR collection

    Fun to be back in my home state on this rainy Sunday morning ... yes, the AR-58's made it with their crossovers still outboard ... everyone of them was boxed ... even managed to box the ADS L980's and the Heathkit AS-2's which I never had time to play with ... will see how it goes as I attempt to settle in the area again ...
  9. Repatriated AR collection

    Greetings and salutations to my Classic Speaker friends. After a tumultuous winter I am happy to report that I was able to repatriate the AR collection back to Massachusetts minus one set of early AR-5 cabs that wouldn't fit into the truck; however, Infinity and Ohm speakers were abandoned first -- all the rest made the drive from Reno, NV to Madison, WI for a short lay over then back to the Berkshires. I will be doing some more resto work and will probably have to thin out the number of ARs as my available venues are rather limited. Cheers, Roger
  10. AR Restoration Meeting--1

    Cheers from the AR diaspora ...
  11. AR Euro cabinet profile dimensions

    Let us know how a solid strip works out. I have an AR-6 cab that was damaged. The strip is veneered and my repair is obvious to the point where I was thinking about using a varnish stain to hide it. Weld
  12. Wife needs help finishing his bucket list AR92s

    I'll take another look at the list but you are probably in a hurry to clear the storage unit and my funds are limited at the moment. I could use a pair of Tonegan 12" woofers but ... Kudos again for taking on this project. Roger
  13. Should the AR-5 have been a 12" Speaker?

    Well, I bought the 5's and an equalizer back then, but the more I look at the 3a cabs here now they just look so sensual with all that wood up front -- maybe I should have bought the 3a's and forgot about the equalizer Roger
  14. AR 2 speakers

    Probably should sell them to someone with an appreciation for that era of AR speakers if you are hesitating about putting money into them. Are they 2a's or 2ax's? Photos are nice ... Roger