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  1. Richard So services all the old ADS ferrofluid drivers all the time. I wonder if he does other brands too. I will ask him.
  2. Looks like they were owned by Bill Russell! Roy's date will be confirmed by a date stamp on the interior wall of the cabinet if you happen to open them up.. Dude, we need photos!
  3. SO what drivers are shared between the AR9 and AR90?
  4. Thats a nice combo with those Pioneer pieces David, congrats. Have you ever had or needed to have anything done to the 727? I drive my KLH Model fives with a 737 in the master bedroom and the do well together. My son has a 636 driving some AR18s and has similar results. Both simply got teh Deoxit treatment and have been great since.
  5. Been responding on this over at AK. I would agree to a price with the seller first with a contingency that you get to pull them and test them real quick and that they don't test open. Easy to do on the spot. Could be something as simple as for some reason the crimp connections have come off. Seen it happen - the ADS 910's I purchased. If they test open, you can see at that point if he would take maybe $100 less. Those will coast probably at least $100 each or a member might be able to give you a good deal on a pair. I recently picked up spare mids and mid woofers for mine for $150 total. I asked over at AK too, but if you tell us the price we might be able to give you some more to go on in terms of how much to worry about in terms of financial risk here. And yeah, dont worry about the grille fabric. Did you take a close look at the woofers and the surrounds there? These are all old enough they likely need replacing. Same with the mid woofers on front.
  6. So you thinking no need to send the mids and tweets to Richard So at this point?
  7. So, now that these have been inplay or a little while, what do you think? And what is the finish on those? I have a replacement grille peg solution if you need any BTW.
  8. And I think that is a Robert Sonneman lamp there on the top of the piano. Or a knock-off of course. Do you wonder how many of these movie and TV prop pieces even work? They could just be shells.
  9. What a facility AR! How cool would a party be in that place?. I don't think I would be very social in there just wanting to experience it. Somebody needs to explain the pool room to me. Yep I believe it's an original PL case. Will need some TLC when the weather warms up and I can spend time in the garage with it. I also just picked up a wood case for my Citation 1 preamp that only needed some applications of teak oil to add the luster it had lost.
  10. There is an ebay listing for KLH Model Fives for $199 too about to expire with no bids.
  11. do tell once you get a feel for it.
  12. JKent, Like you, I like separates for the most part, especially for when driving high current requiring speakers etc. But, when trying to do separates that are also vintage with the type of power you want things can get a littel more difficult with what seems to be a limited assortment of options that can still hold their own with newer stuff. But, I think i figured out a great solution. Phase Linear. A White Oak Phase Linear. It has all the appeal and timeless quality of a vintage amp with meters, but as a White Oak re-build now has modern cutting edge innards. More importantly, it sounds fantastic, is safe and you can hear a pin drop when it is on. I have the PL400 version so it has something north of 200/ch. There is also the 700. It does not flinch on any of my speakers. AR3, AR9, ADS L1590, ADS L910 etc. You can typically find these already rebuilt and ready to go like I did on AK. Or, you can find an original PL400 or 700 with good bones and do the work yourself. I saw one recently on Ebay selling for $650 I believe which was a great deal on the surface anyway. You can get all the scoop here: http://forums.phxaudiotape.com/ or here: http://www.whiteoakaudio.com/ Here is mine:
  13. Lakecat, $2,000 is crazy, although I would love it if it wasn't crazy. I paid $400 for mine and they are near mint. They are a lovely speaker, no doubt. And I was recently able to get a full set of replacement drivers plus one additional woofer for a decent price. I don't really challenge mine too much. I office here in my house and I use them there just about every day with a Pioneer SA-9100 that has been fully recapped. The thing I worry about most are the grilles. I am a member of the Yahoo Allison group and sometimes peruse various threads there. (right now I am working on a pair of Allison AL-120's) That is the most cumbersome web site to use. Way too hard to find anything or even read entire threads. Hell, the thread titles are not even fully shown when looking at the list of topics. It's frankly awful.
  14. Interesting. I would imagine th $5,000 price tag had something to do with the failure. Never bring back an old design of this type of technology for high $. it wont compute in peoples minds. Looks like they were pushing it for home theater. They reivented the grilles apparently too.