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  1. Good snag there Lakecat. They look nice as-is. I have always likes those grilles.
  2. Agreed, and with a restoration (caps and sealant) the six's may very well get back to a level you didn't realize had eroded over time.
  3. So apparently the tweeter does not work since it appears that blue wire came off that connection to the 6uf cap. Easy enough fix. Go for it!
  4. AR Surround, thanks for all the detailed accounting of your effort. Like Stimpy, I have been keeping a recap of my 9's in teh que for a little while now. I too want to spend appropriately on caps and also like the EVO's as an option. Does make making the order a little more difficult if you know what I mean ($). You said you sent the caps to your cousin to test. What equipment did he use? Also, good additional input from David and Stimpy throughout. David, hope the hand heals up well. But, Vikings without horns just doesn't do it for me. Too cool not to be authentic. If I could get away with wearing horns, I would.
  5. RoyC might be able to help with the mids. He refurbished mine. They can be an issue.
  6. Seems like a good price on the 90's for sure. Down low is an add for speaker repair service. They (Paul) know what they are doing. Have history with Speakerlab.
  7. Great stuff. Thanks guys. Love the photos of the buildings in the other old thread. So odd they are so in a different direction in terms of use. To think what took place historically there. Is the old terminal location still there and occupied by something?
  8. checks all the boxes for the most part
  9. So if looking for an integrated amp I would probably look at some of the Sansui's. NAD has always had some nice ones too. I have an outstanding Pioneer SA-9100 (recapped) that would be a nice piece, but you may be looking for more "oomph".
  10. SC, Are you looking for an integrated amp, amp or receiver? If just looking for an amp, the Adcom amps are a great value. You could do just fine with something like a GFA 545 or the newer 5400.
  11. I guarantee the next photo from the photo shoot above is that baby pushing in the dustcaps!
  12. Well, the seller has created an even better version of the add. Love folks use of the word "sub" in these cases. https://boise.craigslist.org/ele/5950993157.html Grilles might be the best part of this.
  13. This is good stuff, keep it coming.
  14. Excellent recap of your recap! Congrats.
  15. Thanks