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  1. Gee, I think I am tired of these big speakers and because it doesn't even dawn on me to look them up on the internet to see what I have here, I will just put them out on the curb. WHAT!
  2. Nice
  3. The 2230 looks great when draped in the wood case. but I had trouble finding a good mate for it in terms of speakers other than my KLH speakers. I've been lucky to find a few receivers that I have been able to get and try. My large Pioneer SX-5580 is a looker and plenty powerful. A real black beauty. A couple other smaller Pioneers were nice too including the SX-737 and 636. The 636 is in my sons room. Sold the 737. I actually prefer the older Pioneer SX1000Ta that I have better than the others, What a wonderful warm tone it has. I think I dig it because it is cap coupled. I have a The Fisher TA600 ready for a recap restoration that will probably be my main receiver once done. It is such a classic looking vintage tube receiver with the wood case. Really looking forward to that.
  4. Rick Cobb is always a great starting point for foams. But I think I got my foams for the AR9's from Larry Lagace.
  5. Hey Fluvio! Now where would Italy be without the tomato...that came from the Americas! And wasn't pizza an american invention? (If we didn't invent it, we sure have screwed it up with the likes of Dominos, Pizza hut etc). And that's okay, I have my 100% Italian wife.
  6. Just use them as is. If they don't sound good, sell them off. Unless they have been mistreated, they should be fine.
  7. Hmmmmm...... Now you've gone and done it. Time to look for another amp. I am currently using a WOPL400 Phase Linear and it is incredible as is. Incredible at all levels using my tube preamp. Room isn't very big so I have not been in a hurry to get into biamping them. I did have them in a vertical passive biamp set-up with 2 Adcom GFA5500 amps briefly in a larger room but I didn't keep them in there long. Having the two identical amps I didn't need a separate crossover. Mu guess is that the 1590's are at a level that are at home with a couple big high quality amps driving them.
  8. Those puppies are playing the sounds of the cosmos. Figures they would have 50 year old speakers in and amongst all that other tech.
  9. Hey Fulvio! Since the parts say Made in U. S. A you are obligated to send them back here. It's a new Trump thing. Send them to me and I will make sure they get put to good use. I am enjoying my Ones as I type and recently picked up some back-up woofers. I might consider what you have there.
  10. All done. These are very good sounding speakers. I would say under radar and if any of you get the chance to pick a set up, do not hesitate.
  11. What a great conclusion for Jeff. Congrats to JKent and all that helped him. Absolutely love the old photos Jeff. That is an example of how people used to get together and communicate before the internet and mobile phones allowed texting! It is also back when many folks used these bookshelf speakers in bookshelves. (Acoustic suspension design facilitated this.) Jeff the tweeters in these old AR's are not known to produce a lot of output compared to more modern or even newer speakers. Plus because of their age they just may not be putting out what they once did. It is the one common concern all of us have about these old AR's and unfortunately there isn't much that can be done. RoyC may be able to chime in and have some ideas for you and he does do a great job of getting the most out of them. There is also the option of removing the resistor on the tweeter from the new LPad that some of us do with these and the AR3's.
  12. Yep, a rare finish. Keep em safe.
  13. As I was reading up until your last post there, I was thinking how cool it would be to fit an old AR3 cabinet with newer drivers. Maybe even some from the later iterations of AR 3 ways meant to be decedents of the AR3. Of course fitting them into the baffle would be the trick, but maybe it could work out.
  14. Place is looking great. Trim and molding and whalla! You leaving the I-Beam as we see it now? Encasing it?
  15. Send them to Roy for full diagnosis I guess. The leads do look wonky.