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  1. DavidDru

    Greetings of the Season

    Happy Holidays folks! Here is an initial one. Just finished restoring this Fisher tube console.
  2. DavidDru

    Museum Grade AR-2a

    Wow, yeah nice. Looks like they've been put away for a long time.
  3. DavidDru

    Any Interest in AR-38B?

    I was given four of the 48b's. All surrounds needed attention. So far I got one set up and running and sold to my neighbor for $100. Two had spring terminals. Two had 5 way posts. They sounded good. But yeah, the finishes used are disappointing for sure compared to the AR's that came before. Could be cool to pull the vinyl and do a little real wood veneer on these.
  4. DavidDru

    WTB - AR 4x cabinet

    I have one nice full 4x in Walnut, and a 2nd that has a beat to hell cabinet not worth restoring. The parts are all good so I need a replacement cabinet if anyone has a nice unmolested empty one they can get rid of. Thanks!
  5. Pete, you still selling this stuff? I tried PM you but it said you can't receive messages. ?
  6. DavidDru

    Roy's listening 9 vs NHT 3.3 vs 10Pi

    Really interesting. I am glad this came back up. I've been thinking a lot about speaker size and room matching lately. I think this was brought on by my discovery of how good the Ar12's did in my main listening room combined with the feeling that sometimes my much larger AR9's and ADS L1590's overpower the room at higher volumes. Too bad the 10pi did not stack up well against the others, and for interesting comments on the mid range SQ. It sure would be nice to have a more recent or modern build of an AR12 or 11 to try out. Something with a 10" or even 12" woofer but with improved midrange and tweeters. Nobody makes them! Especially in the old standard rectangular box format of the AR3 iterations. Maybe the ultra expensive Harbeth 40.1
  7. DavidDru

    AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    Been too long ago now Pete that I can not recall.
  8. DavidDru

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    Grab em if you come across them for sure! Replacing the surround on the mid and the trim pads around the tweeters and mids make the restoration a bit more work, but well worth it. I really like how the cabinets look with the thin edges too. I will post photos as soon as I have the grilles done. Time to find the 11 or 10pi, although these are probably all I really need in my room with the quality and power of my amplification.
  9. DavidDru

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    I think the surrounds are already there Glenn! Thanks for the trim pieces for the tweeter and mid. They look great. Whatever the adhesive was on the originals is some tough gooey stuff. Now to do the grille frames.
  10. DavidDru

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    Great idea Larry. In fact I did do just that last week on a connection to a pair of super tweeters I added to my Concert Grands. Early ones for me too I think. They are some sort of metal. I didn't do the bypass caps. Suppose I could have since I have those little caps here for that.
  11. Shockingly good after a recap and new surrounds on mid and woofer. New trim pads on tweeter and mid that I got from Glenn. WOW! is all I can say. I have them in my 12' x 12' room hooked up to my WOPL 400 (230/ch) SS amp and tube preamp and they absolutely jump out at you and image great. Really good detail and the bass is all you need in this room at all levels. Also tried them with the Dyncao ST70 and now with a The Fisher TA600 tube receiver and those do well with them also. A bit more gain is required of course. I used Dayton 1% poly's in the recap. Will probably go back in and replace those darn AR binding posts. Damn things drive me crazy! Next up though is fabricating some new grilles. Going to go with the raised beveled edge like Glenn did in his. I may contact foamspeakergrilles to see what they would charge to make some up like I have for some big Altecs. I am full in on looking for AR11's or 10pi now.
  12. Excellent. If you ever see a nice pair of KLH Model 17, 23 or 6, give those a try as well.
  13. DavidDru

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    Welcome Richard, and nice find for sure. Some of the best surviving examples of AR's are turning out to be ones that had been used in applications similar to what you found with these. Preserved in other cabinets or up on shelves. I have AR2's and AR5's that were in cabinets and are now great unfinished specimens. Personally I struggle with the unfinished cabinets versions. I know they are a bit more rare which can translate to higher collector value, but they just aren't very good looking. ? Nor does any finish you can put on them do anything for me. Mine get no use because of this aspect. Without the collector value thing, I'd probably go ahead and do a great wood veneer on them. Doesn't take away how good they sound of course and they are fun to restore (well, maybe one AR3 restore is enough). Good luck with it. My guess too is that the pots are the only issue, especially if they sound good now.
  14. I bet the AR12 would be nice. Mine are hooked up to considerable SS power right now but I have a restored Dynaco St70 sitting next to the SS amp and I will switch it over to that today to check the difference. I also have a recapped and restored The Fisher TA600 receiver I can try with them.
  15. DavidDru

    AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Lucky once again and acquired a very nice pair of the AR12's today from the one and only owner since he purchased them new for 10% off list at $450 in March of 79. The purchase receipt and brochures and manual all come with these so that is cool. Serial numbers are 2 numbers apart. The cabinets will require very little work but new grilles are needed. All the drivers interestingly enough are factory replacements. He told me he thought he had them replaced around 1990 and right before they were no longer available. Phew! All of these drivers need the usual age-out attention, but all work. Woofers just need new surrounds as do the mids. Tweeters and mids need the outer plate foam pieces and I hope Glenn can help with those. Hey buddy. Will get a recap too of course. 40, 20, 10 and 6. The ferro fluid thing is interesting. I recently replaced the ferro fluid on some KEF104/2 and it was pretty straight forward easy as long as you know the amount. Check out the photo with the teledyne acoustics sticker on the bottom of the rear plate and how it was meant to cover the AR logo. I hope I summarized the approach well enough. I gathered together this strategy after reading various threads on the 12's here and at AK.