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  1. Have you tested them yet? Hooked them up at all and played at very low volume levels?
  2. Oooh, I would be on pins and needles until that day. Good luck and may the gods be with you.
  3. Great job!
  4. I agree with the above. Your friend needs to use caution. You approach Allison ones differently than many other speaker brands. Jumping into a recap is not always the best course of action. Plus these are not the easiest to get to the caps.
  5. yes, yes you did. Congrats!
  6. Uh oh, what?
  7. The pines can be rare as less were produced. At this point it seems they were either refinished with paint or stain long ago (as that was the intent to allow owners and decorators to match the room or cabinetry), or were put into something like a cabinet or console and are now coming out looking like new. You would have to look at historical sales numbers to determine increased value, but it does seem like good condition versions are being picked up by collectors at a bit of a premium. Advanced settings on ebay search where you can select "sold" listings give you an decent barometer.
  8. Hey Roger, thought you would find interest in these. I really got kinda lucky ra.ra. There are a few dings in the cabinets, but nothing that cant be addressed if wanted. I will be putting these aside for a bit until I can get the proper time to work on them correctly. Really want to salvage the grilles. Same with those 2a's I found. What's funny is matching them up to stands that look good with the unfinished pine. I am going to have to figure it out.
  9. My lounge there is MCM! Got them off of Offer Up. First time I have seen something of note on there. First time seller used it too. He gets items from a local thrifts big clearing warehouse so he probably paid $10 for them. I did okay as well. No grilles off yet. Brought them in last night and now I'm on a plane heading out. Gotta think the foam surrounds need replacement and may be why I didn't get much base in the 2 songs I played. I really hope I can remove them without damage. Might try a little heat. Anyone hazard to guess if these might have staples or just glue?
  10. Something about unfinished pine cabinet models for me lately. On the relative heels of those real nice AR2's I came into this very nice set of unfinished 5's today. Everything is intact and functioning. Pots are rough but found spots to get all drivers working. Great grilles and badges. Stickers on the back are like new. Must have been in a console or up on a shelf all these years. Serial numbers are 28834 and 28840. Sound is okay. Bass is oddly lean. Do seem to soak up the power. Hard to judge at this early juncture.
  11. This is pretty.
  12. Welcome to CSP Bashaar. Sounds like you got a great deal with the DQM-9's. There is a company that specializes in the Dahlquist line of speakers with rebuild kits and upgrades that is at least worth checking out since they provide some specs and such on most models. www.regnar.com
  13. Gee, I think I am tired of these big speakers and because it doesn't even dawn on me to look them up on the internet to see what I have here, I will just put them out on the curb. WHAT!
  14. Nice
  15. The 2230 looks great when draped in the wood case. but I had trouble finding a good mate for it in terms of speakers other than my KLH speakers. I've been lucky to find a few receivers that I have been able to get and try. My large Pioneer SX-5580 is a looker and plenty powerful. A real black beauty. A couple other smaller Pioneers were nice too including the SX-737 and 636. The 636 is in my sons room. Sold the 737. I actually prefer the older Pioneer SX1000Ta that I have better than the others, What a wonderful warm tone it has. I think I dig it because it is cap coupled. I have a The Fisher TA600 ready for a recap restoration that will probably be my main receiver once done. It is such a classic looking vintage tube receiver with the wood case. Really looking forward to that.