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  1. DavidDru

    AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Lucky once again and acquired a very nice pair of the AR12's today from the one and only owner since he purchased them new for 10% off list at $450 in March of 79. The purchase receipt and brochures and manual all come with these so that is cool. Serial numbers are 2 numbers apart. The cabinets will require very little work but new grilles are needed. All the drivers interestingly enough are factory replacements. He told me he thought he had them replaced around 1990 and right before they were no longer available. Phew! All of these drivers need the usual age-out attention, but all work. Woofers just need new surrounds as do the mids. Tweeters and mids need the outer plate foam pieces and I hope Glenn can help with those. Hey buddy. Will get a recap too of course. 40, 20, 10 and 6. The ferro fluid thing is interesting. I recently replaced the ferro fluid on some KEF104/2 and it was pretty straight forward easy as long as you know the amount. Check out the photo with the teledyne acoustics sticker on the bottom of the rear plate and how it was meant to cover the AR logo. I hope I summarized the approach well enough. I gathered together this strategy after reading various threads on the 12's here and at AK.
  2. DavidDru

    AR-12 crossover

    Well, outstanding timing as i too need it to know what value caps I need to order for the 1's I picked up today.
  3. DavidDru

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    Picked up a great pair of RDL Acoustics F-1 this weekend. A mere $80. All is good with them. May need new surrounds on the top woofers. They are in-tact but in that stage of where it seems like you could put your finger through them. No biggy. Great cherry finish and overall styling with these, which I think Roy A. was pretty good about over the years. Currently being driven by my fully restored Pioneer SA-9100 at 60/ch. I will put them in the main system where I can go 240/ch SS or 35/ch tube and see what they do. They seem a little in want of power. Love Roy's tweeters. I feel fortunate to have a pair of these as they seem rare as hens teeth these days. They proudly join My Allison Ones in the collection. Hey from the Mountain Pacific Northwest!
  4. DavidDru

    Newly acquired AR-LST

    Easily. The kLH28 they are for about the same size as the LST's actually.
  5. "no sales ever allowed" Can't even imagine that approach these days, and it's a shame.
  6. DavidDru

    Newly acquired AR-LST

    Cool. I have had some KLH Model 28 stands (tulip) listed over at AK for a while now. I bet they would be great for those.
  7. DavidDru

    Repatriated AR collection

    Well, we will miss you out here Roger, but it's great to hear you are happy with the move back to the old stomping ground. Apparently the restraining order has expired. Make the most of it.
  8. DavidDru


    Fun stuff there guys.
  9. DavidDru

    L710 conundrum????

    Hmm, Rob, those do look odd, including the mids and tweets. Here is my 710:
  10. DavidDru

    Newly acquired AR-78LS

    The car analogy is a good one. One would wonder what would have happened if AR had kept the model number going and just made changes to it over the years like they seemed to do for a while with various models (3 -3A, 2-2a-2ax etc). At some point they either felt the design changed enough to call it something else, or the marketing people finally got their way. No doubt, the 3 and 3a were the industry standard for write some time and I am sure other speakers manufacturers probably tired of being compared any time they came out with a 3-way design of similar proportions.
  11. DavidDru

    The Quintessential AR Speaker

    Great responses above. And I will throw in my response....in era's. The AR3 established AR and defined so much for the brand and in the industry, as well as customer expectations from that point forward. The 2nd era would have to be the AR9. Both made huge statements.
  12. DavidDru

    Newly acquired AR-78LS

    My comment was just that, a thought out loud comment and general question. Not pointed specifically at your feedback on these specific speakers ra ra. It's just interesting to me that so many other later models from AR are looked upon this way, where in general most are just 3-way designs like many other brands. I would guess it would depend on how different the drivers were at this point. The enclosure is different. Crossovers are different etc Maybe I am wondering if it's a fair thing to do and wondering if it's only because it's the same brand. Thought I would throw out the question and get people thinking and responding.
  13. DavidDru

    Newly acquired AR-78LS

    I bet those are good. So are we always going to say any 3 way with a 12" woofer from AR is a descendant of the AR3? At this point in the chain I am not sure what the 3 or 3a would have to do with a 3-way 12" design.
  14. DavidDru

    M-907 to be restored

    Sorry for not responding earlier Pete. The amp is a Phase Linear 400 that has been rebuilt entirely to the White Oak up grade. WOPL as most refer to it as. Phenomenal. Powerful. Now found some DQ-M5's A smaller 2 way. Also very good after new surrounds.
  15. DavidDru

    Biamping L1590 anyone doing it?

    yes. Device sits between preamp and amps. This particular one is 2 in 4 out so I can split to two amps. Connect the device to your laptop and a microphone and make any adjustment you can think of and what the computer picks up on. They have others that split more ways too. Can be used to do high level room equalization adjustments or used to divide. Or both. Once you set the settings you disconnect the computer. Look up minidsp