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  1. Difficult name to do a google search on as the terms alone mean something. "monitor" has many applicable references and meanings within the same area of search. Open them up by removing the woofer driver on the front baffle and let's see if there are any other branding clues in there on the drivers etc. Interesting that the connections are both screw terminal and the RCA input. Also the little image on the rear sticker show the speaker on it's side in bookshelf configuration. Of course no available adjustments .
  2. SOunds like he's trying to hook up the 4 speakers to the one QSC amp. We need more info about the amp and exactly what are the "events" are they Advents? And yes, if you have 910's with a QSC amp properly configured, you shouldn't need the other speakers. Leave them out for now. My guess is that you will need a 2nd amp anyway. How are intending to control these? A preamp of some sort is needed as well to control the volume/gain and the input source. It needs to go Source->Preamp->QSC Amp->Speakers
  3. Take good photos as you go. There will be a lot to disassemble and you will be soldering at some point unless you get creative and use crimp connectors etc. Are they pretty bad now?
  4. Can the pots be measured while still in circuit?
  5. Thanks Roy. Yes, I think I will leave the caps alone unless I get them all put together and they end up sounding flat or dull. I got into one of the pots this evening and they are different than the others in other AR pots I have dealt with. Little plastic posts hold the wiper on the shaft, and not very securely. Overall though there is no pitting, just a little of the white corrosion that I think Deoxit would even be good enough to take care of. If so I could leave them in and not have to do any unsoldering etc. Will try that first and check the reading with my DMM.
  6. inside Roy, what do you see there with the 3 coils? Nothing on them for ID
  7. I'm in! Took a littel time this afternoon to break into one of these. Got past the grilles and inside to see what we had here. Grilles came of fine. Worked a pick under one end in a couple spots and it started coming up. The glue was brittle and didn't hold too strongly. There is an internal frame that was stapled to the inside lip of the cabinet that the grille sits on and is glued to. Yes the woofer surround was deteriorated off. Just emailed Rick Cobb. Only 4 screws on the woofer and it had the cheapy white foam for a seal. A few blobs of the old mortite too. As you can see in the photos the back magnet etc has the white powder crap on it. And masking tape around the edges. On the tape is stamped September 25, 1972. Plenty of the insulation under the cloth. It weighed at 1lb 4.4 oz. Big good looking Sprague Compulytic caps - 24 (blue)and 72uF (purple) plus the other Industrial Condenser 4uF. Everything looks like it is brand new in there of course, similar to the cabs. Almost don't want to mess with it. I guess the pots are next so stay tuned. Testing the caps as well.
  8. shnikees! Cool fun.
  9. Nice Matthew! Love those 28's. They have been on my radar for a couple years now after finding some stands for them (yes odd). How do they sound. Never seem to get a report on what they sound like so I have been cautious about spending a lot of money. My collection consists of the following: Five, Six, 17, 23, 24, 32. Model 27 receiver and the model 26 stereo with turntable. The Fives are in my master bedroom and still need a cap refresh that I never got around to a couple years ago when JKent helped me figure out what I had and needed for them. The six's also need work, but are a daunting task so are a bit down on the list for now. I have a post on the forum here about them and the one with the odd cabinet. (There is a good looking pair on CList here now I am watching) The 17's I recently traded away but will be on the lookout for replacements. I think KLH hit a sweetspot with the 17. One of my favorite. The 23's are great and just need cabinet refinishing. The 24's will pair up with the 26 stereo. Here are a couple photos of the 26 stereo I don't think I have ever posted.
  10. People report good things about the heritages.
  11. Wonderful stuff guys. A nice way to procrastinate this AM before diving into real work whilst listening to music that is being projected by Dahlquist speakers with the large Advent woofer. Aadams I really enjoyed you business model input with all of this. I do think the era that all of this took place in has significance on it all in terms of timely corporate decision making based on market. Especially combined with the nature of the company which seemed was always an engineering based approach (even with Vilchur's unique sales and promotion system).
  12. Sometimes we try to tackle too big of a range of time or info because we want to be thorough and comprehensive, but this can lead to it never getting done. Maybe tackle it in logical steps presented in volumes or some other catchy manner like "AR - the early years" or something based on eras of the company. Might help you get your head and available time around it more productively. Also, a go fund me page if successful might help you pay for a professional researcher that you can task to dig into finding things or people that just takes your time away from other activities or writting. Those researchers are really good at what they do and know how to find stuff typically.
  13. Great! That Sansui should be more than enough umph for them.
  14. Have you tested them yet? Hooked them up at all and played at very low volume levels?
  15. Oooh, I would be on pins and needles until that day. Good luck and may the gods be with you.