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  1. Roy speaks gospel to me. What a great resource!
  2. Thanks. I rebuilt my crossovers about 4-5 years ago but couldn't remember. I'll put them on the negative side. der
  3. Thanks Roy, great information. I wired the HiVis with the same polarity as the other drivers. I'll have to check my parts box for 25 ohm resistors. Likely have some already. I do have a couple of 6.2 uF 1% or 5% caps that I can wire in as well. I assume in series on the + side or does it matter? der
  4. I've found that I obtain a more pleasing balance by adjusting the L-pads on the mid ranges down a bit from where they were before installing the new tweeters. This cause me to think that the HiVi tweeters are reproducing part of the mid range band. I've adjusted the L-pads controlling the tweeters a great deal since installing the HiVi - from full on to just past halfway. Of course, the settings on my left and right speakers vary a bit because of their positioning in the room.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I have my originals tweeters boxed up and ready to send off for rebuild. I don't intend on discarding them. I also don't intend on ever selling my 3a. either. My son will inherit them. I wonder if he'll appreciate them however. He is a musician (rock) that seems more enamored with satellites with sub-woofers. I'm also wondering if just using the inductor and not a cap has resulted in the HiVi reproducing some of the upper mid-range that the originals didn't. Or, is the addition of the cap help attenuate the output of the modern tweeter to closer approximate the original AR? Perhaps that's something that Roy can address. I have been able to adjust the new tweeters to my satisfaction by using the L-pads. I'm thinking of digging out my old test records to fine tune the levels and balances. der
  6. Now that I've spent some time listening to these new HiVi tweeters and getting levels adjusted to my satisfaction I am very happy with the addition. Even my tired old ears hear a vast improvement in the treble. I am contemplating having my original tweeters rebuilt but I have my doubts that they'll match the HiVi even then. Does anyone think differently? der
  7. My apologies for the confusion. I have a pair of 6.2 uF caps that I did not use with the HiVi tweeters. The HiVi's do have a0.05mH coil on each. The cap I referred to was an additional cap. My crossover network is the same as the original. I just replaced the old, out of spec caps with new ones. I've also swapped out the old pots with L-pads. Again, sorry for the confusion. der
  8. I front wired them because my pair have front wired mids and tweeters. I'm wondering if I should have included a capacitor or not. I can use the increase in tweeter output at my age but I wonder if the HiVi are reproducing down in the midrange now to some degree. After a couple of days listening it seems I prefer the tweeter L-pads just past half way.
  9. I finished up the second speaker last night. As I said, I used the 0.05mH coil but no cap. Polarity is standard. After doing some listening and adjustment of the L-pads I find that I enjoy the change very much. Makes me wonder why these HIVI's have been sitting in a box the last 2-3 years. I've owned these 3a's for over 50 years now and they now sound better than ever. I remember thinking way back when that I thought the tweeters were the weakest part of the speaker. Now, soon to be 73 years old with hearing that certainly isn't what it used to be I find this mod very satisfying. Wonderful to find all the great information provided by many on this site. Thank you all and Happy New Year!
  10. I just finished up replacing one of my original AR3a tweeters with the HiVi. I used a 0.05mH coil but not a cap. I have to postpone doing the other one for a few hours. I did do some listening with just the one replaced. Better output but I am not sure the dispersion is the same as the original. I believe I'll be doing some adjustments with the L-pads. The original level controls were replaced several years ago when I rebuilt the crossovers. I'll post further impressions when I get them both done.
  11. Very nice. Congratulations Kev_Rat!
  12. Thanks - I tried searching but didn't come up with that thread for some reason. Likely a senior moment! This morning I found my HIVI's in a box my wife had stored for me. She has a habit of "storing" things in places that only she is aware of. I am now reminded that I attached 0.05 mH coils to the back of the tweeters. That coil is to be wired in parallel with the tweeter terminals then? I also have a pair of 6.2 uF caps in the box. Not positive how they're to be wired. I do appreciate the help and patience. der
  13. I bought a pair of the HIVI Q1 tweeters a couple of years ago. I intended to install them in my 3a's but other projects interfered. Now I don't recall how they needed to be wired into the existing crossover. I believe a 0.05 mH coil was needed. Don't really recall and have no idea how the coil (if needed) was to be wired. I intended to front wire them as well. Would someone give me a bit of guidance, perhaps a wiring diagram? Thanks!
  14. I have heard three different pairs over the years in three different environments. To say I didn't care for any of them would be an understatement. On the other hand, if the owners were happy who am I to say? It was their money.
  15. Agree. Or, to understand a man's point of view it's often helpful to know how he spent his money. I have a neighbor two doors down that has a pair of Bose 901 speakers that he raves about. I told him I own a pair of AR3a. He said he'd never heard of AR and that he was well versed in HIFI. Personally, I think the 901's are horrible and always have. But, I wouldn't dream of telling him that. You never know, he might burn my house down!
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