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  1. Wow. Nice. I'm in Ohio if you need any help! der
  2. I have pair of HiVi tweeters ready to go into my 3as. Coil and cap included. I just never have tried them out. Guess I should give them a go since I went to all the trouble. der
  3. There is much truth in what you say. I had another friend that was a JBL fan. He played them so loud you could not believe it! And they could be very loud. Same as another friend that plays his Klipsch at very high levels. Not my cup of tea but I mainly listen to jazz. der
  4. I don't recall even hearing Advents until at least 1971. I had a friend that helped me with some live recording I did locally and he had a pair - the large I believe. I recall that I didn't particularly like them very much. It was a long time ago though. der
  5. I paid $250 each for my AR3a back in 1969. I remember distinctly because $500 was a huge sum of money for me back then. Bought from Custom Stereo on S. Hamilton Road in Columbus, Ohio. der EDIT: I had several friends that owned them and they were highly recommended by Custom Stereo. At least by Don (forget his last name) that was the salesman that I always dealt with.
  6. I thought the original poster asked about fixing a problem with his AR XB tonearm? If you remove your head shell you may find that the plastic sleeve is loose. You may be able to gently pull it out far enough to apply glue to the butt end and slide it back in. I would be extremely careful if you decide to attempt this. Upon further inspection of the unused but rather old tonearm I have I've discovered that it likely would need to be rewired which is a chore in itself that requires the removal and reattachment of the plastic sleeve itself. I would also advise to ask your question over at AudioKarma I own two AR XA tables. One with the stock arm that I've kept serviced that I've owned since 1969 and another that I've modified to use a Jelco tone arm. der
  7. I believe the plastic collar insert is glued into the arm itself. I have a spare arm that has never been mounted on a table. It's an XA but I believe it will work on the XB but I'm not positive. It's a bit oxidized and has no counterweight but I think it would clean up OK. Let me know if you can use it. der
  8. I wish I could find things like this - just once. Very nice find! der
  9. No factory cueing on an XA - add on only. der
  10. Thanks. Looks similar to the Teac I had. But, I sold it over 30 years ago so I'm wasn't sure. der
  11. That tape deck looks familiar. It's a Teac is it not? Think I had one just like it. Wish I still did. der
  12. It is slightly darker than the original but good looking none-the-less. Here's a pic of mine after installing that grill cloth.
  13. Joann had it with a 50% coupon. Online order only. Got it ordered. Thanks all! der
  14. I have a Joann's 5 minutes from me. Never occurred to me but then I've never been in the store. der
  15. Thank you dxho!