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  1. I've had my AR3a's in a variety of rooms over the past 48 years that I've owned them. I've always had them on stands. Much of the placement in the various rooms that I've had them in had a lot to do with the rooms themselves. Currently they reside about 9 feet apart on the long side of my room. It's the best I can do and they sound very good. They are as flush as I can manage to the wall and not angled at all. The one thing I always avoid is placing either of them near a corner. Imaging is great with my current setup and I would never presume to instruct anyone on how to setup their listening space. With the one exception of trying to keep a speaker from a corner. der
  2. AR3a Tweeters

    Thanks stupidhead. This is my second go round with this left shoulder. Had rotator cuff nearly 20 years ago. Now, a reverse shoulder replacement. So far, less pain than before and simpler rehab - all done at home. der
  3. AR3a Tweeters

    Got the shoulder this past Friday. It went well. Sore but home now and doing some rehab.
  4. AR3a Tweeters

    Thank you. I will.
  5. AR3a Tweeters

    I will eventually get there. I'm having a shoulder replaced next week and in a couple pf months I'll have two good limbs again so I can finish some things! HIVI's among them.
  6. AR3a Tweeters

    I am sorry but I have never installed the HIVI tweeters. My wife and I are both having health issues and I'm not sure when I'll get around to giving them a try. My original tweeters still have output. My plan was to replace just on tweeter with a HIVI as a test. I do apologize for my lack of a a follow up. der
  7. HiVi q1r install

    I've got a pair ready to go but have never installed them. I used a wood spacer and fed the wiring the faceplate to enable front mount. I still have decent output from my original tweeters. At least, I think I do. I might have to install these this winter so I can hear them. der
  8. AR amplifier: headphones, Delrama

    I owned one without the headphone jack. At the time I did listen quite a bit to headphones since we had a new baby. I had to add a stand alone headphone jack/speaker switch to do so. Many years later one channel went out on the amp and I pitched it. I've been kicking myself every since for doing so. Cosmetically, it was pristine with the wood enclosure. Love to have it back.
  9. "der, believe me, you do want a pair!" frankmarsi - what is it then that makes them superior? Big sound-stage? Reflection and dispersion? I'm not doubting any of it but am curious since I've never heard them. I've knowna few AR devotees over the years but none owned LST. I remember when they came out - I wanted them but a toddler at home and no money for speakers. der
  10. I have never heard them but I do know they basically have the same drivers as my AR3a - with extra mids and tweeters. I would assume improved dispersion. I always wondered about imaging though. But, in the end, I always kind of wanted a pair. der
  11. New Score

    Mine need a woofer refoam although the foam on 3 of the 4 woofers is intact. I'm going to refoam them all. I'm going to use mine exactly as you are. In my surround sound sytem with my 60" UHD TV. They are good sounding speakers. NBot quite the equal of my AR3a but still very good. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  12. New Score

    Looks like one woofer needs a definite a re-foam. I'm going to do all 4 of them. I'm guessing they all need it. It will be a new experience for me. Not sure where to buy the best foam. Can someone make a suggestion? Thanks, der
  13. New Score

    Sorry, I was confusing. There was only one powered 12" subwoofer. My wife has also reminded (corrected) me that I paid a grand total of $125 for all of the following. 1. The subwoofer 2. One pair of Advent Heritage Speakers (dual 8" woofers and a tweeter in each), 3. 3 additional smaller Advent AV speakers (right and left and center) 4. 2 - Onkyo AV receivers, 5. 1 CD changer which I haven't even looked into and 6. A Sony VHS/CD/DVD player recorder that apparently can copy VHS tapes to disc. One of receivers, the smaller 3 Advents, the subwoofer, the Sony unit and the CD changer all were part of a rack that I bought for one price. So far I have tried all but the CD changer and the Sony unit and all work fine. der
  14. New Score

    Among other gear purchased at an auction down the street I bought a pair of Advert Heritage speakers in pristine condition. The cabinets are in like new condition. Woofer surrounds look good but there's always that chance they'll need replaced. Haven't heard them yet. Thinking of including them in my surround sound setup with my big Samsung UHD TV. Paid $50 for the pair. Also scored two Onkyo surround sound receivers, a CD/DVD changer, and a massive 2- 12" powered sub-woofer (that I haven't even looked at yet) I just know it's very heavy. Paid another $50 for all that. Receivers do work. Also included was an equipment rack that I'm giving away. Have no use for it. More later. der
  15. No wonder I could never find a pair of LST. frankmarsi has them all. Pretty sweet. der