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  1. How Long Have You Owned AR Speakers?

    Since 1969. AR3a - still in use in my main system. AR4x - 1970 - still in use in my second system.
  2. I certainly remember reading about it and seeing pictures of it way back when. I never got to visit it. I remember that AR ads were extremely interesting. I remember one featuring either and 3 or a 3a being used at a medical school to amplify the human heartbeat.
  3. I couldn't agree more. Back when I was getting into serious high fidelity, I had the good fortune to be directed to a high quality establishment with good, honest sales people that knew their stuff. They made recommendations based on your listening preferences and your budget. They had a good listening room and there was an option for home audition of speakers (especially) I listened to the AR3a in my home before I bought my pair. I've always loved that "boxy" sound that "moans" and "squeals" at you even after the power is turned off. Actually, I guess what we have today are self appointed gurus that opine on the merits of equipment pretty much based on the price tag. The Stereo store that I describe is long extinct - at least in my area.
  4. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  5. Just think how much better these 2 way ported boxes with 8 inch woofers would sound if they cost $65,000 a pair instead of a measly $6,500? A man would need to invent new superlatives! My "favorite" line in the trashing of Edgar Villchur - "I can hear their tweeters calling to me when I'm in the next room, making a phone call. I can hear their boxes hissing and groaning even after I turn off the stereo." Villchur's AR speakers initiated me into the world of high fidelity over 50 years ago now. For the scope of his life's work he stands as a personal hero to me. And the "*" stands for the letter i as in bullshit artist, which this reviewer most certainly is.
  6. Quite an "interesting" opinion by someone called Herb Reichert as part of a review of the Harbeth Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition loudspeaker over at Stereophile. https://www.stereophile.com/content/harbeth-monitor-302-40th-anniversary-edition-loudspeaker "Everything sounds like what it's made of. I'm known for saying that, and to me, it's obvious: box speakers with dome tweeters sound like box speakers with dome tweeters. I can hear their tweeters calling to me when I'm in the next room, making a phone call. I can hear their boxes hissing and groaning even after I turn off the stereo. Many a day, I think Edgar Villchur, inventor of the acoustic-suspension loudspeaker and the dome tweeter, ruined audio, and that audiophiles will never stop denying how artificially colored the sounds of domes and cones in boxes really are." What say you? As far as I'm concerned the guy is a bullsh*t artist.
  7. I've had my AR3a's in a variety of rooms over the past 48 years that I've owned them. I've always had them on stands. Much of the placement in the various rooms that I've had them in had a lot to do with the rooms themselves. Currently they reside about 9 feet apart on the long side of my room. It's the best I can do and they sound very good. They are as flush as I can manage to the wall and not angled at all. The one thing I always avoid is placing either of them near a corner. Imaging is great with my current setup and I would never presume to instruct anyone on how to setup their listening space. With the one exception of trying to keep a speaker from a corner. der
  8. AR3a Tweeters

    Thanks stupidhead. This is my second go round with this left shoulder. Had rotator cuff nearly 20 years ago. Now, a reverse shoulder replacement. So far, less pain than before and simpler rehab - all done at home. der
  9. AR3a Tweeters

    Got the shoulder this past Friday. It went well. Sore but home now and doing some rehab.
  10. AR3a Tweeters

    Thank you. I will.
  11. AR3a Tweeters

    I will eventually get there. I'm having a shoulder replaced next week and in a couple pf months I'll have two good limbs again so I can finish some things! HIVI's among them.
  12. AR3a Tweeters

    I am sorry but I have never installed the HIVI tweeters. My wife and I are both having health issues and I'm not sure when I'll get around to giving them a try. My original tweeters still have output. My plan was to replace just on tweeter with a HIVI as a test. I do apologize for my lack of a a follow up. der
  13. HiVi q1r install

    I've got a pair ready to go but have never installed them. I used a wood spacer and fed the wiring the faceplate to enable front mount. I still have decent output from my original tweeters. At least, I think I do. I might have to install these this winter so I can hear them. der
  14. AR amplifier: headphones, Delrama

    I owned one without the headphone jack. At the time I did listen quite a bit to headphones since we had a new baby. I had to add a stand alone headphone jack/speaker switch to do so. Many years later one channel went out on the amp and I pitched it. I've been kicking myself every since for doing so. Cosmetically, it was pristine with the wood enclosure. Love to have it back.