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  1. Thanks. Looks similar to the Teac I had. But, I sold it over 30 years ago so I'm wasn't sure. der
  2. That tape deck looks familiar. It's a Teac is it not? Think I had one just like it. Wish I still did. der
  3. It is slightly darker than the original but good looking none-the-less. Here's a pic of mine after installing that grill cloth.
  4. Joann had it with a 50% coupon. Online order only. Got it ordered. Thanks all! der
  5. I have a Joann's 5 minutes from me. Never occurred to me but then I've never been in the store. der
  6. Thank you all for your responses. I think J Kent hit it on the head. I do believe that is the cloth and source I used. Since only one speaker cloth was damaged I'd prefer just to fix that one and I want it to match the other. Looks like it's out of stock at Michael's at the moment. der
  7. I've been doing some work in the kitchen and had some wood in the garage that I was staining. During the warm months my restored AR4x reside out there as part of my garage system. Long story short, I managed to splash stain on one of the grill cloths. One of my better moves lately. At any rate, someone here a couple of years ago recommended a source for cloth that closely resembled the original. I think it had tea in the name. I can find no record of my purchase back then. If that rings a bell with anyone please chime in. I'd include a picture of the deed but I can't bear to photograph it. Thanks, der
  8. Well, I have listened to nothing but my AR3as since I bought them in 1969. Rebuilt the crossovers a couple of years ago and cleaned the pots as well. New (near original grill cloth a few years ago) Unlikely that I'll change now at my age. Still love the sound. Like and old pair of shoes that are just so comfortable! Still have my 4x pair from the same year in my second system. Cartridges and amps come and go but the ARs prevail. der
  9. Wow, that's great! You're on your way now. Congrats. der
  10. I have a pair of HiVi tweeters ready to go into my 3a's but haven't done so yet because there is still output from the original tweeters. I'm torn. der
  11. By the way stupidhead - further info on AR3a clothe surrounds. The serial number of one of my 3a's is 29739. The other number is close but not consecutive. I believe I bought them in late winter 1969. I can't really comment on the differences between clothe and foam. I have heard a pair of 3a's with foam surrounds but never long enough to make a critical comparison. I have read opinions over the years that the clothe were superior. My woofers look like the pic attached I'm almost sure. I had them out for a crossover rebuild 3 years ago but my memory is a bit fuzzy sometimes. I am very interested in your project and look forward to updates. Best of luck! der
  12. Yes, early 3a woofers had cloth surrounds. I own a pair myself. der
  13. I love the pictures Sonnar. Thanks for sharing them. der
  14. I failed to mention the AR4X that I bought in 1970, a a year after the 3a. I still own and listen to them in my second system. der