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  1. I have heard three different pairs over the years in three different environments. To say I didn't care for any of them would be an understatement. On the other hand, if the owners were happy who am I to say? It was their money.
  2. Agree. Or, to understand a man's point of view it's often helpful to know how he spent his money. I have a neighbor two doors down that has a pair of Bose 901 speakers that he raves about. I told him I own a pair of AR3a. He said he'd never heard of AR and that he was well versed in HIFI. Personally, I think the 901's are horrible and always have. But, I wouldn't dream of telling him that. You never know, he might burn my house down!
  3. I am very happy with it. I think it's a good option for those owning AR - especially 4 ohm models. Not that expensive and it has a remote. Handy for us older people.
  4. It's a 3480. Well, first I lost the phono section altogether. Noise and distortion. But, I primarily was using a separate Cambridge phono preamp with my main table anyway so I let that go. There was something missing with the HK. I'm not good with adjectives describing sound but there was a lack of punch with it. This became even more apparent when I got the Yamaha. The AR's sounded like a different speaker - much more dynamic. Bass deep and tight, high end sparkles. I tend to judge reproduction compared to live music and the new amp brings my a gear a step closer. I don't know, maybe there have been other problems with my HK from the beginning. Perhaps the failure of the phono section begat other issues. But, it never suffered noise or distortion with the other inputs. It's not that it sounds particularly bad but it pales mightily to the new Yamaha. I suspect it has something to do with the load the 4 ohm AR3a presents. I've driven my AR4x with the HK and thought they sounded very good.
  5. Yes it is. I am not exaggerating, my 3a have never sounded better. I don't think they've ever been adequately driven.
  6. Still listening to my original pair of 3a that I purchased new in 1969. I've never heard anything that I've liked better so why change?. Over the years I had to replace the mid ranges because of an amp failure. That was my first amp that I drove the 3a's with - the AR amp. I believe it was rated at 60 WPC RMS into 4 ohms. In the past 10 years I've done some speaker maintenance - rebuilt the crossovers and replaced the pots and resealed the woofer cloth surrounds. Amazingly, both tweeters still have good output that even my 72 year old ears can detect. But, this post is more about amplification than my speakers. After the AR amp blew up I intended on having repaired but it got lost in the shuffle and I bought a Technics receiver that I used for maybe 25 years. It wasn't much but I wasn't listening that much, career, family, etc. Then came a Harman Kardon receiver that did duty for approximately 6. I was never really happy with either. For the past year or so I explored other amps. I've looked and inquired about vintage this or that and also looked into something new with a remote (old guys like remotes) with plenty of power. I ended up buying a new Yamaha A-S701. It has an optical output for CD and it's own DAC. It does have a phone input but I prefer my Cambridge pre although the built in isn't bad at all. All tone controls can be switched out - which I prefer. My 3a have never sounded better, This little Yamaha makes the whole system sound new again. Yamaha doesn't specify the 4 ohm power output but I believe it to be between 120 -150 watts RMS. I must say, after 50 years of ownership it's almost like I've never really heard these speakers. I listen to vinyl mainly, and usually jazz. It's like I have a whole new system. You might guess that I'm a bit excited about this acquisition. Sorry if I bored you all but had to post.
  7. der

    AR3a grills

    Worked on the grills with double stick tape and grill fabric to achieve a friction fit. I am pleased with the results. der
  8. der

    AR3a grills

    Many good responses. Thanks. I'm going to experiment with a friction fix since I have matching grill cloth material left over. der
  9. der

    AR3a grills

    Yes, like I mentioned about my 4x grills. I happen to have some leftover linen that I used for my 4x grills too. Think I'll give it a go. I work on golf clubs for friends, family, and myself and have double sided grip tape that I think would be ideal for attaching the linen strips. Thanks Aadams - I'll give it a go and report back. der
  10. der

    AR3a grills

    Frankmarsi's point on trying to staple into Masonite is well taken. I had an issue attaching new grill cloth to my AR4x frames when a put new grill cloth on them. I ended up using a tack hammer to finish off the staples on the frames. The new AR4x grill assembly friction fit the speakers and I've never had a problem with them falling out. Not so with the AR3a. Likely because they're larger and seem to have an issue with "bowing" a bit in the middle. I could use the same "tack hammer" approach to staple and finish off bits of stronger Velcro to the 3a frames but I'm not sure I want to take a hammer to the staples I'd put into the speakers themselves. There's not much room between the fixing points and the front frame of the speaker. One poorly done whack and you'd have a dent in the frames.
  11. der

    AR3a grills

    I did not use staples and the Velcro I used did not seem to grip too well. The Velcro itself had an adhesive backing and it peeled off as well. Sounds like I need to find better Velcro and add staples. der
  12. I've done a variety of maintenance on my AR3a over the past few years which has included replacing the grill frames and grill cloth. I did not want to re glue the frames back on so I decide to try self adhesive Velcro. This has not been effective. I'm looking for an alternate method that will also allow me to easily remove the grills if need be. I've been thinking of trying Blu-tack. Will that work? Does anyone have any other suggestions of comments? Thank you, der
  13. Sorry Randybodandy - I thought someone here would respond to you by now. I did post a wiring diagram for the AR2ax crossover on Vinylengine and I see another user over there offered some insight. I was able to rebuild the crossovers in my AR3a's with help from folks here in this forum. I tried cleaning up my original level controls without much success but ending up purchasing new L-pads that I find satisfactory . Hope you get things sorted out soon.
  14. I guess I responded to this once before. But, 49 years. AR3a - listen to them to this day. der
  15. I could not agree more.
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