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  1. nfafan

    Small Advent Rebuild by Pete Basel

    Checked both woofers; foam is behind the edge of the paper cone. I assume the previous owner/flipper knew what he was doing as the spitwad dustcaps are unmolested. It has green tweets but I never opened these up to see any information or to re-cap as they work fine for now.
  2. nfafan

    Small Advent Rebuild by Pete Basel

    I picked up a pair of these a few years back - one of my favorite 2-ways. I use it connected to an AVR and have a "switching box" to test various pairs in A-B tests or just pick and choose which ones I want running as the stereo pair. Anyway, I can understand why Kloss would have liked these; the soundstage and imaging is wonderful, always have to stop and re-determine which pair of speakers are the active stereo pair when the Smaller Advents are at play as they sound so great and disappear in the room. All that said, now I have to go check and see how the previous owner re-foamed the woofers !!
  3. nfafan

    KLH 324

  4. nfafan

    KLH 324

    I have a pair of the pretty-much unheard of KLH-363s - Model 363 - see here: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-363.658160/#post-8995299 As you can see, 3-way acoustic suspension, approx. 10" woofer with cloth surrounds. Do your 324s resemble these? The backs of my 363s do not look that far off from my older KLH-32s, so I'm sure a trace of Kloss DNA remained behind when mine were made.
  5. nfafan

    Dynacos stuffing replacement!

    Not an expert by remotest imagination, but everything I read about their "aperiodic" stuff is that everything was done with incremental measurements to make it "right", so if I were you, I'd carefully remove and reinstall the exact way they had it. JMHO, but that's what I intend to do when I get the time to open up my A25s.
  6. What a name from the past!! Cant help you with the speakers, but the Grant stores were the KMart variety/dept stores of their day, and similar to Woolworths. IIRC, Kresge's eventually became KMarts? regardless, "Grant" was big enough in the late 60's to have subbed out work to re-label as their own, and as many of us fondly recall; every decent size dept store had a stereo dept we could go hang out in!
  7. nfafan


    Hate when I buy anything where some prior genius thought he was smarter than the engineers that put it together... had a 1974 Datsun 260Z that some prior owner decied to hack it into a 1970 240Z. Not fun sorting that mess out... Then there are the Advents with horns that have been cobbled together, ending their usefulness... Any way,, quick and simple fix is to have one - I would do 2 - pieces of wood cut oversize of the port hole, then glue the "wood patch" over the hole. Be great if you can glue the second piece from the inside of cabinet, then a patch glued from the outside over the hole. Ge generous with the glue all around the edges of the patch(es) as you want it sealed tight and with no resonance once the speaker is put together.
  8. nfafan


    If you search enough here, you will find the topic. Personally, I don't care if the grill cloth was hand-loomed in zero-G on the Russian space station by ex-Advent employees, I will simply take one of my Advent grills to the nearest hobby stores that sell fabrics - JoAnn Fabrics, HobbyLobby, Michaels - and have one of the folks find me a cloth that looks close enough. None of my friends paid attention in the 70's to know what is correct, so I am free to act.
  9. nfafan


    Again, Merry Xmas back at ya! Best to post a pic as to what you are seeing. Note that the "square" magnet plates were not exactly lined up along the plane of the tweet mounting holes, so while it may look cockeyed, it may be just fine. As longs as the tweet sounds good, no worries as to how the 4-corners of the square line up vis-vis the mounting holes of the tweet.
  10. nfafan


    Merry Xmas back to you! Just because the PO (previous owner) re-foamed them (and if he did it correctly?) doesn't mean that he replaced the by-now weakened capacitors inside. I have run into many "flippers" that do the bare-bones minimum of re-furb so as to re-sell an old classic for a profit - not saying that is what you have, but likely so. That plus I know more than a few who take the position that as long as it is "not broke" - don't fix it. Many of these hi-fi companies did not expect their products to still be in use 40-years or so later, and so did not spend on lifetime-quality components so as to build them to a certain profit margin. Fresh capacitors are cheap mods to restore the sound to what they were when they left the factory. Good luck and have a great new year!
  11. nfafan

    KLH-32 without tweeter covering?

    Never mind, sold them.
  12. nfafan

    KLH-32 without tweeter covering?

    Hello, Has anyone run their 32's without the seemingly thick dampening padding stapled over the tweeter? Or maybe at least ran with a reduced thickness of dampening? I ask as I can't imagine they were that bright that they went to that degree to tone them down... Thanks!
  13. nfafan

    Large Advent 2 vs. Large Advent?

    Not an Advent guru, but I think what you are referring to as your "Large Advent" is what was known as "The Advent Loudspeaker" sold in walnut veneers and with the beveled front fascia/edge, and in cheaper, plain-jane dark brown vinyl "utility cabinets". You will also see these on the boards as "OLAs" - for Original Large Advents. The whole "larger" moniker came from "us" because Advent subsequently introduced what they called their "The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker" - a slightly smaller version with similar sonic characteristics to the original larger Advent Loudspeaker. It is readily identifiable by the large "spitwad" dust cap in the smaller woofer it uses. So we now had "The Advent Loudspeaker" and "The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker". I won't even open the can 'o worms of bullnose and bevels.... I am guessing your "Large Advent 2" would be in reference to the various follow-on iterations of "The Advent Loudspeaker" - seen in boards with various references such as "NLA" for New Large Advent, and also with numeric labels like 5002/5012, etc. There are differences inwoofers used, tweeters used, etc. If you google on identifying Advents, you will find a lengthy illustrated thread at Audiokarma covering the Advent family tree. As for values of any "OLA", "NLA", 5012,The Smaller Advent, etc.; without an industry BlueBook of accepted values, you have to decide what you want to spend. Suggest watching the various for-sale boards and see what they sell for. Check evilbay and look for completed transactions that actually list the sold price, and be sure to get a sense for the shipping that had to be added. Be wary that someone is always posting a "scroe" of anywhere from free to the sky is the limit, so don't let that cloud your judgement.
  14. nfafan

    Reviews of Advent/2 ?

    Thanks for the info! I'm hoping I can make a break to the "antique shop" this week to see if the Advent/2s are still there.
  15. Hello all, I have a line on a possible snag of a pair of nice HH Scott S-10 speakers. Sure look good in the pics. Does anyone have experience with the model S-10? My other "New England progeny" speakers so far includes ADC 303AX, KLH-32s, The Smaller Advents, and newish KLH-363s.. Thanks!