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  1. VintageMan

    New to me AR3

    Hello and welcome! Great First Post and hopefully many years of listening enjoyment!
  2. VintageMan

    Should I Be Concerned?

    It does not only happen with AR's suddenly showing up in the back. It happens to me when any vintage audio setup comes along in a movie, commercial or show. My wife sometimes shakes her head when I pause a program to see what equipment it is
  3. VintageMan

    AR5's, pots and L-Pads

    There is no info on what to do when using an L-Pad instead of an original pot? I searched on "AR5" but the search comes up empty
  4. VintageMan

    AR9 woofer or not?

    Not sending photo's would be a no go for me. DavidR's findings makes it look that this is a bogus seller. Here in The Netherlands we have sellers that pretend to live on the far side of the Country hoping you ask for shipping. You then transfer the money but never receive the goods. I rather driver 2Hrs for nothing then to loose more then € 100,00
  5. VintageMan

    AR5's, pots and L-Pads

    I'm restoring my AR5's and as it turned out 2 post are beyond repair. I will swap them for L-Pads, the question is what do I need to do more to get them matching? Like the additional resistor in my AR3's.
  6. VintageMan

    Bungled AR 2ax repair

    Nice photo's! Enjoy your "new" AR2's!
  7. VintageMan

    Bungled AR 2ax repair

    What a great spirit this forum has!
  8. VintageMan

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to 'all!
  9. VintageMan

    AR-5 and 2ax

    Wauw, nice collection of AR's and Amps!
  10. VintageMan

    AR2 Another Great Find

    Nice one (actually two ) David! Enjoy!
  11. There are special chemical strippers that will not wet the wood and thus save the veneer. They will only attack the paint.
  12. One always wonder why they would paint one but leave the other "as is"? Nice story and great find! Thanks for sharing.
  13. VintageMan

    Many 3a's like this one?

    You lucky B!
  14. VintageMan

    Value of AR-3a

    Are those Tannoy in the back?