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  1. baco99

    AR LST tweeters foam pads

    where do you see foam pads?
  2. baco99

    Difficulty Joining CSP - Any Suggestions?

    Just checking in. It's working now. Thanks guys!
  3. baco99

    Avid Model 230's here

    Hello! I am hoping that a current Avid 230/330 owner can help me with a little project. I am looking for any part numbers or model numbers for the tweeter and midrange for a restoration project. They look to me like Vifa, but was hoping for more detail. Thanks!
  4. I know this is ancient, but the ARPR1212 is an 8 ohm driver. I have three of them if anyone needs one.
  5. baco99

    AR94S vs AR94SX

    Ah, that's right. The dust caps are the same.
  6. baco99

    AR94S vs AR94SX

    Ah, that's right. The dust caps are the same.
  7. Does anyone have an old brochure or spec sheet from this series by a/d/s/ ?
  8. I'm looking to buy a match for my orphan AR Classic 26 tower. It's a fantastic speaker with excellent build quality. Alas, I only have one. Alternatively, if you have a Classic 26 and want a spare for a center channel or extra parts, message me. Thanks!
  9. baco99

    AR94S vs AR94SX

    IIRC, the SU top paper cone woofer was also used on the TSW series before they went to rubber surrounds. Not 100% sure
  10. Selling a pair of Cizek Model Three speakers, made in Andover, MA! Overall really nice condition, especially considering the age. Woofers have been refoamed, crossovers recapped, dials cleaned. All drivers work 100%. Vinyl woodgrain veneer looks very presentable. Foam grills are in tact and in great shape. Badges are present. Rear labels are present. Great sound from these little guys. Hard to find. As a BONUS, buyer will get a second set of Model Three. This set is more of a project. The foam grills are missing, as is one woofer. The other woofer was refoamed, but with the wrong kind of foam, so it will need to be pulled off and redone. $175 OBO for BOTH sets! Woo!
  11. Selling a pair of AR2ax speakers. Very functional. The dials have been cleaned (but they aren't perfect yet), the crossovers recapped, all drivers functioning 100%. Cloth surround woofers. The solid wood around the front is in decent shape. The grill cloth is very tired but badges are in tact. The particleboard cabinets and veneer are very tired. New veneer would be recommended. Located near the MA/NH border. Asking $175 OBO. My project pile is too big!
  12. baco99

    AR9 Tweeter Question

    What's the model # on the tweeter, if you don't mind.
  13. baco99

    AR94S vs AR94SX

    Yes, fixed. Thanks!
  14. baco99

    AR94S vs AR94SX

    You guys are right. I got the pictures swapped, will fix it. The SU uses the simpler 1st order crossover. There's a 2 ohm pad in front of the top woofer, and a choke and filter in front of the bottom one so it' acts like a "bandpass" lower midrange. The tweeter uses a 4uf on the SU, 5uf on the SX/Si. Bringing the 40 uf cap on the SX/Si bottom driver down to 100uf will change the slope of the cutoff at the top end of the driver, but not the frequency, correct?
  15. baco99

    AR94S vs AR94SX

    Yours look great! i saw that the kits use the same foam but when I measured the cone diameter, the lower mid cone is definitely a touch smaller than the top one. The foam roll has a 5/8 roll instead of a 1/2 roll IIRC.