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  1. dynaco stacking issues

    Don't know where you're at, but I'm guessing $100-$150 if in good cosmetic and working shape. Check Ebay completed listings for a baseline.
  2. dynaco stacking issues

    You could try stacking horizontally on taller stands which might prove sturdier. But yes the higher off the floor and away from walls will keep the bass response down. Obviously you can also play around with the tone controls, make sure loudness is off.
  3. dynaco stacking issues

    What happens when you try just 2 A25's? Could be that the combination of the 4 speakers plus your gear just doesn't have the synergy to produce results that are pleasing to you. See you if get boom with just the 2 speakers and then go from there. From looking at the picture of your space(nice space, btw) looks like speakers are against wall, in corners. Can you move them out from the wall and corners in to the room some? Try a little at a time until your hopefully able to limit the bass response.
  4. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass

    If I had to guess, I would bet that if there's any room for improvement on bottom end, it's going to come from a change in your preamp. A tube phono is fine, but that still has to go through a a/v receiver. It's the weak link when it comes to audio, imo. Perhaps look into a vintage tube pre(Dynaco PAS?), or even a modern one. I've used a Decware CSP2 for many years(that model has been updated to a CSP3 from the company so the 2's can be found used) or something of that ilk which won't cost a lot but give you more overall fullness. I think that's what your missing. As has been pointed out, the preamp is going to have a much bigger impact on the overall presentation then the amp, assuming the amp is neutral, which it should be. The Adcom is that pretty much, perhaps erring on the side of warmth.
  5. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass

    On the new Crowns(haven't heard the QSC's) fan noise is pretty much non existent. You really have to push them for the fans to turn on at all. That said, I doubt you'll hear more bass by switching out the Adcom for the Crown/QSC, particularly at lower levels. The 5400 is a very good amp. I would play around with speaker placement first(closer to the walls, lower to the ground, etc, before going up in power.
  6. AR-2ax Craigslist 11-17-17

    You would never see these in California, especially the Bay Area, in this condition, for less then $400. Probably more. That is a screaming deal. But then again I saw huge, 3000+ sq feet homes being sold on House Hunters in Richmond yesterday for less then $400K. So I guess there is still value to be had some places in the country.
  7. The majority of my streaming are FLAC's of my ripped cd's. As I indicated earlier, I occasionally use Spotify, for which I have the Premium subscription. I've also used Tidal lossless in the past. And frankly, I cannot tell any difference in audio quality between those 2 services, or them and my cd's. I'm sure it's there, but by choice I do not own the most resolving system possible, so can't hear it. Just happy that all these various mediums exist.
  8. Noise on records has never bothered me in the 45 years that alive been a serious listener/collector.. I don't buy trashed records, and vacuum clean if they're really noisy, but it's never been an issue. I tend to listen to a lot of styles where a little noise doesn't affect the listening experience, but I can certainly understand a person who listens to a lot of classical music to prefer the sonic perfection of digital. And as I buy and listen to pretty much all mediums I begrudge nobody their preference for enjoyment. I've never been a participant in the analog vs. digital wars. All that matters is the music.
  9. I love the "set up" Adams. Mine is mostly still big antiquated hardware-centric, with several thousand lp's and cd's and the things to play them on. But for several years now I have also embraced digital technology, and happily use my Squeezebox Touch and computer to stream what now amounts to a personal library of over 1500 albums, plus various radio programs worldwide, and to try out new music from sites such as Bandcamp and Spotify. It's lovely to have this digital jukebox at my fingertips, particularly in the evening when my wife and I are hanging out and working or doing other things just to be able to put the music on random, or create a playlist, and let it go on for hours if need be. No reason anybody has to be trapped with just one medium. It's easy and fun to use everything available to be able to access as much music as you want.
  10. Model Four's in my hood...should I go for them?

    Yes I saw those. And they are gorgeous, and a lot more expensive then the one's selling locally. I assumed that the Four's were all produced so early that they all had the oil filled caps, but from Tom's ad it looks like I may be wrong. Should check on my local seller's serial numbers.
  11. Model Four's in my hood...should I go for them?

    Seller wants $450, which I think is too high. Says they are in "excellent working shape". I emailed an offer of $300 plus a pair of Model Six's, but never heard back, which I suppose means he's not interested. I'm on the fence because I'd love to add these to the collection. They are scarce, and so a good pair selling locally is enticing. Plus I have an amp(McIntosh MC250) which accommodates 16 ohm speakers. Would appreciate any and all opinions.
  12. Pair of AR-2a's for sale

    Where are you located?
  13. Need Advice on Refinishing Rough KLH Model 5 Cabinets

    Thanks for the kind words. I've tried the 5's on the floor, with 8" stands, with the 11" replica AR stands that you see in the video, and up on top of my Klipsch Cornwalls! Frankly, they sound great no matter where I put them, but I prefer them on the AR stands. Not only because of the sound, but I miss my currently sick AR3's less with then 5's on their stands
  14. Need Advice on Refinishing Rough KLH Model 5 Cabinets

    Tube gear with the Model 5's is great. Here's a recent video of my system that I did for another forum that highlights the 5's being driven by a pair of Dynaco MKIII's and a McIntosh MX110 pre. My System
  15. AR58 BX PP -- almost put them on the curb; now what?

    Hi Victoria and welcome to the forums. I'm sure others will be around to provide more info then I can, but here is a thread from '03 which will provide some initial information for you. Hopefully you find it helpful. AR 58