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  1. Could be. When I read about others experience regarding stacking, both positive and negative, I don't think I've read many, if any, that were going horizontal. It's probably not right for a lot of speakers anyway, but the 3's/3a's obviously were designed for this application, just as they were also designed to be stuck into book shelves in tight quarters. The woofers are lined up vertically. I have them on the inside now. Experimented with them on the outside, but determined through experimentation that tweeters on the outside extended the soundstage, which I prefer.
  2. In my situation, if I was experiencing the negative qualities that you did, or the OP describes, I wouldn't do it. As your last sentence summarizes, the listener has to determine if their own experience is positive or not. I know that I've had years of listening to determine what constitutes a positive or negative listening experience. Perhaps one difference in my situation are because my speakers are horizontal? Or as I described in my earlier post that the sonic qualities of each speaker compliment each other. 'Certainly an option. Using a high power pro amp like the Crown XLS1000 takes away any worry about amp strain for me.
  3. 325 watts to be exact. I'd love to have a pair, or even one. I really like my GFA 5400. Interesting response that you got with the 3a's, but sometimes there's no telling what will sound good to somebody, and won't to somebody else. The pairing that you have now sounds like a good one in that both speakers have qualities that compliment each other. I think that, potentially, is the benefit of stacking. But it takes experimentation, which of course can be the fun part.
  4. Wonder why you thought that you needed two 2500's? One amp can safely get down to 2 ohms, and generate 1200 watts doing it. More then enough to drive 4 3a's. Those 555II's are nice though.
  5. I'm currently running a pair of AR 3's on top of a pair of 3a's, and they match up quite nicely. Both have been restored. The 3's are a little darker, of course they have the cloth woofer. The 3a's have the foam woofer, and tend to be a little brighter. Together they compliment each other very nicely. I've used different amp pairings, and presently I'm using a Crown XLS1000 to drive them all. It can safely drive 2 ohm loads, and deliver 525 watts doing it. So plenty of juice. But I've also had good results using a Harman Kardon Citation 22 on the 3's and an Adcom GFA 5400 on the the 3a's. Each amp delivers 200 watts into 4 ohms, and have a similar sonic signature to each other. Again, the results were very pleasing. Sometimes I like to listen to either the 3's or 3a's separately and I can easily do that using either of the above arrangements. But I like being able to use both pairs of speakers as well, as they are great speakers. They are also very heavy and not easy to move in and out of the system. With the current set up, I'm able to enjoy both simultaneously, or separately. For me, that's what's important.
  6. Well put.
  7. Found this from a 2011 issue of Positive Feedback, hunting the web this morning for AR related stuff. Picture in the article shows I believe an AR 3, and there's some stuff about the writer's experience's visiting AR listening rooms both in NY and Harvard Sq. Enjoy
  8. Might want to think twice about retiring those Six's. After several months of having mine on the sidelines(I bought a pair of AR 3's, then a pair of 3a's, and that 4some became my regular setup) I decided to put them back in tonight paired with my McIntosh MAC 4100 receiver. Wow. Just as buttery smooth as I remember. Lovely presentation, different but not less then either of the big AR's. I will never give them up. I would heartily recommend that you to get your's checked out and restored. I'm sure the Polks are very nice, but the Six's are something special, and when right, not many speakers sound better, imo.
  9. As a student at Northeastern University in the 70's, I had a 2 term co-op job in the accounting dept. at Ben Thompson's firm. A lot of fun, and it was great working in Harvard Sq(where not long afterwards I worked at the Harvard Coop as a record buyer). And I remember that AR store, although I'm not sure I was ever in it.
  10. Excellent explanation Jeff. Thanks! A pair of speakers on one stand, horizontally, certainly seem more well balanced then one speaker vertically on the same stand. Weight more equally distributed I suppose. In any case, while I would at some point like to get some higher, wider stands for use with either my AR3 or 3a separately(they each have their distinct qualities which make them great together, but also nice to listen to on their own) I'm happy for these little wooden stands.
  11. I doubt you'll have any issues with the original stands, although the one's that I'm using are not the original, rather the replica's made by vintage-ar. I assume there is little to no difference, but wanted to provide full disclosure. I was a little surprised at how sturdy these stands are, frankly. I'm no carpenter by any stretch but perhaps somebody else can help us layman understand the science involved with this.
  12. Broadchurch is great television.
  13. Sure I'm not saying hum doesn't happen. I'm just relaying my experience, and that of others I speak with. That said, I also use a Shure and Pickering cart with my XA, and have used other carts successfully as well. Grado ain't the only option out there, and until I used one with my XA I wasn't even a much of a fan. But if you are, it might be worth dropping Marc a line and asking for his input before giving up on them.
  14. One of the carts I use with my XA is a Grado G1+ with an 8MZ stylus. Can't hear any hum. My table was worked on by Marc Morin, who is a big supporter of Grado's on AR''s. I don't know if he does anything to limit hum, but I know plenty of folks who are also using Grado's on their XA's without issue. It certainly can be a good match.
  15. Congratulations! I own an XA and love it. An excellent turntable, particularly when up and running properly. If you're not familiar, there are a lot of supporters of the XA/XB tables on Audiokarma, and some very thorough threads if you do a search. There's also a guy named Marc Morin that does fantastic work with these tables and provides expert advice. A great resource to reach out to even if you plan to do any and all restoration/upgrades on your own.