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  1. For anyone interested I just acquired an early , 2 motor XA, serial number TX 12477. Got it with the original dust cover, too. I have already an XA that is several years later, serial number XA 85954. Here's some pics of the early one.
  2. Ditto, and I never worked in loudspeaker, or any other kind of audio manufacturing. I would guess that many of us who visit CSP do so for information exactly like this. A great thread. Thank you.
  3. AR 3's w/ a Citation II amp. Classic combo First listened to AR's in the mid-70's at the AR listening lounge in Harvard Sq. bought my AR 3's in 2015, my 3a's last year.
  4. That's a Sony STR 6800. Great receiver, and a great match for whatever variation of 4's those are. Good catch. And perfectly normal behavior, at least among us AR freaks.
  5. 2000x should drive the 2ax's just fine. It's about 40 watts, and for your listening habits and room should be a nice pairing. I driven a pair of similar KLH Model Six's with tube amps between 14 and 35 watts, and solid state of 40-200 watts. Presently driving them with a McIntosh 1700 receiver and the sound is phenomenal. Like the previous folks have indicated, the field is wide open. Enjoy!
  6. Gone
  7. Not on the West Coast, at least Northern California. I had a pair a couple years back that I foolishly sold. Have not seen another pair come up locally in that time, and check often. They guy that bought them from me had been looking for a pair for a couple years before he found mine. Even though I own a pair of AR 3's and 3a's, if a pair of 5's came around locally, I'd probably be all over them.
  8. That's great.
  9. My 3's have serial numbers in the 30xxx area, and date to 1964. And as yours the mids are neutral, the overall presentation more natural. I know Roy does not put much credence in differences in caps, but I do feel that the NOS oil caps used in the 3's vs. the new polyprops and electrolytics used in the 3a play some role in the differences that I'm hearing. And of course as Roy pointed out there may very well be significant enough differences in the stuffing used in both speakers to influence the sound as well.
  10. Interesting. That's different from what I hear. Just the opposite, really. I prefer my 3's, but find them more laid back, and a little darker overall then my 3a's. As Roy has indicated, there could be any number of reasons for this, so I'm not concerned. Your's sound excellent, btw.
  11. The 8900a is direct coupled and easily drives my 3's without even getting much past warm. A fantastic receiver.
  12. They are indeed! After almost 2 years I still can't stop looking at them. The stuffing is an excellent thought. Would certainly make sense. I've been playing with positioning of my 3's, and now have them closer to the back wall, about 1-2" from it, and that has helped the situation even more. Thanks again for your valued input.
  13. Hi Roy, Thanks again for the advice. If you look a couple posts of mine back, you'll find a link to a Audiokarma thread that I provided on the restoration, not ny me, of the 3's that I eventually came to own. I believe you had some participation in the restoration as well. I wasn't the one who redoped the woofers so I don't know if the amount used was correct or not. I'm really not concerned because the bass response from the speakers is fine imo. But it is not as pronounced as the 3a's, which brought about my original comments. You have helped to clarify that the differences could be looked at as normal. So thank you!
  14. Thanks Roy. I'm hoping that the redoping that was done to the 3's was done correctly, and hasn't affected negatively the woofer performance. I suppose there is not much I can do about it at this point.
  15. Not long enough, unfortunately.