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  1. Where are you located?
  2. Thanks for the kind words. I've tried the 5's on the floor, with 8" stands, with the 11" replica AR stands that you see in the video, and up on top of my Klipsch Cornwalls! Frankly, they sound great no matter where I put them, but I prefer them on the AR stands. Not only because of the sound, but I miss my currently sick AR3's less with then 5's on their stands
  3. Tube gear with the Model 5's is great. Here's a recent video of my system that I did for another forum that highlights the 5's being driven by a pair of Dynaco MKIII's and a McIntosh MX110 pre. My System
  4. Hi Victoria and welcome to the forums. I'm sure others will be around to provide more info then I can, but here is a thread from '03 which will provide some initial information for you. Hopefully you find it helpful. AR 58
  5. Well said, and couldn't agree more. There actually is a base, albeit probably not a very large one, that continues to buy, restore, and happily use and champion tables from pretty much every company that you named. Many of those tables were built to last, and while they typically require a certain amount of restoration to bring them back up to speed, once done they all have the capability to provide "hours & hours of hassle-free enjoyment, while preserving the condition of irreplaceable vinyl in a very satisfactory way", as ar_pro has so eloquently and correctly pointed out. And the AR XA/XB certainly belongs to that group.
  6. The XA/XB arm is quite good , and better then mid fi when properly restored. Have a conversation with Marc Morin over at Audiokarma regarding it's full potential.
  7. I'm not sure how to answer your question other then to suggest you might want to ask it on the Turntable forums of . There are several folks over there that are AR experts and I'm certain that they will be able to advise you.
  8. They sure do, as does my slightly later set. But that set doesn't have what looks like to me to be the plywood cabinets that these do that I've read about. In any case. they are beautiful
  9. Well, it's not much of a collection, so to speak. I have 3 of them now. But these came up not far from my home yesterday for a very nice price and I couldn't resist. Serial numbers 13967 and 14409, the lowest I've ever owned(currently the 3 I own are all in the late teens and early 20's). Bought them from the 2nd owner, and they're in great shape. I adore my Six's. They work well with pretty much any amp(currently using a McIntosh MAC 1700 receiver to drive them), and they always produce nothing less then a real sweet presentation. Plus, they are audio history. Like my AR 3's, I plan on keeping them forever.
  10. Here's my current table that got the Morin treatment.
  11. That's a before shot. The mods haven't been done yet. I haven't used a stock XA so I can't compare before/after. Others have, and the overwhelming verdict is that what Marc does to the table improves it . I think probably part of that is taking a 50+ year table and refreshing it, bringing it up to modern standards. Not unlike what we do to our old speakers. Certainly I can say that my XA is as good as any table I've owned, and I've owned some expensive, modern ones. The questions you raise are good ones, and unfortunately I'm not the guy to answer them. But Marc is. If you do some research on AK I'm pretty certain all the answers are there,or just send Marc a PM over there. He's a great guy, and he typically responds very quickly.
  12. Here's what the subchassis looks like. Marc's restoration includes mass loading the subchassis, and adding a Linn spring set. He also cleans out and refinishes the subchassis bearing wells. He also rebuilds the arm pivot assembly with sapphire cups, and refinishes the pivot pins. He refinishes the spindle and adds new thrust plates. He mass loads and spin balances the pulley and installs a motor pod. He also rewires the arm, if necessary and internally damps the arm tube. I'm probably missing a few things, but by the time the table is returned it's a mechanical marvel. Marc is a retired engineer, so this is as good as it gets, imo. Not to dismiss other AR restoration wizards, of course. He also can replace the armtube with an SME style headshell mount, but I prefer the original arm. There's a guy who makes excellent replica AR headshells, so for me, a replacement arm doesn't really offer any advantages, and takes away from the beauty of the table.
  13. Great info. Thanks Kent. That should be a beautiful XA when all is said and done. I've had my current XA since 2014. Its from the late 60's. It too was given the restore treatment by Marc Morin. I am a firm supporter of just doing what it takes to make the table a smooth running soils performer without disturbing the beautiful elegance and simplicity of the table. Everything he does is under the hood. I like it so much that I couldn't resist when this very early example came up for sale, and for what I consider an excellent price. These tables have been creeping up in price the last few years.
  14. The XB had cueing, but I'm almost certain(99 9/10 %) that the XA's never did.
  15. Yup I'm pretty pleased. That cueing device is an add on as they didn't originally come on XA's, but I'll take it. It's now off to AK'er Marc Morin, the great AR turntable guru for his once over to iron out any kinks and do some of his magic on it. He worked on my other one and what he does really helps bring the best out of these old beauties. To say that I'm looking forward to spinning my first lp on it is a big understatement.