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  1. AR 4xa

    The 18ct. Weichet Lambswool Linen is definitely the nicest and closest to original material out there for your AR's. If you have a Michaels near you might want to consider their 28 ct. Charles Craft Irish Linen. https://www.michaels.com/10357706.html If you download the 40% off coupon one roll ( enough for both speakers) would be less than $5.00. I used some on my 4X speakers. I soaked it in diluted bleach water to lighten it up slightly then dried it between two bath towels and ironed it with a touch of spray starch. Looking forward to seeing the finished speakers.
  2. I have a Crown XLS 1502 for a year now and I have never heard the fan come on. I have evan used it to push stacked AR3a's. I also have a Adcom GFA-555II that I use. The Adcom is said to be 2 ohm stable, but I would not bet on it. The XLS 1502 is definitely 2 ohm stable and quite musical for a class D pro amp. What kind of preamp are you using? That makes a big difference.
  3. Rough AR2a, Restore or part out?

    Yes those are the alnico tweeters. The same ones used in the AR3, AR2a and early AR2ax. I am sure that most your problems are with the potentiometers. There is plenty of information on refurbishing them here and at Audiokarma. I also would bet that the the wax caps are way out of spec. I used some Carli caps from Madisound on mine and they sound wonderful. Probably less than $10.00 in caps. Good luck on some wonderful vintage AR's. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/carli-capacitors/
  4. Rough AR2a, Restore or part out?

    if you are going to part them out I would be interested in the grill (broken frame and all) if the cloths are original. More pictures of the cabinets and woofers would be nice. Maybe they are not too far gone to someone willing to do the work. You can always replace the dual midranges with 2ax mids making them essentially 2ax"s. Maybe they could be made to look like these.
  5. Last summer I found a pair of AR18 speakers in a antique shop on the county seat square while on jury duty. I had a pair of AR 15 speakers I was working on and they had radioshack replacement speakers. I borrowed the 20001-1 woofers from the AR18 speakers, but still wanted to finish the 18's someday. Looking around, finding a pair of these 20001-1 woofers on the auction site is not easy. I finally picked up a pair of 200037-0 woofers freshly refoamed and from some 18S speakers along with both inter seal gaskets, outer rings and even screws. I wanted to convert them to look like the AR18 woofers, but decided they were way too nice to alter. Then I run across two (not a matching pair) of 18S speakers in a small town on my way back from Chicago. Both woofers were correct 200037-0 and ohmed out at 5 and 5.2 ohms. I finally had my candidates. I have refoamed probably 30 woofers and the hardest part has always been cleaning the old glue off the woofer cone edges without damaging the cone material. I read this post from DougG in the Advent section and It made a lot of sense. I tried his method with the heat gun and was quite surprised with the outcome. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/9707-easiest-refoam-method-yet-for-both-masonite-and-all-metal-woofers/ Here are the woofers ready to receive new Boston type "filled Fillet" surrounds. Notice the tick marks I use to center the new surround to the cone. Notice how one of the poly (more like rubbery vinyl) dust caps was installed off center. I cut new flat dust caps from the top of a organic egg carton. Here they are with 64 mm fabric mesh dust caps added and foam gaskets added around the perimeter. I need more practice using my circle cutter for they are less than perfect. Here they are next to a original 200001-1 woofer. Not a bad visual match. Here are the differences I can see by inspection. The original AR18 woofer has a 70mm dust cap, but 64mm was the closest I can find.The 20001-1 has eight holes and the 200037-0 has four holes. I have never seen more than four holes used. Both magnets appear identical and are 3 5 /8 in square. The 200037-0 weighs in at 3lbs.10.7 oz.and the 200001-1 is 1 oz. heavier at 3 lbs. 11.8 oz. The 200037-0 has a stamp in a circle of SFT 8 and the 200001-2 SFT 7 with a date code of ROL-7717. I don't know if the voice coils are much different. The 200001-1 ohmed out at 5.3, about the same. My next step is to reform the 200001-1 woofers with the same surrounds and rebuild two sets of AR 18's with the same capacitors and resistors utilizing the identical tweeters. Maybe I will hear a difference, when they are A-B tested together together. Will report back what I perceive.
  6. Meeting forum members....audiofest near Cincy

    Did not see or hear anything about a Marantz 2600. Your Polk’s are awesome. About placement of the nines. Against the wall and three feet from the adjacent walls. My room will work, but I have to get rid of sofa and loveseat. Replace with new stuff AR9 friendly.
  7. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    You are talking about the original AR 18. All mine have the switch, but I believe michiganpat has a pair without the switch.
  8. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    Get them Nice sounding 8 in two ways. Put new surrounds on and a 5 uf cap in them. If you don't like them you can easily get twice your investment. Pictured below is the Ar18s, Original AR 18 and the AR18B. All very good sounding. Stay away from the ARbx and bxi.
  9. Meeting forum members....audiofest near Cincy

    You guys are both right. I would of caught it eventually. I have a pair of 200029-1 tweeters I got from one of the local larrybody want to be's that was parting out a pair of AR 91 with no grills and water damaged cabinets. The woofers were already gone, but I got the tweets and the mids. All four drivers ohmed out at 4.3. I have a AR11b project coming up and I was going to Use HiVi Qr1's, but now I can use these 1200011-1's. How do you like me now? Now I need to get busy and re-foam the woofers. I wonder if I can use some filled fillet 8 in surrounds on the lower mids?
  10. Meeting forum members....audiofest near Cincy

    He still has them and the cable too. They are even bigger than the 9's. He wants to sell them. If you know of anybody interested I can supply contact information. I like them, but I am out of room. Iam a AR man anyway. AR's will get you through times without money better than money will get you through times of no AR's.
  11. Meeting forum members....audiofest near Cincy

    Just wanted to bring lakecat up to speed on those big AR's our friend was talking about at the midwest audiofest last July. I sent him a text and a picture of some AR9's a few days after the event asking "Is this what they look like?" He replied " Yes that is them" I ask him to send me some pictures because I am definitely interested. After going back and forth for a couple weeks I never got the pictures. I decided that I might be beating a dead horse, so I stopped dreaming about them. Fast forward to about a week ago and I here from him asking if I was still interested in them. I replied YES, just send me some cell phone pictures. Two days later I got some short videos of them and I immediately made a deal. This morning I made the 7 1/2 hour round trip and got them. Here they are back in my garage waiting for my buddy to help me haul them inside. They had been in his (finished) basement for over 20 years without use. The surround foam didn't survive the car ride back wrapped in blankets. They are way nicer than I imagined. Not a gouge or scratch on the veneer. I believe they have all original parts. The midrange foam inserts are missing, but the high range ones are there. All six grill covers are perfect. Not one rip, stain or snag. One little bugger on the back of speaker that can be touched up with black paint. They may not be holy grail NOS AR9's, but for 1/5 the price I am very happy to take on this project. I guess good things do come to those that wait. And I always thought that if you snoose you loose. Not true all the time.
  12. crossover Glue question

    On earlier crossover boards AR liked staples. I mean they really liked staples;
  13. AR-6 Restoration

    That last picture looks just like a AR 4xa. Maybe someone here has a extra spring or potentiometer. How close is a spring from a ball point pen? Maybe it’s time to think about a some L-pads. Good luck. I am sure with a little infinity it can be repaired.
  14. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    Just a question about replacing the resistors.I see on the AR9 schematic that the seven resistors are rated at 22 watts. Would using the Mills 12 watt resistors as replacements be of any concern. Finding 22 watt non inductive wire round resistors may be a challenge.
  15. AR-6 Restoration

    Reading this thread go me thinking what version of AR 6's I have. These particular speakers were advertised on the local shop goodwill as AR 7 speakers and that's what I thought I was buying. When i went to pick them up they turned out to be AR 6's. Here is a picture of one of them next to a AR7. Quite a difference. They have basically been waiting in the wings because other projects are always put ahead of them. One woofer pulled, fiberglass removed and there is the crossover. These must be earlier versions with the woofer dated September 29, 1971. Not the grill cloth you would expect to find, but I believe it to be original. Would these woofers be considered 200001-1 even though they have alnico magnets? Gabriel, my opinion is to either clean the Potentiometers up or replace with others, but definitely don't eliminate them. I am glad they are back together and you are enjoying them. Keep looking and you will probably run across the correct woofer (200001-1 with the square ceramic magnet and flat dustcap), and you probably easily can get your investment back on the cloth surround woofers. Keeping them in good shape will allow you to pass them down to the next generation. Mine deserve better than being in bubble wrap and stored away.