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    Just want to go over my AR 12 woofer swap and re cap. A couple of weeks ago I installed new foams on the 20004-2 woofers and re caped one of the speakers. I used Dayton polys with Dayton film .01 bypass caps. I used two 3uf 1% Dayton's in parallel with a Audiocap Theta .01 for the bypass on the tweeter cap. I also purchased new mills resisters (12 in total), but after inspecting the potting goop on these euro built crossovers I decided to forgo trying to remove the existing resisters embedded in this mess. Not the hot glue I normally run across but some king of rubbery silicone that is impossible mess to melt and very difficult to cut away. The 40uf electrolyte capacitor is quite a contrast to the new poly. Here is one finished and I hooked it up with the existing speaker and listened for a few days. First I noticed the new speaker played slightly louder than the untouched one. Probably due to the more efficient AR woofer, because I doubt that caps could make a difference in sensitivity. The recapped speaker defiantly was more detailed, crisp and forward in both flat and -3db positions. The bass was tighter and slightly deeper than the original non AR woofer speaker. It was apparent the recapped speaker was more dominate ,relegating the original to the background. Last week I recapped the second speaker to bring it up to snuff, which it did. Interesting enough according to my meter the original caps were not that far off. Another interesting spec is the difference in weight between to generic replacement woofer and the AR 20004-2. Almost 2lbs. I am liking what I hear. Time to start swapping out different amplifiers and thinking about cosmetic improvements. Right now I am enjoying these. As lakecat has has stated, these really are some rock and roll speakers.
  2. KLH Model Six

    Man those look good. My original one owner 1963 set that I did 4 years ago is still at my sisters. I have three other sets. One 1958 with blonde cabinets and 12 ply marine grade plywood yet to be restored. Two sets with the removable grills, one in vinyl that I took the grills from when I cut the 1963 set to re dope the woofers and the other set in walnut with one tweeter black and the other bare metal finish. I have been debating to find another matching metal finish tweeter or just paint the other black. I have listened to this set with a Yaqin 13S tube amplifier which produces a suburb.listening experience. The flagship set at my sisters uses a Marantz 2270. I tried to swap her out with some new large Advents, but she wanted the sixes back. Great sounding two way speakers.
  3. Blown New Advent driver

    Glad to read they are back up and running. Always look at the simplest things first. When you fired them up with the YouTube video at high listening level it must of blown the weak surround. Your other woofer may no be too far behind. Enjoy them. Larry

    I figured this out a couple of years ago after cleaning up a dozen or so of those Aetna-Pollak pots. I use a fiberglass polishing pen to clean the up now days. http://www.cooltools.us/Scratch-Brush-Pen-Style-Fiberglass-p/brn-207.htm The secret to a successful restoration is having examples that are not totally corroded. I wish AR would have used higher quality potentometers, but it is what it is. That is why they eventually went to switches and resisters.
  5. I'm afraid it has happened?

    A lot of people use these as AR4X replacement tweeters. Had a set with one bad tweeter so I bought these, but eventually found a original which I used instead. Don't know how they perform, but they have good reviews. https://www.parts-express.com/grs-prt-8-phenolic-ring-tweeter-replacement-for-ar-4x-cts-marantz-and-more-8-ohm--270-252 I will eventually find a project to use them on.

    ra.ra you are a wealth of information. Mine are the dust caps in the second attachment. Mine measure around 55mm and AR has them at 53.848mm. Close enough. I may have just answered my own question by rereading GD70's original post over at Audiokarma, Page two. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/ar-12-restoration-pics.698197/page-2 I will be ordering some 2.25 in. (57mm) mesh dust caps from Midwest Speaker and they should fit perfectly over the original flat caps. I suspect you are right about AR adding the dome dust caps to the 200004-2 woofers when used in the ADD series to make them appear more modern. Mine originally came from some late production AR2ax's, thus the flat dust cap. My 2000040-0 woofers in some AR38S speakers have a single solid dust cap. The Dayton caps arrived yesterday so i can get busy on the crossovers waiting for the woofer parts. Maybe I just do one crossover and woofer at a time so i can compere with what i have now. They already sound excellent.

    In April I acquired a set AR 12 speakers in relatively good shape. The tweeter and mid range are in excellent shape, but unfortunately the woofers are replacements. Even with the unknown woofers and the original crossovers they sound excellent. There are pictures on page 4 of GD70's recap post. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/8721-ar12s-restored-a-few-pics/&page=4 The examples on the web have been rare and expensive. RaRa posted that some of the late production AR2ax's used the same woofer. Last week I found a pair in good shape for about one third what the others were. They both test out right under 8 ohms each. New foams are on the way. Here is my question. These have the flat dust cap of the 2ax. The ones on the AR 12 had a second dome dust cap added. I have some 65mm paper caps that look like a good fit. Did the original AR 12 woofer have mesh caps or paper caps? Cannot tell from photos. Some of the 8 in AR woofers that had double caps with the second being mesh. Thanks in advance for checking for me.
  8. KLH Model Six

    I cut a gasket out of some laminate floor underlayment and attached the plate with some small brass pan head screws.
  9. AR-5 advice needed

    Greetings from the US Midwest. Your original choice of the 8 ohm 3/8 in shaft L-pads are correct. Remember to get the 25 ohm resisters for them. Your choice of the Boston filled fillet type surrounds is excellent. I strongly suggest you download and read the AR3a restoration guide found here. A lot of the information there is relevant to your AR 5 speakers. As far as sealing the woofers there are many options. You can cut the gaskets out of some thin closed cell foam, You can use duct seal electrical conduit sealer to form the seals. Maybe even rope caulk. I personally like the foam gasket tape Parts Express sells or the speaker sealing caulk strips they also sell if you want to go back with something like the original. The most important thing is that you get a air tight seal. I have two pairs of 5's that I play together and thoroughly enjoy.. Good luck on your restoration.
  10. How not to sell AR speakers on Craigslist

    Maybe it was a divorce and they were just trying to get rid of some of the ex's stuff. I have seen that happen. Or maybe they didn't know how to do a Goggle search.
  11. AR's honesty and the 3a's excellence

    Exactly 24 hours ago I acquired my third set of AR3a's. What makes these different is that they were from the original owner who purchased them 48 years ago while in the Army (1970). At the time he told me they cost him a months wages. Serial numbers 28801 and 27932. My first pair have numbers in the 33XXX range, but upon removing the grills found Tonegen replacement woofers with the number 7 inductor still in place. I replaced them with a 18ga 3.0mh Erse coil unwound to 2.85mh.when they were recapped, but have been on the lookout for a set of alnico woofers so I saved the original coils. So far that has not happened. I am 99% sure these new 3a's have the cloth surrounds. He assured me that they had never been apart and upon inspecting them I tend to agree. Today I hooked them up to a Lepai Class D bluetooth amp which probably puts out 80 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Good little amp currently available at Parts Express. Its hard to believe that they sound so good. Pots work flawlessly, and all drivers have full output. It took about 30 minutes for the capacitors to re energise and smooth out. Still amazed at how these 48 year old speakers that had been in storage for years can perform at this level. Yes the AR3a is a special speaker. I have a brand new XLS 2502 that I will soon hook them up to. If they rock out on 80 watts I Can't wait to hear them with 800 watts per channel. A few pictures and back to listening.
  12. 200037-0 woofer, damaged, repairable?

    Thanks for the source, That place is 20 minutes north of my town. I have used the auction site to get some from a place in Las Vegas. Also discovered this place. www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/speaker-repair-kits/screen-dust-caps/ Have not ordered anything yet, but the price seems very fair.
  13. Repatriated AR collection

    I am assuming your AR58S's made the trip with you. To bad you didn't drop them off here on your way thru Indiana.
  14. AR4x restoration (was a tale of misery)

    Job well done Bob. What do the grills look like? Are they original or have you recovered them? I have one pair of original AR 4 speakers, two pairs of 4x's, and a pair of 4xa's. The 4x is my favorite. What I find amazing is how well these match up and with other AR speakers. I have run 4x's with some AR18S speakers in parallel. The 18S tweeter gives the high end some sizzle and the 4X woofer extends the bass further downward. They blend together seamlessly. No wonder these have been referred to as giant killers and one member here gave them the label of "unfair speakers" The originality factor makes them more desirable and valuable, but another thing your restoration has done is make them available to be enjoyed for the next twenty plus years.
  15. 200037-0 woofer, damaged, repairable?

    RaRa I elevate the cones to scrape and clean the old surround off. It also stabilizes everything. Then I cut the dust cap off and shim. I guess I don't want to get any debii in the gap. The flat dust cap does the trick. I guess the additional mesh dome cap is for show. Just don't like the look of the poly caps.