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  1. I am getting ready to replace some AR58S boards with rebuilt AR91 boards. I am not particularly interested in protecting the caps and resisters, just the inductors. I wonder if using a heat gun would soften up the hot melt glue better than injecting alcohol around the perimeter.
  2. You may have to cut one. If you have a Dremel tool I would use their circle cutting attachment. Cut the outside first then the inside. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dremel-Circle-Cutter-Attachment-3-4-in-to-12-in-Diameter-678-01/202713389
  3. I don't think you could have made a better choice. The pure direct option on that amp is awesome.
  4. Chris1 may be on to your problem. Always check the simple obvious things first. Get a paper towel tube and see if you can isolate the problem to your offending driver (ie tweeter). I have also fixed tweeters in Ar 18 (200014-3) and Ar 18S (20038-0) with this problem. The glue becomes dried out over the years and the cones buzz and crackles on the frame. Try gently lifting the cone edge with a dental pick. I used some Aleene's Tacky Glue on a toothpick to go around the perimeter. Don't use too much. Make sure the cone is back in its original position so the voice coil remains centered. Press the cone edge down gently as the glue dries. I have also ran a 2.5k tone at low volume thru the tweeter to make sure the voice coil is aligned. Hope this is it. Eventually you may want to replace the 20uf capacitor and clean or better yet replace the control pot. They are amazing little speakers and actually fit on bookshelves nicely.
  5. Mine do look like yours. Mine are AR94R models. A guy at work has a pair with walnut top caps. They may be Si or Sx models. Like most AR speakers they really like power run thru them. I re-caped mine with Dayton 5% Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors. They sounded good with a Pioneer SX-780, but when I powered them with a Adcom GFA 555II they really came alive.
  6. I love looking at pictures. Especially of things like food, pretty women, pets and AR Speakers. Seriously though try resizing them to 100KB or so. You can also use a image hosting site such as imgur or flicker. Oh and by the way welcome to the best place on the planet for help and opinion about your classic speakers. Hope the caps brings your woofers in line. Like I said pictures are great especially with AR94 speakers because there were several versions of them.
  7. I think the 038 tweeters are something special indead. They are going to play a little louder than the original AR7 tweeter and have a bit more sizzle. In March I found a pair of AR8b's at a local thrift store for next to nothing and snatched them up. Didn't really want a pair of 8b's, but I wanted those 038 tweeters.
  8. Are you referring to the texture of the cone. They do look a little like poly cone TSW drivers, but I believe they AR 200027-0 drivers. The dust caps are correct, the silicone around the interedge of the surround is present and even the black foam gasket over the screw heads is there. Here are mine before and after refoam. Goose your serial numbers are in the 12000 range and mine ar in the 15000. I have AR grill badges and not the retucalangler ones I have seen others. These are highly sought after and priced right won't last long. There is currently a pair on CL in Chicago you can compare them to pricewise. Yours may be in better condition and being one owner is always a plus.
  9. That is a old KLH trick I think I learned from you several years ago.
  10. All the time. Here is a pair of 2ax's with the little pull tab made out of white satin ribbon. The grills are held in place with six 1/2 in round wafer magnets countersunk into the speaker baffle and six into the grill frame. I know it's been said many times here, but you cannot get anything more authentic than the 18 count lambswool linen grill covering available from 123 stitch.com I used the shere black grill cloth from parts express first just because I didn't want to see the grill cutouts.
  11. I have used cheesecloth from the grocery store with success.
  12. Those are some very nice early 2ax's. I have a pair just like them with serials in the 38XXX range. Mine still have the little white staples holding the grills on. Hope they go to a good home and are appreciated for what they are.
  13. I immediately noticed the first two Jefferson Airplane albums on the wall. Jefferson Airplane takes Off from 1966 and Surrealistic Pillow from 1967. Surrealistic Pillow was the introduction of Grace Slick as the female vocalist. I had a big crush on her back in high school. Are those some powered partner speakers on top of the 2's?
  14. I wonder how those Sound Research 20 speakers would stack up with my Acoustic Response series 77 speakers?
  15. This is definitely the cloth you want to use on your 3a's. It is so close to the original material, except it is even nicer. You might want to check cross stitch suppliers in the EU. Good luck with your restoration. Just remember that they love good clean 4 ohm power. The more the better.
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