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  1. lARrybody

    WTB AR 12 in. 200003-0 non working or working

    This speaker reconing thing is all new to me. I have replaced surrounds on between thirty and forty sets of woofers, so I want to give it a shot. No I don't have a source for authentic style parts. I was just going to order a AR 11 kit from Speaker Exchange. I am pretty sure the cone will be wrong. Probably the voice coil and spider too. Maybe it will just be a learning experience for me. I will post my attempt when completed. We will see where this winds up.
  2. lARrybody

    AR90 compared to AR91?

    Just figure those 90's are going to cost you $800.00 plus gas money. It always worked for me. I had a uncle that gave his wife a outboard motor for a anniversary gift. That didn't go over.
  3. lARrybody

    WTB AR 12 in. 200003-0 non working or working

    Hi Pete. I am pretty sure the non functional woofer I have is what the AR3a restoration guide labels a A.4 woofer. Does yours have the black surround mounting ring? My woofer does not have a parts number but is stamped 561 7536. If this means it was manufactured the 36 week of 1975 it is definitely a A.4. Yours may be the A.5 version manufactured in 1978. They are pretty much the same except the A.5 has a slightly stiffer suspension. I have both AR11 Mk1 and Mk2 examples.This morning I removed one of the woofers from my Mk1's to see it looked like my example, and to my surprise it was a tonegen replacement. There wasn't even a gasket. My Mk2 speakers are the A.5 woofers. Send me a PM if you are interested in parting with your woofer. I am assuming it has the original cone. Thanks Larry in IN
  4. lARrybody

    Picked up some more AR speakers

    I knew I had some of the Parts Express grill guides around here. Just had to find them. My Nines have the sockets in the speaker cabinets and the pegs on the grills. The PE pegs fit the AR sockets perfectly. The PE sockets are a little loose on my grill pegs although they appear to be the same size. I guess it wouldn't mater if all new parts were used. One other thing is my grill badges are just AR and yours say AR9. I wonder which is the earliest version. Building up and reinforcing the water damaged MDF with epoxy may be tedious, but will restore the integrity of the cabinets. Good Luck. Nines are special and when visitors see them they always want to here them.
  5. lARrybody

    Patient In Cardiac Arrest

    Kent: Thanks for confirming that the tweeters are the same. Sort of like the AR3 phenolic dome tweeter also being used on the AR2a and early AR2ax speakers even though the later two are 8 ohm speakers. The KLH 17 and 20 woofers are the same except for their voice coil windings. Upon some further reading it seems that a lot of open Model 17 tweeters are caused by breaks in the tiny voice coil wire leads. If you can cut and pry off the mesh covers you might find something like this.
  6. lARrybody

    Patient In Cardiac Arrest

    Just a couple of questions. Is there a difference between the bright finished tweeters and the black finished tweeters. I have both kinds in different sets of 17's. Second question. Are the tweeters in my Model 20 speakers different because they are 4 ohm speakers?
  7. lARrybody

    Patient In Cardiac Arrest

    You might check that the insulating washers around the binding post are installed properly because it could be grounding out on the metal plate. Definitely check the tweeters with the ohms function of your multimeter. I have seen several 17 tweeters come to life when the caps were replaced. Check your solder joints again, evan the ones at the tweeter terminals. Always look at the simplest things first. You will be successful.
  8. Looking for a AR 12 in woofer Part no. 200003-0. I have a non functional one and would like to try my hand in repairing a set. I believe what I am looking for is a A.4 woofer used in the Mk1 version of the AR 11 and 10pi. Also maybe the Norwood AR3a and LST. The woofer is characterized by the black retaining ring instead of the earlier orange ring. They were produced from 1975 to 1977. Here are pictures of the non functional one I already have. Looking for a reusable cone and frame/magnet assembly.
  9. If your Sony is a STR-AV500 that would be a stereo 2 channel receiver. If it is a STR-DH500 it is a 5.1 channel receiver and would have the menu mentioned above. The STR-AV500 used the RMU80 remote which there are several listed currently on the auction site for under $20.00. That is if you can't find yours.
  10. I agree with Aadams that your 2ax speakers appear to be all AR. The tweeters look like what you might find on some AR 11's or 12's. Still 3/4 in domes ,just from a later generation. The woofers look good, the surrounds look like the roll is a little narrow. Good news is that the more desired surrounds are available. I would get a empty paper towel tube and listen to the mid and high drivers while adjusting the potentometers. The potentometers are the week link in the AR2ax chain and corrode and drop out all the time. They can be replaced if not repairable with L-pads or better yet 15 ohm 25 watt rheostats. There is a lot of music reproduction left in your speakers. Oh, by the way welcome to CSP and I can assure you this is the right place with the best knowledgable people willing to help.
  11. lARrybody

    I Have AR-5's

    L-pads were used on the midranges, thus 25 ohm resistance were added. Could of been added internally, but works the same. The woofers will look fine with the dome dust caps IMHO.
  12. lARrybody

    I Have AR-5's

    .One of my sets of AR5's has the early woofers with the dome dust caps. The other set looks exactly like those that sarals has and have the flat dust caps. One thing of note is that the early woofer frames have 8 mounting holes and the later frames have four. This is compared to the early 2ax ceramic magnet foam surround woofers with six mounting holes. The darker painted woofer below was purchased directly from Tom Tyson.
  13. lARrybody

    200003 12 "woofer needs spyder

    Simply Speakers also sells a recone kit. You might ask them if they have the spyder available separately. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/acoustic-research-speaker-recone-kit-ar3-ar9-ar11-rk-ar11.html No affiliation with this company.
  14. lARrybody

    AR2ax makes a candle!

    Here are a pair of AR2a's that were upgraded to Ar2ax's. I have subsequently changed them back to the original dual midrange configuration. No resisters in the 2a or 2ax speakers at all.
  15. lARrybody

    I Have AR-5's

    Your woofer looks very clean. I think you are on the right track for the repairs. It couldn't hurt to check with Bill at Millersound and see what his thoughts are. As far as the 18 count lambswool, it is the real deal and hard to differentiate between it and the original material. Here is a set of mine with the lambswool because the originals were stained and torn.