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  1. My apologies to ra.ra. It was jkent who posted about the Bulgarian pots. First mistake this week, made it all the way to Tuesday.
  2. My thought might be is to prepare them like genek suggest, but instead of dyeing them cover them with pine veneer such as this.
  3. Hey ra.ra. Didn't you get some of those 15 watt 15 ohm long shaft rheostats from Bulgaria? Did you ever do anything with them? Mine are still in the shipping envelope. At least you have the better version of the Aetna-Pollak rheostats. I like to treat them with Deoxit Gold after cleaning.
  4. Not sure on that one. My spider rings were still attached. I wound up taking a thin art paint brush and applying Allenes around the perimeter to reinforce them. I had a 6 hole ceramic magnet woofer on a Ar2ax give way at the spider. Terrible thump noise. Contemplated trying to reglue it, would have to remove the mesh to get access. Chickened out and wound up getting another woofer and refoaming it to match. Another future project maybe. I am thinking you probably need to shim between the former and pole piece.
  5. One of the woofers was already installed back in the cabinet. Sort of a dilemma. Did I want to cut the dust cap off to shim? Did I want to redo the woofer sealing caulk? I decided to use a 30hz test tone and find some 1/2 in nuts to weigh it down. Worked out fine, but I wound up removing the woofer anyway to check the spider glue condition.
  6. I recently restored some AR 2a speakers with 10 in. cloth surround woofers and they definitely had the hardboard spacer rings. I had to reglue them because the 55 year old glue gave out.
  7. What a wonderful vintage setup you have Rob. Is that a SX-727 and 1218 I see. My favorite set of 4X's have serial numbers FX162193 and FX162411. They also came from the original owner and still have the warranty registration cards attached. The woofers have a 1968 date stamp. Here is what they look like. My other set have woofers that look like yours. They really do sound very good for 8in two ways. I have recently been comparing them with some EPI M100's which are also a very impressive 8 in two way. Enjoy your system, I bet it sounds sweet.
  8. Thanks for the link RaRa. Just spent the last hour enjoying the issue. Wow do I miss the record clubs. I still have a lot of those records that were my dads. And how about the McIntosh amp for $30.00 down and $10.00 a month. Sign me up.
  9. Hey Patrick, glad you found this form. I was where you are six years ago. I have to warn you that this AR thing is a lot like trying to eat one Lays potato chip. I started with a pair of nice 2ax's which I restored and still have. Then it got a little overboard. Maybe more than a little. As for your description I would personally lean toward the original condition 3a's. Again there are lots of considerations as far as condition, driver performance, and improvements. Personally I have two sets of 5's that I am very impressed with. The first set came to me already restored and the second set I restored to match. This involved some driver replacement, but the results are well worth it. I have them stacked together with a Adcom power amp. You might want also to consider some other models like the KLH model 5 and the AR model 11. Both excellent sounding speakers. Look around and you will eventually find that set that you will feel comfortable with. I just want to warn you about the multiple speaker acquisition syndrome I fell privy to. Let us know what you find.
  10. Now i guess i can say I have seen 2ax backwired tweeters.
  11. I have always used a DMM, but I can see the advantages of using a analog multimeter. If you change the lead from the 1 to the 2 terminal the range changes direction from 0-16 ohms to 16 to 0n ohms. Visual inspection of the wiper and the coil can tell you a lot, but only testing the true resistance can confirm correct operation. Smooth operation of the wiper throughout the range is what you want. Any bumps or sticky spots (I call these hiccups) usually indicate a problem.
  12. After the woofer is removed and the wires cut near the solder connections it is time to remove the fiberglass. I store the woofer screws back in their T nut sockets checking that they are secure. Get a 13 gallon draw string kitchen bag and place the thin material sheet in the bottom. Use rubber gloves, long sleeves and maybe a painters mask and place material in the kitchen bag making a mental note on how you remove the fiberglass so you can replace it in the reverse when done inside. Some people cut the wires, but I desoldered them using a hot iron and solder sucker. Make a detailed drawing of the connections first. I don't know if it matters but I label each pot on the ceramic insulator with a M and a H. Everybody has a slightly different method of cleaning and polishing or even replacing the potentiometers. Post some pictures when you get them apart and you will get some good advice.
  13. Nice pair of the early version of the AR2ax (1964-1970) sporting the a stick pins and cloth woofers with the orange hard dome tweeters of the 3 and 2a. I love original untouched vintage AR's. Here are examples of the three front wired versions of the 2ax's I have. Left is a 1970-71 version with the 11 in woofer basket used in transition. The center is the version like yours and on the right is smaller woofer basket version 1971-75. The round dust caps were added when I refoamed them with Boston filled fillet type surrounds. Maybe I should have fabricated some flat dust caps like the original. There were some with back wired tweeters late in production. I have seen this in AR5's but not so far in 2ax's. If your rear sheets are in place, what are the serial numbers? Also all I have seen have the Chicago Industrial wax cap blocks, but I keep looking for the ones with the oil filled military grade caps. Enjoy your find. LarryinIN
  14. I have done two sets of 6's. Both had no tweeter output till I replaced the caps. It is a common thing since the caps KLH originally used are known low quality. Also you will want to replace the three resistors because they a also low quality, 5 watt I think. Here is a thread with pictures covering my first pair. It was bad enough working from the 3X3 hole in the back, I never considered resealing the woofer surrounds from the back. I took GD70's advise and found a pair of replacement grills and cut the cloth from the front. Yes it did make a big difference. Use only the stuff from Vintage AR, for it is correct. That grill cloth is impossible to find and I was lucky to find a pair. Some people use linen cloth like AR used. You never get tired listening to 6's, they are so right.
  15. I have a set of these and they really come in handy for grill removal. Just take your time and use a cautious approach.