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  1. AR 11 Diagram

    I am thinking you may have the AR 11B model. My AR 11B had a single 120uf cap instead of the dual 72 uf and 50 uf caps in parallel of the original AR 11. I am sure the resister values may of been different too.
  2. AR-18s speakers

    I have used black electrical tape on AR2ax's and 5's. How about some Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant on these leads. I might work.
  3. AR-18s speakers

    Old school Fine Wood Paste Wax. Do not used on oiled veneer if you want to re-oil in the future.
  4. AR-18s speakers

    How about this idea. Sand the bare cabinets smooth. Use some kind of filler to fill any imperfections. Use about two or three coats of primer wet sanding between. Take them to a auto body shop and have them sprayed with several coats of gloss black lacquer. Piano finish with new lambswool grills. That would be impressive.
  5. AR-18s speakers

    You are very observant my friend. That badge is indeed different. Approximately 1/16 in. smaller and without the silver border. I did not notice it before. Probably from some I purchased off the auction site. I had to count my 18S's, it turns out there are six pairs. Three your size 9 5/8 X 16 1/2 X 6 1/4 and three wider at 10 1/8 X 16 1/2 X 6 1/4. Grills are 8 1/2 and 9 in. wide. All have the same one piece plastic trim ring around the 2000037-0 woofers which have square magnet and poly dust caps. One odd thing is the three smaller cabinets all had the rectangular spring clips, but on the wider ones one has the same spring clips and two have the terminal cups with spring clips. Much the same at the 18B models. Parts Express has a binding post terminal cup that fits perfectly in the 2 in. hole. I think on one set not yet restored I will use some post saved from 2ax's. I remember reading that the wider cabinets may have been European models, but I am not so sure about that. I just think AR made changes later in production, probably moving toward the 18B model. As far cabinet wall thickness It appears to be the same on both examples. Maybe the material changed from MDF to a lesser particleboard, but I will need to investigate further. As far as adding a L-pad, it is basically just inserted into the tweeter circuit. Compared to the 200034-0 tweeter used in the 18 model, I think the 200038-0 in these sounds a bit brighter and has more presence. Also the 18 used a 6uf cap and the 18S has a 5 uf cap which changes to crossover. I have installed L-pads on some AR-25's and AR-18S's. Pretty much the same crossover except for the cap value. You can definitely tones down the tweeter a bit, but I kind of like them full blast. If you were to add a l-pad to models with terminal cups I would use the longer 1 in. shaft L-pad with some spacers and drill right thru the back. It amazes me how good these sound with such a simple crossover. The AR engineers knew how to choose the right woofer and tweeter to work together so seamlessly. Thank you Mr. Allison. I have A-B them with my AR4X's and the 4x winns on the low end, but the 18S shines on the highs. Playing them both together is more than the sum of two.
  6. AR-18s speakers

    You guys should know by now how I feel about this model. Why do I have so many? Did you know they came in two different sizes? All mine still have the vinyl, but i have thought about venere on at least one of them. Some are original, some recapped, some with binding post added, even one with l pads. I like the idea of the grill frame with the linen. Just loose the bottom filler piece. Theser 18S model are easy to find, maybe that's why they keep following me home. RaRa I will check my AR badge bag tonight and PM you if I find a extra.
  7. Follow up ar-5

    If I understand the orange dome tweeter correctly, there is no difference whether it came from a AR3, AR2a or AR2ax. They all used the same tweeter. I have two almost identical sets of AR5's. To me the tweeters sound fine. I wonder if I had one set of tweeters rebuilt what difference I would here. To me a higher output tweeter would be desirable, but not knowing how these sounded when new and my 60+ year old ears not hearing high frequencies the same anymore, what conclusions would I realize?
  8. Acoustic Research AR5 tweeters shot

    I have used two sets of HIVI Q1R tweeters on a set of AR2ax's and AR11's. No way to compare them to new AR tweets, because they just aren't around. Folks that have had their originals rebuilt report increased output, but I have not gone down that road yet. It is also said that the Q1R's have a narrower dispersion, but mine with the 0.05 inductors added sound very pleasing. There are discussions about reducing the uf of the capacitor by half and reversing the polarity of the leads, which has been covered several times right here. At less than $20.00 apiece I would try them and think about having the originals rebuilt. Marvin Gaye sums it up "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby"
  9. AR-2a that was probably upgraded to x

    Bordious, if you do ever do run across some AR2ax cabinets, you want to make sure they are the older style with the 11 1/4 in. woofer cutouts. The newer versions used a smaller woofer frame (same size cone) with a 10 1/2 in. cutout. Both versions used the same size 4 1/2 in tweeter flange, just different drivers.
  10. AR-2a that was probably upgraded to x

    Not the front baffle of a AR2, nor a AR2a and not a Ar2ax. Has to be a AR2x or something like it. Found this old add for a AR2x and a AR2ax. Both have the front baffles of the previous generation AR2 and Ar2a with the upgraded 3 1/2 in tweeter/midrange boards. Could these be transition examples while AR went through there supply of cabinets?
  11. AR-2a that was probably upgraded to x

    Here is a set of 2a crossovers I did exactly like JKent describes. Discontinued and left the wax cap block in place. Installed the new 6uf and 4 uf caps to the side. 4uf is a 3.9 and a 0.1 uf wired in parallel. Removing, inspecting and cleaning the original potentiometers is most of the work.
  12. AR-2a that was probably upgraded to x

    Your 2a's look just like a pair I have except for the venere. They were upgraded to 2ax's either by a kit supplied by AR or possibly could have been factory upgraded. Upgraded from dual midrange to 3 1/2 in 2ax midrange and 2ax grills. Nice score.
  13. Found some 4x grills in my parts collection and decided these will be good to test some cleaning techniques. This is what they looked like before I started. I put them in the tub and used Soft Scrub Oxi, trying to avoid chlorine bleach. Brushed them liberally using a 1 1/2 in. paintbrush. Rinsed them as lakecat described and let dry for a day. Better but not real impressive. Took one and repeated the cleaning, this time using Soft Scrub with bleach. Better result but still not there yet. Good news is the wood frame and material seems to have held up fine. That's a piece of 18 count lambswool behind them. Took a good look at my other 4x's and 4xa and the one with the lambswool looks the best. Not sure what way to go. RaRa about the woofer damping design. You don't get many options when you buy used. New I would of preferred bluetooth, programmable potentiometers and liquid cooled voice coils.
  14. AR 14 tweeter cutting in and out

    That crossover looks very similar to the AR 15 crossover I recently recapped. One of my tweeters was bad. Had no DC resistance at all. Maybe it too has a bad voice coil lead. Very interested in how your repair pans out. Wound up getting a pair of working tweeters from someone parting out some AR 28's. Got the tweeters, a pair of badges and baffle labels for less than thirty dollars shipped. One of the tweeters showed up with a broken front flange. Seller wanted me to send them back for a refund. I chose to keep them. If they sound anything like my 15's you are going to love them. Well worth repairing.
  15. Decided to take a look under the grills while i had them outside. Removed 13 staples (odd number) and the grills came right off. No signs of any glue that I could see. My other 4 series speakers have replaced grill cloth. One Michaels Tea Linen, one Jo Ann's off white linen, and the other 123 stitch 18ct. lambswool. On these I would like to try Lakecats cleaning of the original material. I kept the material from the others, so I might be able to wind up with something presentable. Looks like some kind of mildew on the cone. hey these have the criss cross and the flower design. Losing light and being called for dinner, so i will remove the other grill tomorrow.