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    Another AR-3a restoration

    That is a old KLH trick I think I learned from you several years ago.
  2. lARrybody

    AR 2ax Crossover Tweeter Issue...Need Advice Please

    All the time. Here is a pair of 2ax's with the little pull tab made out of white satin ribbon. The grills are held in place with six 1/2 in round wafer magnets countersunk into the speaker baffle and six into the grill frame. I know it's been said many times here, but you cannot get anything more authentic than the 18 count lambswool linen grill covering available from 123 stitch.com I used the shere black grill cloth from parts express first just because I didn't want to see the grill cutouts.
  3. lARrybody

    AR 2ax Crossover Tweeter Issue...Need Advice Please

    I have used cheesecloth from the grocery store with success.
  4. lARrybody

    2 AR-2ax Speakers For Sale

    Those are some very nice early 2ax's. I have a pair just like them with serials in the 38XXX range. Mine still have the little white staples holding the grills on. Hope they go to a good home and are appreciated for what they are.
  5. lARrybody

    Framework of AR4xa

    I immediately noticed the first two Jefferson Airplane albums on the wall. Jefferson Airplane takes Off from 1966 and Surrealistic Pillow from 1967. Surrealistic Pillow was the introduction of Grace Slick as the female vocalist. I had a big crush on her back in high school. Are those some powered partner speakers on top of the 2's?
  6. lARrybody

    Another Mystery Speaker

    I wonder how those Sound Research 20 speakers would stack up with my Acoustic Response series 77 speakers?
  7. lARrybody

    Ohm specs hi-range Ar3a 1974-75?

    This is definitely the cloth you want to use on your 3a's. It is so close to the original material, except it is even nicer. You might want to check cross stitch suppliers in the EU. Good luck with your restoration. Just remember that they love good clean 4 ohm power. The more the better.
  8. lARrybody

    What AR Speakers Do I have?

    Yes They are early 2ax's. No way they are 2's, not with two control pots. There is the slight possibility they may be 2a's with factory conversion of the dual mids with the 2ax single mid driver. I have a pair of these and they sported the 2ax grills instead of the 2a grills. Early 2ax's with the cloth surround woofers are very collectable and sought after. Check the auction site for what they have been going for and factor in the option for local pickup. You can list them here or if you are a member over at Audiokarma you can list them on bartertown. Many other options too.
  9. lARrybody

    What AR Speakers Do I have?

    Your right Frank about the possibility of the speaker being a AR5. One way to eliminate that possibility is if the cabinet front has a 3/4 in. solid hardwood piece around the face. I don't think the AR5 had that feature. I was wrong about the 2ax cutouts. The woofer is a round cutout. Here is a 2a grill on the left and a 2ax grill on the right. i don't have a 2 grill but it would be like the 2a without the tweeter and the dual mid/tweeter cutout in the middle.
  10. lARrybody

    What AR Speakers Do I have?

    I would say it is either a AR2, AR2a 0r early AR2ax. One way may be to look at the grill cut outs. A AR2 will have a rectangular dual mid cut out in the center at the top. A AR 2a will have the same cut out but it will be located on the right hand side. A AR2ax will have two large rectangular cutouts, one for the woofer on the bottom and the tweeter and midrange sharing the other on the top. Hike RaRa mentioned the best way is to remove the grill and look at the drivers. Hope this helps.
  11. lARrybody

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    I know J Kent has had experience using lacquer. Maybe he will offer his thoughts soon. Look forward to seeing the finished speakers.
  12. Would the AR14 have shared the same woofer with the AR12? Here are the 200004-2 woofers from my AR12's. I have never had the chance to hear the AR14's. They must be very good 2 way speakers. There is a pair currently on the auction site for $1250.00.
  13. lARrybody

    Tweeter 200011-1 new foam ring

    GD70's full restoration post was over at Audio Karma. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/ar-12-restoration-pics.698197/page-3 From post 59 on there is more information on how he made the tweeter foams.
  14. lARrybody

    Tweeter 200011-1 new foam ring

    Looking good Giorgio. Member GD70 has also made some described in this post.
  15. AR55 is completely right about the AR-15. I think I have remarked here that it is my favorite 2 way 8 in. vintage AR speaker. That's not to say that the AR25 is not to be appreciated. When I got my first pair they came with Realistic replacement woofers. They were replaced with AR 200037 woofers. Also original cap replaced with 6uf Erse Plus-X poly. Binding post replaced the spring clips and a L-pad were added to the tweeter circuit. Currently using them with AR18 speakers on top hooked up in parallel to a Pioneer SX-980 receiver. My AR-15's are stored away out of rotation right now.
  16. I understand where you are coming from 338 (h) (10). The AR25 uses the same size cabinet with the same woofer with a single 6uf tweeter cap. Woofer just rolls off naturally to the 1 1/4 in. cone tweeter. Good sounding speaker. The AR 15 is a different animal allogether. This is my recapped AR 15 crossover. Quite a bit different. Might work but not sure how it would output with the 15's 1 in dome tweeter. My 15's
  17. Also was used in the AR25.
  18. If you can’t find 200001 woofers the 200037 woofers would be my next choice. They can be found on the auction site and may need to be re-foamed. My opinion, keep your AR speakers AR.
  19. lARrybody

    AR-3s With Korina veneer!

    Thanks Tom, You are not the first person who has told me the 2ax mids are better. I saved them and may eventually put them back. Like I said I have one original grill and am looking for another. I may have found a lead to a couple grills tonight from someone that has Franken 2a's listed on Detroit Metro CL. Interesting looking modded 2a's. I have very nice reproduction square badges and "a's" thanks to JKent. I have three sets of these now and although the Korina examples are rare, they may not be my rarest. Thanks to Owlsplace post these now reside in my basement. I have not yet looked at them but plan to soon and post my observations. Thanks everybody at CSP for all the great information I find here.
  20. lARrybody

    AR-3s With Korina veneer!

    When I saw Liangshan Marsh's post I was excited to hear about another example of some Korina venere classic AR's. Those AR2a's Tom pictured are mine. Picked them up from a guy in Dayton exactly three years ago. They have never been on ebay. Two years ago I got some 3a's in April. Last year a set of 12's in April. Maybe these 3's are my April surprise this year. They sure look good, but I tend to agree that they are probably birch. The 2a's have been put back to original dual mids. They are currently boxed up in storage. I have one original grill, still looking for its mate. Anyway I would like to see another Korina venere example out there.
  21. lARrybody

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    Just checked my October 1973 3a's and here are their numbers.
  22. lARrybody

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    Those serial numbers may be right. My 1970 3a's have serial numbers in the 27XXX range. I earlier stated that I was planning on using Dayton polys for the 150uf and 50uf caps. I also have the option of using these matched Mundorf ecaps instead. What do you guys think. Film or bypassed NPE's.
  23. lARrybody

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    The truth be known I really don't have a favorite capacitor. I use them all. Getting ready to use some Jantzen Superior Caps in some 3a's for the 6uf. One 3.3uf and one 2.7uf paralleled. For the 150 and 50 I like to use Dayton polys. I have used two 50's and a hundred, but this time two 75 and one 50 Dayton. There are so many possibilities and opinions that make capacitor discussions confusing at best. I am a diet coke guy, but when flying on a recent trip I settled for a diet pepsi.
  24. lARrybody

    Upcoming AR3a project

    I used a set of four on some AR5's that had been redone 2 years ago with L-pads on the tweeters and Ohmites on the midranges. Like Ra.Ra. stated the build quality is fantastic. My testing with a ohmmeter shows that the range is spot on and smooth. They are a little bit stiffer than the RHS15RE and don't have the flat shaft end, but these differences turned out to be of no consequence . I wish I had opened one up and looked inside, but it is like the old adage "if it's not broke". I have a set of super nice early 3a's to do this summer and I am debating getting another set or using a set of Ohmites I have stashed away. To me (my opinion) L-pads are not appropriate and rebuilt original Aetna-Pollak pots are just asking for future problems. I wish I knew where Captain Fantastic sourced these potentometers. I will give them two thumbs up.
  25. lARrybody

    Upcoming AR3a project

    Not as expensive as the Ohmite RHS15RE potentometers, and they are self contained. No need for a enclosure. I see they are now $5.00 more than when I purchased them last year.