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  1. A few years ago I got a set from Simply Speakers. They seemed a bit stiff, so I got another set from Rick Cobb. Much more compliant and perfect fit. Have used at least 6 sets by now. Still have the set from Simply Speakers.
  2. I get mine from Rick Cobb whos sells on ebay as looneytune2001 or you can contact him directly at rcobb@tampabay.rr.com
  3. Welcome Mustbrad to the CSP forums. Your AR 38S speakers use the 200040-0 woofers. These are mine. They pop up on the auction site from time to time. You may have to refoam them. Hers a pair I refoamed for my AR48S speakers. Same woofer used in both models. Notice the inter foam lip is glued to the back of the cones. A bit different than other AR 10 in woofers. They are some really great sounding 2 way speakers. Much like the AR18S speaker except for larger enclosures and woofers. The Rat Shack woofers you currently have probably sound pretty good, but to hear them as AR 38S's you will need the 200040-0 woofers. If you are patient enough they will turn up.
  4. If you can't find Crinoline fabric i have used plane old kitchen cheesecloth.
  5. I don't quite understand the 11.3uf value on the 120uf cap. I have used a few Erse PluseX caps and I like them. How do your new caps read? Are they within the + or - 3%. I agree with the phone cameras getting better and better. Happy Valentines Day everyone.
  6. There are reproductions out there. Check with Vintage AR, they may have some.
  7. Did you play with the tweeter level control on the back. Turn it back and forth and see if the tweeter drops out or has static. That may be your problem. Dirty potentiometers are quite common on 2ax’s
  8. Those are some excellent pictures Stephen. That voice coil former is pretty much destroyed. Unless you want to go with a total recone and new voice coil I would look for another woofer.
  9. That looks like some pretty nice specs on your power amp. Once you get your AR3a Improved speakers sorted out thay MCA 20 will make them sing. If it was me I would look for another Tonegen 1210003-2A woofer and maybe replace those tweeters with these. HIVI QR1 https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-q1r-1-1-8-textile-dome-tweeter--297-417 Don't know if they ship to Australia or you can find them locally, but there is much information here about how with the right inductor and capacitor they are a very favorable replacement to the original AR 3/4 in dome tweeter. Good luck on bringing them back online.
  10. No break in the lead wires or short in the voice coil. Cone moves freely so no magnet shift. No sound when wired directly(no crossover) to an amplified signal.. This is a real mystery. I would try a second multimeter maybe. Check that the spyder is connected properly. You may have to remove the mesh screens to check this. What does your Tonegen replacement woofer Ohm out at? There has to be a explanation. Edit: Just a thought. Try to re-floe the solder between the lead wire and the speaker terminal strip. Could be a cold solder joint.
  11. I like using the gasket tape you can get from Parts Express.Some like cutting new gaskets using a circle cutter. You can get thin foam sheets from Michaels . I have re-used original gaskets before, but they have been compressed and may not be a good seal.
  12. I have never seen those AR 9 and AR 15 models. Here are my AR 15 speakers from the Teledyne Acoustic Research period (1967-1989). Since 1989 three different companies have owned the AR brand. Voxx is the current owner and basically makes inexpensive portable bluetooth speakers of which I do own a pair. Would like to find more information on your speakers because they look interesting. With a center channel speaker they may make a nice home theater system. Other companies have also recycled model numbers over the years. I have two Pioneer PL-570 turntables, one from 1977 which I value over $800.00 and one from 1991 I doubt is worth 1/8 that amount.
  13. Powerglide, your attention to detail raises the bar for many of us that have restored these vintage AR speakers. Congratulations on such a excellent restoration. As far as recording artist from down under there is only one that tops my list. Born in Cambridge, Raised in Melbourne, Four time Grammy Award winner and still going strong at 71.
  14. Hey John, do your replacement 200027 lower midranges have four mounting holes or eight? The ones I refoamed that were in my late production 9's have four holes, but the same speaker in my AR 90's have eight. I have also seen lower midranges with seams in the cone like the ones pictured above.
  15. I was in Harbor Freight Tools today to pick up that folding hand truck I didn't get for Christmas. I saw some small dollies on sale for eight dollars each and that lightbulb went on in my mind. When that happens I never know till later if it was a good thing. Well I managed to get one under one of my Nines. My thought being that I am redoing that room and I will need to be moving them around. As if they are not tall enough. I will probably keep them on the dollies and experiment with placement when I get my new components and furniture in place. Will being five inches higher off the floor make much difference? I am sure the new amplification will make a difference.
  16. Hey Edward how about these jewelbabys. I am getting ready to swap out my Adcom separates(GFA555II) currently driving my AR9's with this new Crown XLS 2502 and vintage Yamaha C-70 preamp. Crown is less than 11 lbs. and should put out about 700 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The cool thing is that the Crown is 2 ohm stable and with a easy mod I can run the AR9's that low. Lots to do to get the room ready. The newer amplifiers are lighter and very powerful , but I still love my vintage stuff.
  17. Not even FrankenAR. Now replace your woofer with Radio Shack woofers and your tweeters with Peerless soft domes then maybe. You want to install new L-pads because the original aetna-pollak pots are past their life expectancy. Your 20001-1 tweeters are ferro -fluid and will handle more power. Just do the crossover mods. If you must have the original 3/4 in. hard dome tweeters they can be found and rebuilt by either RoyC or Chris1 to like new condition.
  18. Those are some nice looking late model AR3a's. Here are my newest manufactured AR3a. The serial number is about 25 thousand earlier than yours. I think they are from 1973-74. Your tweeters and midranges being backwired must be from 1975-76, about the time AR was transitioning to the AR11, which used those drivers. I would definitely download the AR3a restoration manual and make sure you get the correct foam surrounds. Look at Vintage AR and loonytunes2001 (Rick Cobb) on ebay listings to get those. Before Stimpy recommends the same thing JKent has recommended I will also put my vote in for a 6 uf Metalized Polypropylene Capacitor in the tweeter circuit. Basically new woofer foam, a few caps and some L-pads will have them singing for many more years.
  19. Stimpy is right about the AR 91 and AR 92 boards sharing the same blank. The AR 91 crossover has 6 resisters compared to 5 resistors on the AR 92 crossover. Yes the AR 92 uses a 80uf cap on the woofer as opposed to the 100uf cap used on the AR 91. The AR 91 40uf cap is missing altogether. The 4uf, 8uf and 24 uf cap appear to be the same. I would not be surprised if the inductor coils have different values also. Just count the resisters (5 instead of 6) and Capacitors (4 instead of 5) to identify AR 92 boards. Identifying the inductor values will take more investigation. As others have said, my AR58s speakers never cease to amaze me.
  20. If you are using 1/8 in.thick crossover boards you will want the 8 ohm 15 watt mono L-pads with the 3/8in shafts. The 1 in shafts will work, but the 3/8 in shafts are a much better fit. I have made this mistake myself before.
  21. A few years ago I picked up a pair of your TNB 1210079-0B poly cone woofers at a swap meet while on vacation in Florida. The seller said they were from some Connoisseur 50 speakers which I believe is correct.You can see the cotton balls I used to keep the cones from banging the voice coils on my way home. I refoamed them and tested them unmounted, but have never installed them in some cabinets. At the same time I also refoamed some TNB 12121003-2A woofers which I have listened to in AR3a's and AR58s speakers. They sounded excellent with plenty of bass. I wound up reinstalling the refoamed original woofers eventually. I would very much like to here some Connoisseur 50 speakers someday. Of what i understand that the differences between the various examples of these woofers is small, I do believe the correct woofers are going to reach lower. The 1210003-2A Tongen replacement woofers are very impressive.
  22. When I first started restoring AR speakers I did a couple pairs of 2ax's by wiring two Dayton 3uf polys in parallel and a 4uf and inserting them back into the empty wax block and filling it with siliconized house caulk. I was into keeping everything original looking, by cleaning and repairing the original type pots and keeping the original screw terminals. Nowadays I no longer keep the original pots and just replace them with something new. I have also just left the wax block in place and placed the new caps to the side. The main thing in my opinion is to make sure the speakers are as air tight as possible. Your restoration is coming along great. Make sure we get to see the new crossover boards installed.
  23. I have had four sets of AR2a's and two sets of early AR2ax's and all have had the grills stapled on. Also a pair of AR4 with stapled on grills. I have no experience with AR2's, but I would guess they are also stapled on. They have small heads so look around the perimeter. I use a dental pick tool to carefully pry them up enough to grab with needle nose pliers..
  24. I have seen several different solutions to do it yourself speaker surrounds from cut down surrounds, duck tape, cotton balls and expanding foam. There are a pair of Euro AR3a's currently on the auction site that are different. Not sure what kind of tape was used, but definitely unique.
  25. The only 8 in. AR woofers with 8 mounting holes I have ever ran across are the 200001-1 woofer used in the AR 18, 17, 15 and 25. They all have smooth cones and foam surrounds.
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