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  1. Hi Kent, I have the test speaker hooked up directly without the contour network as you suggested and I think it really sounds better. And yes, it is an FE-103, probably made by Fostex. The ad below is from the 1960's. I paid about $11.00 for mine and have a couple more. It's interesting that one was made in Japan, one in Korea, and the one I'm using now was made in Taiwan. I checked out the two 3" speakers from the Model Eight and they seem fine now so I'm going to put them back in the enclosure and do more listening tests. Scraping off the old sealant that had really hardened up has been tough so I am thinking about using silicone sealer instead of duct seal. Thanks for all your help. Foolin' around with this stuff keeps me out of bars and low places!
  2. Starting out with a big thanks to Kent for his PDF on the Model Eight, I have a couple of questions. My Model Eight is an earlier one with two 3" speakers, Serial No. 3391. After replacing the power cord and repairing the speaker plug I decided to check out the speakers because the sound just wasn't up to the quality I remembered the first time I heard a Model Eight back in 1962. I didn't want to remove them from the baffle board and they looked all right when I opened the black cloth they were wrapped in. So I decided to see what a different speaker might sound like and made up an MDF box with a Realistic FE-103 wide range 4" speaker that I have had for a while. I put a contour network in it that I made up from an old Popular Electronics article that used the same speaker. I also stuffed it full of "Acoustastuff" I bought from Madisound. Listening to it as I write this it sounds pretty good despite the impedance mismatch but a trifle "boxy". Somewhere I remember reading the the Model Eight amplifier was contoured to match the speaker(s). Is this correct? I am thinking of making another enclosure and using two 3" wide range 8 Ohm speakers. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maurice
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