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  1. GD70

    Another AR-3a restoration

    Nice progress Kent. The owner wil be very happy when he gets them back home and hooked up. Glenn
  2. Hi Pete, We have plans for the day, so won't be able to make it. If there's another get together, I'm interested. Have fun, Glenn
  3. GD70

    Unable to upload pictures.....

    Or, like me, you ran out of room! I cannot download any more pics. :>(
  4. Hmmmm, if a set of restored 3's will suffice and I'm free that day, I may drive over. Let me know.
  5. GD70

    Another AR-3a restoration

    Fun projects gents! I expect lots of pics of the progress! Cheers, Glenn
  6. GD70

    New ADS owner here, question

    Nice speakers, and I don't blame you! I only pull the grills whenim sitting and critically listening to the music, then they go back on. Glenn
  7. GD70


    I've been seeing the "Hipster" generation, my kids, showing an interest in vintage hi-fi, vinyl in particular, necessating the need for a TT. Most new gear doesn't have TT connections requiring a separate TT pre. Some years back, I gave my daughter a JVC RS-33 receiver, a Technics TT and some small Desigh Acoustics speakers for her NYC apt. She loves that system! A couple years later I gave her a set of restored KLH Seventeens. "I'm keeping these for ever!" My son has a total appreciation for vintage HiFi and recently moved to Vegas and has been thinking about setting up a nice surround system. He's been asking questions about various speakers, receivers etc...I doubt he'll ever want a TT but you never know. I also have a couple mid 20's coworkers that I often discuss vintage audio with. One bought a set of KLH Six's I restored, another bought a set of ADS L980's based on my recommendations, as well as a NOS JVC AX-Z1010TN, and he tells me almost daily how great it sounds, and how his friends are blown away by it. He also has a TT hooked up to it, so there's still hope.
  8. Nice 10 TT's. Enjoy them for many yeRs to come.
  9. Tom, Youre a wealth of information, and always enjoy reading your educational comments! Interesting history, and owning a set of 12's is even better with this bit of historical knowledge. Glenn
  10. GD70

    AR-4x - cabinet repair

    Kent, You are correct. First, let the ZPoxy seep into the gap. I dribble it in with a small flat blade screw driver tip. Keep adding it for 10-15 minutes or so. Wipe away any ZPoxy that is on the surrounding veneer surfaces. You want as little as possible on the veneer because you don't want it preventing the Danish oil from being absorbed when finishing the cabs. Mix enough ZPoxy so you can mix in in the sanding dust with the remaining Zpoxy in your cup and make a nice thick paste and smush it into the gaps to fill it. Place the flooded wax paper along the joint to create a mold for the corner edge joint. This is shown in the linked thread. Glenn
  11. GD70

    AR-4x - cabinet repair

    Take a look at my thread on AK when you get a chance. This was a restoration project for a set of 1967 3a's. They wer pretty beat up, but the end results were pretty good, and the client was very happy. BTW, Chris rebuilt the tweeters for this project. Post#7 shows the wax paper being used to help make a mold for the corners. I'd post the pics here, but I've use up all my space here with pics in other threads. Cheers, Glenn https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/new-ar-3a-restoration-project.795357/
  12. GD70

    Appreciation for Roy C!

    That was a great and a fine thing to do Jeff! Cheers to all!
  13. GD70

    Appreciation for Roy C!

    Couldn't agree more! Roy has assisted me on many restoration projects, from advice, crossover wiring diagrams, to sending me parts to repairing woofers, and rebuilding the mids for my 3's. One of the nicest gents you'll ever meet. Glenn
  14. GD70

    AR3a midrange-is this normal?

    Once you have the pots removed and opened up, post pics. Then clean them up and post pics. The contact disks and pot wipers condition will determine if they are salvageable or need replacing. Closely inspect the disk surfaces for pits and missing material, very common from the corrosion. The wipers often have holes from sera of the spinning frictions against the coils. Sometimes this is repairable with a blob of solder if the hole is small. If most of the tip is gone, a replacement is necessary. As an alternative, there's a gent selling new replacement pots on eBay for 30 bucks each. They look great and a few have installed them with great results. The 3a's tweeters are the weak spot. If their output is low once the pots are back in place, Chris can rebuild them to sounding new again. He did a set for me on a set I restored and they sounded great. Regarding the woofers, check the Masonite rings the surrounds are glued to, and the spiders are glued to, make sure they are not loosing from the basket. Glenn