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  1. Robert! I'm constantly amazed at the library of reference material you have! Glenn
  2. GD70

    AR12 Midrange

    Test the one that has the buzz/crackle first, outside of the cabinet. It's mounted to it's own cup enclosure that comes out with the mid attached to it. I suggest just pulling both mids and refoam them regardless unless there's an issue with the one. It could be old ferro fluid that needs replacing. I was lucky that mine were very soft and the cones moved freely when I refoamed them. Glenn
  3. GD70

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    The date is in the Fall New England FrankenFest Saturday October 20th, 2018 Sutton MA thread. AKer w1jim has the date in his signature. An official thread has not been posted yet. Glenn
  4. Hey all! I want to let you all know about this AK gathering. Kent, who attended the last event, and several others had suggested I post this here as well so more of us audio heads on CSP would be aware of the gathering. Letting you know about it now gives plenty of time to put the dates on your calendars. These two dates will be the 3rd and 4th gatherings at the lodge. There's plenty of space for sales and demo setups. The location is pretty easy to get to, the building and surrounding Blue Mountain reservation park land is beautiful. For the first time at the last event, we extended the rental so we could have a dance party that evening. We had a great time with about 22 or so. There is a kitchen with a large fridge, so no problem to keep your beveredge of choice cold, and of course, feel free to bring food and snacks if you like. Admission is 20.00, and this covers the rental cost for the day and ordering in pizzas. If you, decide to stay and dance the night away, that's an additional 10.00 to cover the extended night rental fee that I've already paid to secure the dates. There is a parking fee, for the day because it's a state park. I'll start a for sale thread about 6 weeks prior to the event. Cheers and hope to see you then. Glenn
  5. GD70

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Glad to hear you're liking them Peter! Cheers, Glenn
  6. GD70

    Listened to to AR-3’s for first time.

    Hi, I shipped just the mids to Roy. It would cost a fortune to ship the complete speaker cabs! Glenn
  7. GD70

    Listened to to AR-3’s for first time.

    Those are stunning examples! I can almost guarantee the mids should be rebuilt as the dome sealer is most likely rock hard now, greatly reducing their output. Roy C. rebuilds them, and I can say the difference is astounding! Mine sound as close to new as possible now. Well worth the effort. What are your serial numbers? Glenn
  8. Hi Peter! Happy New Year! Love those tube amps! Power at lower to medium volumes should be sufficient, but if you want some higher volumes, especially if you're listening to live stuff, you'll want a lot more power. At the previous Frankenfest, I was demoing my 3's, driven with my JVC separates, that amp pushes 210 wpc, and the 3's sound so much better with power. Just some food for thought. Cheers, Glenn BTW, how's your brother liking the 4x's?
  9. GD70

    Found AR3 mid dome inside an AR2a

    Looks like the tweeter dome for the 2a & 3. The foam globs are present, so to me, it was mounted at some point. Odd it ended up inside your cabinet.
  10. GD70

    Ar3's are up and running!!!!

    Yup, Larry sends them to Roy. I believe Roy may also be repairing 3 tweeters, as is Chris. Happy Holidays! Glenn
  11. GD70

    WTB - new AR 3 grill cloth

    I have some, BUT, it's white, not the correct off white cream color. It's still rolled up in the box. When I ordered it from Q Components in Canada, they sent me the wrong Saran, the white style. They re-shipped me the correct color which I used on my restoration, so I still have the white Saran. The weave is correct. Let me know vie PM if you're interested. Cheers, Glenn
  12. GD70

    Ar3's are up and running!!!!

    Congrats! When properly restored, the 3's are excellent. If you're in doubt regarding the tweeters output, shoot Roy C. a message. He may be able to help you out. Cheers, Glenn
  13. GD70

    Greetings of the Season

    Love it! Happy Holidays and New Year!
  14. GD70

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    If you're in a must use Lacquer on these frame of mind, Lacquer is very easy to work with, but must be done out in an open garage. I re-veneered the JVC M-7050 & P-L10 pre amp cabs you saw at Frankenfest. I first brushed on around 20 coats of Lacquer to fill the grain, then block wet sanded them smooth. Then used rattle can spray Lacquer for the finish. Sprayed maybe 8-10 coats. It was a lot of work but worth it. With the 3 cabs, I would strongly suggest going with a Danish oil. It's far easier, needing at most 5 hand wiped applications before the veneer will not absorb any more. Sand with 600 grit after 24 hours for each application. You will get a finish like Lakecats. Glenn
  15. GD70

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Oh man, gorgeous! Love the veneer on those. Just had to add an additional comment! Cheers, Glenn