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  1. No. Speakers at a live show are not 8 feet apart. In my room, the sound stage is stage like, stereo separation is exceptional, bass is deep. This is all I'm saying responding to your opinions, that are yours, NOT everyone elses.
  2. Hey Jerry, My 3's are in our family room, 18 X 22 with 12 vaulted ceilings. They are about 18 feet apart. I had the 3's on the floor, then on stands, and back on the floor, where they sound much better. I agree with your assessment, coupling with the rooms floor. I've read this before and totally agree, and the bass is deep and rich, not bloated, flabby or boomy. Cheers, Glenn
  3. Original mids may take a while to find. I share your dilemma. It takes years to collect fine examples, restore them, and finally enjoy the fruits of your labors. I basically have two bucket list speakers, otherwise I'm very content with the current herd! One never knows though what's lurking in a neighbors basement or garage dying to be found to sing again!
  4. New to the AR Community

    Wow! You found a gold mine! Those 3's are beautiful. Serial numbers that far apart are not that uncommon. I'm estimating these are 61-62 vintage? All the information to restore these are in the AR-3a restoration guide. The Saran grill fabric can be replaced with an almost perfect match from a company in Canada called QComponents. Personally, I'd keep these as original as possible. Congrats on your find. Glenn
  5. Well, I suppose you know better what sounds best in my house than I do. Sorry to disagree with you.
  6. Well, it works for me. I'm happy.
  7. Those are gorgeous! You truly lucked out with these! Early too with the desirable Alnico woofers! Keepers?
  8. Nice to get these from your brother. Those holes are small and if these were mine, I'd fill them with some epoxy and be done with it. You don't see the backs anyway. The grills are the bigger challenge. That original plastic frame is so brittle by now, they will be very difficult to repair, and once repaired, may crack again. It can be done, but you might be better off making new grills. The original saran style grill material is available from QComponents, Watreloo, Canada. I did this on one of my pair of 3's and am quite pleased with the finished grills. I used 1/4 inch thick MDF for the frames. Good luck and look forward to following along with your restoration. Glenn
  9. AR3A Need advise

    I believe the term "driver" refers to all the speakers in the cabinet. Roy can rebuild the mids, Chris can rebuild your tweeters, if originality is important to you. If not, the HiVi tweeter option is excellent as well. Glenn
  10. AR2a, AR3 tweeter refresh

    I've got a few priorities with some amp repairs, but I definitely want to send my 3 tweeters to Chris. I recently restored a set of 3as and had Chris restore the tweeters, which sounded great once the project was completed. Roy restored a set of mids for one of my set of 3's, and the mids for the earlier pair will need his attention as well. Its extremely exciting to think these 50+ year old speakers can sound virtually brand new again thanks to these two gents!
  11. Awesome that 50+ year old speakers can impress like the 3 & 3a's do!
  12. You are on a speaker roll! Can't wait to see the pics too!
  13. Picked up some more AR speakers

    A thing of beauty!
  14. Picked up some more AR speakers

    That's where I've harvested all my old veneer. Old trashed or re-veneered speaker projects are perfect because it ha aged and will blend in well with the surrounding veneer. I've put out requests as well for veneer from people I know are doing a re-veneer, send the old stuff to me! Glenn
  15. Picked up some more AR speakers

    You can get ZPoxy on line. I haven't used the Minwax wood hardnener. A donor speaker will be a perfect source for the veneer repairs.