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  1. The SEA-80 is a terrific EQ. I have on as well, and for the most part the settings are flat. Put the speakers on the floor. That's where you'll get the bass you're after, without having to boost it via EQ or loudness button. I had my 3's raised about 8 inches, and was quite surprised how much bass was lost. I put them on the floor, and no more loss of bass. Just put something soft under them to protect the veneer on the bottoms. I'm running the 3's with a JVC A-X9 integrated, 100 wpc, and can crank them no problem. The room is 18 X 22 with 12 foot vaulted ceiling. Glenn
  2. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi Luigi! Thanks! If I remember correctly, it was a stiff paper or nomex, but I could be dead wrong too! I don't remember it being a metal material though. I'll refer this to Roy C. He may chime in on this one. These were a fun project!
  3. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi David, Being a one year wonder, I'm not surprised they don't show up in your neck of the woods. They rarely show up here in the states! You're lucky to have a pair! Glenn
  4. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Lakecats are beautiful! A nice mix of classic and new!
  5. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi Lakecat, Yes, they do sound excellent. They have a more modern sound if that's a way to describe them over the 3's. Maybe that's the more forward mids and highs, not that the 3's are lacking, just a different presentation. It is curious why this was a one year only model. Whatever, it makes them all the more unique and special. Glenn
  6. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi David, Theres a pic of the woofer showing the part numbers. Ra ra posted a list of woofers that were interchangeable so I think you can find a suitable substitute or match from one used in a different model. Glenn
  7. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi Steve, When I shimmed the cones for the surrounds, I spent a lot of time making sure the VCs were centered in the ferro fluid. They moved easily so I left the fluid alone. With the foam shims under the cones I still kept checking that they were centered. Once the surrounds were glued to the cones, I removed the foam shims and let the cone drop to its natural position, again checking multiple times it was centered before gluing the surrounds to the baskets. Very straight forward, just take your time and keep checking. They sound great, and excursion is minimal, even at volume I really don't see any movement. Glenn
  8. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi Robert! Thanks for the cudos! I wanted to document this as best as possible for future 12 owners. The LST-2's woofers have the flat dust caps, so it's the same woofers it's the cosmetic dust cap added. Yes, the mids have open backs, which worked out well being able to insert the foam strips to raise the mid cone for reforming, and yes additional leads in the cup to the drivers. Glenn
  9. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi David! You bet! Photobucket screwed so many people making pics un viewable. I was asked to relink the pics which are a big part of the restoration description. Good luck with yours and look forward to seeing pics of your progress. Glenn
  10. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    The last pics showing the mid refurb and woofer shimming for the new surrounds. It was odd that there's two dust caps. I assume the domed cap was to modernize the look. I think this pretty much covers the project. Glenn
  11. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Thought I'd add a few more reference pics for others that may have a set of these some day. Re-foaming the mids Glenn
  12. Need help for AR-12 refurbish

    I also got the mid surrounds from Speakerworks. Excellent sounding speakers that were a one year only model. I have a thread showing the restoration if you're interested. Nice work on your mids. It brought back memories! Glenn
  13. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Thanks again Robert! Any thoughts on attending the next Frankenfest on March 10th? I may bring the 12's, though the 3's with Roys rebuilt mids are spectacular.
  14. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Yes, I downloaded the patch but many others still cannot see the pics.
  15. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hi Gents, I finally deleted all the PB links and reloaded the pics. Please let me know if you can see them now. Cheers! Glenn