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  1. GD70

    AR-3 Restore or not?

    Hey Steve! I'll send you my address to ship them to me and to save you the time and effort! I don't mind dusty old speakers! Yankin yer chain! These are worth restoring. One of the best ever vintage 3 way speakers. In my opinion they are better than the 3as, and I've restored several sets of both and compared them. The dead mids and tweeters are most likely due to corrosion in the pots. Try turning both knobs back and forth, a lot while listening to them. You may find a sweet spot allowing the signal to go throug to the driver. Read through the AR-3a restoration guide. There's great information regarding the pots, cleaning them, and replacements if the originals are not usable after cleaning and inspection. Another issue can be out of spec caps. Usually a recap will help bring back the tweeters performance. Another area to check is the mids output. I thought mine sounded fine until I had Roy C. rebuild mine. The improvement in output was astounding. The problem is the flexable sealer around the base of the domes hardens with age, severely limiting mid dome movement, greatly reducing output. Cabs can be lightly block sanded, and freshened up with some Watcos Danidh natural color oil. Great stuff, use it on all my restorations. Q-Components is a Canadian company that sells the Saran material that is almost an exact match to the original grill fabric. These are valuable speakers and will reward you with excellent sound once restored. The investment restoring them is worth every penny. If you get a chance, read through my thread, Stopped for toilet paper, found a pair of AR3's thread. Lots of pics and helpful info. Glenn
  2. Hi Roy! Excellent news you'll be attending. And again, thanks for your help on the 3's. Reading all the bad news of late regarding the mids, I'm feeling pretty lucky you were able to get the one working that I attempted to repair. Glenn
  3. GD70

    Calling Frank Marsi

    YIKES! Austin Powers would love those!
  4. GD70

    Too much power for speakers?

    At the last Frankenfest, I was demoing my 3's with my JVC M-7050 amp, P-L10 pre amp. The 7050 puts out 210 wpc on my techs bench. They were going most of the day at decent volumes and had no problems. I am careful with the volume, but keep the tone settings flat. Monitor the sound carefully when you're listening at higher volumes and you should be good.
  5. GD70

    Too much power for speakers?

    Great info and chart! Definitely will print it for the files. Glenn
  6. GD70

    A few of the Classics ...

    I like it! Showed my wife the pic, "see?" I'm not that bad! Pfsch, "you have more than that!" Were all in the same boat!
  7. GD70

    Facts on AR collector demand....

    Another thought on the crazy prices is the demand in the Asian market. It's like hi-end Japanese gear than is rare in the states, sells for big bucks, and parts are very difficult to find and will be expensive. Glenn
  8. I had been trying to get Roy to attend a Frankenfest for several years,. It the timing didn't work out for Roy. I couldn't agree with you more regarding Roys generosity. Glenn
  9. Thanks ra ra! It was great to see you again and finally meet Roy. Glad you both got to hear the 3's. I'm going to try to convince Roy, to come to the Peekskill Blue Mountain AK gathering on September 15th. Glenn
  10. GD70


    Thanks for the kudos gents and glad to see the thread is a helpful reference. As ra ra has shown the variations, Roy told me they will all pretty much sound the same. I'm pretty anal regarding originality, but the similar replacements should perform well.
  11. A short update. These continue to sound phenominal. Roys mids have held up well, sounding just as they did when first reinstalled. I brought them to the last Frankenfest, and finally got to meet Roy in person, and he got to hear these 3's.
  12. GD70

    New AR 3 grills....matches OEM..

    That was me. ra.ra recommended q components, located in Canada. Their seran was also a virtual perfect match, like shown above, and I made new grills for my 2nd set of 3's, in the "Stopped for toilet paper and found a set of 3's" thread. Cheers, Glenn
  13. GD70

    AR-12 crossover

    Also lots of pics in my resto thread for reference if needed. Great sounding speakers. Glenn
  14. GD70

    Picked up some more AR speakers

    Quite a project David, and looking good. Did you sort out the tweeters yet? Unfortunate the replacements weren't up to snuff. Seemed promising. Glenn
  15. GD70

    Removing mid-range AR3

    I had to use a piece of wood in the cabinet as a lever with another piece vertically wedged between the wood and the mid magnet. Lift the wood lever which pushes the vertice piece against the magnet and it lifted right out. There will be some wood splinters stuck to the mid. After I cleaned all the old putty away, I layer a thin layer of epoxy to firm up the baffle surface before reinstalling the mid.