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  1. The only thing I would recommend is sending the mids and tweeters to Richard So, a former ADS employee who bought all the parts inventory when ADS closed its doors. His prices are very reasonable, and they come back like brand new! After 30+ years, they may not sound as new. I did mine on my 910's, mostly for preservation, and peace of mind knowing they are good for another 30 years. Parts will eventually run out! They sounded great before the rebuild, and even better after. Next I will most likely send the mids and tweeters from my L980's. They sound fantastic, but again, for preservation, fresh ferro fluid. How many speaker owners have the option of getting rebuilt drivers with oem parts by an ex employee? Very few. Glenn
  2. When we were discussing the 1590 project, the owner offered the 980's as barter, which I initially turned down, as I didn't and don't need anymore speakers, but when I saw his sale post, I couldn't pass these fairly rare birds up,especially in the condition they were in. I'm enjoying them immensely, and just adds to the fun of the hobby. Too bad they didn't do it for you, but not every speaker will.
  3. What a sweet, thoughtful wife you have! Sorry I missed this thread. I've restored two sets of these. Outstanding sounding speakers, one of the best vintage two ways made besides the Six. Glenn
  4. Enjoyable read lakecat! I just finished restoring a pair of 1590 rosewood cabs for an AKer, and payment was a near mint pair of L980's with the optional factory stands. These are original untouched and sound phenomenal, only to be out done by my 910's, except the mid and high end clarity and detail is slightly better due to newer improved drivers with the 980's. I plan to send the mids and tweeters to Richard for preservation, not because of poor sonics, as I did with my 910's. Glenn
  5. I decided to put the 3's on the floor (very carefully) instead of keeping them on the stands. They sound better on the floor. I know, they should be set so the tweeters are at ear level when seated, but I felt the bass was lacking believe it or not. On the floor, it's better, deeper, and I feel it more. I did this because I had the KLH Fives on the floor as well, and the bass was outstanding without being boomy at all. With the 3's on the stands, it was so much less, I thought how could this be? Now I'm happy, though I may make some low stands, matching Walnut, slightly angled so the back bottom edge is 2-3 inches raised, the front edge raised a inch or so higher.
  6. Interesting that Mahogany was more popular and cheaper, yet you see more Walnut veneer ARs.
  7. Not surprised for that price in that condition. Outstanding score for the purchaser.
  8. Hi Geoff! Your house is looking fabulous! What a beautiful space! The 3a's look to be a fun and rewarding project, right up my alley. Did you see the woofers posted in BT on AK I noted in your thread? AT least it's a possible start. I'm sure you know the drill regarding the cabs, and I'm sure you'll bring them back to their former glory. Glenn
  9. Great photos! Thank you for sharing them with us! A wonderful peak back into another era. Cheers, Glenn
  10. That's a great photo!
  11. I found my first AR's, 4x's in a CL listing about 4 years ago All original and virtually mint. Next were AR3's about 3 years ago in my local SA, then LST-2's shortly after that CL listing, followed by 2a's two years ago at a yard sale, than lastly another set of 3's about 5 months ago at a GW. Sold the 2A's, still have the others.
  12. Oh, you don't want to run out of TP! I doubt they are custom, but they do the job. Yard sale season is just around the corner, and don't forget the thrifts.
  13. The first pic is the listening position. 12 feet apart on center. 12ยบ tilt.
  14. Thanks David! I'll have to check the tilt. Found these at a yard sale a few years ago for 5 bucks. Glenn
  15. We had the AK Frankenfest gathering last weekend and when I got home, I moved the 3's to the family room, moving the KLH Fives to the living room. The 3's sound spectacular in this room, better than the Fives did. Just wow! They are about 14-15 feet apart, incredible sound stage, especially live performances! I'm driving them with my JVC A-X9 integrated.