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  1. Newly acquired AR-LST

    Nice! I've heard these several times, outstanding! I have the little brothers LST-2's, sweet speakers. Enjoy and congrats! Glenn
  2. Newly acquired AR-LST

    Hope they can support the 90 or so pounds!
  3. Calling Roy C...HiVi Q1R Tweeters

    Have you considered having Chris rebuild your originals? I recently restored a set of 3as for a client and had Chris rebuild the tweeters and they sounded fantastic. Glenn
  4. A 'NEW' look in AR badges?

    Don’t like them. Classic 3as deserve correct classy ledgeable logos in my opinion.
  5. AR-3 1965 Models ? SN C42801

    Nice to have a lineup of projects, lousy to be cash strapped! One note regarding your crossovers, the resistors almost never need replacing, and I would just focus on the caps and cleaning up the pots. Save yourself a little cash there. Glenn
  6. AR-6 Restoration

    Last we heard from Gabriel was Oct 22. I guess he worked them out and had no more questions. Robert, an amazing amount of information, that will benefit many others with the 6's. Glenn
  7. AR-3 1965 Models ? SN C42801

    Just checking in to see how the repairs are coming along.
  8. What was ARs Sweetest all round Speaker?

    Lots of options and opinions will come your way. Some questions: What's your budget? Whats the listening space size? Are you handy with a soldering iron if necessary? Think corroded pots needing cleaning, or replacing. Almost all vintage speakers will need some attention unless you pick up a restored set. My experiences are with the 3, 3a, 2a, LST-2's and 4x. All restored except the 4x's, and excellent sounding. My favorites, the 3's, no question as my best all around AR speaker. Glenn

    Interesting version of the 12. The mids look like they have new surrounds. The damping foam on the tweeter with the square cutout is interesting. Keep us posted as to what you decide. I would assume these are early 12's?
  10. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    I've been listening to these a lot the last couple weeks, and I must say, they are spectacular. Gobs of deep tight bass, a wide and dimensional soundstage, and the highs are crystal clear without fatigue.it really is a shame these were only a one year wonder. Ok, I'm done now, back to the music!
  11. Looks like they are gone. I hope a member here or on AK grabbed them.
  12. Thanks Robert! I just checked the 12 listing and they lowered the price to 350.00. Thanks for the tip on the mid driver. I'll take a look. That song sounds great, good to hear it sounded good on a set of computer speakers! Glenn
  13. I worked at home today with the nor'easter and listened to the 12's all day. They are really so good. Extremely detailed, and the punchy deep bass is amazing! I hope someone in the group comes to their senses and grabs these rare gems!
  14. If you haven't heard a set of 12's, you may want to go audition these. Extremely good sounding speakers.
  15. BTW, where are you located?