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  1. GD70

    AR3 restore

    Nice grab! Great advice so far, but I'll note that the woofer sealing putty should still be quite flexible. The key to removing the woofers is to dig out as much of the putty that squeezed out between the baskets and cabs. Use a plastic taping knife to dig it out. Use a large flat blade screw driver to pry the woofers loose. Use a metal putty knife to protect the cab edges when prying the woofer loose. Put some card board or pieces of fabric on the cabinet face frame trim to protect the surfaces from the woofers once lifted out and flipped over. These woofers are quite heavy so be prepared. Depending on how old these are, there's a possibility they will have oil can caps. Those are very good and are usually fine. I would not replace those. If they have the big wax block caps, then yes, a recap is in order. I would not try these with an amp that is not 4 ohm rated. Glenn
  2. GD70

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Fabulous! Great examples! My one frame on my 2nd set of 3's was bent and cracked. I had to make new frames from 1/4 MDF. Glenn G
  3. GD70

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    QComponents is the Canadian seller. https://qcomponents.ca/ Glenn
  4. GD70

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Gorgeous veneer and rebound! Now they are keepers!
  5. GD70

    New AR 3 grills....matches OEM..

    When I did my grills, QComponents sent me the white Saran by mistake, and sent me the correct cream color Saran. I still have the white Saran from anyone is interested, just cover shipping costs. Keep in mind, the Saran is a plastic type material, is stiff and somewhat difficult to wrap around the grill frames tightly. It takes some work. I'll add this tip, after you trim it once stapled to the frames, use a lit match to very carefully, and briefly, melt the Saran edges to prevent fraying. Glenn
  6. GD70

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Hey Steve! You did a great job on these and, really, after all the work you put into them, you plan to flip them? They sound great, and are a long term investment. Personally, I'd keep these for a very long time, which is what I plan to do with mine. Cheers, Glenn
  7. Hi Bill, Life does that sometimes! Hopefully next time, and since you're so close, we should meet at my place for a listening session at some point, and vice versa. Cheers, Glenn
  8. GD70

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    They will get better as the surrounds loosen up a bit. Good to hear you're liking them so much! I've thought the same thing regarding persuing the 11's and 10pi's, but I'm being really good and not getting any more speakers for now. Great to see another one year wonder singing again! Glenn
  9. Thanks Kent! It was a pleasure to meet you as well, and thank god I don't look like Curly! My wife would have kept walking when I first asked her out! Glenn
  10. Thanks for the suggestions Pete. I'll keep them in mind. Glenn
  11. GD70

    Need help for AR-12 refurbish

    The originals are specific to the 12 as well as the mids.
  12. We had 26 that attended. There were 8 or 9 that ended up not being able to make it. Seems most are more interested in demoing gear, and talking audio, than buying at this point. My impression is we're all pretty saturated with gear, I know I am. This was the 2nd gathering, and it seemed everyone had a good time, liked the space and location, and will grow over time. For the next Lodge gathering, I'll post it on CSP as well. Glenn
  13. GD70

    1966 AR3 rescue

    Great speakers, when properly restored. I hope you didn't pay much for them in their present condition. Im surprised one of the woofers isn't working, they almost always do. Did you try connecting the quiet one directly to the speaker wires from your amp? That may help determine if it's the driver, or another issue like a loose wire in the cab, or even a bad cap on the crossover. The tweeters were also used in the 2ax, so they are not that difficult to find. The mids are another story. Very difficult to find originals. And when you do find them, be prepared to spend 300 or more for a pair. As noted, vintage-ar may be able to fix the mids, but it is actually Roy C. who does the repairs for them. I would suggest going directly to Roy for repairing them. He rebuilt my mids and they sound fantastic. Id like to see better detailed pics of the cabs. I've restored many and may be able to help with some pointers. The grills can probably be washed with soap and water to look presentable. Post some pics as well. Glenn
  14. GD70

    AR-3 Restore or not?

    While you have the woofers out, carefully check the Masonite rings the surrounds are glued to and make sure they are not separating from the basket. This is fairly common and can damage the woofer VC if it becomes loose while playing, allowing the cone to go out of alignment. The woofers are very expensive to replace, and can be difficult to find.
  15. GD70

    AR-3 Restore or not?

    Hi Steve, The three bundled caps replace the wax block caps, a 6uf and 24uf. I used 2 12 UF caps combined to make the 24uf value. The 24 & 6 UF caps connect at one end, but not the other. If you look closely at the photo with the two pots in the vice, you can see a diagram showing the cap layout regarding the connections. Follow the original block cap wiring. It usually has the cap value and wire color connection printed on the block. Glenn