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  1. Hi Geoff, Definitely try to remove the pieces on the plywood with some heat to put back in place on the cab. Harvesting veneer from the 4 cabs is a good move, vintage veneer will be a much better color match when refinishing. That grain pattern is beautiful and unusual, si there lies the challenge. Some artful use of some dark walnut oil or stain should help with those darker areas. Glenn Glenn
  2. Great speakers! Rare and desirable. To bad you don't have the room for them as I suspect when you hear them you'll want to keep them. I have the LST-2's and they are fabulous! Please post lots of pics! Glenn
  3. The split joints are repairable. You'll need to be brave as surgery is required! Youll need to dig out and remove the softened partial board as much as possible. The idea is to give the space needed to clamp and pull the corners back together. Do some testing with the clamps to see if the edges come together without any gaps. If not, remove more particle board. Once they pull together, remove the clamps, saturate the joints with epoxy. I use ZPoxy. It's very thin and the particle board will absorb it. It can help to warm up the area with a hair drier prior to adding the epoxy into the gap. Often the particle board absorbs the epoxy like a sponge at first, so make sure you have a decent amount mixed and continue to add it to the gaps. I usually wait 15 minutes or so before clamping. Less epoxy will squeeze out. You don't want a lot of excess epoxy squeezing out, and you should keep paper towels handy to wipe it away immediately as well as acetone. The epoxy will make the particle board far stronger than it was original. Glenn
  4. Interesting. I'm sure Roy will have some enlightening info.
  5. Hi Roy, Completely forgot about the transformers. One can dream though! At least the tweeters and rebuilt mids can bring new life to the 3a's. Glenn
  6. That sucks, plain & simple. Sorry to hear about that.
  7. Hey Roy, I saw the listing for the LST's as well, and immediately figured you had a hand in this stunning project. Beautifully done on every level. Now that Chris is doing restoration work on the tweeters, one would hope more of these can be built now. Glenn
  8. Nothing like a virtually mint, virgin vintage AR speaker! Simply gorgeous!
  9. Awesome find! I know that feeling of not leaving until they are loaded up and heading home. Lets see some pics when you get a chance. Nice collection you have there!
  10. Ah, yet another project waiting in the wings!
  11. As I posted on your other thread, they are coming along nicely. I bet they will sound terrific! I didn't see any close up pics of your mids. If they seem reticent, there's a good chance they need help. The original white flexible sealer at the dome base petrified and the dome cannot move as it should. Roy rebuilt mine, and they sound excellent! Glenn
  12. Looks very promising Geoff. Any progress? Enquiring eyes want to know! Glenn
  13. I agree with lakecat. Strip and reveneer. I just did this on a pair of ADS L1590's with Rosewood for an AKer. The tops had chipped veneer along several edges, making it very difficult to splice in patches that wouldn't be obvious. It took a lot of time and work removing the veneer, but the end result was quite nice, and the owner was thrilled! Bartered for a pair of rare gorgeous ADS L980's with optional original stands. If you go this route Geoff, take your time selecting veneer. Finding something to closely match vintage veneer is challenging. Glenn
  14. Hey Geoff! Just caught up on your progress. Looks like you're moving along more quickly than initially thought, and making nice strides! That cab is an interesting challenge. If the solvents are not successful, you may need to sand them. It's the route I've taken on every restoration I've done short of complete reveneers. If sanding is needed, go slow! As Roy mentioned, these are early, very similar to my first 3's you heard at the Frankenfest we first met at. Mine are from 1960, and have the same type plates for the mid and tweeter wires to solder to. Roy did a terrific job restoring the mids on my recent 3 project, and I would suggest sending yours to Roy as well. In fact, my 2nd set, from 1965, sound fantastic, much better than the 3's you heard in Clinton. It's obvious to me the earlier 3's mids need Roys magic touch. The tweeter you show with the lifted dome is easily repaired as long as it isn't reading open. I've had success regluing the domes with a bit of Aileen's tacky glue. I put a small piece of dense foam rubber on the dome with a little weight to hold the dome in position while the glue dries. Those woofers look fantastic! Youre doing a great job on these and look forward to more progress pics and discussion. Glenn And yeah, the Dead live were great! Saw them only 12 times!
  15. The only thing I would recommend is sending the mids and tweeters to Richard So, a former ADS employee who bought all the parts inventory when ADS closed its doors. His prices are very reasonable, and they come back like brand new! After 30+ years, they may not sound as new. I did mine on my 910's, mostly for preservation, and peace of mind knowing they are good for another 30 years. Parts will eventually run out! They sounded great before the rebuild, and even better after. Next I will most likely send the mids and tweeters from my L980's. They sound fantastic, but again, for preservation, fresh ferro fluid. How many speaker owners have the option of getting rebuilt drivers with oem parts by an ex employee? Very few. Glenn